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 Christina and Donald McLEAN from Scotland 1837



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wiklipaedia: Brown Hill Creek is a south-eastern suburb of Adelaide in the City of Mitcham in South Australia, named in 1991 after Brown Hill Creek which flows from east to west through the locality. The creek itself was named after Brown Hill which rises immediately south-east of Mitcham village 
TESTER, Melva Ann (Bonny) Cornitha (I-5352)
2 (Barker 5-39W) THOMPSON, Sarah (I-1431)
The death occurred on Saturday 13/9/1943
afternoon of u well known resident in
the' person of Mrs. Elizabeth Inglis (nee Sheridan) at
the age of 64 years. Deceased was born
at Cradock, South Australia, and had
been a resident, for over 43 'years. She
leaves a husband. Mr. .Frank Inglis.
and a grown-up family of one dauah
ter, Mrs. Anthony Zupanovlch, and one
son. Prill. A brother, Mr. T. Sheridan,
survives her. The funeral takes place to
day (Monday), leaving her late resi
daice, 348 Morish Street, South Broken
H1U. at 2 p.m. The interment will be
made in the Roman Catholic Cemetery.
Fred J. Potter Si Sou huve charge of
the funeral arrangements. 
SHERIDAN, Elizabeth Cecily (I-435)
4 iNTERNET BIO Adriana Xenedes (née Coutsaimanis; 9 January 1956 ? 7 June 2010) was an Australian television personality. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina to a Greek father and a Spanish mother,[1] she moved to Australia as a child, and became well known for her Guinness World Record-long-running television role as the co-host and letter-turner on Wheel of Fortune. She died in 2010 from a ruptured intestine, after several years of ill health.[2] XENEDES, Adriana (I-1143)
5 Married: Miss Jean Kelly of Milang, S.A. at Strathalbyn, S.A. (born;Hamley Bridge 24/10/1921).

Jean had since her childhood been involved in farm and community activities. She is patron of the Milang Tennis Club.

Jack inherited a portion of the "Maplemore" property from his father, E.J. McLean, gradually expanding his agricultural holdings over the years.

Jacks properties were divided between his two sons, Darryl and Trevor McLean, who have helped with buying and working of more recent purchases. The emphasis has been on minimum tillage, grain legumes, cereals and irrigated lucerne, watered from bores and Lake Alexandrina. Merino wool and fat lamb production completes the farming enterprise.

Jack quotes as a guide and for the information of future generations, that he farmed the 1937 - 1995 in a continuous period of prosperity with minimal adverse seasons.

This period of economics in farming was never experienced by the fore-fathers, and the present capital value of property is due to inflation.

As an example in this famed 60 year period, farm labour has gone from $4 to $400 a week, to $6 to $600 per week, as a result of mechanisation creating labour replacement.

Jack McLean has been an indefatigable worker for the Milang district all his life and in 1989 was awarded a Certificate of Merit by the District Council of Strathalbyn for his long standing and constructive service to the Milang district. Working many hours on the planning of upgrades of the building for the Centenary in 1984.

He is the Patron of the Milang Bowling Club and had been a member for many years. He assisted a community of helpers in establishing the second green in 1987 and extensions to the clubhouse.

He had been a member of the Milang Tennis Club since 1955 and worked in planning with community members to build the new clubhouse and other assistance.

He was elected Hon. Secretary of the Bremer and Angas lrrigators Association in 1971 and continued in that position until 1983. Largely through his efforts, irrigators in the area were made aware of the need to conserve the underground water basin.

A member of the National Trust, Strathalbyn Branch for a number of years and was Chairman in 1974 at the time of the opening of the Strathalbyn Museum.

A member of the District Council of Strathalbyn between 1964 and 1976.

Past President of the Strathalbyn Fishing and Game Club, Finniss Water Scheme, Milang Historical Society and the Milang Agricultural Bureau (having recently received his 50 year award), also the Milang Progress Association.

MCLEAN, John Sherwood (I-3857)
6 Richard Livett Lander HOOPER Bride:Juliet FERGUSSON on 1884 October 09 at:Res.of Rev E G Day Adelaide SA :Groom Father: Richard HOOPER Bride Father Name:George FERGUSSON
Family F-2539
7 Southern Argus (Port Elliot, SA : 1866 - 1954) Thu 1 Jul 1943 Page 3
OBITUARY MR. THOMAS RAGGATT.The death occurred recently, at the residence of his daughter, of Mr.Thomas Raggatt, one of the pioneers of the Wimmera and Mallee districts. Mr. Raggatt was in his 89th year, was born at Strathalbyn, being a son of the late T. Raggatt,deceased was interested in the bakery business until,in 1888, he selected land at Pine Hut, west of Miga Lake (Vic). Lack of roads caused him to sell out and buy land at Mt.Arapiles in 1892,from which the failure of crops through "take-all" caused him to move on and settle north east of Rainbow, where he carried on mixed farming until 1927, when he sold out and retired to live with his sons in N.S.W. The deceased was well known in racing circles and owned a number of good horses.He also took a very active part in political and all public matters, and was for 27 years an unopposed councillor of the Karkarook Shire, where he initiated the movement to request the government to assume control of all the water schemes in Victoria, and, after presiding at preliminary conferences, he was elected chairman of a conference in Melbourne of delegates from all parts of Victoria.He was selected as first speaker of the reputation to the then Minister of Water Supply, Mr. Swinburn, which resulted in the immediate constitution of the present State Rivers and Water Supply Department. Deceased was a president and vice-president of the Victorian Country Party and Country Progressive Party respectively, as well as being president of the Central Electoral Council of both Mildura and Ouyen electorates. In N.S.W. he inaugurated the Wheatgrowers' Association of the south-western areas, which has become the Wheatgrowers' Association of New South Wales and of which he was president and vice-president for a number of years. His remains were interred in the Natimuk Cemetery. 
RAGGATT, Thomas (I-7136)
8 The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954) Thu 30 Mar 1950 Page 13 ADELAIDE POLICE...headline 'bail granted in murder case' SMITH, Irene Joyce (I-7947)
9 "Died: 0n the 11th instant, at this residence, Auchananda (sic), Strathalbyn SA. Mr Donald Mclean senior aged 75 years. The deceased was an old colonist, highly respected by a numerous circle of relations and friends." - The Adelaide Observer, 13th October 1855, page 5

MCLEAN, Donald b1779 (I-1)
10 "I was born at St. Annes Hospital, Perth and educated at Morley Senior High School." extract from Neils own scripted biography notes

NOTE St Annes Hospital Mt Lawley name changed to Mercy Hospital Mt Lawley in c2010s 
LONG, Neil Raymond Christopher (I-5782)
11 "McLean family bible was originally given by Mary Stacey to Mrs Edwin James McLean (Adelaide Hull-"Addie")...(currently in custodianship of Edwin James McLean [Albany WA] in 2016) are copies of several pages of (unknown which newspaper-clippings). We know by family memories [FM] of Joan Natalie McLean that first Addie then Queenie compiled most of the following. One such clipping reads:MARRIAGE: MCLEAN-PARKER-On Saturday, 26th July 1919 at the Presbyterian church, Northcote,Victoria, by the Rev. W. R. Rock., Edwin James McLean, angas Plains, SA to Olivia Mary (Queenie), elder dau of Mr and Mrs B E Parker, Waterloo Road, Angas Plains, "Waterloo",SA

1944: MCLEAN-PARKER Mr and Mrs E J Mclean Maplemore Angas Plains SA annoince the 25th wedding anniversary, solemnised on July26, 1919 at Northcote, Victoria, Presbytarian Church, by Rev Robert W Rock.

Lastly:Mr B E Parker who die dat Strathalbyn recently at the age of 83 years, after a short illness, was for many years an esteemed worker in the firm of Trodels, printers, Melbourne (work reference in all media). After retiring from the firm, he and his wife lived at Murray Bridge SA for several years with his dau, Mrs H Fordham. After her death, Mr and Mrs Parker made their home with thier only remining child Mrs E J Mclean of Angas Plains. Mrs Parker predeceased her husband in 1940. In this younger days Mr Parker was a tenor singer in the Scots Church choir. He often also accompanied his dau Olivia Mary (queenie) Parker for community entertainment. 
Family F-1261
12 "McLEAN, Christina nee McPhee, (b 1791) - Died on the 9th April 1869, at Strathalbyn, Mrs Christina McLean widow of the late Donald McLean, aged 78 years - a colonist for 32 years. Buried in Strathalbyn Cemetery." (South Australian Advertiser, 16th April 1869, p2 & South Australian Register on 24th April 1869)  MCPHEE, Christina b1787 (I-2)
13 "Navarino" was the name of the sailing ship that McLeans emigrated on in Aug-Dec 1837.
Married: Jennifer Mitchell b. 29/3/1956 at Rose Park, Adelaide.
Occupation: Registered nurse, Child and Adolescent Community Health nurse, registered midwife.
Residence: "Navarino" (RSD 222), Strathalbyn. S.A. 5255.
Trevor is establishing a vineyard at "Navarino" in 1995.
He was the State President of Rural Youth in 1976 and went on a Rural Youth Exchange to U.S.A. in 1977. He is also past president of Langhorne Creek Rural Youth, Milang Tennis and Table Tennis Clubs, Strathalbyn Young Liberals and Milang Liberal Party.
Trevor is a past member of the Angas-Bremer Water Advisory Committee,' past president, secretary and now life member of the Milang Agricultural Bureau and also deputy chairman of the Strathalbyn Hospital Board.
MCLEAN, Trevor Donald # (I-3863)
14 "There is no record in Falkirk parish registers of the births of James' and Jane's next children, Archibald (born c1821), Catherine (born 1823 or 1824), and Eliza Willock (born February 1830), and it can only be presumed that they were born in Persia. Eliza Willock Dawson was named after Eliza, the wife of Henry Willock, the British Charge d'Affaires in Tehran from 17 September 1815 to 1826."
(From John Mathews article in 'Calatria, The Journal of the Falkirk Local History Society' Spring, 2013, number 29, p87) 
DAWSON, Eliza Willock (I-783)
15 'Allandale'unable to attach property name to attach to map field Family F-2375
16 'Lake View' Cemetery Sandergrove SA NESS, Mary Jane (Jinnie) (I-6146)
17 'Retarded' JOHNSON, Rosemary (I-4805)
18 'Wyndgate' on Hindmarsh Island
'Braemar', Strathalbyn 
RANKINE, Capt James (I-4187)
19 (1)«tab»Brett Donald McLean, b. 8/5/1966 at Murrayville. (not married)
Residence: Ballarat, Vic.
Brett was educated at Murrayville Consolidated and Murrayville High Schools. then 1 semester of teacher training at Ballarat College of Advanced Education. He worked with the Grain Elevators Board for 6 years then decided to do more studies entering the Ballarat School of Mines to do an Associate Diploma course in Electrical Engineering and has completed his 3rd year. He is also doing an Associate Diploma course in Computing.
Brett is now attending the University of Ballarat doing a Bachelor of Applied Science course majoring in Computer Science and Electrical lnstrumentation.
Brett played cricket, football, basketball, darts and tennis. He plays the latter 12 months of the year these days and has won many premierships and tournaments. He has had 3 overseas trips including Europe, Honalulu and Nepal. 
MCLEAN, Brett Donald (I-3371)
20 (1)«tab»Marcus Ronald McLean, b. 4/11/1979 at Murrayville.
Residence: with parents at Murrayville, Vic.
Educated at Murrayville Consolidated School, Marcus is presently doing year 10 at Murrayville Community College (formerly Secondary College). He plays Junior and Senior tennis, Colts cricket, Colts and Reserves football and Junior basketball and has won a number of premierships, tournaments and trophies in these sports. He is also a very keen motor cyclist. 
MCLEAN, Marcus Ronald (I-3376)
21 (1)«tab»Paul James McLean, b. 20/4/1975, at Pinnaroo.
Residence: Adelaide, S.A.
Educated at Murrayville Consolidated School and Murrayville Secondary College (formerly High School), Paul is at present attending Underdale University doing a Bachelor of Teaching and when he completes his training he will receive his Bachelor of Education.
Paul has played basketball, tennis, cricket and football and has won many premierships and trophies in these sports. He won the Colts Best and Fairest in the Lameroo and District Football League in 1991. He plays for Murrayville Seniors and also played for West Adelaide Under 19s (up till 1994 season). 
MCLEAN, Paul James (I-3375)
22 (1)«tab»Scott Anthony McLean, b. 4/9/1967 at Murrayville.
Married: at Panitya, Vic., Donna Marie Schultz, b. at Pinnaroo.
Residence: Underbool, Vic.
Scott was educated at Murrayville Consolidated School, Murrayville High School and Sunraysia TAFE, Mildura. He graduated with a diploma in Public Land Management and has just been appointed to the staff at Underbool, Vic. with the Dept of Conservation and Natural Resources, He has been with the Dept for 9 years and has now been appointed area manager.
Scott played cricket, tennis, basketball, darts and football until he damaged a knee. He played in many premierships and won numerous trophies.
Donna was educated at Pinnaroo Area School and is now a bank clerk with the State Bank in Pinnaroo, S.A.
She has had success in tennis, netball and basketball. 
MCLEAN, Scott Anthony (I-3372)
23 (1)«tab»Tania Louise McLean, b. 27/12/1969. at Murrayville.
Not married
Residence: Mildura, Vic.
Educated at Murrayville Consolidated and Murrayville High Schools, Tania graduated from Ballarat University College in 1991 with a Diploma of Education in Primary Teaching. She is her 4th year teaching in Mildura and while teaching she graduated with her Bachelor of Education at the University of Ballarat (formerly Ballarat University College) in 1994.
Tania has played netball (still does), basketball, table tennis and tennis which she plays all year round. She went sky diving in New Zealand last Christmas holidays piggy back style with an instructor. 
MCLEAN, Tania Louise (I-3374)
24 ) «b»Eric Vernon McRae«/b» born 26/8/1901 at Strathalbyn -

The Genealogical Index gives his death as 1960 aged 59 years.

Directory 1922 - farmer at Hindmarsh ls. 
MCRAE, Eric Vernon (I-4016)
25 ) «b»Iris Jean Melva Dupuy«/b» b. 28/5/1925, Glen Iris, Vic.
Occupation: Apprentice tailor, telegraphist, WAAF.
Married: «b»Donald John McBain Maginnis«/b» (b. 14/7/1921 at Bumley) son of William and Margaret Maginnis (nee McBain), at St Columbs Glenferrie by Canon Wenzel; attended by Ellen Willingham, Jean Baudinette, Betty MacConachie.
His occupation: Army - Donald was in the Commonwealth Aircraft, Dept of Army Ordlnance, 2AIF New Guinea.
Two children - Donald (1948) and Cheryl (1950). 
DUPUY, Iris Jean Melva (I-3703)
26 * She is sometimes referred to as Mary Ann or Maryann. And WATT, WATTS or WHITFIELD
* Susan Nicholls noted that Maryann's marriage certificate has her father as James WATT and on her children's birth certificates her father is given as William WHITFIELD. Susan concluded that her biological father was James Watt and her stepfather was William Whitfield.  
WATT, Mary Ann (I-8169)
27 * The funeral was conducted by Kleemann Funerals of 1 Morphett St, Mount Barker - at Centennial Park Crematorium.
* The entry in Alexandrina (AC) burial register stated Jean's cremation was on 1st March 2010 which is 8 months after her death - with no known reason. However this is incorrect as Jean's death certificate confirms that she was cremated at Centennial Park Crematorium on 7th Aug 2010 which is 8 days after her death.  
KELLY, Jean (I-3858)
28 * First names: The BRB (p546) spells her name as Pricilla whereas Alan Wilson has it as Priscilla - as per her marriage certificate.
* Surname: The BRB (p546) did not have her surname whereas Alan Wilson said that it was Roberts - as per her marriage certificate. 
ROBERTS, Jessie Priscilla (I-5562)
29 * First names: The BRB (p546) has the spelling of the first name as Sophia whereas Susan Nicholls has the spelling as Sophie as it appears on her birth notice (a copy is required). Also German pronunciation sounds like Sophia even when the spelling is Sophie.
* Surname: The BRB (p546) has the spelling of the surname as Somers whereas Susan Nicholls has seen this as SOMMER - this is subject to obtaining documentation. Susan says that, in various locations, the spelling is Summers and other variations.  
SOMMER, Sophie Henrietta (I-5560)
30 * Gemmell (p14) has her death as in 1919 at Port Pirie
* The Dawson book ("From Scotland to Strathalbyn) has her death on 28th May 1926 in Sydney.
* Judi Mooney has her death on 28th May 1926 at Marrickville, NSW (Brighton-le-Sands?) 
DAWSON, Eliza Willock (I-783)
31 * Les Horn provided an image showing Mary baptized on 24th Jan 1813 - daughter of Donald McLean and Christ'n McPhee, Blaich
* Sally McPhee provided a spreadsheet (per micro film 1041070) showing a baptism on 24th Jan in 1810 rather than 1813 - daughter of Donald McLean & Christy McPhee, Blaich.
* Edwin MacLean email has Mary born on 22nd January 1813
* The compilers of the BRB had no knowledge of this Mary but they noted the gap between Allan & Hugh the elder. "There was possibly an infant who died between Allan and Ewen/Hugh" (BRB p7). The gap is 35 months. If Mary was in fact born on 22nd January 1813 & baptized on 24th Jan, we have a gap of 23 months between Allan & Mary - and just 13 months between Mary & Hugh.
* We need to double check the dates of these three births but maybe there has been some confusion about birth dates Vs baptism dates because the baptism may be(unusually) arranged many months after the actual birth. * This note by Don Gordon on 26th Aug 2018.

EMAIL From: emaclean@ansonic.com.au
Date: Tue, 24 May 2016 17:23:36 +1000
Subject: Maclean of Blaich
To: tdmclean@hotmail.com; lj2333@hotmail.com
It is okay to share research with the extended family. The tree was the work of many around the world and as such is still subject to further research. It is correct as far as one knows at this moment but there are bound to be errors found as work goes on. I would appreciate hearing of anything you or others may uncover.
I do not have many sources documented because of the type of research but do have a few e.g. Mary McLean, chr.24/1/1813 - GROS data:520/00 0010 0189, Kilmallie, Argyll.

