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 Christina and Donald McLEAN from Scotland 1837

Broken Hill NSW


Latitude: -31.9558583, Longitude: 141.4651361


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CROSSMAN, Frank Leslie  29 Mar 1915Broken Hill NSW I-414
2 GERLACH, Thelma Phyllis  22 Nov 1917Broken Hill NSW I-475
3 HALDANE, Gladys May  26 Jul 1903Broken Hill NSW I-1065
4 HENDERSON, Lois Leslie  29 May 1927Broken Hill NSW I-281
5 HOCKING, Frederick Albert Percival (Perce)  1 Nov 1897Broken Hill NSW I-245
6 INGLIS, Audrey Edna  2 Jul 1910Broken Hill NSW I-168
7 INGLIS, Doris Lucy Muriel  14 Apr 1899Broken Hill NSW I-22
8 INGLIS, Eustace Ruthven  21 Jun 1904Broken Hill NSW I-94
9 INGLIS, Frank Lenard  1901Broken Hill NSW I-431
10 INGLIS, James Henry  13 Apr 1902Broken Hill NSW I-79
11 INGLIS, Jean Catherine  27 Nov 1906Broken Hill NSW I-101
12 INGLIS, Laurel Louisa ( +unknown twin girl-died)  4 Feb 1909Broken Hill NSW I-436
13 INGLIS, Mac Hamilton  13 Jul 1900Broken Hill NSW I-64
14 INGLIS, Margaret Ann (Maggie)  1 Jan 1907Broken Hill NSW I-432
15 INGLIS, Phillip Terence  5 Feb 1913Broken Hill NSW I-474
16 INGLIS, Robert John (Jon)  1 Oct 1944Broken Hill NSW I-487
17 MCLEAN, Hugh Milne (Hughie)  2 Oct 1893Broken Hill NSW I-5540
18 MCLEAN, Roy L  11 Jul 1891Broken Hill NSW I-8090
19 NIXON, John Malloy (Jack)  31 Mar 1898Broken Hill NSW I-278
20 ROLFE, Edna Jean Ruth  1896Broken Hill NSW I-7761
21 ROLFE, Effie Victoria  1889Broken Hill NSW I-7758
22 ROLFE, Grace Darling  1898Broken Hill NSW I-7762
23 ROLFE, Margaret  1891Broken Hill NSW I-7759
24 ROLFE, Violet Olive  1894Broken Hill NSW I-7760
25 TUMBERS, Faye Lorraine  4 Jul 1938Broken Hill NSW I-466
26 ZUPANOVICH, Anton Frank (Tony)  25 Sep 1934Broken Hill NSW I-460
27 ZUPANOVICH, Doris Laurel (Doris)  4 Feb 1909Broken Hill NSW I-450
28 ZUPANOVICH, Frank Allen  17 Dec 1939Broken Hill NSW I-468
29 ZUPANOVICH, Nera Jean  1928Broken Hill NSW I-438


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CROSSMAN, Lily Pamela  26 Sep 1991Broken Hill NSW I-277
2 INGLIS, Eileen Althea (Ettie)  00 Apr 1903Broken Hill NSW I-434
3 INGLIS, Frank Allan  11 May 1944Broken Hill NSW I-429
4 INGLIS, Frank Lenard  00 Jan 1919Broken Hill NSW I-431
5 INGLIS, Laurel Louisa ( +unknown twin girl-died)  26 Aug 1968Broken Hill NSW I-436
6 INGLIS, Margaret Ann (Maggie)  5 Jul 1933Broken Hill NSW I-432
7 KUZMANICH, Roseanta (Rose)  4 Jan 1941Broken Hill NSW I-9136
8 MCLEAN, Jeff  1906Broken Hill NSW I-5688
9 MCLEAN, Roy L  30 Jul 1891Broken Hill NSW I-8090
10 NIXON, John Malloy (Jack)  13 Feb 1948Broken Hill NSW I-278
11 PHILLIPS, John Henry  13 Oct 1968Broken Hill NSW I-279
12 ROLFE, Edna Jean Ruth  26 Sep 1914Broken Hill NSW I-7761
13 ROLFE, Florence Mary  00 Jan 1934Broken Hill NSW I-7753
14 ROLFE, Grace Darling  31 May 1900Broken Hill NSW I-7762
15 ROLFE, Margaret  1931Broken Hill NSW I-7759
16 ROLFE, Violet Olive  Broken Hill NSW I-7760
17 SHERIDAN, Elizabeth Cecily  11 Sep1943Broken Hill NSW I-430
18 TUMBERS, Faye Lorraine  9 Sep 2014Broken Hill NSW I-466
19 ZUPANOVICH, Anton Lantica (Anthony)  23 Apr 1953Broken Hill NSW I-437
20 ZUPANOVICH, Frank Allen  Broken Hill NSW I-468
21 ZUPANOVICH, Nera Jean  11 Feb 2017Broken Hill NSW I-438


