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 Christina and Donald McLEAN from Scotland 1837

Jane ('Jean') CAMERON

Jane ('Jean') CAMERON

Female 1769 - 1827  (58 years)

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  • Name Jane ('Jean') CAMERON  [1
    • Jane was sometimes referred to as Jean, but we are calling her Jane in these notes, to distinguish her from her mother.
    Born 1760 or 1769  [1
    • * Jane was probably the first child born in the relationship and was born before 1770. This can be surmised by the facts that:-
      * Jane was married five months after Christ'n's wedding. The weddings were in March & August 1786.
      * In our D55, we have concluded that Christ'n was born about 1771 - ie that Christ'n was about 15 years old at the time of her marriage.
      * We take it that the sisters were born at least 12 months apart (ie we take it that they were not twins), thus Jane must have been either about 14 years, or more than 16 years old, at the time of her wedding. It is less likely that she was just 14 years, so she was probably born at least 16 years before 1786 - that is, before 1770, perhaps 1769. On the assumption of 1769, we had been searching for the birth of her mother, Jean Robertson, as before 1752, in that her mother was probably no younger than 17 years old when she gave birth.
      * HOWEVER Jeff Macleod, a grandson of John MacLeod has provided (email in Sept 2020) a family tree with Jane's birth year as 1760.

      Evidence for about 1760:-
      * Tree: Jeff's family tree, which mentions the birth of 1760, is soft evidence - it requires corroboration. We have asked Jeff and his cousin Alan, if they can provide some details about the basis for including this date.
      * Memoirs: There is some indirect support for 1760 in that John MacLeod's memoirs state that "It was shortly after the middle of the 18th century that Donald Cameron brought to Lochaber his young wife Jane [Jean] Robertson" (Memoirs p236). Shortly after the middle of the 1700s would be the late 1750s or early 1760s.
      * OPRs: Unfortunately all the birth records of Kilmallie parish are missing in the years before 1773.
      * Marriage: There is a record of her wedding in 1886. This record does not include her age but, if she was born in 1760, she would have been 26 years old at the time of her marriage - or 17 years, if she had been born about 1769.
      * Death: We have not found a record of Jane's death (maybe 1827) which might have indicated her age when she died.
      * Census: The earliest census was in 1841.

      Conclusion: Jane was born before 1770. We had guessed at 1769 but it might have been as early as 1760.
    Gender Female 
    Education She learnt English and handicrafts from her mother.
    John Macleod stated "She [Jean Robertson] saw to it that her children got from herself a course of English and practical education . Likely she had a course in Aberdeen of what used to be called 'The White Seam'. She taught my great grandmother to spin and weave linen and my sister still has a tablecloth which this daughter made. She grew the flax, scutched it, spun it, and then wove it. Home industries counted for something in those days. It was something more than fancy work. People depended on their own initiative and enterprise. In those days this was an uncommon thing that a whole family boys and girls should get an English education in the fastness of wild Lochaber".   [2
    Biography Notes * On page 236 of his memoirs, John Macleod mentions 'my great grandmother' without naming her but he refers to her as 'this daughter' when he is describing his great grandmother's time with Jane Robertson - ie, she was the daughter of Jane Robertson and Donald Cameron.
    * She must be a sister of our Christ'n, because they have the same mother and father.
    * The death record of her daughter (Mary MacMillan) shows that her name was Jane.
    * Unfortunately, apart from her mention in the death record of her mother, we have not found any OPRs for birth, marriage, children or her own death. 
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    Died 1827  [1
    • Jane might have died in 1827 (email Jeff Macleod Sept 2020).
    Person ID I-8670  Christina and Donald McLean
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    Father Donald CAMERON 
    Relationship -3063 
    Mother Jean (Jane) ROBERTSON 
    Relationship -3063 
    Married Y  [3
    Children of marriage Comments by Don Gordon in November 2020:
    Donald Cameron and Jane Robertson had at least two daughters - Christ'n and Jane. For Christ'n, this was sourced by John's memoirs. For Jane, it was sourced by the combination of the memoirs and her daughter's death record. We have not found the sisters' OPRs because all OPRs in the parish of Kilmallie prior to 1773 are missing. So we do not have their birthdates and birthplaces (but we assume Achnacarry).
    Although there are no OPRs for these two sisters, there are nine OPR unlikely contenders for their siblings. All have their father as Donald Cameron. Three have the mother Janet Robertson - born in 1762, 1765 & 1768 - all in Blair Athol. Six have the mother Janet (no surname) - in 1763, 1783, 1785, 1790, 1793 & 1796 - all born in Fortingall. Blair Athol is location 155 kms west of Aberdeen and 106 kms east of Achncarry. Fortingall is located 42 kms south of Blair Athol, 175 kms southwest of Aberdeen, and 122 southeast of Achnacarry. Blair Athol and Fortingall are too far from Aberdeen and Achnacarry to be compatible with where Donald and Jane met (Aberdeen) or where they lived in their married life (Achnacarry). We believe that Christ'n was born in 1771, so the births in the late 1760s are compatible with being her siblings, but the births in 1790s are improbable. Unless other corroborative details can be found, none of the nine appear to be part of this family. = DISCOUNTED.
    * Alexander Cameron, son of Donald Cameron & Janet Robertson - 24th Feb 1762 in Blair Athol
    * Margaret Cameron, daughter of Donald Cameron & Janet - 17th July 1763 in Fortingall
    * Marjory Cameron, daughter Donald & Janet Robertson - 29th April 1765 in Blair Athol
    * Grissel Cameron, daughter of Donald & Janet Robertson - 1st July 1768 in Blair Athol
    * Catharine Cameron, daugther of Donald Cameron & Janet - 8th June 1783 in Fortingall
    * Angus Cameron, son of Donald Cameron & Janet - 20th Nov 1785 in Fortingall
    * John Cameron, son of Donald Cameronf & Janet - 5th Dec 1790 in Fortingall
    * Ewen Cameron, son of Donald Cameron & Janet - 7th April 1793 in Fortingall
    * Margaret Cameron, daughter of Donald Cameron & Janet - 15th July 1796 in Fortingall
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    Family Donald MACMILLAN,   b. 1765,   d. 1845  (Age 80 years) 
    Married 1784  [4
    +1. Mary MACMILLAN,   b. 1794, Fort William Scotland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 5 Dec 1872, Fort William Scotland Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 78 years)  []
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    D57 - Donald Cameron & Jean Robertson
    D57 - Donald Cameron & Jean Robertson
    Donald and Jean met when they were each training in Aberdeen in the 1760s. He was training as a millwright and she was learning homecrafts. They eloped to Achnacarry where Donald was a saw miller. Jane was from the lowlands, and had to adjust to highland culture and learn Gaelic - she was always considered an outsider.
    Jean and Donald had at least two children - Jane in the 1760s and Christ'n about 1771. Jean taught them needlework and English.
    Donald's saw mill developed to become a substantial supplier of lumber to distant customers.
    (Updated by Don Gordon in October 2021)

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