Happy hunting,

MCLEAN, Mary b.1813 (I-7950)
32 * The OPR for marriage of Christina and John have her 'in Achacarry' which probably indicated that she was living in Achaberry at the time of the wedding.
* She might have been born in Achaberry, but we cannot be certain about this.
* This note by Don Gordon on 3rd Sept 2018.  
CAMERON, Christian (I-7949)
33 * Tucker brothers = George & Walter John
* George was the father of Ethel Rose & Violet
* Tucker sisters = Ethel & Violet
* Forsyth brothers = David & James
* McDonald siblings = Leonard William Cameron & Rachel Annie
* Leonard's aunty was Annie McDonald.
* George married Annie in 1872
* David married Rachel 'Annie' in 1912.
* Violet married James in 1920.
* Ethel married Leonard in 1927.
** Ref : Page 145 of Rachel's section of the original history - see biography 5160
Also Charles William Stanley McDonald married Edith Forsyth 
MCDONALD, Rachel (I-6758)
34 * Tucker brothers = George & Walter John
* George was the father of Ethel Rose & Violet
* Tucker sisters = Ethel & Violet
* Forsyth brothers = David & James
* McDonald siblings = Leonard William Cameron & Rachel Annie
* Leonard's aunty was Annie McDonald.
* George married Annie in 1872
* David married Rachel in 1912.
* Violet married James in 1920.
* Ethel married Leonard in 1927.
** Ref : Page 145 of Rachel's section of the original history - see biography 5160
Also Charles William Stanley McDonald married Edith Forsyth 
MCDONALD, Leonard William Cameron (I-6760)
35 * Tucker brothers = George & Walter John
* George was the father of Ethel Rose & Violet
* Tucker sisters = Ethel & Violet
* Forsyth brothers = David & James
* McDonald siblings = Leonard William Cameron & Rachel Annie
* Leonard's aunty was Annie McDonald.
* George married Annie in 1872
* David married Rachel in 1912.
* Violet married James in 1920.
* Ethel married Leonard in 1927.
** Ref : Page 145 of Rachel's section of the original history - see biography 5160
Also Charles William Stanley McDonald married Edith Forsyth 
TUCKER, Ethel Rose (I-6944)
36 * Tucker brothers = George & Walter John
* George was the father of Ethel Rose & Violet
* Tucker sisters = Ethel & Violet
* Forsyth brothers = David & James
* McDonald siblings = Leonard William Cameron & Rachel Annie
* Leonard's aunty was Annie McDonald.
* George married Annie in 1872
* David married Rachel in 1912.
* Violet married James in 1920.
* Ethel married Leonard in 1927.
** Ref : Page 145 of Rachel's section of the original history - see biography 5160
Also Charles William Stanley McDonald married Edith Forsyth 
TUCKER, Violet (I-6945)
37 * Tucker brothers = George & Walter John
* George was the father of Ethel Rose & Violet
* Tucker sisters = Ethel & Violet
* Forsyth brothers = David & James
* McDonald siblings = Leonard William Cameron & Rachel Annie
* Leonard's aunty was Annie McDonald.
* George married Annie in 1872
* David married Rachel in 1912.
* Violet married James in 1920.
* Ethel married Leonard in 1927.
** Ref : Page 145 of Rachel's section of the original history - see biography 5160
Also Charles William Stanley McDonald married Edith Forsyth 
FORSYTH, James (I-6943)
38 * Tucker brothers = George & Walter John
* George was the father of Ethel Rose & Violet
* Tucker sisters = Ethel & Violet
* Forsyth brothers = David & James
* McDonald siblings = Leonard William Cameron & Rachel Annie
* Leonard's aunty was Annie McDonald.
* George married Annie in 1872
* David married Rachel in 1912.
* Violet married James in 1920.
* Ethel married Leonard in 1927.
** Ref : Page 145 of Rachel's section of the original history - see biography 5160
Also Charles William Stanley McDonald married Edith Forsyth 
FORSYTH, David (I-6761)
39 * Tucker brothers = George & Walter John
* George was the father of Ethel Rose & Violet
* Tucker sisters = Ethel & Violet
* Forsyth brothers = David & James
* McDonald siblings = Leonard William Cameron & Rachel Annie
* Leonard's aunty was Annie McDonald.
* George married Annie in 1872
* David married Rachel in 1912.
* Violet married James in 1920.
* Ethel married Leonard in 1927.
** Ref : Page 145 of Rachel's section of the original history - see biography 5160
Also Charles William Stanley McDonald married Edith Forsyth 
FORSYTH, Edith (Edie) (I-6764)
40 * Tucker brothers = George & Walter John
* George was the father of Ethel Rose & Violet
* Tucker sisters = Ethel & Violet
* Forsyth brothers = David & James
* McDonald siblings = Leonard William Cameron & Rachel Annie
* Leonard's aunty was Annie McDonald.
* George married Annie in 1872
* David married Rachel in 1912.
* Violet married James in 1920.
* Ethel married Leonard in 1927.
** Ref : Page 145 of Rachel's section of the original history - see biography 5160
Also Charles William Stanley McDonald married Edith Forsyth 
MCDONALD, Charles William Stanley (I-6970)
41 * Tucker brothers = George & Walter John
* George was the father of Ethel Rose & Violet
* Tucker sisters = Ethel & Violet
* Forsyth brothers = David & James
* McDonald siblings = Leonard William Cameron & Rachel Annie
* Leonard's aunty was Annie McDonald.
* George married Annie in 1872
* David married Rachel in 1912.
* Violet married James in 1920.
* Ethel married Leonard in 1927.
** Ref : Page 145 of Rachel's section of the original history - see biography 5160 
TUCKER, George (I-5861)
42 * Tucker brothers = George & Walter John
* George was the father of Ethel Rose & Violet
* Tucker sisters = Ethel & Violet
* Forsyth brothers = David & James
* McDonald siblings = Leonard William Cameron & Rachel Annie
* Leonard's aunty was Annie McDonald.
* George married Annie in 1872
* David married Rachel in 1912.
* Violet married James in 1920.
* Ethel married Leonard in 1927.
** Ref : Page 145 of Rachel's section of the original history - see biography 5160 
MCDONALD, Annie (I-5834)
43 * Tucker brothers = George & Walter John
* George was the father of Ethel Rose & Violet
* Tucker sisters = Ethel & Violet
* Forsyth brothers = David & James
* McDonald siblings = Leonard William Cameron & Rachel Annie
* Leonard's aunty was Annie McDonald.
* George married Annie in 1872
* David married Rachel in 1912.
* Violet married James in 1920.
* Ethel married Leonard in 1927.
** Ref : Page 145 of Rachel's section of the original history - see biography 5160 
TUCKER, Walter John (I-5844)
44 MCLEAN, Charles Soward (I-4483)
45 ASHBY, OAM Herbert Hector (Dud or Scrub Bull) (I-4687)
46 ASHBY, Bertram Vivien (Viv or Trimmer) (I-4705)
47 HEAD, Edwin H. (I-2360)
48 . Harry Jeffrey Borrett 13/6/1909 at Strathalbyn.
inherited "Brinkley Vale", Langhorne Creek.
Married: at Strathalbyn. Edna Annie Tucker (b. 11/4/1904)
Residence: they retired to Jackson Avenue, Strathalbyn.
Death: of Edna aged 77 years on 16/6/1986 at Strathalbyn and was interred at Langhorne Creek
They had one child, Beverley, in 1936 at Strathalbyn. 
BORRETT, Harry Jeffrey (I-5158)
49 . Peter Matthew Loder b. 25/11/1954 at Pingelly W.A.
Married - 1st: Janie McCormack at Craigie W.A. - divorced,
2nd: Deanne Gibson at Dianella W.A.
His occupation: Motor mechanic.
Residence: Falcon W.A.
(1)«tab»Matthew Peter Loder b4 1/2/1987 at Subiaco WA 
LODER, Peter Matthew (I-5821)
50 1. Ann's mothers maiden surname was McLEAN but it is not known whether she was a blood relation to any of 'our' McLeans.
2. There were two by the name of Ann McBain who were born 1838 - their fathers were two brothers, Donald and Norman. 
MCBAIN, Ann (I-5331)
51 159A/2010 MCLEAN, Sinclair James (I-1511)

Rachel Ann 18yoa headstone d.04.071901 Date of Burial 06.07.1901, last residence FINNIS, BURIED AT CURRENCY CREEK SA..................info to be traced or linked or deleted 
NESS, Robert John (I-6147)
53 1856 25/65 PARKER William HEASLIP Olivia Adelaide from SA Genealogy BDM Register  Family F-2726
54 1884 Family history search Birth Certificate
Record information
EventBirth Event registration number26657 Registration year:1884 Personal information
Family name:MCDONALD Given names:Rachel Annie father's name:Donald William Mother's name:Christina(Cameron) Place of birth:NURR [?Nurrabiel?], Victoria 
MCDONALD, Rachel (I-6758)
55 19/07/2016 note offered by Pat Long to Lorna McLean (03.12.16) Briget Corrigan and Briget Callaghan are one and the same person.
Upon her WEDDING certificate is written at the top filled in by the minister of religion prior to the ceremony (shown to me) is her name as Briget Corrigan and at the end of the document Bridget signed it as Callaghan ON THE SAME PAGE.

Document copy or registration number is pending to provide evidence for this mishap of history; Researcher Lorna McLean

Bridget is in fact a Callaghan.  
CALLAGHAN, Briget (I-5713)
56 1949 Narrandera until around 1949 also spelled "Narandera", is a town located in the Riverina region of southern New South Wales, Australia MOTT, Christine Helen (I-6676)
57 1985:BRIEF HISTORY OF THIS BRANCH:written by a McLean descendant:

"Elizabeth (Bess) Gifford was the daughter of Margaret Power Nee McLean. She was named for the mother of her father Harry Gifford who was of English birth and she was born at North Adelaide. She was half-sister to Mabel Power and about 4 years younger. (actually she was 3 years younger)

As a baby Bess was taken with the small family to Western Australia by boat (note; the railway did not operate until 1917 - E.M.S.). At the time there were thriving oyster beds at Fremantle and the family lived at Claremont. Harry worked at Harris Scarfes, but whether at Adelaide or at a Perth branch the unnamed writer does not say. 1998 Bess at 12yoa lost her mother to a stroke. Bess stated that her mother had ridden with the S.A. Hunt Club at the Barr Smith property prior to her marriage.
1908,Bess now 24yoa, returned to SA and lived with half sister Mabel in Glenelg and was employed at the Grosvenor Hotel, Adelaide, opposite the railway station, later at the Adelaide Club as a librarian. After her half sister Mable died (no date) Bess lived with John and Pat Kilmartin at Somerton SA until she had a fall in 1973 and so went to "Alwyndor", a private nursing home in Hove SA very nearby. In 1985 Bess could still read, walk with the aid of a frame, was still mentally alert though a little deaf and was most interested in the McLeans.

Mabel seems to have been widowed early as she worked as a nurse at Parkside Psychiatric Unit (now [written c1995] in Glenside SA. Harry Gifford died in Perth after W.W.1.  
GIFFORD, Elizabeth (I-2326)
58 5 Feb 2017 source Yvonne Devanny b30 Nov 1930-phone and email contact was established. This Fay Mary Devanny was also labelled "or McIntosh" in error. Researcher Lorna McLean phoned Yvonne Devanny on 5 Feb 2017. She advised that there are two Fay Mary Devanny's. Bruce Devanny; Yvonnes husband had a sister who married a Stewart Ryan and they named a dau "Fay Mary Davanny Stewart". DEVANNY, Fay Mary (I-3046)
59 6'4" Interview with Dorothy Forsyth on 23.11.16 with Researcher Lorna Mclean TBC FORSYTH, Kirk (I-8166)
60 =twins CHERITON, Stephen Troy (I-5318)
61 A Baptist minister who was at Mt Gambier, SA for some time before moving to Queensland.
Five children 
STARK, Rev Alwyn (I-674)
62 A death date of 13th July 1953 was previously inputted but this is clearly an error because Gin gave birth to Bray later that year. ASHBY, Harriet Mary (Dimps or Gin) (I-4615)
63 A MARGARET ROBERTS IS NAMED ON THE http://www.bios.quakers.org.au/#Top
WELL KNOWN QUAKER OF 1910 Her 1937 - 1944 diary of bush walks is in the State Library of Victoria

link to be researched to confirm 
ROBERTS, Margaret May (I-635)
64 A registered nurse who married one of her patients, Jack HOWARD, owner of Albion Downs, a station in the North of WA. She died of cancer when her 3rd child was a baby STARK, Marjorie (I-675)
65 A Sergeant in the Royal Australian Army Armoured Engineers for 6 years from 1947 to 1953 MCLEAN, Hugh Brae (I-3355)
66 A twin, born in the Modbury Hospital. FENECH, Katherine Marie (I-8382)
67 A William George Webb is buried at Enfield Cemetery but d.4 Aug 2010. Ensure you check the details that your William George Webb is your relative. WEBB, William George (I-8602)
68 According to Edith Mavis's birth certificate, Jessie was born in Adelaide and was 24 years old when she gave birth to Edith Mavis in 1925 - this would indicate that she was born in 1901. This aligns with Jessie's marriage certificate that has her at 20yoa at the time of the wedding in 1921.  ROBERTS, Jessie Priscilla (I-5562)
69 According to his death certificate, John was 23 years old when he married Eliza in Jeparit. Family F-1194
70 According to marriage certificate of Marie Alwine Elizabeth (Else). BERNDT, Theodor Albert (I-1578)
71 According to Robert's death certificate, he married Ruby when he was 56 years old - this would have been about 1978 because he was 67 at the time of his death in 1989. Family F-2688
72 According to Robert's death certificate, he was a widower at the time of his death in 1989 - ie she died before 1989. UNKNOWN, Ruby (I-8260)
73 Ada died after swallowing a pin. She had kept some pins in a glass on a shelf next to some drinking glasses and it is thought that she got them mixed up. She had an operation to remove the pin but she died 10 days later - possibly because the pin had pierced her oesophagus. MATTHEWS, Ada Catherine (I-9038)
74 Ada's granddaugther married in this church in 1951-Flora-May Whaley nee Smith. KANALEY, Ada Ethel (I-8685)
75 Adrian Robert Keough b. 19/7/1943 at Strathalbyn.
Married: Susan Capon.
Residence: Cottage Lane, Hackham, S.A.
His occupation: Boat builder.

The "Southem Argus" of 17/6/1993 featured a long article (with photos) on the front page. The following is a summary only, of Adrian Keough & his Clubman 8 boat. It said he would break into the Japanese market. He won the Australian Boating industry Association & Modern Boating Magazine award & went on to state that Austral Yachts of Hackham had picked up the major Australian award for the Clubman 8 which could soon be sold to Japan bringing thousands of export dollars to the Fleurieu Peninsular. The 8 metre trailable yacht took 2 and a half years to develop and has been named the Australian Yacht of the Year.

Adrian founded Austral Yachts. He was born & worked at Strathalbyn until he left at 19. He and his sons Michael, Jeffrey 8. Scott were the designers. The Clubman 8 sleeps 6 and has already proved its racing capabilities despite being in the water only since January. lt took out & second class honours in the Milang to Goolwa Freshwater Classic. Adrian's entire family including his daughter Trish are accomplished sailors.

Prior to leaving home Adrian worked with his father as a carpenter. He took a job as a boat builder with Duncansons of Port Adelaide then started his own business at Hackham 14 years ago and at times has employed 7 people.

KEOUGH, Adrian Robert (I-5546)
76 Advertised in Death notices in Adelaide Advertiser 13AUG2007. Citation of Ryerson Index, by 22 Apr Researcher Lorna McLean INGLIS, Terence William (I-481)
77 After attending East Norwood High Schools Doug has awarded a scholarship (sporting) to Prince Alfred College where he did his Intermediate Examination.
Like his brother, Doug's sporting ability was notable and he played League Football for Norwood as well as District Cricket.

From school he worked as a window dresser and ticket writer at John Martins, Adelaide before being conscripted into the Army. He later joined the Airforce and went to England where he was a Navigator/bomb aimer on Lancasters which had a crew of 9. He was away for two and a half years and wrote every day to his wife Lola. He left with dark wavy hair and returned with much of it grey and to see his son Warren for the first time.

Subsequent to the War he had trouble settling down as happened to many service personnel and he worked as a traveller for Gordon and Gotch, Adelaide and the Heinz Company and later managed a footwear business.

He later worked at Melbourne where he managed a Holden car dealership.
Married«/b» twice : 1st: «b»Lola Fuss, «/b»2nd: «b»Betty Sunman«/b».
Death«/b»: He died suddenly at Melbourne in 1974 having been at Perth with his second wife. «b»

MCLEAN, Douglas Hamilton (I-1504)
78 After the Allan family removed to the mid-north in 1878 Rachel met William Prescott Hornby who was working at the Hotel at Collins said to be against the wishes of Allan and his wife, took place on 19/4/1881 at Red Hill, in the Pt Broughton - Crystal Brook area, 106 miles north of Adelaide. Rachel was aged 18 and Bill as her husband was called, was 22. He was bom at sea aboard the "Mary E|izabeth" on 17/12/1858, 14 days out from England on the way to South Australia. He was the eldest son andnamed after his father. He was completely uneducated and was working at the age of 11 on the Dry Creek railway line for one shilling and sixpence (15 cents) a day. (no doubt Allan's objection to the marriage was due to Bill's lack of schooling, and there was a break with the family except for Rachel's sister Mary, Mrs Nutt of Orroroo). Bill worked for some years on northern sheep stations and was then at Collins then owned by Collins and later by Coffeys. At that time he and Rachel lived

In 1884 they obtained their own land in the Pt Broughton district, 107 miles north and west of Adelaide. They were one and a half miles N.E. of the town on the northern side of the Port Pirie Road and here they remained until old age. Their home was a dug-out cellar type but it flooded so they built 4 rooms of "pug and pine" with white washed super bag ceilings. More lean-to rooms of galvanised iron were added as the family increased. Cooking was by wood stove and laundering was done out of doors under a spreading pepper tree until a wash house was built and to this a car shed was joined in later years.

More blocks of land were bought as they could afford them until they owned approximately 1000 acres. Finance came from cropping and farm produce. They sold eggs and butter to the town shops and residents, and they also had a milk round, At one stage wheat sold at one shilling and ninepence (18 cents) per bushell and in 1914 they reaped only 49 bags and had to request a bank loan to keep going but in 1915 hard work was rewarded with 1000 bags and so they were out of debt.

Rachel's last surviving child, May Malycha, was living in November 1990 and described her mother as good, kindly, reliable and a gentle loving mother, an out-going country woman who managed the family business well. She was above average height with nicely rounded features and wore long black dresses always. She gave birth to all her eleven children at home with the aid of a midwife, Mrs Watson, and in later years was often herself called on for the same service.

Bill was something of a character. Short in stature, of wiry build, with a bushy beard and smoked a foul smelling pipe. He liked the odd drink if Rachel gave him the money. He doubled the price he needed so he could have 4 drinks instead of 2. The eleven children were 7 daughters and 4 sons and only Arthur did not marry and died at the age of 45.

All the children attended Pt Broughton School, starting at 9 years and leaving at 13 or 14. In due course the sons went their own way, though working at home in their teen years, except for Gordon who continued to work with his father and eventually acquired that land and farmed about 600 acres.

Water was a problem early on and the men of the family would take a tank on a wagon pulled by three horses up over the Collings Gap to Red Hill to buy water which was 9 pence (9 cents) a ban'el at one time. Returning up the eastern side of the Gap, once, heavy rain fell as they neared the top, so they decided to let the water go as there was no real road and the going was not easy. As they neared home the rain ceased and their own place was bone dry, so they had to turn round and make a repeat journey.

Eventually the house had two underground tanks, one for home consumption and the other for stock. The water was drawn up by bucket and stored in barrels. One day Rachel walked over the cover of a tank and it gave way. She fell but being broad shouldered she was wedged. After much yelling for help she was carefully lifted out. Water in such tanks is always cold so buckets of cream were lowered to chill for butter making, salt was added and one pound pats formed for sale in exchange for meat from butcher Harry Barker and for groceries from Fraser and Gillies. Eggs were sold in the same way as they always kept hens, ducks and geese. When on rare occasions the children received spending money they were able to buy 2 buns for a penny (1 cent) or a stick of licorice for the same.

There were always cows to be milked twice a day, at one time 18, but usually 10 or 11. The children did the milk round at Pt Broughton, taking a horse and cart loaded with cans and customers were charged 2 pence (2 cents) a pint. When the round was the reins were tied to the can and the horse sent home with the empty cans for Rachel to wash and prepare for next day. This was not altogether popular locally as the reliable old horse refused to move aside to allow cars to pass. Cars were then just beginning to be used as transport.

Once, May and Maggie, used sovereigns paid for accounts, to play "Knuckle bones" as they travelled home in the cart. They had no idea of the value of the coins and when they were onto the road they made no attempt to recover them. Rachel took them back and made them search until they were found, every penny being needed.

In earlier years Bill worked hard. Later he made sure that his sons did the same. To augment the income he did boat work and worked at the wheat stacks. He kept up to 10 draught horses and the children had to take them to Fishermens Bay by the roadway to water which was the first to get piped water.

Maggie was the helper in the house, but May was an outside worker and drove a team. Once, when she had little brother Gordon with her and he disobeyed her order to sit still, he fell, and the plough went right over him, fortunately without causing any injury. He was so dirty that May undressed him, thoroughly shook out his clothes, redressed him and kept quiet about the incident and did not confess for many years.

Occasionally Rachel and Bill would harness up the two grey horses to the buggy, and leaving at 3 a.m. would drive to Pt Pirie with some of the children. They would travel across country and after completing their "buy up" would return home after dark and reach there after midnight.

In later years there was a car, a new (black, naturally) Model T. Ford. The story is told that one evening after a visit to the township, and maybe with one drink too many, Bill came in around the gate and could not stop at the car shed in time - and in spite of calling loudly "Whoa! Whoa!" the car went into it and straight through the other end. Maggie learnt to drive but May never did.

The race course on the Hornby property was on the swamp between the old home and son Allan's. The annual race meeting was a great day. Horse stalls were of mallee rails and Rachel and her family catered, charging two shillings (20 cents) for a dinner. Pies, pasties, sausage rolls, pudding and custard, cakes, etc. As children the family made its own amusements with highlights of days at Fishermans Bay, school and Sunday School picnics. Later there were dances and socials at Pt Broughton. Horses were tied up to pepper trees along the west side of the old hall in Mackay Street.

A newspaper cutting records that the marriage of daughter May to Jack Malchya took place in April 1931 at St. PhiIIip's Church and the reception for 120 persons was held in conjunction with the 50th wedding celebration of Rachel and William Prescott Homby, at the residence of Allan and Tot Homby, the verandahs protected by hessian awnings being the main venue. Jack, a brother, made the wedding cakes as he was working for PuIford's, the town bakers, at the time.

Rachel was fond of photographs and covered the house walls with them, some being of very large size so that one could say she still had her family around her when all had gone to homes of their own.

For many years she donated Bibles to the Methodist Sunday School as the Anglican's did not have a Sunday School. Bill called his children "bloody Wesleyan buggers" as they cut through the paddocks on Sundays. Bill was Catholic, Rachel Methodist, so naturally they married in the Anglican Church. Stained glass windows at St. Phillip's were donated by Rachel. The story is told that one day when the vicar called on a pastoral visit Bill called out loudly "who the hell is that old buggar out there" while the family tried to make him hush up.

In 1936 floodwaters rushed through the old house, damaging furniture and floor covering (linoIeums) so they shifted to a small house at Pt Broughton where Maggie next door, and other family members were very supportive. In 1946 when W.W.2 was over, the owner Henry Summerton needed this house in Mackay St. for his son Claude so Bill and Rachel lived until their deaths with vanous family members. In these last years Bill was a contrary old man - deaf, swore profusely, talked loudly and was rather bad tempered - quite a handful in fact.

Their Diamond Wedding was held at the Institute on 19/4/1941 with a vast gathering of family. A newspaper cutting tells of the various speakers, the musical entertainment and that they had spent 57 years at Port Broughton. Bill and Rachel had raised 1000 pounds ($2000) for war charities during the 1914-18 war.

William Prescott Hornby on 4/5/1948 in his 90th year at the Red Hill home of his daughter May Malchya.
Rachel died at the residence of daughter Beattie Gransden at Port Pirie on 6/8/1949 aged 86 years.
Both were interred at Port Broughton.

