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Gavin Gemmel Rankine DUMBLEYUNG CEMETERY. Died 26th buried 27th Oct 1921Oct no relative mentioned no cause of death no headstone, 'fee paid'-no name.

SOUTHERN ARGUS NOV 1921...Jottings...JOTTINGS,By J.W.E. A correspondent writing from Clare says: "I noticed in your last issue reference to the death of Mr. Gavin Rankine, who, as all old residents of your district know, was the eldest son of the late Mr. Gemmell Rankine (a son of pioneer William Rankine, one of two founders of the town of Strathalbyn), and the announcement of the death reminded me of the fact that there are now living none of the original family, all of them having 'passed out', John of that ilk having been the last to succumb to the inevittable destiny of all of us. "The late Mr. Gemmell Rankine in his youthful days was one of the most popular of the family, and certainly the most jovial. The eldest son of the clan, Matthew, was always of somewhat austere nature on the surface, though really of kindliest disposition at heart; James was a fine character too, but a bit fiery; William and John were more retiring in type than any of their brothers, keeping themselves aloof a good deal from public or social matters; Andrew was in his youthful years a regular "good fellow" but even in his jolliest times a trifle hasty-tempered and apt to get misunderstood; but Gemmell never anybody's enemy but his own, was loved by all, and the wife he married won equal popularity and equal love from all classes of the community."It was Gemmell who was the 'pet lamb' of his parents and his uncle, Dr.Rankine; it was Gemmell who was the mischievous, happy-go-lucky young daredevil of the family; Gemmell who was the only one of the clan who lacked the 'austerity' of the 'severe Highland Presbyterians' from whom he sprang."Old William Rankine, though he must have 'frequent and oft' bemoaned his 'baby boy's' fallings away from grace, almost worshipped him, and when the time came for him to settle his affairs he showed that love by leaving the old homestead of Glenbar to young Gemmell, providing, however, in his 'canny Scot' way against alienation of it, the titles passing on at Gemmells death to his sons, Gavin,
Arthur, and Harry. That these lads were bound to under the will I lads were bound to under the will I don't know, but now that Gavin has gone it may be that the pioneer homestead will pass to another branch of the family. "Anyhow, I thought these few lines might interest some or the readers of your chatty 'jottings', which I may tell you, are enjoyed by all 'old timers' like myself, whether younger readers enjoy them or not." My correspondent's letter will make many of our 'old fogeys' sit up and realize the fact that there are very few indeed left of those who helped to found the town of which we are all so proud to-day. Soon there will be scarcely more than the memory of the pioneers left, for there arc no 'son's sons' now in the district to keep the good old name going, tbe few that are existent being scattered over the length and breadth of the Commonwealth. The late Mr. Gavin Rankine inherited the characteristics of both his mother and his father, and so shared the natures of each that it was difficult to say which predominated! He, like both, made friends wherever hewent, never had an enemy but himself,and never was there a better illustration of the poet's words :'If to his lot some common errors' fall Look in his face and you'd forget
them all!'
* * * *

Owner/SourceTrove;Southern Argus Nov 1921
Date12 March 2021 Lorna McLean Researcher
File nameGavin Gemmell Rankine WA Death 26.10.1921.JPG
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