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 Christina and Donald McLEAN from Scotland 1837

 Strathalbyn SA Est.1856, Australia


Note; first reported burial in Church graveyard was a Robert Leslie in 1848, with a story of death during a flood....to be further confirmed and explained as a McLean ancestor.

Later burials were 'done' in the town park; referred to as the Pioneer Cemetery and used between 1848-1856. In 1856 a new Strathalbyn General Cemetery opened. Not found evidence of exhumed deaceased for relocation or otherwise. Lorna Mclean

Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.8978915

Cemetery Photos

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HS CHERITON John & Jane nee McLean.jpg 

HS MCLEAN family crypt at Strathalbyn Cemetery, section 1 - from BRB 034.jpg READS:"Sacred to the memory of Donald McLean who died October the 10th 1856 aged 84 years also Christina, his wife who died April 9th 1869 aged 78 years Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord." 

HS STRATH John Reginald BLACKMAN, Lola Blackmans father served in WWI 

HS LAMSHED second wife Lorna NFI see headstone-grave

HS STRATH Richard John WESTLAKE married Rosina nee White.  

HS at Strathalbyn SA-James and Una Gemmell  

HS Strathalbyn Westlake, Ronald and Betty 

HS STRATH MCLEAN,Edwin James, Olivia Mary (Queenie), Lorna Edith  


HS Donald Gleeson Taylor headstone very clear writing 

HS Strath:Ella Taylor nee Gooch.  

HS STRATH William Johnston husband of Laura Johnston 

HS STRATH White, Rosina d.1966 Husband Richard John d.1928 

HS STRATH NESS Frank Harold and Lily nee Turner 

HS JEFFREYS Jeffrey died Belvidere 1881 

HS Strath Ann McLean (JEFFREYS) 7th child of Donald McLean and Christina (nee McPhee) 

HS Christina Agnes HENDERSON nee CHERITON d1881 32yoa 

HS STRATH WYLIE Charles Henry d.24 Feb 1941 wife Tot d.15 Jun 1967 

HS STRATH RAGGATT Lloyd Henry d23 May 1910 

HS STRATH RANKINE James Beevor d.6 Oct1935 and Eleanor nee Bundey RANKINE Capt James born Argyll Scotland, died Hindmarsh Island 8 sep 1897 


HS STRATH DAWSON James and Jane  

HS STURGEON Charles wife Elizabeth Unknown and dau. Elizabeth 

HS ROGERS Edwin of Sandergrove SA d.17 Dec 1908 


HS STRATH Jane Rankine d1942, dau of Matthew and Jessie Rankine 

HS STRATH Adelaide Rose1st wife, Edwin James(twin), Olivia Mary 2nd wife, Lorna Edith 1st dau 


HS Alfred John twin to Edwin James Mclean. Died accidently when working in a farmshed with poisonous gas. He had evacuated, but expired in minutes. His wife brought salt water but was too late. A sad loss for no gain.  

Alfred John and Edwin James thats our two little babies names...a memory that goes back to my infancy. There was never a cue that evaded Dad to sing this to us and invite us to join in.....Originally a melody of Lizzy and Flossie, Dads two Aunties....always remember.  

HS 1935 James Beevor RANKINE 


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HS GRAVE Donald McLean d.1855. Council reinterred pioneers to Parker Avenue Cemetery in 1859 Believed to be originally buried in "Strathalbyn Old Pioneer Cemetery" "adjacent to the church" [assume St Andrews Presbyterian). The Council relocated the Pioneer Cemetery in 1854 to Parker Avenue Strathalbyn Cemetery. Later consideration is Donald was buried on his family plot as requested in his will. TBA  
  Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.89789150000001  Donald b1779 MCLEAN (d. 11 Oct 1855)
Christina b1787 MCPHEE (d. 9 Apr 1869)

HS GRAVE MCLEAN Donald and Chrisitna nee McPhee section 1.jpg d1859 "Strathalbyn Old Pioneer Cemetery" was relocated by council to Parker Avenue Cemetery. Few records remained of those interred in Old Pioneer Cemetery. Donald deceased 1855 was reinterred to Parker Avenue Strathalbyn Cemetery with wife Christina deceased 1869. 
  Section 1
Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.89789150000001 
Donald b1779 MCLEAN (d. 11 Oct 1855)
Christina b1787 MCPHEE (d. 9 Apr 1869)