The Hornby farms there have stayed within the family as the land is now owned by great grandson Allan Aitchison.

(Note: We are indebted to another great grandchild, Gloria Edwards, nee Hornby, for this delightful account of her pioneer family. The compiler (E.M.S.) has shortened it a little to use information of family members in their own sections.) 
MCLEAN, Rachel (I-1675)
79 Agnes McLellan (nee Laidlaw) married Nicol Laidlaw and had 6 children. James Laidlaw was their secondborn son.
1. Hugh Malcolm, 2.James Laidlaw, 3.Elizabeth Helen, 4.Mary, 5. Donald and 6. Allan Reed all accessible on genealogysa.org 
LAIDLAW, Agnes (I-8363)
80 Alan Wilson said that Robert had a third given name - Milne - whereas the BRB (p546) did not have this third name - and neither does his death certificate. See citation note.  MCLEAN, Robert William Milne (I-5563)
81 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. B, D (I-7925)
82 Albert had been born (according to the Biographical Index) at Bashley Manor house, Bashley, Hampshire, England, although the marriage notice of his sister Charlotte says Bashley manor farm. His age in 1874 was 29 making his binhdate o. 1845 but his age at death makes it 1841. Albert's father was living in 1864 at lnchmerry Villa, Exbury, Hampshire. ln that year his sister Anna Elizabeth married William James Magary of Adelaide at Woodside where Albert was then farming. The next year he married her sister-in-law.

The marriage of Albert was published in the Adelaide "Register' dated 14/3/1865 - "on 13/3/1865, at Enfield at the residence of Thomas Magary Esq. uncle of the bride, by the Rev. G. Stone, Albert Edward Bundey, 3rd son of the late James Bundey Esq. of Bashley Manor House, Bashley, to Elizabeth Mary Magary, eldest daughter of the late James Magary, Esq."

Elizabeth Magary (b. 27/10/1838, Lancashire) whose parents were Mary (nee Knott) and James Magary died on 18/3/1866 at the residence of her uncle, Glenelg, soon after the birth of her baby and was buried at the West Terrace Cemetery as was the infant Mary Alberta Bundey born 9/2/1866 - died aged 5 months on 14/7/1866.

Albert appears to have arrived in S.A. from New Zealand on 21/9/1845 by the "Palmyra" although the wording in the Biographical Index could refer to Elizabeth Magary. He continued for a time at the Woodside farm, then sold and began again at East Wellington where he took Rose Ann in 1874.

MARRIAGE: at St. Bartholomew's C. of E. Norwood as the second wife of «b»Albert Edward Bundey«/b», farmer of East Wellington, S.A.
DEATH: Albert Edward Bundey died at Strathalbyn 21/11/1907 aged 66 and was buried there but the record says "exhumed" at a later date and reburled at West Terrace, City.

OBITUARY: from the "SouThern Argus" dated 28/11/1907.

"By the death which occurred on Thursday last at the Strathalbyn Private Hospital of Mr A. E. Bundey, the district of Wellington lost one of its oldest settlers and one of its most highly esteemed men. Mr Bundey who was a brother of the ex-Judge Henry Bundey was taken ill some little time ago though no grave fears were felt, but alarming symptoms developed rapidly last week and he was brought hurriedly to Strathalbyn, unfortunately too late for surgical skill to avail, and he gradually grew worse, dying on Thursday last leaving a widow, two sons and two daughters. Mrs Bundey is a daughter of the late Mr Archibald McLean (one of the pioneers of the south) and is a sister of Mrs Edward Wartand, Port Victor. The funeral of the deceased gentleman took place on Saturday at the Strathalbyn Cemetery."

See also Albert biography of his second wife, Rose. 
BUNDEY, Albert Edward (I-4127)
83 Albert was 25 years old when he married Jean Family F-2475
84 Aldinga, Seaford and Port Noarlunga ALDAM, Monda Constance (I-3916)
85 Alfred's father's original section was taken up in 1906 when Kybybolite Station then sub-divided for a closer settlement (in 1905) and is still farmed (Section 526) Hundred of Binnum. By his son Douglas Hamilton Bradley. together with sections 614-615 in the Hundred of Binnum and also sections 554-555-556 and with his sons John and Phillip Bradley. Note that the original section of 1906 was taken up by Alfred senior, husband of Kitty McLean. and father of the above Alfred Hamilton Bradley.

Concerning the marriage of Eily and Alfred: the bridesmaids wore white crepe-de-chine with gold lace and black net caps made by Mrs Rene Schinkel. They were trimmed with violets and the girls carried white fur muffs also trimmed with violets.

Alfred H. of "Battunga Park", was a prominent member of the community as was his father. The Naracoorte "Herald" of 30/10/1961 had a headline: "Chairman of the Naracoorte District Council" in a farm accident in which his leg was mangled by farm machinery during mowing operations so that he required hospitalisation and was seriously hurt.

By 1978 Alfred H. was in need of care and went to the Naracoorte_Hospital and his wife went to "Longridge". ln 1981 on Sept. 20th Alfred and Eily celebrated their Diamond Wedding (60 years) at "Battunga Park", the descendants being photographed with them.

Eily aged 90 years on 3/2/1984 - interred at Naracooite. _
Alfred Hamilton Bradley died aged 89 years on 11/8/1985 at the Naracoorte Hospital.

His long obituary was published in the Naracoorte "Herald" of 2/9/1985. Extracts are that he established the Fire Fighting Unit in the Kybybolite area and was the Chairman for 14 years. Chairman of the District Council. Committee member and Chairman of the Kybybolite Town Hall for 30 years. Life member of the Football Club and Agricultural Bureau. Chairman of the Naracoorte Hospital Board. Patron of the Naracoone Agricultural and Pastoral Society. After leaving school he had worked on his father's farm and helped with the family store at Kybybolite. Both he and his wife were accomplished pianists for church and social occasions, Alfred received his M.B.E. in 1969 for service to the Community. He had been hospitalised for 8 years.

Alf's dance band was in popular demand in the period 1930 - 1950's when many formal balls were held at Kybybolite, Naracooite and surrounding towns in S.A. and Victoria. Eily played for Sunday church services at the Kybybolite Hall for many years and usually entertained the minister and some ofthe congregation for afternoon tea at her home. 
BRADLEY, Justice of Peace Alfred Hamilton (I-1644)
86 Alfred's father's original section was taken up in 1906 when Kybybolite Station then sub-divided for a closer settlement (in 1905) and is still farmed (Section 526) Hundred of Binnum. By his son Douglas Hamilton Bradley. together with sections 614-615 in the Hundred of Binnum and also sections 554-555-556 and with his sons John and Phillip Bradley. Note that the original section of 1906 was taken up by Alfred senior, husband of Kitty McLean. and father of the above Alfred Hamilton Bradley.

Alfred H. of "Battunga Park", was a prominent member of the community as was his father. The Naracoorte "Herald" of 30/10/1961 had a headline: "Chairman of the Naracoorte District Council" in a farm accident in which his leg was mangled by farm machinery during mowing operations so that he required hospitalisation and was seriously hurt.

By 1978 Alfred H. was in need of care and went to the Naracoorte_Hospital and his wife went to "Longridge". ln 1981 on Sept. 20th Alfred and Eily celebrated their Diamond Wedding (60 years) at "Battunga Park", the descendants being photographed with them.

Eily aged 90 years on 3/2/1984 - interred at Naracooite. _
Alfred Hamilton Bradley died aged 89 years on 11/8/1985 at the Naracoorte Hospital.

His long obituary was published in the Naracoorte "Herald" of 2/9/1985. Extracts are that he established the Fire Fighting Unit in the Kybybolite area and was the Chairman for 14 years. Chairman of the District Council. Committee member and Chairman of the Kybybolite Town Hall for 30 years. Life member of the Football Club and Agricultural Bureau. Chairman of the Naracoorte Hospital Board. Patron of the Naracoone Agricultural and Pastoral Society. After leaving school he had worked on his father's farm and helped with the family store at Kybybolite. Both he and his wife were accomplished pianists for church and social occasions, Alfred received his M.B.E. in 1969 for service to the Community. He had been hospitalised for 8 years.

Alf's dance band was in popular demand in the period 1930 - 1950's when many formal balls were held at Kybybolite, Naracooite and surrounding towns in S.A. and Victoria. Eily played for Sunday church services at the Kybybolite Hall for many years and usually entertained the minister and some ofthe congregation for afternoon tea at her home. 
SCHINCKEL, Eily Magdalene Caroline (I-1645)
87 Alice Maude Kanaley died in Adelaide SA FAIREY, Samuel Herbert (I-8719)
88 Alison trained as a teacher, obtaining her B.A. degree from the University of W.A. She taught in country and city schools and is currently (1995) Principal of Merredin Senior High School. WOODMAN, Alison Gwenda (I-1617)
89 All Saints Church Family F-411
90 Allan Hezekiah GREEN and Mary Abercromby TURNER
Marriage Date: 1891, July 11 Marriage Place: Res of D Green Hughes Park Groom Age: 33 Groom Approx. Birth Year: 1858
Groom Father: John GREEN Bride Age: 22 Bride Approx. Birth Year: 1869 Bride Father Name: Kendrick Alfred TURNER at Wakefield RefNo:168/143 
Family F-2698
91 ALLAN McLEAN born 24/10/1867 - registered and recorded in Hugh's Gaelic Bible. Born at Meningie, S.A.

DEATH: by drowning on 29/12/1869 at Meningie aged 2 years. interred at Strathalbyn in the same grave as his grandmother Christina McLean (nee McPhee) wife of Donald. (Strathalbyn burial record). 
MCLEAN, Alan (I-2971)
92 Allan obtained one block of land near the family home then gradually purchased "Millar Blocks" of 40 - 60 acres until his land eventually totalled approximately 2000 acres. He built his home closer to the swamps north east of the old home - towards Fishermans Bay.NSW HORNBY, Allan William (I-1679)
93 Allen Alexander McRae born 13/12/1884 at Strathalbyn.
Married with one child, no details known..
Death: on 4/5/1916 at Adelaide. lnterred at Strathalbyn on the 6th Div. 2/460 in the same grave as a baby sister.
From the "Southern Argus" dated 11/5/1916 (Thursday);
Personal: "the death occurred at the Adelaide Hospital on Thursday night last of Mr Allan McRae, eldest son of Mr and Mrs Donald H. McRae of Strathalbyn, at the age of 31 years. He had been engaged at the Victor Harbor Water Works and contracted an attack of typhoid fever of a very severe type. He was sent on by Dr Douglas to the hospital, where despite all skill he succumbed to the illness. His body was brought to Strathalbyn on Saturday and his mortal remains were laid to rest in the Strathalbyn Cemetery. The Rev. G. C. Love B. D. conducting the service at the grave. The late Mr McRae was a bright and clever young man, and a hard worker for any cause he associated himself with. He leaves a widow and one child for whom, as for his bereaved parents, much sympathy is felt." 
MCRAE, Allen Alexander (I-3965)
94 Also farmed in Queensland. ASHBY, Arthur Maxwell Keith Warley (I-4729)
95 Also Marrion or Mary Anne. MCLUCAIS (MCDOUGALL), Marion (I-8813)
96 Although Percy's birth was registered at Mt Baker, he was actually born at "Meadow Bank", Strathalbyn. He was the last of the grandchildren born at the Allan McLean house as Allan removed to Collinsfield near Redhill later that year.
Percy was educated at Pulteney Grammar School, Adelaide, after the family moved to the city from Mt Templeton.
He was a wizard at and made a ready reckoner which was much sought after by the racing fraternity for whom he worked as a penciller at race courses. 
HALDANE, Percy James (I-1059)
97 Amber's mother died giving birth to Amber. GLOVER, Amber Louise (I-5640)
98 Ambleside now in 2016 referred as Hahndorf SA LEISHMAN, Edward Graham (I-1638)
99 American war bride HORNBY, Beryl Inez (I-1915)
100 An email to Port Augusta Council have offered confirmation of the information provided them. "our records indicate that Rosanna Way is buried at Carlton Parade cemetery in Port Augusta (on other websites referred to as Port Augusta General Cemetery). Buried 15/8/1908 at 72yoa. She is buried in the Unleased Section Plot 52 Grave No 14 at 7feet. Place of death is written as "hospital" So Im (the author) guessing Port Augusta. there is a note on her reocrd regrading a contact person being a Mr Scott Way. (no date is stated when regraded).Michelle Foote Technical Officer P A City Council to lj2333@hotmail.com on 23 October 2017) SPITTLE, Rosanna Mary (I-8641)
101 An unknown source has her death as 21st March 1965. INGLIS, Ethel May (I-515)
102 An unknown source has his death as 7th Sept 1911 in Eastwood (rather than 1941!)
This note by Don Gordon on 20th March 2019.  
MCLEAN, William Dawson (I-11)
103 Ancestry also reports birth at Meningie SA on 2 Jun 1898. Also Full war service details offered in Ancestry and align with current entry. Location of birth:Entry altered by Researcher Lorna McLean 25 Ap;r 2017 HUGHES, Otto William (I-2712)
104 Ancestry in Scotland select births and baptisms 1564 to 1950 WATT, Susan (I-8401)
105 Ancestry states birth Abt 1906, DIMBOOLA VICTORIA AS BIRTH PLACE. No change at this point until further evidence. Father Alex Jno (Jonothan) Mcdonald, and mother as Jessie Sheridan. Registration Number 2551 MCDONALD, Neil Alistair (I-7356)
106 Ancestry states: Birth date 4 Feb 1906 Horsham Victoria. "year range? 1939-1948" presumably means enlisted military. Enlisted Caulfield Victoria Service No VX44975 NOK Kathleen McDonald Series description: B883:Army, 2nd AIF MCDONALD, Neil Alistair (I-7356)
107 Andrew was adopted - his birth surname was MATTHEWS but was changed to THORN THORN, Andrew Peter (I-3819)
108 Andrew's great grandmother was Rachel McLean (born 1863) who was Karen's 2 X great grandmother. IRELAND, Andrew Shane (I-2248)
109 Andrew, teacher at Naracoorte High School. Former Glenelg and Kybybolite footballer and
coach at Naracoorte 1988 and also State country football player Like his father who at
Ballaral College participated in all sports, he is a keen sportsman.
Janet is also a High School teacher at Naracoorte. 
BRADLEY, Andrew David (I-1665)
110 Ann Janes parents are Joseph Oakley and Ann Carey (sagenealogy) OAKLEY, Ann Jane (I-8654)
111 Ann Janes parents are Joseph Oakley and Ann Carey (sagenealogy) OAKLEY, Ann Jane (I-8654)
112 Anna is recorded as the mother of Charles James Hine in Charles' marriage certificate. HUMPHRIES, Anna (I-8506)
113 Another source (ref: Gemmell, p14) indicates that Eliza was born in 1832 in Glasgow - rather than in 1830 in Persia. DAWSON, Eliza Willock (I-783)
114 Another source (which one?) has her name as Isabella with unknown surname. (Note by Don Gordon on 6th May 2018) MCLAREN, Margaret (I-1308)
115 Anthony (Hugh) McLean born 27/8/1895 at Narrabeen.

He featured in the sea rescue described above. Although his obituary gives his birth as in Aug. 1896, the next child having been born April 1897 does not permit of the at least 9 months between family members, hence the alteration to 1895. Nor was he the 6th son of the Rover - he was the 2nd nor were the McLeans the very first family at Manly Cove, Narrabeen. (See the 1925 newspaper article already given although not in full). But Anthony Hugh's obituary has much of interest as printed in a newspaper of Ballarat, Victoria.

It states that Hugh was the last surviving member of the original and 1st Boy Scout Troop in Australia with the members being drawn from Dee Why and Collaroy between Narrabeen and Manly. The troop was formed in 1906.

On 5/12/1909 the McLean children witnessed the 1st flight of an Australian built aircraft and piloted by G. A. Taylor, not powered by an engine but by 30 persons pulling on ropes from the then sand dunes at Narrabeen. At 15 Hugh joined his brotherain-law Parker Johnston at the Victorian Forest nursery at Broadford, Vic., commenced 1911 for the growing of pines. Hugh was sent to Pt Campbell with Gerry Geraghty (later the Chairman of the Vic. Forrestry Commission) and from there Hugh returned to Broadford.

Marriage:to Myrtle Annie Burge at Broadford, Vic.

The next move was to French Island (the Penal Settlement) to work at the plantation there. By 1922 the family was at Scarsdale - Linton area on a similar project.

At Linton his reputation as a rifle-man arose with his many trophies. Dunng 1928 the family was sent to Ouyen Forestry District, extending to the SA border where Hugh established Hardwood Forests under very adverse conditions. He was made Life Governor of the Ouyen Hospital for his work on the grounds and he set up the Ouyen scout Troop. June 1939 saw Hugh and his family at Lal Lal for him to establish the Hardwood Forest there and his many activities are listed in his obituary, He retired in 1962 after 50 years service with the Victorian Forests Commission to Ballarat where he resided until the time of his death on 13/7/1978 aged 83 years. His wife Myrtle (b. 4/1/1900) had died on 21/5/1970. (Both interred at Ballarat) 
MCLEAN, Anthony Hugh (I-2536)
116 Apparently Emil's step-son. SMITH, Colin (I-885)
117 Apparently her name is spelt Hether rather than Heather. HASKELL, Hether Joy (I-2068)
118 Apparenty unrelated.
Question : Who were her parents? 
MCLEAN, Flora Mary (I-4302)
119 Archibald of "Melrose" property left with his children for Naracoorte in 1874 where he did well, married again and live out his days there.  MCLEAN, Archibald b.1821 (I-4021)
120 ARCHIBALD SINCLAIR MCLEAN born 18/12/1856 at Strathalbyn' the 6th child.

HISTORY: He moved to Naracoorte with his father and brothers from "Melrose". Angas Plains about 1874, enduring the long and difficult journey by wagon and via the Coorong as described in his father's history. He remained with brother Charles Soward to aid their father in setting up his new farm at The Gap_ 16 miles from Naracoorte until 1877 then joined George Henry at Dunmunkle. Victoria where George had gone sometime in 1874, and worked with him in partnership only brief|y. Archibald's licence for section 30 at Dunmunkle was of 320 acres and was granted on 26/10/1877, having applied on the 1st of that month.

The official inspection of 16/3/1881 revealed a dwelling of 12 by 11 by 7 feet of bush timber and a bark roof and 70 acres under cultivation. Like his brothers he augmented his income by working on neighbouring sheep farms as well as attending to his crops. He was in partnership with Charles Soward (the last brother to arrive from S.A.) for 4 years until the latter set up on his own account and married. Archibald Sinclair did not marry.

He made his final payment on Section 30 on 18/7/1895 and was still the owner when public records ceased to be available for perusal by the public. It must be presumed that it remained his property up until the time of his death.

DEATH: on 15/2/1938 at Minyip at the age of 81 years. lnterred at Minyip 
MCLEAN, Archibald Sinclair b. 1856 (I-4482)
121 Arrived in SA with his parents when he was 5 years old - on the 'China' in 1852 STURGEON, George Harvey (I-2982)
122 Arrived on Navarino on which the McLeans were travelling. However James would have to be 12yoa if our entries are correct. And that is unlikely until further information comes to light as on the ship he is identified as a victuiller (in 2016 meaning alcohol licensee). And the ships list seems to suggest that he travelled alone.

And yet he married Margaret McLean b1827 (two years younger than him) which is again conjecture but a more likely age match if you can get past the "occupation of a 12yoa male"? It was 1837! 
KEATING, James (I-5277)
123 Arthur died suddenly of polio aged 30 years. TUCKER, Hubert Arthur (I-6246)
124 As advised by Patricia Long 19/7/2016 to Researcher Lorna McLean

Victor John (Vic) Long was christened 8/1/1928 Church of England: Burekup WA 
LONG, Victor John b.1927 (I-5778)
125 As Flight Lieutenant Bradley he saw service in ltaly and Africa with the R.A.A.F. during W.W.2. and he returned to farm at the family property in 1946.
Married: at Naracoorte. «b»Valma Dawn Jones«/b» (b. 31/8/1924).
He retired from farming in 1980 to Naracoorte. 
BRADLEY, Geoffrey Hamilton (I-1646)
126 Ashes at Cowell and at Strathalbyn  MCLEAN, Alfred Parker (I-3845)
127 Ashville is 20 miles south of Tailem Bend SMITH, Robert John (I-2722)
128 Associate of the London College of Music Family F-1261
129 At present, there are three sources regarding when and where Lachlan was born.
* OPR: 21st May 1797 at Lagganulva, Mull - "Lau'n Black & Christina McQuary at Lagganulva had their nat son Lauchlan" (ref: OPR births 544/10113 Kilninian and Kilmore, page 113 of 178).
* MILITARY RECORD: Late 1799 in Tobermory - "Lachlan Black born in the parish of Kilmore in or near the town of Tobermory (authors note 15km as the crow flies) in the county of Argyle was enlisted on the 25th September 1817 at the age of eighteen .. he is about twenty five and ¾ years of age ... on 27th July 1825." (ref: military discharge papers). Although a military record might contain some inaccuracies, this particular record is consistent with the 1841 census - both mention a pension, so are possibly referring to the same person.
* CENSUS 1841: Around 1798 - The 1841 census has Lachlan Black as 43 years old living in Innair (where is this?). Ages written down for the census are indicative, but not always precise.