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 INGLIS, Frank Allan  12 May 1944Broken Hill NSW I-429
2 INGLIS, Laurel Louisa ( +unknown twin girl-died)  27 Aug 1968Broken Hill NSW I-436
3 INGLIS, Margaret Ann (Maggie)  7 Jul 1933Broken Hill NSW I-432
4 PHILLIPS, John Henry  14 Oct 1968Broken Hill NSW I-279
5 SHERIDAN, Elizabeth Cecily  Broken Hill NSW I-430
6 ZUPANOVICH, Anton Lantica (Anthony)  Broken Hill NSW I-437


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Address    Person ID 
1 QUAINI, Pietro (Peter)  1950'sBroken Hill NSW I-433

Biography Notes

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Biography Notes    Person ID 
1 ZUPANOVICH, Nera Jean  1949Broken Hill NSW I-438


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Marriage/Wedding    Person ID 
1 QUAINI, Pietro (Peter)  1931Broken Hill NSW I-433
2 QUAINI, Pietro (Peter)  1934Broken Hill NSW I-433
3 QUAINI, Pietro (Peter)  1942Broken Hill NSW I-433


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 MCLEAN, Robert Tannahill  1990'sBroken Hill NSW I-5538


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 CROSSMAN, Lily Pamela  1989Broken Hill NSW I-277
2 INGLIS, Laurel Louisa ( +unknown twin girl-died)  Broken Hill NSW I-436
3 QUAINI, Pietro (Peter)  1954Broken Hill NSW I-433
4 ZUPANOVICH, Frank Allen  1995Broken Hill NSW I-468
5 ZUPANOVICH, Nera Jean  1995Broken Hill NSW I-438


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Fuss / Whetstone  19 Dec 1901Broken Hill NSW F-2797
2 Griggs / Rolfe  1898Broken Hill NSW F-3028
3 HALDANE / STACEY  25 Nov 1901Broken Hill NSW F-353
4 Hansen / Rolfe  28 May 1904Broken Hill NSW F-3038
5 HOCKING / CROSSMAN  Broken Hill NSW F-89
6 INGLIS / GERLACH  4 Jun 1938Broken Hill NSW F-157
7 INGLIS / SHERIDAN  1900Broken Hill NSW F-140
8 Miller / ROLFE  1901Broken Hill NSW F-3041
9 MUIR / TANNAHILL  1894Broken Hill NSW F-1742
10 NOTT / ZUPANOVICH  1952Broken Hill NSW F-148
11 PHILLIPS / CROSSMAN  Broken Hill NSW F-98
12 QUAINI / INGLIS  1931Broken Hill NSW F-141
13 QUAINI / Kuzmanich  1934Broken Hill NSW F-3074
14 QUAINI / Penhall  1942Broken Hill NSW F-3045
15 ROLFE / Link  24 Nov 1906Broken Hill NSW F-214


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Flanagan / Rolfe  1922Broken Hill NSW F-3039