HS GRAHAM Jeannie (Jane Inglis, nee McLean) at Tarcowie.jpg READS:
In Loving Remembrance of Jeannie Graham Died June ??th 1916 Aged 71yrs 
  Latitude: -32.9587703, Longitude: 138.44406430000004  Jane Hamilton MCLEAN (d. 26 Jun 1916)

HS MCLEAN 'Lizzie'-Eliza Ann McLean & 'Aggie' Agnes Jane McLean.jpg 
  Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.89789150000001  Agnes Jane MCLEAN (d. 23 Aug 1879)
Eliza Ann b1861 MCLEAN (d. 24 Mar 1864)

HS MCLEAN John and his 1st wife Mary Mclean - from BRB p370.jpg 
  Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.89789150000001  John MCLEAN (d. 14 Dec 1903)
Mary STACEY (d. 15 Nov 1872)

HS-MCLEAN Alf d1907 accidental poisoning, wife Elsie 
  Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.89789150000001  Marie Alwena Elizabeth (Elsie) BERNDT (d. 10 Mar 1943)
Alfred John MCLEAN (d. 6 Mar 1907)
Mona Mildred Agricola MCLEAN (d. 11 Oct 1995)

HS MCLEAN Mona Mildred Agricola b1903 d1995 Strathalbyn SA  
  Latitude: -35.25020810729747, Longitude: 138.82204055786133  Marie Alwena Elizabeth (Elsie) BERNDT (d. 10 Mar 1943)

HS SMITH Mary Frances wife of Donald H McLean 
  Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.89789150000001  Donald Henry MCLEAN (d. 26 Sep 1933)
Mary Frances SMITH (d. 30 Nov 1884)

HS MCRAE Duncan d.23rd May 1902 or 1901, and Mary, nee McLean who died on 22nd Sept 1889.The year Duncan's death was 1902 on the gravestone whereas other records have it as 1901. The gravestone gives his age at death as 72 years - ie born about 1830, whereas other records have his birth year as 1826. 
  Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.89789150000001  Mary b1818 MCLEAN (d. 22 Sep 1889)
Duncan Hugh MCRAE (d. 23 May 1901)

HS Strathalbyn Cemetery HUGHES Fred d1960 Nellie Laura d1967 
  Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.89789150000001  Nellie Laura CAMPBELL (d. 22 Aug 1967)
Frederick Thomas HUGHES (d. 13 Jan 1960)

HS WHYLIE Charles d.56yoa and Tot (Fanny Evelyn WOOLFITT) d.78yoa Strathalbyn Cemetery 
  Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.89789150000001  Charles Edward WYLIE (d. 24 Feb 1941)

HS MCLEAN Donald H and Mary Frances nee Smith  
  Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.89789150000001  Donald Henry MCLEAN (d. 26 Sep 1933)
Mary Frances SMITH (d. 30 Nov 1884)

HS KEOUGH Robert Henry1971 Strathalbyn Cemetery SA 
  Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.89789150000001  Robert Henry KEOUGH (d. 21 Dec 1971)

HS FINDLATER Dorothy ECKERT nee Findlater and Henry Eckert 
  Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.89789150000001  Henry Albert Jnr ECKERT (d. 1968)
Dorothy Ethel FINDLATER (d. 20 Jan 1984)

HS of CHAPLIN,Edward d9Apr1983 brother of hazel,bernice,alex,blanche, arthur 
  Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.89789150000001  Bernice Doreen CHAPLIN (d. 20 Nov 1991)
Edward Herbit Thomas CHAPLIN (d. 9 Apr 1984)
Hazel Olive CHAPLIN

HS POOLE in loving memory of James Benjamin 28.11.1909 - 9.12.1991 beloved husband of Viola Sellette nee Gleddon 20.12.1914 - 15.5.2007 Loving father and mother of James Joan and Glenys 
  Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.89789150000001  James Benjamin POOLE (d. 9 Dec 1991)
James Gleddon POOLE (d. 1 Aug 2008)
Joan POOLE (d. 11 Aug 1948)