* These three possibilities are close, but not identical - 21st May 1797 Vs 1798 Vs late 1799 (a difference of two and half years), and Lagganulva Vs Tobermory (a distance of 9 kms as the crow flies, 16 km by road).
* The sources might be referring to different individuals. But hopefully, they are about the same individual, in which case we would attribute the differences to recording errors. If the OPR is OK, this also gives his parent's names. If the military record is the right one, it also gives a lot of information about him. And if the census is the right one, it indicates something about changes in his family arrangements. So combined, they help build the picture of his life.
BLACK, Lachlan (I-8775)
130 At residence of bride:Queen Street, Woollahra NSW Family F-2895
131 At some time livng in Nhil, Victoria STURGEON, Beatrice Mary (I-2985)
132 At the age of 22 and before her marriage, James's mother Christina, gave birth to a James McLean on 18/3/1885 at home at Strathalbyn. Her mother Margaret registered the boy.
Father "unknown".
He died at the age of 5 years on 12/3/1890. 
MCLEAN, James (I-5346)
133 At the time of his death MCLEAN, Kindor Lawrence Geoffrey (I-2604)
134 At the time of his wedding to Jennifer WILSON, John (I-4158)
135 At the time of wedding SHEEHAN, Susan Margaret (I-4195)
136 At the time she married Andrew. RUTTELL, Terry (I-4530)
137 Audrey spent her last days in Mr Coolum Nursing home, Nambour Queensland. This is thought to be close to her Inglis family members.  INGLIS, Audrey Edna (I-168)
138 Austcemindex, states born Strathalbyn, SA, which geographically some short distance, around 50km away, left as per genealogysa for relatives to correct as necessary WESTLAKE, Ronald Gordon (I-6323)
139 Ayr in Scotland
HALDANE, Robert Justice of Peace (I-779)
140 Baby Ronald was born very much premature and died aged 11 weeks being too frail to survive. WARNER, Ronald (I-3053)
141 Baby Ronald was born very much premature and died aged 11 weeks being too frail to survive. BANNING, Ronald (I-3054)
142 Baptised on 15th April 1972, St Pancras, St Matthew, Camden, London, England. Judi Mooney referred to the London, England, Births & Baptisms 1813-1906 - but no specific reference was given. ROSHER, Mabel Emma (I-8036)
143 Baptised on 15th November 1829 in Colmonell, Ayrshire - as per OPR births. HALDANE, Thomas (I-782)
144 Baptised on 18th October 1873 at Clapham Holy Trinity, London. Judi Mooney refers to the London, England Births & Baptisms 1813-1906 - but no page reference given. HARRISON, Thomas Haldane (I-8034)
145 Baptist section AA, Gravesite 0375 TAPLIN, Catherine Wilhelmina (I-8198)
146 Barbara McRae born 6/8/1908 - died aged 1 day.

Buried 9/5/1908, Div. 2/460 at the Strathalbyn Cemetery 
MCRAE, Barbara (I-4017)
147 Barman, butcher, taxi driver and opal miner. MCLEAN, Angus Ewen William (I-2435)
148 Barnstaple or is the main town of North Devon, England, and possibly the oldest borough in the United Kingdom. It is a former river port, located at the lowest crossing point of the River Taw, flowing into the Bristol Channel. Population:20,724 (2001) Shire county:Devon WAY, Samuel Joseph (I-8640)
149 based on BRB this lady was originally named Jean McMoran Tassie and born on a specific date 4 May 1905 in Subiaco with no other evidence. On 28 Feb 2019 her name was altered I searched and found both her birth and death records CLEARLY STATE JEAN MAY not Jean McMoran with correct father. Reseacher: Lorna McLean. This can be altered with visible evidence.  TASSIE, Jean May (I-5069)
150 Beattie was a gentle lady - quiet nature, hard working and loved her family. In her latter years she was unfortunate to be affected by a stroke. However her sense of humour was still with her. HORNBY, Rachel Catherine Beatrice (Beattie) (I-1923)
151 Before marriage BORLAND, Elizabeth Janet (I-2427)
152 Before marriage. GEORGE, Andrea Marie (I-923)
153 Before marrying Glenys. MCCLUNG, Roderick (I-5489)
154 Before she married Alfred. BLACKMAN, Lola (I-3846)
155 Before she married Clyde. MCDONALD, Clarice Mary (I-3920)
156 Before she married David. HEWITT, Robyn (I-4113)
157 Before she married Edwin. DAW, Rita Dawn Catherine (I-3876)
158 Before she married Jack. WILLIAMS, Amy Gwendyn (Blue) (I-4155)
159 Before she was married to John. DIXON, Elizabeth (I-3835)
160 Before she was married. KEOUGH, Shirley Janet (I-5517)
161 Believed to have died as a child. ABBOTT, Ivy (I-3120)
162 Belinda WHITSED, who married Guy 'Ken' HENNING, MIGHT be the sister of George. WHITSED, George deKey (I-890)
163 Bella moved from SA to WA - Perth and later Katanning.
She had a second marriage, to a farmer whose surname was German. There were other children.
Her mother lived with her for a lenthy period. 
KELLY, Isabella 'Bella' (I-775)
164 Bella moved from SA to WA - Perth and then Katanning.
Her mother Christina lived with her. 
KELLY, Isabella 'Bella' (I-775)
165 Bendigo, Vic
Horsham, Vic 
TALBOT, Malcolm Robert (I-4757)
166 Benjamin asked his wife to spread his ashes to some 50 places that were meaningful sites to both of them and thier lives. Joan McLean has been asked to list the sites where she took the ashes to.
PLAQUES LOCATED AT Hopetoun, Albany, Strathalbyn
ASHES SCATTERED AT Jerdacuttup,others TBA 
MCLEAN, Benjamin Ernest (I-3873)
167 Bill married Dianne and they had three girls.
Like his brother, was also in the R.A.A.F. for 6 years as an instrument fitter.
After he left the Air Force he became an Electrical Trade Instrument Fitter, working in Newcastle. N.S.W. until his death in a motor bike accident at the age of 29 years.
About 5 years after Bill died, Dianne married Brian Johnson and the three girls have taken their step-father's name of Johnson. 
WOODMAN, William (Bill) Ronald (I-1621)
168 BIRTH 'East Glen' Gunjerwarildi Warialda NSW Family F-2119
169 BIRTH 'Field View Lodge' Belvidere SA CHERITON, John - the 3rd b1882 (I-5321)
170 birth 'Lake View', Langhorne Creek, SA BORRETT, George (Jnr) (I-5164)
171 birth 'Meadow Bank' property opposite Maplemore property in Angas Plains SA MCLEAN, Allan b.1857 (I-1430)
172 Birth 'Meadow Bank' Strathalbyn SA
She might have been born in April and February (check this) 
MCLEAN, Margaret (I-2319)
173 BIRTH 'Meadow Bank' Strathalbyn SA MCLEAN, Christina McPhee (Tina) b 1849 (I-658)
174 birth 'Meadow Bank' Strathalbyn SA MCLEAN, Rachel (I-1675)
175 birth 'Meadow Bank' Strathalbyn SA MCLEAN, John Stuart Duncan (I-2290)
176 birth 'Meadow Bank' Strathalbyn SA MCLEAN, Katherine Graham (I-1610)
177 birth 'Waterloo' Angas Plains SA MCLEAN, Elizabeth Frances (I-2975)
178 birth 'Waterloo', Angas Plains, SA MCLEAN, Alfred John (I-3833)
179 BIRTH 'Wyn Wyn' West Wail Vic MCDONALD, Rachel Annie (I-7355)
180 BIRTH 53 Taragon St Mile End SA MCLEAN, Dora May (I-1515)
181 BIRTH At the residence of Mr McBeath, Point McLeay, SA Family F-864
182 BIRTH Bashley Manor, Bashley, Hampshire UK BUNDEY, Albert Edward (I-4127)
183 birth Black Point York Peninsula SA POOLE, George Robert (I-1088)
184 BIRTH Burswood Nursing Home Nailsworth SA SMITH, Joan Natalie (I-3874)
185 BIRTH Calvary Hospital, North Adelaide, SA GLADWELL, Carolyn Ruth (I-1284)
186 Birth date extracted from internet; from 8 Jan 1955 as record in BRB to be evidenced. Note by Lorna McLean 26.11.16 XENEDES, Adriana (I-1143)
187 BIRTH DATE provided by Pat Long 19/7/2016 to researcher Lorna McLean. Documents pending for evidence of sources JOHNSTON, John (I-5712)
188 BIRTH DATE provided by Pat Long 19/7/2016 to researcher Lorna McLean. Documents pending for evidence of sources CALLAGHAN, Briget (I-5713)
189 BIRTH DATE uncertain date NYKIEL, Peter John (I-3804)
190 BIRTH Gunjerwarildi Warialda NSW MOTT, Florence Ivy Pearl (I-6506)
191 birth Hindley Street Adelaide SA ABERCROMBIE, Mary (I-3907)
192 BIRTH INDEX OF GENEALOGYSA WEBSITE; states Mary Christina McLean born 1881 REG NO 257/428
Researcher Lorna Mclean 13.01.2017 
MCLEAN, Mary Christina (I-2359)
193 BIRTH LOCATION; FAMILY MEMORY OF Dorothy Deane at interview on 23 Nov 16 to Researcher:Lorna McLean WEST, James Ernest Henry (I-6843)
194 BIRTH MCLEAN Archibald, Ann Soward JANEWAY, parents of child born 1859-03-02 named Charles Soward at Melrose Farm SA MCLEAN, Charles Soward (I-4483)
195 Birth might have been 1848. CHAPLIN, Thomas (I-3128)
196 Birth notice in the newspaper STABERNACK, Clifford Otto (I-2783)
197 BIRTH Pingjum is a village in the municipality of Súdwest-Fryslân in Friesland, in the northern Netherlands and lies 6.6 kilometres southwest of Harlingen. Until 2011 Pingjum belonged to the former municipality Wûnseradiel Holland. BANNING, Sybren (I-3052)
198 Birth REGISTER of OPR 26/10/1746 Mclean Allan (Old Parish Registers Birth 513/ 2074 Inveraray amd Glenaray) Page 74 of 343. National records of Scotland. Image was generated at 30 June 2017. MCLEAN, Allan b1746 (I-7996)
199 birth REGISTERED AS at 'Crickhowall' Belvidere SA in fact BORN AT SEA. SEE CITATION FOR DETAILS. Researcher Lorna Mclean 05/12/2016 JEFFREYS, Henrietta (I-5151)
200 Birth St John of God Murdock Perth WA PATERSON, Xavier Jamie (I-7923)
201 BIRTH stated on Source this information was genealogysa.org.au by Lorna McLean 13.11.16 that ALLAN Robert Haldane born to Eliza Ann Mclean and Robert Haldane in "Gilbert? possibly NSW? ref 238/179.

Yet this record shows birth at Mt Templeton with no evidence except no page number but S3=BRB? unknown source reference. 
HALDANE, Alan Robert (I-1068)
202 BIRTH TOWN: Mannanarie SA is a rural locality in the Mid North region of SA-Google Maps LAUBE, Ludia Wilhelmiene (I-520)
203 BIRTH Wooburn Buckinghamshire UK HARRISON, Joshua Clarkson (I-8216)
204 BIRTH:1888 FATHER:Henry COLLINS MOTHER:Jane OAKLEY at Morphett ValeSA 423/154 COLLINS, Oliver Lawrence (I-8735)
205 BIRTH; 'Waterloo' Angas Plains SA MCLEAN, Jemima Marion (I-3825)
206 Birthdate not found. MCLEAN, James (I-2483)
207 Blackwood, SA
LAVERY, Hugh (I-4514)
208 Blakiston Church Family F-2754
209 Bob worked for Sir Lancelot Stirling of "The Lodge", Strathalbyn, harnessing horses and driving Lady Stirling in her carriage to church and elsewhere.
He subsequently learnt the building trade and was Foreman for Frickers & also worked with Caldwell, the Strathalbyn undertaker. 
KEOUGH, Robert Henry (I-5537)
210 Bob worked for Sir Lancelot Stirling of "The Lodge", Strathalbyn, harnessing horses and driving Lady Stirling in her carriage to church and elsewhere.
He subsequently learnt the building trade and was Foreman for Frickers & also worked with Caldwell, the Strathalbyn undertaker. 
KEOUGH, Robert Henry (I-5537)
211 Bob worked for Sir Lancelot Stirling of "The Lodge", Strathalbyn, harnessing horses and driving Lady Stirling in her carriage to church and elsewhere.
He subsequently learnt the building trade and was Foreman for Frickers & also worked with Caldwell, the Strathalbyn undertaker. 
KEOUGH, Robert Henry (I-5537)
212 Born 'Blackwood' Noradjuha Victoria MCDONALD, Leonard William Cameron (I-6760)
213 born 'Clear Lake' Vic Family F-2374
214 BORN 'Crickhowall' Belvidere SA JEFFREYS, Edwin John Jeff (I-5228)
215 BORN 'East Glen' Gunjerwarildi Warialda NSW CONWAY, Celia Rosanna (I-6508)
216 BORN 'Eldon House' Sandergrove SA TUCKER, William John (I-6237)
217 born 'Field View Lodge', Belvidere, SA CHERITON, James (Gordon) (I-5324)
218 BORN 'Field View Lodge', Belvidere, SA CHERITON, Mary Donaldson McCord (I-5323)
219 BORN 'Field View' Belvidere SA CHERITON, James McCord (Mac) (I-5289)
220 BORN 'Garthowen' Brimpaen Vic FLACK, Mavis Sylvia (I-6434)
221 BORN 'Glenbarr' Strathalbyn SA RANKINE, James Beevor (I-4186)
222 BORN 'Kintail' Milang SA MCRAE, Donald Hugh (I-3961)
223 BORN 'Lake View' family property at Sandergrove SA TUCKER, James Hanham (I-5853)
224 BORN 'Lake View' Langhorne Creek SA BORRETT, Jeffrey (I-5163)
225 born 'Meadow Bank' Strathalbyn SA MCLEAN, Eliza Ann b1851 (I-778)
226 Born 'Meadow Bank' Strathalbyn.  MCLEAN, James Dawson (I-1240)
227 born 'Meadowbank' Strathalbyn SA. An unknown source has the birth as 15th Sept. MCLEAN, Mary Dawson (I-1242)
228 BORN 'Rocky Lily' Tavern Mona Vale  MCLEAN, Mary Margaret (I-2498)
229 BORN 'Steep Bank' Coleraine Vic ELLIS, Frederick James (I-6974)
230 BORN 'Tolderol' Langhorne Creek SA WENZEL, Alice Augusta (I-5157)
231 BORN 'Waterloo' Angas Plains SA CHAPLIN, John Herbert Thomas Sinclair (I-3129)
232 born 'Waterloo' Angas Plains SA MCLEAN, Donald Henry ('The Rover') (I-3220)
233 born 'Waterloo' Angas Plains SA MCLEAN, John James b. 1856 (I-3656)
234 born 'Waterloo' Angas Plains SA MCLEAN, Edwin James b1871 (I-3834)
235 BORN 'Waterloo' Angas Plains SA MCLEAN, Eliza Ann b1861 (I-3659)
236 BORN 'Waterloo', Angas Plains SA MCLEAN, Margaret Ann (I-3660)
237 BORN 'Waterloo', Angas Plains, SA MCLEAN, Harriet Louisa (I-3657)
238 BORN 'Wyn Wyn' West Wail Vic MCDONALD, Ella Jean (I-7352)
239 BORN 'Wyn Wyn' West Wail Vic MCDONALD, George Wallace (I-7351)
240 born 'Wyn Wyn' West Wail Vic MCDONALD, Hugh Sheridan (I-7349)
241 BORN 'Wyn Wyn', West Wail, Vic MCDONALD, Christina May (I-7350)
242 Born 1914, after Mary was driven 27 miles by buggy to Pinnaroo, S.A. - live only 12 days. (This was a period of widespread drought in South Australia). MCLEAN, Murray Donald (I-3236)
243 Born 21/7/1902 at Wentworth, N.S.W. - as registered in S.A. the 6th & youngest child of James Stanley and Christine McPhee (nee McLean) Keough.

Bob was educated at Strathalbyn then worked for Sir Lancelot Stirling of "The Lodge", Strathalbyn, harnessing horses and driving Lady Stirling in her carriage to church and elsewhere. He subsequently learnt the building trade and was Foreman for Frickers & also worked with Caldwell, the Strathalbyn undertaker.

Married: Margaret Elizabeth McNicol (b. 4/5/1911 at Meningie, S.A.)

Residence: Milnes Road, Strathalbyn SA

Deaths: Robert (Bob) on 21/12/1971 aged 68 years at Strathalbyn.

Margaret E. Keough on 31/7/1976 aged 65 years at Adelaide. Both interred at Strathalbyn.

KEOUGH, Robert Henry (I-5537)
244 Born 3 weeks after his father died. HUGHES, Jeffrey John (I-2680)
245 Born 6th child of Hugh the Younger & his wife Margaret (nee Tannahill). Registered at Strathalbyn, on July 15th.

MARRIAGE: on 1/6/1897 (on David's 27th birthday) at the residence his bride Elizabeth Emma Curnow (daughter of William & Jane (nee Noyes) Curnow) of East Moonta & born 15/7/1877) At this time David's place of residence was Paskerville, S.A. Thereafter they resided at Wallaroo S.A

On the marriage certificate Elizabeth's parents were of Wallaroo Mines. Researcher never entered the registration of this 'marriage certificate'

DEATHS: David died at Wallaroo on 9/11/1949 at Wallaroo. His residence was at lrwine St. He was aged 79 years.
Elizabeth Emma died on 26/10/1950 aged 73 at Wallaroo. Both interred at Wallaroo Cemetery.

HISTORY: David had become a blacksmith & had his business at Wallaroo. It has been noted in Directories that other blacksmiths at that town were named Keough so may have been related and the cause of David leaving Strathalbyn and learning the craft at this northern town. His grand-daughter Joyce Williams recalls that he was a quiet person and bent over with constantly shoeing horses, being in a farming district. All transport and deliveries in his time were by wagon and huge draught horses. Over time trucks of grain would arrive on the jetty to load on ships. Much work on the horses would have come David's way.

A letter from Elizabeth to her husband's sister Elizabeth Ann (Annie) of W.A. has been preserved by the Johnston family:

lrwine St. Wallaroo, Sunday, April 28th. (1943)

Dear Annie,
I received your letter and I hope this you and all your family in the best of health, we are well. l received a cable from Hugh (note, son of Elizabeth & David) from England It took only three days to come over and it was quite a thrill to hear from him in such a short time He was quite well when he sent it, and I received an aerograph letter from him on Friday. The aerographs take about one month to come over. Our youngest girl works in town (Adelaide) and she was home over Easter and my eldest grand-daughter Jean Kempster was home also. Jean is in the W.A.A.Fs. She is stationed in Adelaide.
Dave is quite well. We had three inches of rain at Easter time. Things are very quiet over this way, there is a clothing factory started in the old hospital and my granddaughter Margaret works there. Margaret is Jean's sister and was called Margaret after your Mother, so I will close, hoping you will come over to see us as soon as you can travel. - With love from your sister-in-law, Elizabeth McLean.

Only a portion of a second (& perhaps earlier letter) has been preserved :-

.............. was up here Christmas time. Eva has been working in Sydney for nearly two years now, she would have been home Christmas time but wasn't allowed to travel. Our youngest girl is a nurse, she works in Adelaide. If your son-in-law can come this way we will put him up for a few days and would be pleased to meet him. We have the oldest boy at home, he is a butcher. The eldest girl is married and one of her girls is in the W.A.A.F. and is stationed in Adelaide.

I have had some lovely letters from different people who have had Hugh to stay at their place, one letter was from a lady of the Presbyterian Church in New York.

Dear Annie, we would be pleased to see you if you could come with your son-in-law and stay with us and have a good holiday, Dave is 73 and still shoes horses. l begged him to give it up but he won't. l am 66 but Hugh told me before he left home that l am only a kid yet so l will close with love, from Elizabeth McLean.

Maggie's address - Mrs H. Clarke, Harriet St. West Croydon, South Australia. (Note: from grand-daughter Joyce Williams of Perth. As she recalls her grandfather David McLean from her childhood he was profoundly deaf due to his work as a blacksmith.)

