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 Christina and Donald McLEAN from Scotland 1837

Langhorne Creek SA


Latitude: -35.2962499, Longitude: 139.0370062


   Name   Location 
1.Langhorne Creek SAAustralia


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BORRETT, Annie McLean  29 Jul 1886Langhorne Creek SA I-5218
2 BORRETT, George  27 Sep 1850Langhorne Creek SA I-5144
3 BORRETT, George (Jnr)  14 Nov 1883Langhorne Creek SA I-5156
4 BORRETT, Jack  4 Aug 1913Langhorne Creek SA I-5153
5 BORRETT, Jack (John) Private  4 Aug 1913Langhorne Creek SA I-8253
6 BORRETT, Jeffrey  21 May 1882Langhorne Creek SA I-5155
7 NORMAN, Benjamin Private  24 Mar 1881Langhorne Creek SA I-6312
8 POTTS, Alice Augusta Ada  16 Sep 1895Langhorne Creek SA I-5223
9 POTTS, Florence Marlene  25 Apr 1936Langhorne Creek SA I-5581
10 POTTS, Frederick Stanley Private  11 Oct 1907Langhorne Creek SA I-5566
11 POTTS, Maureen Rhonda  23 Feb 1929Langhorne Creek SA I-5568
12 WENZEL, Alice Augusta  2 Nov 1872Langhorne Creek SA I-5149
13 WESTLEY, Maria Mylie  3 Apr 1870Langhorne Creek SA I-8484
14 WYLIE, Margaret May  22 May 1879Langhorne Creek SA I-5148


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BORRETT, John  23 Aug 1906Langhorne Creek SA I-5145
2 BORRETT, John  10 Jul 1962Langhorne Creek SA I-5147
3 MARTIN, Noel  20 Dec 1977Langhorne Creek SA I-5569
4 MCLEAN, Melba Agnes  10 Sep 1985Langhorne Creek SA I-5565
5 POTTS, Louis Richmond Private  1926Langhorne Creek SA I-5567
6 TRUELOVE, Robert Winston  30 Oct 1989Langhorne Creek SA I-574
7 WYLIE, Margaret May  4 Jun 1915Langhorne Creek SA I-5148


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BORRETT, Angas (Jerry)  Langhorne Creek SA I-5222
2 BORRETT, Harry Jeffrey  1 Aug 2006Langhorne Creek SA I-5150
3 BORRETT, John  Langhorne Creek SA I-5145
4 BORRETT, John  Langhorne Creek SA I-5147
5 MARTIN, Noel  Langhorne Creek SA I-5569
6 MCLEAN, Melba Agnes  Langhorne Creek SA I-5565
7 POTTS, Alice Augusta Ada  Langhorne Creek SA I-5223
8 POTTS, Frederick Stanley Private  Langhorne Creek SA I-5566
9 POTTS, Maureen Rhonda  Langhorne Creek SA I-5568
10 TRUELOVE, Robert Winston  1 Nov 1989Langhorne Creek SA I-574
11 TUCKER, Edna Annie  18 Jun 1986Langhorne Creek SA I-5151
12 WENZEL, Alice Augusta  Langhorne Creek SA I-5149

Biography Notes

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Biography Notes    Person ID 
1 POTTS, Alice Augusta Ada  1850Langhorne Creek SA I-5223


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BORRETT, Jeffrey  Langhorne Creek SA I-5155
2 JOHNSON, Leslie Thomas  Langhorne Creek SA I-6150


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BORRETT, Barry James (Joe)  Langhorne Creek SA I-5258
2 BORRETT, Beverley Ann  Langhorne Creek SA I-5152
3 BORRETT, Dudley Ross (George)  Langhorne Creek SA I-5241
4 BORRETT, George  Langhorne Creek SA I-5144
5 BORRETT, Harry Jeffrey  Langhorne Creek SA I-5150
6 BORRETT, John  Langhorne Creek SA I-5145
7 BORRETT, Wendy Jean  Langhorne Creek SA I-5230
8 DONNIN, Agnes  Langhorne Creek SA I-5146
9 MARTIN, Christopher Noel  Langhorne Creek SA I-5575
10 MARTIN, Noel  Langhorne Creek SA I-5569
11 MARTIN, Suzanne Mary  Langhorne Creek SA I-5570
12 MCLEAN, Melba Agnes  Langhorne Creek SA I-5565
13 POTTS, Louis Richmond Private  Langhorne Creek SA I-5567
14 POTTS, Maureen Rhonda  Langhorne Creek SA I-5568
15 POTTS, Maureen Rhonda  Langhorne Creek SA I-5568
16 SIRES, Jillian Lesley  Langhorne Creek SA I-573
17 SOMMER, Sophie Henrietta  1890Langhorne Creek SA I-5552


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BORRETT / HUMPHRYS  Langhorne Creek SA F-1708
2 BORRETT / THOMAS  Langhorne Creek SA F-1712
3 BORRETT / WHITTLESEA  Langhorne Creek SA F-1680
4 GOSDEN / BORRETT  Langhorne Creek SA F-1707


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   Family    Residence    Family ID 
1 POTTS / MCLEAN  1958Langhorne Creek SA F-1819