HS POOLE Lorna Ray Crockford in loving memory Died 17 Sep 1989 aged 79 beloved wife of Thomas Robert died 17 Jan 1995 aged 87. GGGrandson of James Dawson and Donald Mclean loved Mother and Father of Thomas Kevin and Robert Charles 
  Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.89789150000001  Lorna Ray CROCKFORD (d. 17 Sep 1989)
Thomas Robert POOLE (d. 17 Jan 1995)

HS LAMSHED Lorna second wife of Keith, extra memorial on grave of Keith LAMSHED  
  Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.89789150000001  Keith Ronald LAMSHED (d. 29 Aug 1989)

HS STOYEL Flora died diptheria at 6yoa 1917. Sister to Gladys Stoyel. 
  Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.89789150000001  Flora-May SMITH (d. 4 Oct 2016)
Joan Natalie# SMITH
Gladys Irene STOYEL (d. 19 Jun1967)

HS CHAPLIN Susan -stillborn 1976 
  Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.89789150000001  Susan Joyce CHAPLIN (d. 5 Jun 1997)

HS GRAVE STOYEL Flora 6yoa died Diptheria, sister to Gladys Irene Stoyel 
  Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.89789150000001  Flora Evelyn STOYEL (d. 30 Jan 1917)
Gladys Irene STOYEL (d. 19 Jun1967)

HS STARK Edward d1875 
  Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.89789150000001  Edward Stirling STARK (d. 26 Aug 1875)

HS MCLEAN Adelaide Rose-nee HULL, mother of Lorna Edith McLean 
  Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.89789150000001   

HS Kelly In loving memory of Archie beloved husband of Ethel, loved father of Jean & Robert, died 15th Feb 1969-aged 71 years. also Ethel Loved wife and mother Died 19th Jan 1982-aged 85 years 
  Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.89789150000001  Ethel BRENLAND (d. 19 Jan 1982)
Archie KELLY, Private (d. 15 Feb 1969)

HS HISCOCK John and Sarah nee Coad Strathalbyn SA 
  Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.89789150000001  Sarah Jane COAD (d. 30 Jul 1945)
John HISCOCK (d. 23 Nov 1931)

HS STRATH HOOPER Richard, son John and dau.Alice buried Eaglehawk, Vic 
  Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.89789150000001  Jane DAWSON (d. 7 Jun 1903)
Alice Jane HOOPER (d. 7 Jun 1895)
John Richard HOOPER (d. 19 Nov 1874)
Richard HOOPER (d. 26 Apr 1880)

Aunty Gert Gertrude only daughter of Thomas and Agnes Dixon nee Eckert 
    Agnes (Granmum) DIXON (d. 17 Oct 1940)
Gertrude Agnes (Aunty Gert) DIXON (d. 10 May 1971)
Thomas DIXON (d. c1950's)

HS In loving memoryof Una beloved wife of James Gemmell Died 16 buried 18th June 1941 aged 65 years also James beloved husband of above died 15th buried 16th Aug 1949 aged 84 years 
    James Thomas GEMMELL (d. 15 Aug 1948)
Una UNKNOWN (d. 6 Jun 1941)
Crypt-Donald McLean d.1856 & Christina (McPhee) d.1869 Strathalbyn SA
Crypt-Donald McLean d.1856 & Christina (McPhee) d.1869 Strathalbyn SA
Section 1 Strathalbyn Cemetery on Parker Ave. Donald originally buried in pioneer cemetery adjacent to St Andrews Presbytarian Church. Council reinterred in 1859. 
  Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.89789150000001  Donald b1779 MCLEAN (d. 11 Oct 1855)
Christina b1787 MCPHEE (d. 9 Apr 1869)
ENTRANCE-PIONEER CEMETERY 1837-1854 Strathalbyn. Council reinterred all pioneer remains to Parker Avenue Cemetery Strathalbyn
ENTRANCE-PIONEER CEMETERY 1837-1854 Strathalbyn. Council reinterred all pioneer remains to Parker Avenue Cemetery Strathalbyn
  Latitude: -35.2502302, Longitude: 138.89789150000001  Donald b1779 MCLEAN (d. 11 Oct 1855)