«b»Nine children ............................................«/b» 
MCLEAN, David (I-5597)
246 BORN A TWIN no further detail/profile number provided  THOMAS, Kristy Lee (I-4467)
247 Born about 1810 SOMMER, Georg August Christian (I-8170)
248 Born about 1827 KELLY, Joseph (I-7985)
249 Born about 1827 or 1828. MCLEAN, Margaret (I-5276)
250 Born about 1849 or 1851  HEATH, Albert Edward (I-7854)
251 Born about 1852 STEVENSON, Jessie (I-7333)
252 Born about 1867 STEVENSON, Colin Robert Alexander (I-7334)
253 Born about 1872 TURNER, Ellen (I-7938)
254 Born about 1902 STARK, Edward Oswald Norman (I-668)
255 Born about 1904 STARK, Thora (I-669)
256 Born about 1910 STOYEL, Flora Evelyn (I-7953)
257 Born about 1919 WESTLAKE, Victor Reginald (I-2078)
258 Born about 1934 LOVEGROVE, Merle (I-2956)
259 Born about 1943 MCLEAN, Helen Tanya (I-1474)
260 Born about 1986 ARMSTRONG, Jayne Michelle (I-2070)
261 BORN Alvie Invernesshire Scotland LESLIE, Robert (I-5007)
262 BORN AND DIED 'Meadow Bank' family property Strathalbyn SA HALDANE, Stillborn (I-786)
263 born and died young...no evidence provided in BRB LOVEGROVE, Phillip Alan (I-2964)
264 BORN At "Field View Lodge" on 22/8/1854 (but merely registered as an unnamed male). He spent all his working life at the Belvidere family farm. but like his father took an interest in public affairs. CHERITON, John Jnr b1854 (I-5286)
265 Born at Coewey, Lake Alexandrina SA. Assume Coewey to be property name. Researcher Lorna McLean 11 Jan2017 MCLEAN, Esther Sibley (I-2487)
266 BORN AT HOME 'Waterloo', Angas Plains SA MCLEAN, Florence Ruth (I-3901)
267 Born at home at 53 Tarragon St Mile End MCLEAN, Malcolm Gordon (I-1574)
268 Born at Lake View Sandergrove SA TUCKER, Rachel Maud (I-5856)
269 Born at Leonora, W.A. on 4/10/1905. Never married. Became a tailoress.

Death: on 15/6/1976 aged 70 years at the Derby Hospital, W.A. interred at Derby.

History: Ivy was the 5th child of Elizabeth & Matthew Johnston. She was an enthusiastic Girl Guide in her youth and her Merit Card dated 3/12/1919 is still held by her family. She quali as a tailoress in 1925 and worked at Charles Canns, Perth, for many years. She shared with her sister Margaret in the purchase of a house at Inglewood as well as the holiday one at Furnissdale near Mandurah, W.A. She helped with the raising of Gordon's two motherless sons and took great pleasure in her nieces and nephews, at times making miniature suits for the boys 'for special occasions. She moved to Derby in 1958 and was there employed at the Derby Hospital 95 their
seamstress until her retirement and died at that town as shown above. 
JOHNSTON, Ivy Elizabeth (I-5767)
270 Born at Leonora, W.A. on 4/10/1905. Never married. Became a tailoress.

Died at Derby General Hospital having worke as a tailoress in Derby Hospital.

Interred at Derby WA 
JOHNSTON, Ivy Elizabeth (I-5767)
271 Born at Mangerton Farm, Newcastleton in Roxburghshire: A freeway in 2017 runs through the town which is situated between Newcastletown and the English border. (ref: page 1 in 'The John Inglis Story') INGLIS, John (I-7777)
272 born at the house of his grandmother Ann Jeffreys, Strathalbyn, SA BORRETT, Angas (Jerry) (I-5230)
273 Born barely 9 months after his sister. So there is some doubt about this birthdate - it may be mixed up with Graham Jeffrey JEFFREYS who was born 30th April 1893 who married but left no descendants.

Jeffrey and Graham may be the same person with an incorrect birthdate some where.

"Jeffrey Jeffreys" b. 8/1/1889 barely 9 months after Edith Amy
Graham Jeffrey Jeffreys b. 30/4/1893 who married but left no descendants. 
JEFFREYS, Jeff (I-5272)
274 Born barely 9 months after his sister. So there is some doubt about this birthdate - it may be mixed up with Graham Jeffrey JEFFREYS who was born 30th April 1893 who married but left no descendants. JEFFREYS, Jeff (I-5272)
275 Born before her mother was married.
Her mother and Cyril had no children 
CHAPLIN, Grace (I-3139)
276 BORN Bills Gully Kaniva Victoria MCLEAN, Allan John Ormiston (I-3227)
277 born Booleroo Centre  BLIESCHKE, Elizabeth Ann (I-2921)
278 BORN Chipping Sodbury is a market town in the unitary authority of South Gloucestershire, south-west England, founded in the 12th century by William Crassus. The villages of Old Sodbury and Little Sodbury are nearby. RAGGATT, Thomas (I-7130)
279 BORN Fairfield, Melbourne VIC BROWN, Harley Garnet (I-2829)
280 BORN Field View Lodge Belvidere SA CHERITON, Jane (Jean) (I-5320)
281 BORN Fieldview Lodge Belvidere SA CHERITON, Graham Rankine (I-5325)
282 born Flinders Medical Centre, SA GREEN, Alicia Renee (I-1534)
283 BORN Frances Perry Hospital, Carlton, Vic MCLEAN, Rebecca Grace (I-5203)
284 born Frances Perry Hospital, Carlton, Victoria MCLEAN, Melinda Jane (I-5201)
285 BORN Gartcosh is a village in North Lanarkshire, Scotland. The village lies a few miles east of Glasgow, and about a mile northwest of the town of Coatbridge. The name Gartcosh is derived from the Gaelic 'Gart' meaning 'field' and 'Cos' meaning 'hollow'. DOWRIE, James (I-6718)
286 BORN Hindley Street Adelaide SA ABERCROMBIE, Adam (I-3906)
287 BORN Hindley Street Adelaide SA ABERCROMBIE, Christina (I-3904)
288 Born Hutt Street, Adelaide SA. Though detail of whether this is a home delivery or hospital name not yet provided MATHEWS, Jack Randle (I-1211)
289 Born in Bulwer Street Nursing ?? place in 1937, converted to a backpackers around c2000 LODER, Patricia Anne # (I-5777)
290 Born in First Avenue, Forestville. MCLEAN, Edith Mavis (I-8155)
291 Born in Hobkirk, Scotland - according to WikiTree - https://www.wikitree.com/genealogy/Inglis-Family-Tree-54 TURNBULL, Janet Barbour (I-15)
292 Born in Meadowbank. Her mother appears to have returned to Strathalbyn for the births of the older children while Frank remained working at Kanaka Station.  INGLIS, Jane Catherine (I-245)
293 Born in November 1847  MCLEAN, Harriet Cooper (I-4027)
294 Born in November 1850 MCLEAN, Rose Ann (or Anderson) (I-4126)
295 BORN Kalgoorlie, Regional Hospital, Kalgoorlie, WA BRANDRETH, Anthony Timothy (I-5730)
296 BORN Kent Town Adelaide SA DIX, William George Clement Lake (I-5950)
297 BORN King Edward Memorial Hospital Perth BRANDRETH, Craig Alan (I-5721)
298 born King Edward Memorial Hospital Perth BRANDRETH, Stuart Gregory (I-5726)
299 BORN King Edward Memorial Hospital Perth. Mum recalls being in labour before bed, sleeping reasonably well. Up early and her father driving Mum to KEMH in 3 minutes contractions. As it was first baby: I was quite uncomfortable and really quite anxious when the speed (not too excessive) took us over a bump in otherwise good roads. The rest of the trip was not as eventful. Although the steps ALL THREE of them were tricky in 2 minute contractions, stopping on both the top and bottom step. Quite pathetic really. Then she was born at 11.02 or was it 11.03? hmmm i didnt care I just wanted to catch up some sleepy zeds with my new baby by my side. And did.  STEVENSON, Melissa Naomi (I-3885)
300 BORN Kings Park, Adelaide, SA EMMETT, Fay Vera (I-3958)
301 Born Kingscote Kangaroo Island SA BELL, Jason Vaughan (I-4908)
302 BORN Kingscote Kangaroo Island SA BELL, Lachlan Grant (I-4910)
303 born Kirkwall Orkney Islands Scotland BERSTON, John William (I-6775)
304 BORN Margaret Coles Hospital, Prahran, Vic MCLEAN, Elizabeth Joanne (I-5200)
305 Born Marypoints Cumberland England WILSON, Agnes Nancy (I-8458)
306 BORN Maylands Adelaide SA HALDANE, Eliza (I-1087)
307 BORN Mosquito Creek, Langhorne Creek, SA BORRETT, Jack (I-5161)
308 BORN Mother's residence in Alfred Place, Strathalbyn SA Family F-470
309 BORN Mount Schank is a dormant 'maar volcano' SE of SA near Mount Gambier. It was sighted by James Grant on 3 December 1800 and named after Admiral John Schank, designer of Grant's ship, the HMS Lady Nelson in 1800. MCLEAN, Barbara (I-4897)
310 BORN Munlochie Ross-shire Scotland. Munlochy (/m?n?l?xi/ m?n-lokh-ee; Scottish Gaelic: Bun Lòchaidh/Poll Lòchaidh) a small northern Scotland village, lying at the head of Munlochy Bay (Ob Poll Lòchaidh-gaelic). There exists few early records of a settlement, but it seems likely that Munlochy expanded in the 1760s due to quarry workers extracting stone nearby to build Fort George on the far side of the Moray Firth.(google) UNKNOWN, Margaret (I-7161)
311 BORN Narrung Lake Alexandrina SA DEKKER, Dion Den (I-2440)
312 BORN North Uist Outer Hebrides Scotland

North Uist is an island AMONGST many other islands on the north western perimeters of Scotland in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. 
MCBAIN, Ann (I-5331)
313 Born On board ship 'Singapore' registration location pending... WARLAND, Edward (I-4028)
314 BORN Paddington, Sydney NSW BORLAND, Elizabeth Janet (I-2427)
315 BORN Poltalloch Station Meningie SA FARRELL, Thomas Henry (I-2886)
316 BORN PROPERTY 'Wendourie' Wayville SA HICKEY, Maureen Patricia (I-1590)
317 BORN REGISTRATION: CHRISTINA McPHEE McLEAN (incorrectly registered as McFee) born 17/4/1863 at Strathalbyn.SA MCLEAN, Christina McFee (I-5344)
318 BORN Sacine Province, Udine Province Italy, Udine is a city and commune in NE Italy, between the Adriatic Sea and the Alps, less than 40 kilometers from the Slovenian border. BREDA, Giovanni (John) Martino (I-103)
319 BORN San Marco, Foggia,Italy CAPRARO, Angelo Matteo (I-7114)
320 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. U, LA (I-3887)
321 BORN St Anne's Hospital Mt Lawley Perth WA. In 2016 St Annes is called Mercy Hospital Mt Lawley. I chose it because Lisa his sister was still having 2 breast feeds daily and there was an onsite accommodation for her and her Dad. Plus I chose the Doctor who practised here. It was an incredible hospital.

Jason was born in July; mid winter so I did not do as much bundling him up as I did for Lisa being born in middle of Yalgoo summer of high 30 degree and low to mid 40 degree temperatures.

See Lisas profile  
MORRISSEY, Jason Benjamin (I-3888)
322 BORN St Leonards North Shore Hospital NSW DYSON, Warrack Dallas (I-5184)
323 BORN St Leonards North Shore Hospital NSW DYSON, Bronwyn Patricia (I-5191)
324 BORN St Morran's Hospital Cremorne NSW DYSON, Roderick George Arthur (I-5195)
325 BORN St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne, Vic MCLEAN, Michel James (I-5214)
326 BORN St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne, Vic MCLEAN, Jennifer Anne (I-5213)
327 born St Vincent's Private Hospital, Melbourne VIC MCLEAN, Stewart Jeffrey (I-5202)
328 BORN Stilton Huntingdonshire England UK BAKER, Jane (I-6961)
329 BORN Sutherland, Durham, England DEVLIN, Nancy Margaret (I-7668)
330 Born to parents James Gordon DOBSON and Laura Louisa PRICE no further details offered for parents.  DOBSON, Laura Elizabeth (I-8520)
331 BORN West Croydon, Adelaide, SA CLARKE, Pauline Shirley (I-5386)
332 BORN William Anglis Hospital Ferntree Gully Vic MCLEAN, Roger (I-5210)
333 BORN Woodside South Perth WA DEY, Benjamin Matthew (I-561)
334 BORN Yangya Gladstone South Australia BENNETT, Ronald McAllister (I-544)
335 BORN: Long Valley Road is in Gemmells Just east of Maccelesfield and north of Strathalbyn SA RAGGATT, Albert Edward (I-7141)
336 born; Registration of birth upon arrival in SA
Born Ship 'Mary Elizabeth', born 14 days after departure from England for SA 
HORNBY, William (Bill) Prescott (I-1676)
337 Both Angas and Helen were deputy principals with the Education Department. MCLEAN, Helen Tanya (I-1474)
338 Both Angas and Helen were deputy principals with the Education Department. MORTON, Bruce (I-1475)
339 BRB has his first names as Craig Radcliffe whereas Judy Beyer has it as Craig Stephen Radford. STURTZEL, Craig Stephen Radcliffe (I-1597)
340 BRB stated died in WWII no further evidence yet GRANEY, Patrick Charles (I-5234)
341 Brian didn't leave any descendants. CURLEWIS, Brian Burnham (I-5040)
342 Bride 22yoa, Groom 38yoa at their wedding LAUBE, Ludia Wilhelmiene (I-520)
343 Brides Fathers Name John Jones at time of Ruth Jones marriage to James Kanaley.  JONES, Ruth (I-8666)
344 Bridget Williams nee Kanaley buried in WILLIAMS family plot in West Terrace with some 12 burials in. Her (?second husband J C H Williams being a retired Police Sergeant (John C H Williams) and is son of Katherine Williams Family F-2873
345 Bridget-Documented:NO HEADSTONE Buried in West Terrace Cemetery in husband J C H Williams family plot of some 12 deceased. Source: Adelaide Cemetery Board:Peter Skinn, historical records accessor KANALEY, Bridget (I-8659)
346 British District Commissioner at Kenya, Tanganyika and Somaliland, Africa.

He retired to Papua New Guinea where he was Director of the then new University at Lae

And finally retired to Buderim, Queensland.

Wife Isabel died in 1983 and John later remarried in Buderim. 
PEARCE, John Trevor Archdall (I-4191)
347 Broken Hill- Directories - Mile End in the 1920, then Edwardsville, SA where he died. HALDANE, Alan Robert (I-1068)
348 Brunei and Labuan ASHBY, Kenneth Charles (Chas or Wonky) (I-4666)
349 BURIAL Armidale Cemetery NSW MCDONALD, Margaret (I-5836)
350 BURIAL Armidale Cemetery NSW MOTT, Charles (I-6491)
351 Burial at Presbyterian Section, Longreach Cemetery MCDONALD, Ewen Angus Stevenson (I-7336)
352 BURIAL believed to be in the original cemetery. Maybe alongside St Andrew's Presbytarian Church (2016: a roadway). All those buried in "Pioneer Cemetery" were interred to the current Strathalbyn Cemetery in 1959. This to make a new road adjacent to church. LESLIE, Robert (I-5007)
353 BURIAL Blacon War Cemetery, Cheshire, England MOTT, Malcolm James (I-6685)
354 BURIAL Catholic section, West Terrace cemetery ADELAIDE SA CAHILL, Lilian (Lily) Sabina (I-2300)
355 BURIAL Cheltenham Cemetery Gloucestshire UK WRIGHT, George (I-7087)
356 BURIAL Grave 1/308 Strathalbyn SA BORRETT, George (I-5152)
357 BURIAL GROUNDS McLean burial ground in Ardgour Argyllshire Scotland UNKNOWN, Margaret (I-8499)
358 BURIAL Hindmarsh is an inner suburb of Adelaide, South Australia. It is located in the City of Charles Sturt. INGLIS, Eustace Ruthven (I-94)
359 BURIAL Kingston Cemetery, Kingston SA HEAD, Jean Mary (I-2396)
360 burial Military Section, Centennial Park SA MCLEAN, Alexander James (I-2414)
361 BURIAL Pinnaroo Perth WA (source Pat Long, to Lorna McLean 19/07/2016) No evidence or plot number provided) LODER, Christine Ivy (I-5796)
362 burial Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park Padbury Perth WA JOHNSTON, Margaret Olive (I-5716)
363 BURIAL Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park Padbury Perth WA Thee sisters are buried close together.  JOHNSTON, Myrtle Annie (I-5717)
364 burial register stated Rowland was 82yoa at death= c1832 NUTT, Rowland (I-1244)
365 BURIAL SECTION 1 PLOT 126 FORSYTH, Victor (I-6773)
366 BURIAL Waikamete Cemetery Auckland NZ HARRISON, Enid (I-8038)
367 burial West Terrace Cemetery Adelaide SA MAGARY, Elizabeth Mary (I-4132)
368 BURIAL West Terrace Cemetery Adelaide SA MCLEAN, Christina McPhie (I-4122)
369 BURIAL: SECTION 1 PLOT 127 FORSYTH, Cameron Victor (I-6905)
370 Burial: West Terrace Cemetery Adelaide SA DIXON, Dr Hartley (I-3839)
371 BURIAL:Warialda Cemetery Vic STEVENSON, Flora McArthur (I-7328)
372 BURIAL; Prebyterian Cemetery Karrakatta WA MCLEAN, Jemima Marion (I-3825)
373 BURIED 25/7/1944 North Road Anglican Cemetery Adelaide SA STICKELLS, Sarah Jane (I-8262)
374 Buried at Enfield Park Adelaide SA BEAMES, Gwen Muriel (I-1560)
375 Buried at West Terrace Cemetery Adelaide SA WHITEHORN, Mabel Beatrice (I-8581)
376 BURIED Beresford NSW-zero evidence MOTT, Colin Douglas (I-6507)
377 buried Cemetery in Polkemmet Vic LAMPARD, James (I-7160)
378 Buried Centennial Park Adelaide SA CLARKE, Harrold Osmond (I-5350)
379 Buried Centennial Park Cememtery Adelaide SA MARKEY, Edna Jean (I-8718)
380 buried Centennial Park Cemetery, Adelaide SA Plot portion 380, Path 6, E general MCLEAN, Hugh Milne (Hughie) (I-5561)
381 BURIED Cheltenham Lawn Cemetery ELLIS, Frederick James (I-6974)
382 BURIED Cheltenham Lawn Cemetery Vic MCDONALD, Beatrice Louisa (I-6967)
383 BURIED Collie Cemetery row 72 plot 551 plaque created and placed by Pat Long around year 2000 JOHNSTON, Ivan Matthew (I-5769)
384 BURIED Division 1/308, Strathalbyn SA  MCRAE, Duncan (I-3908)
385 Buried Enfield Cemetery Adelaide SA SPRY, Annie Elizabeth (I-3790)
386 BURIED Enfield Memorial Park Adelaide SA  CLARKE, Nacia June (Aunty Nace') (I-5357)
387 BURIED Glen Innes Cemetery NSW MOTT, Melbourne Charles Gwydir (I-6504)
388 Buried Horsham Cemetery Vic MCDONALD, Leonard William Cameron (I-6760)
389 Buried in Section 1 plot 21
FORSYTH, Donald (I-6766)
390 BURIED John Sprys dau was the lessee of the grave-[Marcia Mary-deceased 1977]. West Terrace Cemetery Adelaide SA with his wife Jeannie Winniford McLean [with no headstone confirmed in Jan 2018, Researcher Lorna McLean] SPRY, Willaim John Dobson (I-3785)
391 BURIED Langhorne Creek,SA plot 361
Alexandrina Burial Register 
BORRETT, Angas (Jerry) (I-5230)
392 BURIED Mitcham General Cemetery SA BEABER, Susannah Mary (I-2291)
393 Buried North Adelaide Cemetery Adelaide SA
Kangarilla cemetery SA 
OAKLEY, Alfred (I-8700)
394 Buried North Adelaide Cemetery Adelaide SA KANALEY, Beatrice Annie (I-8699)
395 buried North Adelaide Cemetery SA FM of Joan Natalie McLean in Sept 2016 shared with Lorna McLean i3885 KANALEY, Bertha May (I-7951)
396 BURIED North Road Anglican Cemetery ADELAIDE SA HUGHES, Mary Stoddart (I-2687)
397 Buried North Road Cemetery Adelaide SA. Source Encyclopaedia of SA P785 S766
Arrived on "ORIENT" 12.7.1863 from England. Marriage 10.1.1882 
TAYLOR-SMITH, William Taylor (I-8261)
398 Buried North Road Cemetery with his second wife.  SMITH, Charles Robert Taylor (I-7931)
399 Buried Nurrabiel cemetery Norahadjua Vic MCDONALD, Donald William (I-5837)
400 Buried Nurrabiel cemetery Victoria CAMERON, Christina (I-6746)
401 buried Old Catholic section West Terrace Cemetery Adelaide SA MCLEAN, John Stuart Duncan (I-2290)
402 Buried side-by-side with his brother Archibald. MCLUCAIS (MCDOUGALL), James (I-8791)
403 Buried side-by-side with his brother James. MCLUCAIS (MCDOUGALL), Archibald (I-8790)
404 buried Springvale Botanical Cemetery Vic MCDONALD, Hugh Sheridan (I-7349)
405 BURIED Stathalbyn SA Plot 122 Division 1 HOOPER, Richard (I-7847)
406 BURIED Terrace End Cemetery Adelaide SA HARRISON, Thomas Haldane (I-8034)
407 BURIED Waikamete Cemetery, Auckland, NZ SULLIVAN, Stanley (I-8046)
408 BURIED Warialda Cemetery Victoria MOTT, William Joseph (I-6499)
409 Buried West Terrace MCLEAN, James Dawson (I-1240)
410 Buried West Terrace Adelaide SA MCLEAN, George Robert (I-1488)
411 BURIED West Terrace Cemetery Adelaide SA MCLEAN, Jeannie Winniford (I-3783)
412 Buried West Terrace Cemetery Adelaide SA ABERCROMBIE, Adam (I-3906)
413 BURIED West Terrace Cemetery ADELAIDE SA MCLEAN, Mary Christina (I-2359)
414 BURIED West Terrace Cemetery Adelaide SA THOMPSON, Sarah (I-1431)
415 BURIED West Terrace Cemetery Adelaide SA ABERCROMBIE, Mary (I-3907)
416 buried West Terrace Cemetery Adelaide SA MCRAE, Duncan (I-3909)
417 BURIED West Terrace Cemetery Adelaide SA MCBAIN, Ann (I-5331)
418 Buried West Terrace Cemetery Adelaide SA MCLEAN, Robert Tannahill (I-5559)
419 buried West Terrace Cemetery Adelaide SA (Barker 5-39W) MCLEAN, Allan b.1857 (I-1430)
420 Buried West Terrace Cemetery Road 3 Path 36A 5
Source: Researcher Lorna McLean 01.10.2018 on
MCLEAN, Allan (I-3)
421 buried Western Suburbs Crematorium, Altona, Vic MCLEAN, Soward Herbert (I-4538)
422 Buried with his son, Albert James. SOMMER, Frederick August Louis (I-8163)
423 Buried with husband in West Terrace Cemetery. AdelaideSA THOMPSON, Adelaide Annie Barker (I-1489)
424 Butchering, blacksmith for E. and W.S. presently (1995) is handyman at Glenside Hospital. MCLEAN, Gary Ewen (I-2453)
425 By adoption NIXON, Cathryn Louise (I-376)
426 By the time of his birth the eldest children were registering and caring for the new arrivals and let their fancy roam.

