...do YOUR families link back to first South Australian wheat growers?
 Christina and Donald McLEAN from Scotland 1837

Centennial Park SA


Latitude: 39.5796136, Longitude: -104.9063350


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CASKEY, Ivy Winnifred McNichol  26 Oct 1974Centennial Park SA I-5415
2 INGLIS, Donald Magnus  29 Nov 1982Centennial Park SA I-184
3 KEOUGH, Andrea Gail  28 Nov 1979Centennial Park SA I-5429
4 KEOUGH, James Stanley b.1897  24 Mar 1973Centennial Park SA I-5414
5 LEISHMAN, Barbara Hamilton  00 Jul 1982Centennial Park SA I-1629


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ABBOT, Archibald Dudley  Centennial Park SA I-1107
2 ALDAM, Clyde Boyce  Centennial Park SA I-3911
3 BERNDT, Arthur Theodore Charles William  Centennial Park SA I-8905
4 BLUNT, Bert George (Bertie)  Centennial Park SA I-5524
5 CHERITON, Mollie Mildred  Centennial Park SA I-5319
6 CLARKE, Harrold Osmond Sergeant  23 Aug 1976Centennial Park SA I-5342
7 CURNOW, Hilda Irene  Centennial Park SA I-2708
8 EMMETT, Alfred  Centennial Park SA I-3936
9 FISCHER, Joyleen Edith  19 Mar 2015Centennial Park SA I-3852
10 HEATH, William John Maddern  Centennial Park SA I-1163
11 HUGHES, Otto William  Centennial Park SA I-2707
12 KEOUGH, Margaret Olive  29 Jun 1984Centennial Park SA I-5341
13 LEISHMAN, Barbara Hamilton  Centennial Park SA I-1629
14 MCDONALD, Clarice Mary  Centennial Park SA I-3912
15 MCLEAN, Alexander James  Centennial Park SA I-2409
16 MCLEAN, Alexandrew (Alexander) Ewen  Centennial Park SA I-2326
17 MCLEAN, Allan Robert Charles 'Big Bob'  Centennial Park SA I-1485
18 MCLEAN, Douglas Alexander  Centennial Park SA I-2328
19 MCLEAN, Effie  Centennial Park SA I-2396
20 MCLEAN, Robert Napier  27 Aug 1976Centennial Park SA I-5558
21 MCLEAN, Sinclair James  Centennial Park SA I-1506
22 MCRAE, Augusta Vera  Centennial Park SA I-3935
23 MCRAE, Cecilia May  Centennial Park SA I-3906
24 NYKIEL, Valantine  Centennial Park SA I-3783
25 POOLE, Mary Haldane  Centennial Park SA I-1106
26 WHALEY, Sydney Frank  25 Oct 2007Centennial Park SA I-8340