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 Christina and Donald McLEAN from Scotland 1837

Carchap Vic


Latitude: -36.9542545, Longitude: 141.9118634


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 MCDONALD, Amy Helena Victoria  17 Dec 1886Carchap Vic I-6968
2 MCDONALD, Beatrice Louisa  24 Feb 1885Carchap Vic I-6967
3 MCDONALD, Christina Margaret  5 Mar 1881Carchap Vic  I-6757
4 MCDONALD, Esther May  26 Dec 1889Carchap Vic I-6969
5 MCDONALD, Hector Ewen Stuart  1883Carchap Vic I-6966
6 MCDONALD, Ivy Ellen  19 Sep 1893Carchap Vic I-6971
7 MCDONALD, Rachel  28 Nov 1884Carchap Vic I-6758
8 RAGGATT, Angus Lloyd  25 Feb 1890Carchap Vic I-7151
9 RAGGATT, Annie Sophia  17 Oct 1877Carchap Vic I-7146
10 RAGGATT, Christina Jessie  11 May 1876Carchap Vic I-7145
11 RAGGATT, Ewen Archer Hales  17 Jun 1883Carchap Vic I-7148
12 RAGGATT, Flora Finnnis  17 Jul 1885Carchap Vic I-7149
13 RAGGATT, Grace Adelaide  1 Jan 1880Carchap Vic I-7147
14 RAGGATT, Murray William  24 May 1892Carchap Vic I-7152
15 RAGGATT, Norma Lowan  31 Oct 1887Carchap Vic I-7150


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 MCDONALD, Charles William Stanley  c1900sCarchap Vic I-6970
2 MCDONALD, Ivy Ellen  c1900'sCarchap Vic I-6971
3 MCDONALD, Leonard William Cameron  Carchap Vic I-6760
4 MCDONALD, Rachel  Carchap Vic I-6758
5 RAGGATT, Angus Lloyd  Carchap Vic I-7151
6 RAGGATT, Christina Jessie  Carchap Vic I-7145
7 RAGGATT, Ewen Archer Hales  Carchap Vic I-7148
8 RAGGATT, Flora Finnnis  Carchap Vic I-7149
9 RAGGATT, Grace Adelaide  Carchap Vic I-7147
10 RAGGATT, Mary Elizabeth  Carchap Vic I-7144
11 RAGGATT, Murray William  Carchap Vic I-7152
12 RAGGATT, Norma Lowan  Carchap Vic I-7150
13 SHERIDAN, Jessie  1879Carchap Vic I-7326