Allan is mistakenly said to have been the Narrabeen NSW postmaster in 1925 but it was his younger brother Kindor who took over from their father. He probably worked in the family business.

Married: Gladys Chisolm c. 1930.

He died aged 33 on 15/11/1934. 
MCLEAN, Allan Christopher Lancelot Duncan (I-2583)
427 C1895 altered by 14 Apr 2017 Researcher Lorna McLean because still possible until further research to confirm with documentation.

HULL, Adelaide Rose (Addie) (I-3840)
428 Catherine died in Eliza's house in Hackney, Adelaide. DAWSON, Catherine (I-5)
429 Cause of death : Stroke MCLEAN, Margaret (I-2319)
430 Centennial Park Cemetery Adelaide WAY, Frank Samuel (Pompie) (I-8592)
431 Centennial Park Cemetery Adelaide SA
Plot: Gen AA Path G, 543 
MCLEAN, Sinclair James (I-1511)
432 CEREMONIAL COUNTY GWENT, MONMOUTHSHIRE WALES. Abersychan is a settlement and community north of Pontypool in Torfaen, Wales, and lies within the boundaries of the historic county of Monmouthshire and the preserved county of Gwent. Area:24.78 km²
SPITTLE, Rosanna Mary (I-8641)
433 Changed name by deed poll. PHILLIPS, Benjamin Michael (I-3544)
434 Changed surname to NICHOLLS by deed. SPRY, Pamela Anne (I-3814)
435 Charles' birth is not recorded at the office of the Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages for South Australia. MCDONALD, Charles Stuart (I-5838)
436 Charles' marriage certificate states that he was born in Mortlake in England and was 33 years old at the time of his wedding in 1890. HINE, Charles James (I-3826)
437 Check if this person existed. MATTHEWS, Ellen Hart (I-9051)
438 Check this date. HARRIOTT OR SIMKIN, Eileen (I-9053)
439 Cheltenham Cemetery Adelaide SA KEATCH, Edith Rose (I-8587)
440 Cheltenham Cemetery Adelaide SA WAY, Jess James (I-8588)
441 Cheltenham Cemetery SA WAY, William Charles (Charlie) (I-8586)
442 Cheltenham Cemetery SA WAY, Eliza (I-8643)
443 Cherryville, SA in 1988
North Adelaide in 1995 
PRICE, Bridget Ann (I-4159)
444 Child buried in Kalgoorlie Cemetery WA (10mos)  JOHNSTON, Robert Malcolm (I-5715)
445 Child:

(1) Maureen Patricia Hickey D. 9/2/1929 at "Wendourie", Wayville, S.A. She married at Christ Church, C of E. South Yarra, Victoria, Gordon Edwards (b. 3/9/1929, Melbourne). She lived at Camberwell.

Marriage of Audrey at All Soul's C. of E. St. Peters, S.A. to Thomas Michael Hickey (b. 27/9/1901, Ballarat, Vic.)

Death : Thomas died at Melbourne on 24/4/1977. 
STURTZEL, Audrey May (I-1588)
446 Christabel McLean b. 28/5/1929. .
Married: an American Naval Officer named Thomas McGrath and went to U.S.A. to live
separated. returned with her son to N.S.W. The son, Christopher McGrath. later
returned to America and is a U.S citizen. 
MCLEAN, Christabel (I-2580)
447 Christening DATE:St Andrews Church Walkerville Adelaide SA father:William Taylor-Smith source: www.australia births and baptisms, 1792-1981, database. FHL microfilm 951,898. Indexing project batch No102025-5, System origin Asutralia-Easy, GS Film No 951898 SMITH, Charles Robert Taylor (I-7931)
448 Christening Location: INVERARAY AND GLENARAY,ARGYLL,SCOTLAND MCLEAN, Allan b1746 (I-7996)
449 Christening location:Knockvologan, Kilfinichen & Kilvickeon, Mull, Scotland MCLEAN, Duncan (I-8862)
450 Christine did a 3rd course at University. She is a qualified catering manager. DICKINSON, Christine Joy (I-3241)
451 Christine worked with disabled people while doing a 3rd course at University. She is a qualified catering manager. DICKINSON, Christine Joy (I-3241)
452 Church of England (Anglican) Church. This is the church that granmum (Berthas mother) has a window commemorating her participationa and donations to the church. Evidence to be confirmed of why. Recognising her work for the church. Family F-2558
453 Clare
Mt Gambier
Mt Baker SA
Stirling in 1993 
EMMETT, Fay Vera (I-3958)
454 Cockburn and Renmark, SA BROWN, Jane Lisbeth (I-2474)
455 Colin James Ashby born 16/12/1918 at Kongorong, S.A. 4th child of Maria (Mary) nee McLean and James Ashby.
Colin's nickname - "Dig".
Occupation: Farmer of Kongorong, S.A.
Married: Muriel Ethel Keckwick (b. 22/9/1921).
Death: Muriel died 8/9/1987 in her 66th year.
lnterred at Mt Gambler. S.A.

"Dig" lost the sight of one eye when a staple flew from a fence so was refused enlistment for W.W.2. He found work at the Cheese Factory. Until he and Gwen built a home for themselves at Mt Schank. they lived at different houses in the Kongorong district and milked cows.

Dig retired to Nene Valley to continue his love of fishing and his son Gary took over the farm. He has an enviable sporting record. He played football for several clubs and was a skillful wing man. He was on the original 1953 Committee when the Kongorong Football Club was formed (and continued on it for 30 years). He also played full forward and amassed 117 goals, still the record for this club. He was President for 7 years. All Ashbys played cricket with Dig no exception. He was renowned for fast bowling and even faster scoring. The story is told about the six he hit that ended up at the Bellum Hotel 18 kilometres away There was a utility truck passing when he hit it... He is still a great darts player.

At the end of the (shortened) published account of his sporting activities he asked the writer to include:- "Wanted: Secondhand Hang Glider. Must be in good condition Contact C J. Ashby at Nene Valley".

ASHBY, Colin James (Dig) (I-4634)
456 Colin Sybren Banning, b. 15/5/1958, Nhill, Vic.
After Nhill High School he graduated at Monash University, Melb., in economics and accountancy. An auditor for 4 years at Arthur Anderson, Melb. and then to Wodonga to his Uncle Ben's pet food factory in charge of finance, and at Bathurst. After other positions he is now Finance Director for the Bathurst and Wodonga factories.
Marriage: To Suzanne Erbs, at Olinda. 
BANNING, Colin Sybren (I-3059)
457 Collingwood Grey Co Ontario Canada MCLEAN, Flora (I-8863)
458 Collingwood Grey Company Ontario Canada MCLEAN, John (I-8864)
459 Concerning the marriage of Eily and Alfred: the bridesmaids wore white crepe-de-chine with gold lace and black net caps made by Mrs Rene Schinckel. They were trimmed with violets and the girls carried white fur muffs also trimmed with violets.
Extract of Biography from the BRB page number not provided as a source/citation. 
Family F-541
460 continued: Father of Joachim Heinrich Hoklas was direct line: Johann Herrmann Hoklas of Leuttenmark, Mecklenburg.Prussia.
Family F-2788
461 Coomb in Hampshire, England JANEWAY, Ann Soward (I-4022)
462 cot death 3 months interview with dorothy forsyth UNKNOWN, Thomas 3rd born (I-8159)
463 Could Jack be related to Robert Shearman who was convicted of highway robbery against Lilian's grandfather?? (Donald McLean) in 1848? SHEARMAN, Jack (I-2532)
464 Country and Bluegrass Singer/Guitarist. Named 1993 Starmaker of the Year in the Australian Country Music Awards at Tamworth. N.S.W. and won a Golden Guitar Award for Best New Talent in 1994. Uses the professional name of Beccy Cole and now (1995) resides in Sydney, enabling her to expand her career opportunities. THOMPSON, Rebecca Dianne (I-1604)
465 Craig was the manager of his firm, Groundwater Technology, in Adelaide. Craig completed his Masters Degree after 6 months in India, working for his company. BARKER, Craig Stephen (I-646)
466 Cremated Springvale Columbarium  WILLINGHAM, Stanley Gordon (I-3669)
467 Currie St, Adelaide WATT, Mary Ann (I-8169)
468 D&C McLean BRB states date of death:4 Jun 1992 at Tailem Bend. However the Tailem Bend SA HODGSON, Ivy Beatrice (I-2681)
469 Darren Roy McLean b. 17/5/1957, Wallaroo, S.A.
Occupation: Construction supervisor
Married - 1st: Carol Lee Linn.
Her residence: lngle Farm. S.A.
1. Micona Jane McLean b. 13/3/1979.
2. Melita Lee McLean b. 2/3/1981.
Married 2nd|y«b»: Sharyn L. Welk«/b» who had 2 daughters - ie Darren had 2 step-daughters
Residence: Hope Valley, S.A.
3. Blake Roy McLean. 
MCLEAN, Darren Roy (I-5667)
470 Darwin, then Hervey Bay, Q'ld WARLAND, Narelle (I-4104)
471 David John McLean Price b. 20/12/1929, Renmark, SA.
Married: Jennifer Chittleborough (b. 27/3/1931).
Residence: Mt Barker, S.A.
Death: David was killed in a car accident on 11/5/1989 aged 59 years. Jennifer
remarried John Wilson of Mt Barker. J. and J. Wilson 1994 of Noarlunga
Downs (phone book).
PRICE, David John McLean (I-4156)
472 David McLean born 10/2/1904 at Wallaroo, S.A.
Married: Lilian Wiles late in life (about 1962). They were both of Wallaroo.
Lilian McLean died in 1964 after only two years of marriage.
David died on 2/9/1977 aged 73 years at Wallaroo where both were interred. 
MCLEAN, David (I-5648)
473 David Roy McLean b. 8/11/1897 - died aged 4 months on 23/4/1898. As there is no record at
Wallaroo both birth and death probably took place at his Curnow grandparents house at East Moonta. 
MCLEAN, David Roy (I-5601)
474 Death 'Dow Well' Nhil Vic MCLEAN, Christina (I-2981)
475 DEATH 'Triangular Farm' Mt Gambier SA JANEWAY, Ann Soward (I-4022)
476 death 'Waterloo' Angas Plains SA STACEY, Mary (I-2974)
477 DEATH 'Waterloo' Angas Plains SA MCLEAN, Margaret Ruth (I-3219)
478 death 'Waterloo', Angas Plains SA MCLEAN, John (I-2973)
479 death 'Waterloo', Angas Plains, SA MCLEAN, Alfred John (I-3833)
480 DEATH 18 Evergreen Place Forest Lake Qld MCLEAN, Dora May (I-1515)
481 DEATH Agricultural Show Strathalbyn SA MARTIN, Emily Ida Mary (I-5290)
482 Death at 12 Beaufort St Marylebone London UK ROSHER, Mabel Emma (I-8036)
483 DEATH AT 5YOA Strathalbyn SA
At this same time, Hugh McLean of the ship "Tomatin" of 1840 & his wife Elizabeth (nee Scott) were staying at "Ardgour Cottage" in Strathalbyn SA, with Hugh the Younger & Margaret. According to the "Register" newspaper of Adelaide a little daughter of Elizabeth & this particular Hugh McLean, died at "Ardgour Cottage" on 23/7/1864. She was named Mary and was aged 2 years & 2 months. This has caused some confusion concerning the deaths of the two infants. The Hugh of the "Tomatin" must certainly have been kin to the Strathalbyn McLeans, but certainly not a third son of Donald & Christina, named Hugh. 
MCLEAN, Margaret (I-5558)
484 Death at Hollywood Hospital WA informed by Pat Long; TBA registration, location evidence. [Researcher Lorna McLean 19/7/2016] LODER, Robert Cecil (I-5776)
485 Death at Oaklands Nursing Home SA 27 Sep 1988 NO SOURCE.
Centennial Park SA (Source:austcemindex.com.au)
KEOUGH, Christina (Tina) (I-5531)
486 death at Queens Elizabeth Hospital, Woodville, SA ARTHUR, Dorothy Isobel (I-1279)
487 Death at Royal Adelaide Hospital Adelaide SA CHAPLIN, John Herbert Thomas Sinclair (I-3129)
488 Death at Urrbrae SA=10km SE of Adelaide CBD  POOLE, James Benjamin (I-1099)
489 DEATH Blockhouse Bay Auckland NZ HARRISON, Enid (I-8038)
490 DEATH BURIAL information provided by Pat Long 19/7/2016 to researcher Lorna McLean. Documents pending for evidence of sources CALLAGHAN, Briget (I-5713)
491 DEATH Craigmont Nursing Home Maylands Perth WA JOHNSTON, Myrtle Annie (I-5717)
492 Death date and location provided to Lorna McLean by Pat Long in 19/07/2016-evidence yet to be provided JOHNSTON, Clover (I-5775)
493 DEATH Donald Arthur CROSSMAN Death 1 Jun 1977 74y
Relations: Husband of Mary Evelyn comma father of Cath comma Lucy & Bernice
Cemetery: Caltowie 
CROSSMAN, Donald Arthur (I-386)
494 Death Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital Germany MCLEAN, James Ernest Hopetoun (I-3228)
495 death Interview with Dorothy Forsyth on 23.11.16 with Researcher Lorna McLean FORSYTH, Edith (Edie) (I-6764)
496 DEATH Kings Park Nursing Home, Adelaide SA HALDANE, Gladys May (I-1070)
497 Death Location and date extracted from internet; from no record to a date from her biostats. Be to be evidenced in future. She died in 2010 from a ruptured intestine, after several years of ill health. Note by Lorna McLean 26.11.16 XENEDES, Adriana (I-1143)
498 Death location: Duluth, St Louis, Minnesota, USA MCLEAN, Duncan (I-8862)
499 DEATH Maccelsfield Hospital South Australia - about 1917 STOYEL, Flora Evelyn (I-7953)
501 DEATH might have been 29th Nov 1983. who supplied this alternative and on what basis? INGLIS, Jean Catherine (I-101)
502 DEATH Mile End Adelaide SA THOMPSON, Sarah (I-1431)
503 DEATH month was altered May to Dec. Otherwise unaltered. Researcher Lorna McLean 05/12/2016 MCLEAN, Archibald James b.1887 (I-4537)
504 DEATH Mt Thompson Columbarium Brisbane Qld DOWRIE, James (I-6718)
505 death Murray Street Strathalbyn SA MCLEAN, Jane (I-5281)
506 death of cancer, first to spraying no til and dont think they knew of the necessity of safety and had a massive growth on his kidney. Sick for 2 years after he was diagnosed.
FORSYTH, William McDonald (I-6811)
507 Death on 15th July 2017 at Glenelg House Casterton per notice in 'Mt Gambier Border Watch' on 19th Jul 2017. (sourced from SA Genealogical website, quoting Ryerson Index) MCLEAN, Laurence Elliot (I-4920)
508 DEATH RECORDS SECTION 1 PLOT 127  FORSYTH, Cameron Victor (I-6905)
509 DEATH Royal Adelaide Hospital Adelaide SA GRANT, Laurence William George (I-1145)
510 DEATH Royal Adelaide Hospital SA HALDANE, Eliza (I-1087)
511 DEATH Spinal Unit Royal Adelaide Hospital Adelaide SA MCLEAN, Archibald James b.1914 (I-2340)
512 DEATH St Arnauds Hospital East Wimmera Vic MCLEAN, Rose Ann (I-4228)
513 DEATH St Vincent's Home, Mona Vale, NSW MCLEAN, Amy Maude Hillary (I-2573)
514 death Strathalbyn General Hospital SA INGLIS, James Faulds Henderson (I-18)
515 DEATH Strathalbyn General Hospital SA MCLEAN, Hugh (I-5595)
516 DEATH Strathalbyn General Hospital SA MCLEAN, Hartley Dixon (I-3900)
517 Death Wimmera Base Hospital Vic MCDONALD, Leonard William Cameron (I-6760)
518 DEATH Woolnough Rd Largs Bay SA MCLEAN, Christina McPhie (I-4122)
519 death-stated as before 1951 with no explanation nor evidence-yet SEWELL, Charles Edward (I-7907)
520 DEATH: 3 days before his 86th birthday. He had retired to a suburb of Adelaide leaving his sons to continue the Belvidere farm. CHERITON, John Jnr b1854 (I-5286)
521 DEATH: Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woodville SA MCLEAN, Alexander James (I-2414)
522 Death:stated by Dorothy Deane 23.11.16 to Researcher:Lorna McLean FORSYTH, Pamela Joy (I-6899)
523 Death; nursed by her dad Benjamin McLean for several years: amid a new wife and family, Olivia was admitted to General Hospital Strathalbyn SA the week before she passed away. In fact I the author of this was born 6 weeks after her passing away. With two little ones already, Edwin and Jenny (sick all the time since birth 18mos before) would have been a handful for both my mother 8 months pregnant, 2 little ones (one sick) and a husband doing the work on the farm and helping where he could.
author Lorna McLean; third born to Benjamin and Joan Mclean 1955 
PARKER, Olivia Mary (I-3844)
524 Denys was also a descendant of Rachel McLean (daughter of Donald and Christina) TUCKER, Denys Andrew # (I-5911)
525 Despite the names, McRae and McLean, this Christina does not share any previous kinship with her husband, George.

MCRAE, Christina (I-7338)
526 Dianne married Bill and they had three girls.
Like his brother, Bill was also in the R.A.A.F. for 6 years as an instrument fitter.
After he left the Air Force he became an Electrical Trade Instrument Fitter, working in Newcastle. N.S.W. until his death in a motor bike accident at the age of 29 years.
About 5 years after Bill died, Dianne married Brian Johnson and the three girls have taken their step-father's name of Johnson. 
MIDDLECOAT, Dianne Joy (I-1622)
527 Did two brothers (Neil & Alan) marry two sisters (Kathleen & Jeanette)?? HEATH, Alan Graham (I-1177)
528 Did two brothers (Neil & Alan) marry two sisters (Kathleen & Jeanette)?? BRANSON, Kathleen Dawn (I-1178)
529 Did two brothers (Neil & Alan) marry two sisters (Kathleen & Jeanette)?? HEATH, Neil Brian (I-1182)
530 Did two brothers (Neil & Alan) marry two sisters (Kathleen & Jeanette)?? BRANSON, Jeanette Sue (I-1183)
531 Died 24 years and 10 months. MCLEAN, David Keith (I-2549)
532 Died 5 days after giving birth. BAILEY, Florence Rebecca (I-3049)
533 Died a six months. MCLEAN, Archibald Sinclair b. 1854 (I-4481)
534 Died about 1882 KELLY, Joseph (I-7985)
535 Died after 6 days. HALDANE, Catherine Dawson McLean (I-1086)
536 Died after only 5 days. SMITH, Mavis Jean (I-4578)
537 Died as an infant, 6 months. MCINTOSH, Audrey Jackson (I-3006)
538 Died at 20 years as a result of a car accident. BRADLEY, Christopher Charles (I-1669)
539 Died at 3 months. SHERWOOD, Geoffrey (I-5105)
540 DIED at 6mos in infancy like her youngest sister Jeannie the previous year in 1878 2mos short of Jeannies 2nd birthday. Both died in Strathalbyn General Hospital SA MCLEAN, Jemima Adam Tannahill (I-5827)
541 Died at birth. MCKENZIE, Maureen Dawn (I-3776)
542 DIED AT HOME Port Broughton SA HORNBY, Percival William John (Pud) (I-1701)
543 Died at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woodville, SA ABBOT, Archibald Dudley (I-1112)
544 Died in Broken Hill when he was about 16 years old. INGLIS, Frank Albert (I-436)
545 Died in France in the WWI. HOARE, Rupert (I-9039)
546 Died in infancy BENNETT, Joseph Desmond (I-543)
547 Died in infancy HALDANE, Arabella Stuart (I-1163)
548 Died in infancy MCDONALD, Hetty (I-6972)
549 Died in infancy MCDONALD, Ruth (I-6973)
550 DIED IN INFANCY MCDONALD, Lindsay William (I-7354)
551 Died in infancy. BRADLEY, Janet (I-1626)
552 Died in Royal Adelaide Hospital. STABERNACK, Julius Otto (I-2782)
553 Died just 10 days after his birth. MCLEAN, Hartley Dixon (I-3900)
554 Died just prior to surgery to save her life in Queen Adelaide Hospital Adelaide SA. Myocarditis was the autopsy conclusion. See newspaper writeup re murder charges.  SMITH, Irene Joyce (I-7947)
555 Died of a stroke. MCLEAN, Hughie (I-2328)
556 Died of a stroke. JONES, Grace Estelle (I-2398)
557 Died of cancer aged 22 years. ABBOTT, Myrtle (I-3122)
558 Died of the Spanish Influenca Epidemic in 1919 HEAD, Edwin H. (I-2360)
559 DIED Strathalbyn General Hospital SA KEOUGH, James b.1856 (I-5347)
560 DIED: Crystal Brook Hospital SA SEDUNARY, Elizabeth (I-1682)
561 Differing sources state Ann Jane and others Jane Ann OAKLEY, Ann Jane (I-8654)
562 Direct conversation and receipt of burial documentation with Lorna Mclean 20.7.17.Both in Plot number 7549 Path 50N in North Road (Anglican) Cemetery Adelaide SA. eldest daughter, Irene Joyce buried first in same plot as mother, Glady Irene Stoyel.
headstone reads "In loving memory of IRENE JOYA (in fact Joyce; unmarried) SMITH passed away 17 March 1950 Aged 21 loved by all. Also Gladys Irene SMITH-nee Stoyel passed away 19 Jun 1968 aged 58". Source Lorna Mclean 20.7.2017
SMITH, Irene Joyce (I-7947)
563 Division 2 Plot 415, Strathalbyn SA this info interferes with map logistics. Lorna McLean23.05.2016 MCRAE, Donald Hugh (I-3961)
564 Divorced Gordon WATERS SMITH, Patricia Jean (I-145)
565 Divorced Lloyd CALDICOTT
Also divorced Gordon WATERS 
SMITH, Patricia Jean (I-145)
567 Don Gordon advised me 15.5.2016 - Neil Graham McLean was with an international visitor showing them around and passed away at some waterfall location; yet unnamed. MCLEAN, Neil Graham (I-1559)
568 Don I am doing a run through of PLACES on website to ensure spellings are not doubled, misspelt and that all LONG/LAT are in place.

delete this message/reminder when concluded.....

I have found SAMUEL WAY and WILLIAM HENRY WAY on S.A. genealogy BDM his birth location reads (cut n paste) Birth Place/Residence: Talisker
District: Yankalilla
However there is a Yankalilla on google maps and not a TALISKER on google maps.

Are you in agreement that we alter the birth location to Yankalilla from Talisker? With a note to the effect of this finding?.and until further detail found?
Perhaps there was a town of Talisker and is no more? However for anyone seeking to find locational information on these gentlemen will understand by content of the note and at least be in the correct district.

There are Taliskers in UK, VIC, WA, QLD and a Talisker Court, Greenwith S.A.?

Maybe there is a property named Talisker? In district of Yankalilla S.A.?

Let me know will leave this for now as a note on both parties location. But not make changes until I hear. Lorna
WAY, William Henry (I-8644)
569 Don I am doing a run through of PLACES on website to ensure spellings are not doubled, misspelt and that all LONG/LAT are in place.
delete this message/reminder when concluded.....
I have found SAMUEL WAY and on S.A. genealogy BDM his birth location reads (cut n paste) Birth Place/Residence: Talisker
District: Yankalilla
However there is a Yankalilla on google maps and not a TALISKER on google maps.

Are you in agreement that we alter the birth location to Yankalilla from Talisker? With a note to the effect of this finding?.and until further detail found?
Perhaps there was a town of Talisker and is no more? However for anyone seeking to find locational information on these gentlemen will understand by content of the note and at least be in the correct district.

There are Taliskers in UK, VIC, WA, QLD and a Talisker Court, Greenwith S.A.?

Maybe there is a property named Talisker? In district of Yankalilla S.A.?

Let me know will leave this for now as a note on both parties location. But not make changes until I hear. Lorna
WAY, Samuel Joseph (I-8645)
570 Donald and Margaret were first cousins. SMITH, Donald James (I-2459)
571 DONALD McLEAN born 8/3/1857. Gaelic Bible and registration. Known to the family as "Donald the Rover" and hereafter as "Donald Rover" to distinguish him from other Donald McLeans. He had an interesting life and a large family so there is a good deal to set out.

HISTORY: He was born at "Coewey",near Milang, Lake Alexandrina SA. A newspaper article of later years said he was well known at the Coorong and at Kingston where his brother Hughie's family was. He was a pioneer of Narrabeen, SA from 1883.

Donald Rover left from Meningie SA aged 18 years in 1875 before his father's death there in 1876. By the time he was 19 he had reached Scotland and was soon shipping horses to India. This promising line of business failed due to a famine in that country which caused a decline in trading. He trained riders and supervised the breaking-in of horses after he joined the Indian Police Force, as a trooper, the first European to do so.

Then came an accident at Calcutta and he was in hospital there for three months. He left India to return to South Australia on 19/6/1877. Unfortunately his discharge papers and effects were lost at Adelaide.

He found work at the Jesuit College vineyards near Clare SA, 84 miles north of Adelaide and at the time of his marriage his occupation was that of ostler.

MARRIAGE: details from the certificate - to Mary Hillary, spinster aged 18 (Donald was 23), daughter of Anthony Hillary. Donald's residence was then at Kapunda and hers at Nadalya, Woolshed Flat. They married at the Jesuit Chapel at Seven Hills near Clare, S.A. The witnesses were J. Corcoran of Auburn, S.A. and Margaret Hillary, spinster, of Nadalya, Woolshed Flat, S.A.

The first two children were born at Auburn, S.A. By late 1883, Donald had gone to N.S.W. to see what possibilities presented themselves. By the November, he was at Narrabeen NSW. The Manly "Daily" of May 1924 had a full page article on the history of Narrabeen with a heading "at Narrabeen - 41 years with Donald McLean". A sub-heading said "Donald McLean discovers Narrabeen". This page can be obtained from D. & C. McLean Genealogical Council, cost $5.

A summary begins that the year 1884 when Donald McLean's whiskers were not as iron grey as after 41 years residence when as a vigorous young man of 27 he had the map of Scotland on his weather worn countenance, but continued that he was a dinkum Aussie born at Milang near Lake Alexandrina in S.A.

He settled at Narrabeen NSW in June 1884 and remained there. He entered the employ of O. B, West of the Mt Ramsay Estate and was in charge of growing com, wheaten hay, sorghum, and reared store cattle. lt also said (erroneously) that his grandfather Donald McLean grew the first wheat in S.A. near " Glen Osborne" S.A. now a suburb of Adelaide (meaning Glen Osmond perhaps).

He found contract work more rewarding and constructed Middle Head Wharf roads, bridges and wharves and rebuilt the Manly Bridge, constructed Middle Head Wharf for the Defence Dept in the 1890s. The floodgate bridge at Kogarah and another at Belmoe. He rebuilt the Pittwater wharves near Church Point and repaired the Narrabeen Bridge and was so occupied for over 20 years.

In 1904 he began a boating business and store with contract work interspersed. On his arrival in 1884 there were only 3 other families as neighbours. His own first house was near Wetherill Street, but in 1687 he moved to the corner of Devitt St. and Pittwater Road. Others arrived but until the advent of the tram the area was sparsely populated with only 21 residents within 2 miles of the Narrabeen Receiving (Postal) Office in January 1894. On 11/11/1896 Donald succeeded as
Post Master and the office was moved to his house which became also the Telephone Of in January 1897 and his salary was increased by 10 pounds ($20) per annum as an Operator to add to his annual 15 pounds ($30) for his services.

He built a new brick two storey house in 1912 and the P.O. and Telephone exchange were moved there. The population had risen to 115 persons and Donald only resigned in 1930 in favour of his son Kindor. The P.O. was in McLean hands for 65 years. The Rover had been busy otherwise over the years. He had built his boat in 1904 and by 1924 had 14 on the Lake which he hired out for fishing and pleasure parties, however he had long since ceased to rove. He fathered 14 children, 12 of whom survived. As the newspaper article expressed it "Verily he had his quiver full".

DEATH: Donald died aged 75 years at Narrabeen on 31/5/1932 and was buried at Manly on 2/6/1932. Mary's death date is not available but was in the 1938/9 period.

A photograph (photocopy) of Donald the Rover aged 18 (and another dated 26/12/1910 of himself, Mary his wife and 12 children) is with the McLean memorabilia.

In 1885, his third child, Mary, was born at the "Rock Lily" Tavern, Mona Vale which was then the staging post for the northern coast. Donald built a small wooden house at Narrabeen where there is now the median strip of a 6 lane highway. lt eventually became the back scullery and laundry of the 2 storey brick house already mentioned as being both home and Post Office until the new P.O. was erected, (information from Betty O'Gorman, daughter of Kindor McLean).

MCLEAN, Donald (I-2488)
572 Donald signed his name variously as - McLane - MacLean - McLean - McClean and Mac (ref p13 BRB)
MCLEAN, Donald b1779 (I-1)
573 Donald was born at home at Lower Finniss MCDONALD, Donald William (I-5837)
574 Donald was in the Commonwealth Aircraft, Dept of Army Ordlnance, 2AIF New Guinea. MAGINNIS, Donald John McBain (I-3704)
575 Dorothy and John were married by legal proxy, owing to wedding arrangments having been made and John engaged in shipping on a Dutch ship and being unable to attend ceremony as arranged. Family F-1187
576 Dorothy Forsyth on 24.11.2016 shared memories of family members. Her husband died of cardiac arrest as he had been hiding his illness from everyone and was stump picking and collapsed in the paddock at 87yoa. He had had angina attack but never told anyone.  FORSYTH, William (I-6767)
577 Dorothy stated her nursing friends called her "deanie" DEANE, Dorothy Vera (I-6810)
578 Due to absence of birth date to date: genealogysa offers her approx birth year on her marriage record, her fathers names and that she was single to marry. Eric Allan Groom Last Name: WARLAND Bride Given Name(s): Ruth Harrison Bride Last Name: DERBYSHIRE Marriage Date: 1935, March 26 Marriage Place: Baptist Church Adelaide Groom Age: 27 Groom Approx. Birth Year: 1908 Groom Marital Status: S Groom Father: Lawrence Edward WARLAND Bride Age: 20 Bride Approx. Birth Year: 1915 Bride Marital Status: S Bride Father Name: Edward Fairhurst DERBYSHIRE Book/Page: 355/955 DARBYSHIRE, Ruth Harrison (I-4034)
579 Due to distances, Dorothy's husband was cremated in Mt Lawley Perth WA on 6 Jul 2002. William Forsyth's (Willi) ashes stored in Columbarium Niche in Kellerberrin Cemetery WA

FORSYTH, William (I-6767)
580 Due to privacy laws of South Australia whereby the marriage records are only released 75 years after a marriage. The date has so far been unattainable since it is only 72years unless son Robin or Daniel recall.  CLARKE, Harold Stanley (I-5351)
581 Duncan was a butcher, according to the death certificate of his son, John. SMITH, Duncan (I-8503)
582 During edit check of spelling and locations found PADDINGTON appeared incorrect. Found on reference to Paddington on google Paddington Avenue, Northgate Port Adelaide Enfield, SA. However the BDM register of SA clearly states Birth Place/Residence: Paddington
District: Port Adelaide. So in my google search found a Paddington Street in Enfield Port Adelaide. Alteration made.  
STOYEL, John James (I-8649)
583 Edward played Australian Rules VFL for Richmond. EDWARDS, Edward Allen (I-3571)
584 Edwin MacLean (ref: Edwin MacLean's genealogy, spouse of person 14-vii) has him dying in 1881 rather than 1891.  JEFFREYS, Jeffrey (I-5010)
585 Edwin MacLean has the birth date as 4th March 1821 in Fort William whereas a birth year of 1822 is indicated by the record of Archibald's marriage in www.familyhistorysa.info/colonists which has him aged 24 years at the time of his marriage on 1846-09-11. MCLEAN, Archibald b.1821 (I-4021)
586 Edwin MacLean in 2016 stated Donald was born in Fort William. This had long been surmised: evidence pending.  MCLEAN, Donald b1779 (I-1)
587 Elaine Alyson Warner born 13/5/1939 at Nhill. Unmarried.
Residence: Nhill.
Occupation: General services assistant at Nhill Hospital and keen on charitable work. 
WARNER, Elaine Alyson (I-3094)
588 Electronics technician. Served in the R.A.N. for 23 years from the age of 17 at Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, England, Exmouth, W.A. MCLEAN, Robert Lester (I-2426)
589 Eliza Jane's mother was also an Eliza Jane Williams WILLIAMS, Eliza Jane b. 1862 (I-8672)
590 Eliza might have gone to Strathalbyn for Christmas and she stayed on at Meadowbank for the birth of Percy.  HALDANE, Percy James (I-1059)
591 Eliza was only 5 years when her father died in 1888 so the family circumstances were not so affluent as she grew up in Adelaide. Before her marriage she worked as a housemaid at Grayson's Coffee Palace (now the Grosvenor Hotel) on North Terrace, Adelaide. Her husband George (Robert) Poole had a dairy at West Hilton where they lived and had their 5 children.

There is a family story that when she attended the Flinders Street State School, Adelaide, she was very disappointed at not being chosen for the "Thousand Voice Choir "held annually. Showing a determined spirit she went to the Head Master and asked to be included. "Can you sing?" he asked. Of course the answer was yes, so she had her wish and her uncle Jimmy McLean provided the money for her dress.

However there is a flaw in this story. Only the top class, which in the compilers day was Grade 7 was permitted to take part, ln Eliza's time there were only 5 grades and as soon as the pupil obtained the School Certificate the child could leave no matter what the age. The compilers mother, born 1893 and 12 in 1905 and in the top class, said that there were no "Thousand Voice choirs" until alter W.W.1. (ended in 1918). Therefore it must have been a concert at Eliza's own Flinders Street School. 
HALDANE, Eliza (I-1087)
592 ELIZABETH ANN McLEAN born 9/12/1874 at Strathalbyn, child of Hugh the Younger and his wife (nee Tannahill).

MARRIAGE: on 13/11/1896. Notice in the "Southern Argus" of 19/11/1896:

"Johnston - McLean. At the residence of Mrs Jeffreys of Strathalbyn, the aunt of the bride, by the Rev. G. C. Love B.D. Matthew Johnston of Kalgoorlie, W.A. son of Mr Johnston of Woodchester WA to Elizabeth Ann, daughter of Mr Hugh McLean " Matthew was born on 20/10/1865.

DEATHS: of Matthew Johnston in 1936 at Perth, W.A. interred at Karrakatta Cemetery. He was a son of John Johnston of Woodchester. S.A. 8 his wife Brigette (nee Corrigan). His birthdate has been given as 1865 and by another family member as 1856. Registration in S.A. was 3/11/1864.

Elizabeth Ann Johnston died at hospital on 17/11/1948 aged 74 years. at Merredin, W.A. She was interred at Karrakatta. Perth, according to family.

HISTORY from a descendant:

Matthew had opened a store at Kalgoorlie, W.A. in partnership with his brother Edward during the gold rush there in the 1890s and later one at Lakeside, then a branch at Mt Malcolm where they also set up an hotel. Matthew came back to Strathalbyn to the home of his bride's aunt, Mrs Jeffrey for the ceremony, as her mother was deceased. The witnesses were Mary Ann & Robert Johnston.

It was to arid Kalgoorlie and its environs that Elizabeth was taken to commence her married life. They travelled as far as Albany, W.A. by boat as it was not until 1917 that the railway reached W.A. and by this time the brothers were at Mt Malcolm, Elizabeth 8. Matthew reached there by wagon and the last few days their diet consisted of only ginger biscuits. From Malcolm they moved to Leonora & Gwalia as further gold discoveries were made.

Elizabeth found her life frightening amongst primitive aborigines and she feared to venture out of doors, so the natives advised Matthew to kill her, as they believed that she was sulky & "no good". Her first child survived only eight months. Forthe birth of her second child she returned to Strathalbyn which meant a journey of three weeks by stage coach to reach a boat. The effort was worthwhile as the girl child was strong and healthy (1899).

So it was then back to her husband at Mt Malcolm. Fortunately by the third child's arrival a trained nurse, Hannah Harper came to town 8. commenced a hospital and saw Elizabeth through the next several births. So great was Elizabeth's faith in Hannah Harper, that when she left Mt Malcolm to start hospitals at Armadale 8. Kelmscott (from 1910) Elizabeth followed her for the births of her two youngest babies.

Her fear of the blacks was not surprising as they were primitive & held their corroborees nearby & dispensed their justice that often ended in the death of the accused. When Elizabeth gave her wedding gown to one of the young women as it no longer her, she had to witness other gins in their jealousy, tear it to shreds. When a gold robbery was reported to be imminent the mine manager had the Johnstons hide a large quantity in their chimney. In appreciation a brooch, a solid gold bar, was presented to each of the two eldest daughters, their names being engraved on them. Myrtle's is still in her possession, but Margaret lost hers in 1966 with other jewellery, a ruby & pearl bracelet 8. a brooch Matthew designed for Elizabeth to mark an anniversary, during a break-in by a thief.

At Mt Malcolm their residence adjoined the shop 8. the natives were continually robbing them of liquor and butter grease paper which they used to rub grease into their hair with red clay which hardened and rattled and gave them great pleasure. Owing to the heat and to the materials used in the construction of their dwellings was a constant danger, even mice chewing on wax matches causing them to ignite would start a one fire a dressing table with a small drawer on each side used by Elizabeth & Matthew to keep their personal effects safe was burnt in the centre causing the two small drawers to fall together and bum and melted and interlocked their wedding and signet rings. These rings were on display in the window of a Perth jeweller where they had been taken for remoulding into one heavy wedding ring. This was stolen together with the other items in 1966.

Elizabeth mothered two of her grandsons when their mother died shortly after the birth of Russell, the younger. She had cared for children of family members whenever called upon.

Of other reminiscences: during the court case in the town there was no Bible available to swear in the witnesses so a call was made to Elizabeth to lend the Bible given to her on her wedding day at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Strathalbyn (according to the writer of the above) but as has been seen in the newspaper notice the ceremony was at Aunt Ann Jeffreys house.

After the of 1903 at Mt Malcolm Elizabeth & Matthew built a block of shops at Gwalia. This business was sold in 1911 and they settled at Perth where Matthew worked for the council. After his death and during the war Elizabeth lived with her daughter Clover at Wagin. Then while visiting them at Merredin, W.A. in 1948 she died in the hospital.

Both Matthew's parents are buried at the Strathalbyn Cemetery in grave no. 1/225.

His mother Brigette (nee Corrigan) died at the age of 59 on 17/10/1892. His father John Johnston died aged 81 years on 25/9/1911 - so their birthdates were approximately: Bridgette in 1833 8- John in 1830.

CHILDREN OF ELIZABETH & MATTHEW JOHNSTON ...................................................: 
MCLEAN, Elizabeth Ann (I-5710)
593 Elizabeth married a man named HOGFLESH but may have changed her surname to GRIFFITH. There is no confirmation of this possibility. KEATING, Elizabeth (I-5278)
594 Ellen died at the home of her daughter, Stella McLean - 53 Tarragon St, Mile End. She had a private nurse. JEWELL, Ellen (I-1514)
595 Elliot & Florence had 8 children - but no details available. NUTT, Florence Marion (I-1355)
596 Elliot & Florence had 8 children - but no details available. SCOTT, Elliot (I-1356)
597 Else was 32 years old at the time of her wedding in 1904 - according to the marriage certificate. BERNDT, Marie Alwena Elizabeth (I-3841)
598 EMAIL dated 05.10.2018 from Stephenandlouise@bigpond.com actually Louise Johnson.
"It has been some timesince i spoke to you about Mary Margaret McLean and Albert Edward Brabant. I have been sharing my research time between 5 family trees and it has taken a while but have new information. Details DOM 25.05.1916. place The Central Methodist Mission, groom Albert Edward Brabant, Occupation motor driver, usual residence, Narrabeen , a bachelor aged 29. The bride, Mary Margaret McLean, home duties, usual residence Narrabeen,spinster, aged 29. Death Certificate, NSW BDM Registration No32269/1962 copy certificate no 132249 from probate packet. NAME Mary Margaret Brabant, DOD 22.9.1962 usual residence Narrabeen,
1st marriage, at Sydney 24yoa to ? McGuinness, issue ONE, Sheila aged 51yoa.
2nd marriage, Sydney aged 27to Albert Edward Brabant, issue, Jessie M 46yoa, Amy 44yoa, Archibald E 42yoa, Florence N 40yoa, Mary J 38yoa none deceased.
No birth nor marriage certificate was found for Sheila-her marriage certificate names her Sheila McLean.  
Family F-827
599 Email dated 27 August 2018 from Marilyn Whittenbury. States: JOACHIM HEINRICH HOKLAS b14.12.1817 Leuttenmark, Near Boitzenburg/Mecklenburg Scherwin/Prussia?Germany: died 3.8.1888 at New Macklenburg, SA aged 70 Years and buried at the Schoenborn Cemetery at Gomersal SA. At his death he had married and widowed THREE times with six of his nine children surving to adulthood.
Single, JOACHIM HEINRICH HOKLAS aged 31yoa arrived in SA on the ship Australia on 10/9/1849 (about 12 the new colony). Settling in at Klemzig, SA and in 15/4/1853 he made an "OATH OF ALLEGIANCE" to the colony of SA. Occupation: Landsman.
4 years after his first marriage; he relocated to the New Mecklenburg, Barrossa Valley purchased land as a pioneer famer, in 1860 construcing a sotne building-barn, cellar with 2 foot thick walls and thatched roof upon a side of a hill that gave access to the top slate floor property. The bottom floor of the building was used as a hanging room and storeroom; including a cellar.
This estate continues in the family, a 5th generation of the HOKLAS family began grapevines in 2004 (100years since vines were last harvest). In 2018 producing premium full bodied/?blooded Barossa Style red wine.
Family F-2788
600 EMAIL FROM STEPHENANDLOUISE DATED 26TH JAN 2018 TO LADYJ:How did someone find a marriage between Albert and Mary in 1911 when the BDM has their marriage in 1916? This is extract from BRB Page 220 only states the dates with limited evidence of FM=family memories. ?Mary Margaret Mclean born 20/10/1885 at the "Rock Lily Tavern". Mona Vale which was then the staging post for the northern coast. Donald built a small wooden house at Narrabeen where there is now [1996] a median strip of a 6 lane highway. It eventually became the back scullery and laundry for the 2 storey brick house already mentioned as being both home and post office until the new one was erected, Information from Betty O'Gorman, dau of Kindor McLean//
Married: Albert Brabant c1911 and was if Narrabeen NSW
Death: Mary died in her 77th year on 22/9/1962?

How was Sheila McLean linked with Albert and Mary? There is no record of her birth in the
NSW BDM, which is highly likely if she was illegitimate, but the birthplace of Thirroul is

RHETORICAL of course.  
Family F-827
601 Email provided from John Mathews dated 02.05.2016 to Lorna McLean
Stated that Mary Dawson McLean (daughter of Allan Mclean, the eldest son of Donald and Christina McLean (McPhee).  
MCLEAN, Mary Dawson (I-1242)
602 Enfield Cemetery Enfield SA WAY, Allan Charles (I-8589)
603 Enfield Memorial Park Adelaide SA FRANCIS, Wilfred Edmund (I-6106)
604 EPITAPH OF BLUEY TRUSCOTT....WWII 1943 and Gordon Johnston...
Squadron Leader Truscott was killed instantly at 1735 hours, 28th March 1943. Position, 22° 11' S., 114° 09' E. He was flying Kittyhawk A29/150.
Before any member of 76 Squadron could reach the scene whale-boats and divers from U.S.S. Chi/ds and U.S.S. Whipperwill were attempting to locate the wreckage. They continued dragging operations with a desperate urgency until midnight, under impossible conditions, long after all hope for the life of Keith Truscott had been adandoned. At last 76 Squadron had to ask the Americans to stop.
At light, 29th March, the search was resumed, and at 1000 hours the aircraft was located in thirty-six feet of water, lying on its back, with mainplanes folded and the cockpit on the sea-bed.
At 1630 hours the aircraft was raised, and lowered onto a barge. The body was recovered from the cockpit with some injuries, but virtually unmarked.
In the evening, after the barge pulled alongside the jetty, Bluey was carried ashore by the officers of his squadron. His mother, far away, knew he was dead before she was told.
At 0930 hours, 31st March, the casket containing his embalmed body, followed by of of No. 76 Squadron and of the U.S. Navy, was drawn to the air-strip and passed between his boys, whose emotions no words of mine dare express. He was brought to the Avro Anson and soon that aircraft drew away slowly and took off to the salute from the ground and the air. His pilots above him in the formation of a cross and escorted him to Perth, towards the Cathedral, to the limits of their fuel.
Thus passed Bluey Truscott, aged twenty-six, brave as few were and loved as few were.
Today he rests in the War Cemetery near Perth, Western Australia, and his first Spitfire stands quietly through the passing years in the Australian War Memorial at Canberra.
God Bless Bluey. 
JOHNSTON, Gordon James b1903 (I-5732)
605 Ernst at 27yoa and Anna at 17yoa were married at St Peter Evangelist Chapel, North Rhine SA having 10 children.  Family F-2787
606 EULOGY-top row:Christmas 2015 at the home of son Toby and Ruth at 54 Rome,Yeronga Qld. Formally Brian?s mother?s 1900's Gormley home. BOTTOM ROW L-R:Son John McGrath and partner Dr. Stephen Brierley, the grandchildren Caitlin & Erin McGrath, Hugo, Ned, Flynn Schmidt (mother:Juliet behind), Isabelle McGrath. Toby is wearing a hat, with Ruth behind him, Brians wife, Heather next to Brian on Brian top right. MIDDLE LEFT:Brian as a small boy at childhood home 49 Crump Street Holland Park Brisbane Qld. MIDDLE RIGHT:Brian working a pipe on a job in North Queensland as a Civil Engineer with the State Coordinator General's Dept. LOWER LEFT:Heather and Brian engaged to be married the following January 1968 at Catholic Lawn Tennis Assoc Formal, Brisbane Qld. LOWER RIGHT:Brian and Heather at picnic in Keating Park Qld near Indooroopilly Shoppingtown in 2014.
MCGRATH, Brian Leonard (I-6645)
607 Eurongilly, NSW is a locality in the central part of the Riverina and situated about 19 kilometres north west from Nangus and 21 kilometres south east from Junee CUSACK, John (I-2614)
608 Eurongilly, NSW is a locality in the central part of the Riverina and situated about 19 kilometres north west from Nangus and 21 kilometres south east from Junee CUSACK, Julia (I-2617)
609 Eurongilly, NSW is a locality in the central part of the Riverina and situated about 19 kilometres north west from Nangus and 21 kilometres south east from Junee CUSACK, John (I-2616)
610 Eurongilly, NSW is a locality in the central part of the Riverina and situated about 19 kilometres north west from Nangus and 21 kilometres south east from Junee CUSACK, Susan (I-2618)
611 Eurongilly, NSW is a locality in the central part of the Riverina and situated about 19 kilometres north west from Nangus and 21 kilometres south east from Junee UNKNOWN, Celsa (I-2615)
612 Eurongilly, NSW is a locality in the central part of the Riverina and situated about 19 kilometres north west from Nangus and 21 kilometres south east from Junee CUSACK, Richard (I-2619)
613 Ewen was probably born in the valley of Strathglass near the town of Inverness. MCDONALD, Ewen (I-5831)
614 Ewen's grave is enclosed by an iron railing and there is a marble column surmounted by an angel as headstone.  MCDONALD, Ewen Angus Stevenson (I-7336)
615 EXTRACT FROM BIOGRAPHY DEATH : Christina died of heart failure at Woolnough Rd, Largs Bay on 20/7/1920 aged 72. Her residence was Newman St Semaphore. Interred West Terrace Cemetery.ADELAIDE SA MCLEAN, Christina McPhie (I-4122)
616 Faithe Jones offered no more than a confirmation of name of Rosanna Way buried at www.australiancemeteries.com.ua/sa/pt_augustra?ptaugustacarldata.htm
SPITTLE, Rosanna Mary (I-8641)
617 Falling Waters Nursing Home, Strathalbyn KELLY, Jean (I-3858)
618 Family interview with Dorothy Forsyth (profile6814) on 24/11/2016 with Lorna McLean at Midland. Dorothy had travelled on Senior Citizens Bus for annual trip to Midland; where I met and talked with her. She brought along a single photo of Rachel (Annie) McDonald who was her M-I-L.

In this instance she SPELLED out to me the name GOSTELLO it was previously written GOSTELOW 
GOSTELLOW, Margaret Mary Pearson (I-6902)
619 family search indicates married about 1911 which concurs with a source 1911 Family F-827
mother Elsie Vera WEST See genealogy SA for RegNo 
CRITCHLEY, John Vere (I-6267)
621 Father John Thomas Collins (sagenealogy) COLLINS, Geoffrey John (I-8721)
622 FATHER OF BRIDE: John Thomas Nutt, Witnesses JH Nutt, Farmer Orroroo SA and M.U.Doley both of Orroroo SA . Minister:Charles Doley Family F-449
623 Ferntree Gully is a suburb 32km east of Melbourne, Victoria, CBD at the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges, in the local government area of the City of Knox. MCLEAN, Alan Douglas (I-5204)
624 Filed for the Dissolution of marriage - petition 628 on 20th December 1886  Family F-254
625 Find a Grave website; offers his burial at West Terrace Cemetery Adelaide SA. Researcher Lorna McLean 18.09.2018 TASSIE, Robert Stewart (I-5016)
626 find my past by lorna mclean 03.12.16

First name(s) William
Last name McDonald
Gender Male
Age 62
Birth year 1923
Burial year 1985
Burial date 07 Oct 1985
Place Brisbane
State Queensland
Country Australia
Record source Funerals Of Distinction
Source description Funerals of Distinction Funeral Directors, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. This index contains records, including Contracts and Cards, from 1980 -1991.The date is the date of death as it has sometimes been found that there has been a considerable period of time between death and Burial. The entry number denotes Fiche or Page/Individual Entry No of the filming of the original records. This filming is held at the Genealogical Society of Queensland Inc.
Call number QLD/815/059
Entry no 19/42
Record set Queensland funeral records
Category Birth, Marriage & Death (Parish Registers)
Subcategory Deaths & burials
Collections from Australia & New Zealand 
MCDONALD, William Hugh (I-7362)
627 First child born in June 1942, married in Dec 1942.  Family F-2598
628 Flinders Private Hospital, Bedford Park MCLEAN, Caleb Luke John (I-8384)
629 Flinders Private Hospital, Bedford Park MCLEAN, Leah Rachel (I-8383)
630 Florence May HALDANE on her birth registration. MCLEAN, Florence May (I-1165)
631 FM David died in aeroplane crash in FeNcle weekend in Karratha/Dampier WA  COMPTON, David Edward Alwyn (I-7774)
632 FM provided: Marilyn Whittenbury "Buried" in a columbarium RSL Wall 129. to be checked with family or cememtery for an image to confirm if buried or cremated? PURSCHE, Clarence Henry (I-8596)
633 FMemory of Dorothy Deane on 5 Feb 2017 with Researcher:Lorna McLean. Stated she was proud of both her father and grandfather were doctors of medicene in Mt Barker WA. The cousin was a Sir Arthur Dormon Deane who had an engineering firm in England who supplied all the steel for the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.(1923-1930). DEANE, Father (I-7031)
634 For a short period in the 1890s MCLEAN, Robert Tannahill (I-5559)

Last name White
Birth year -
Death year 2002
Death date 05 Nov 2002
Cemetery Springvale Botanical Cemetery
City Springvale
State Victoria
Image link http://billiongraves.com/pages/record/RM-WHITE/7943061
Country Australia
Record set Australia Billion Graves cemetery index
Category Birth, Marriage & Death (Parish Registers)
Subcategory Deaths & burials
Collections from Australia & New Zealand 
MCNAMAR, Mabel Rosetta (I-7496)
636 Found on NSW BDM website during public holiday. Not providing date. Makes no sense. Will have to go back. Definitely CAIRNS BRIDE not Kearns.  Family F-849
637 found this record on find my past by lorna mclean on 03.12.16

First name(s) Robert
Last name Ross
Gender Male
Status Married
Birth year 1825
Death year 1923
Death date 19 Sep 1923
Age at death 98y
Residence Kersbrook
Place Kersbrook
District Talunga
State South Australia
Country Australia
Registration number 465/193
Record set South Australia Deaths 1842-1972
Category Birth, Marriage & Death (Parish Registers)
Subcategory Deaths & burials
Collections from Australia & New Zealand 
ROSS, Robert (I-7108)
638 Frederick HENNING died on 5th July 1941.

His «b»WILL«/b»: dated 20/8/1930.

He appointed the Perpetual Trustee Company of W.A. as his executor and named his 10 children to share equally in his estate. He had Commonwealth Bonds, shares in Nestle's Milk Co. and "shares etc" not named. Farm horses, sheep and their progeny, cart and harness, Beale Player Piano. scrub roller, saddle and bridle. Son Charles was to receive the family heirlooms including portraits of his people. He had a one third interest in his mother's estate from which a sister in Tasmania drew the interest reverted to him at her death. Another brother and sister whom he named would get the other two thirds. Some of his sons were indebted to him for varying amounts ranging from 100 pounds ($200) down to 23 pounds ($46) and these sums were to be deducted from their shares. 
HENNING, Frederick Harriot (I-788)
639 from a website by Barry Leadbetter http://www.familyhistorysa.info/colonists.html

states they were married Light Sq, Adelaide SA. No change made by researcher Lorna McLean 05/12/2016

Family F-1624
640 From England FORD, Jessie (I-3225)
641 From Scotland. UNKNOWN, Wilhemema Wadell (I-3226)
642 From Taunton, Somerset CROSSMAN, Henry (I-247)
643 From Taunton, Somerset. BADMAN, Pamela (I-248)
644 From the late 1980s, Principal of Thomas Moore Primary, Elizabeth, SA LYNCH, Mary Elizabeth (I-2354)
645 FS email from Marilyn Whittenbury 29.9.17 states the parents of OLGA OTTILITE HOKLAS are FATHER:Johann Georg Heinirich Hoklas born 31 Aug 1853 at Blumberg SA Died 1 Sep 1911 ages 58yrs and buried at Schoenborn SA. MOTHER:Christiane Lydia Minge Born 7May1856 Schoenborn SA. Died 23 May 1937 ages 81 yoa.Buried at Willeston SA HOKLAS, Olga Ottilie (I-8559)
646 FS: Family Story provided stated Plot 124 at Sedan SA GLEISSERT, Anna Karoline (I-8555)
647 FS: Family Story:Marilyn Whittenburg stated-1st born, Augusta Elizabeth Gleissert was born 21 days prior to the marriage; however died at 15 days old. PURSCHE, Augusta Elizabeth Gleissert* (I-8570)
648 FS=family story. Marilyn Whittenbury stated Robert Ernest Airey is buried within the Circular Head General Lawn Cemetery Tasmania. One surviving son. Graham Charles Airey. AIREY, Robert Ernest (I-8594)
649 Further children born to Ernest Henry MILSTEAD & Margaret Rose WILKE:-
b.1906 Ernest Allan RefNo;768/34
b.1908 Joy Cumming RefNo;802/82
b.1911 Rudolph Stephen RefNo;860/305
b.1913 Hugh MacDonnell RefNo;904/490
b.1915 Lorna Mary RefNo;959/218
b.1919 Keith Raymond RefNo:32A/119  
WILKE, Rosalia Margaret (Rose) (I-4618)
650 Further research required since James using below dates make him travelling on the Navarino ""as a victualler" at the age of either 12 or 17 yoa. This information seems flawed since in this time one was "not an adult" until 21yoa.
SA Genealogy SA reports James born in UK in c.1825 on his entry to Wedding/Marriage to Margaret McLean so this having evidence is entered.
Whereas Edwin MacLean has James Keatings birth as 1820, no evidence offered. 
KEATING, James (I-5277)
651 Gary Joseph Banning, b. 22/7/1959, Nhill, Vic.
After education at Nhill High School he became a partner in the family properties and remains so with his parents at Frances and the Custon, near Wolsley, S.A. properties together with his brother Maurice. These are mixed enterprises of crops, linola, coriander etc. plus sheep and cattle. At 17 Gary lost his left leg in a motor bike accident. He does drainage grading and wool classing as well as farming.
Fishing, shooting and scuba diving are his interests. Unmarried. 
BANNING, Gary Joseph (I-3063)
652 Gavin and his brother Sean were adopted by their stepfather named Smith. LODER, Gavin (I-5816)
653 Gemmell John McLean, b. 14/7/1937, at Murrayville, Vic. Married: Jennifer Margaret Bodsworth, b. 26/6/1940, at Melbourne.Residence: 6 Norma Avenue, Hamilton, Vic, 3300. Gemmell McLean occupied various accounting positions before becoming Assistant Accountant, at the Hamilton Base Hospital. He subsequently relinquished that position to enter business in Hamilton, as a Snack Bar Proprietor and Craft and Wool Shop owner. He has served on a variety of kindergarten, school, football and cricket clubs. In earlier years he was a member of the senior Murrayville Football Team, premiers 1953, then left to live in Melbourne in June 1994 and played football in senior suburban football teams there. He was a member of Springvale Cricket Team premiers in 1954/55, and is proud of the achievement of his cousin's son, Jamie Siddons, in being Captain/Coach of the South Australian Sheffield Shield Cricket team from 1992/1993.Gemmell says his greatest achievement in life was becoming a committed Christian 7 years ago-no date provided. MCLEAN, Gemmell John (I-3384)
654 genealogysa website has a registration number stating 1887 MCKENRY, John Thomas (I-6977)
655 genealogysa.org.au offers within the registration of marriage to Annie Nicholls that the grooms father is GEORGE CLARKE CLARKE, John Edward (I-8265)
656 George is recorded as the father of Charles James Hine on Charles' marriage certificate. HINE, George (I-8505)
657 Glad is an accomplished pianist and was still enteraining in 1994. ARTHUR, Gladys (Glad) Marion (I-1285)
658 Gladstone, Blyth, Adelaide COOPER, William Charles (I-2464)
659 Google 08.01.2017 Kyabram is located in the centre of Goulburn River Valley irrigation distrtict 200 kilometres north of Melbourne Vic PAGAN, Walter Lindsay (I-7070)
660 Google: Koo Wee Rup in Victoria 63 km SE of Melbourne's CBD. At the 2011 Census, Koo Wee Rup had a population of 3,079. GRANT, Lorraine Edith (I-4306)
661 Googled: Geni People: Thora Gwendolyn Warren (Rendell). Birthdate: November 25, 1912 (78). Birthplace: Maylands, SA, Australia. Death: Died August 1991 in Port Noarlunga, SA, Australia. Cause of death: Heart Attack. Place of Burial: Coromandel Valley, SA, Australia. Immediate Family: Daughter of Cyril Gordon Rendell and Stella ... RENDELL, Thora Gwendoline (I-6085)
662 Gordon, the youngest son, owned and worked his farm which was situated next lo the original homestead. It was closer to Pt Broughton (on the Pt Pirie road) which meant all Hornby lands were together.
Gordon, with his wife Laura, worked hard and milked many cows as well as farming.
Gordon stayed on the farm until his death in 1981. 
HORNBY, Gordon Frederick George (I-2266)
663 Government altered the name Shoenborn to Gomersal during the first world war.  Family F-2788
664 Graeme Kenneth Warner born 11/3/1943 at Nhill.
Married: Judith Anne Maddern (b. 16/7/1943, Kaniva) at Kaniva.
Graeme has the farm at Nhill where his father Percy commenced his married life. He grows
champion wheat crops, holds the record for the most senior football games at Nhill and he is
the only Wamer to carry on the name, in the Nhill area. 
WARNER, Graeme Kenneth (I-3095)
665 Grave 1/82 Strathalbyn SA SOURCE ljm alexandrina burial register. April 2016 TANNAHILL, Margaret (I-5340)
666 Groom 22yoa, Bride 24yoa Resident at Orroroo SA, Florence father was deceased at time of wedding. Minister Allen M Webb Rector of Holy Trinity, Riverton SA. MARRIAGE AT ST PAULS CHURCH ORROROO SA father of groom: John Thomas Nutt, father of bride: James Henry Teague (deceased at time of wedding) Witnesses Herber C Teague Farmer Orroroo and LA Loftes of Morchard Bishop of Devon UK Family F-432
667 Groom Blacksmith of Orroroo SA. Father of Groom: Richard Thomas Parnell of Orroroo SA. Wedding at Methodist Parsonage Orroroo SA Family F-449
668 Guildford, WA
Broome, WA 
SYMES, Kayleen Joy (I-4786)
669 Gweneth's middle name 'Lawry' might in fact be her maiden surname. UNKNOWNLAWRY, Gweneth Lawry (I-6361)
670 Hamley Bridge Memorial Hospital, Hamley Bridge FISCHER, Joyleen Edith (I-3860)
671 Harold purchased a grave for the small family of mother, father and the expected death of Paul. However the mother died first and then the father, both being buried in Edithburgh Cemetery. However when Paul Anthony died he was buried in Walleroo. FS Pauline memories 16.11.2018 Lorna Mclean.  TESTER, Melva Ann (Bonny) Cornitha (I-5352)
672 Harold was blind. CURLEWIS, Harold (I-5019)
673 Hartley was a witness at the wedding of his sister Elizabeth and John McLean on 16th Aril 1874. DIXON, Dr Hartley (I-3839)
674 Hazel Myrtle Carless b. 30/10/1935 at Thornlie Hospital, South Perth.
Occupation; Registered nurse.
Married: «b»Roderick (Rod) Gary Brandreth«/b» (origins England) at St. Peters Anglican Church, Victoria Park.
Occupation: Post Masters General Dept.
Residences: as shown in the history.
History: Hazel was born prematurely and very tiny, so that she struggled to survive. She was reared from the family home of her parents with whom she lived until her marriage. She had met Rod Brandreth six years earlier as members of the church where they married in 1958. Their first child was born at Perth prior to their removal by the P.M.G. Dept to Kalgoorlie for 6 years and there two more sons were born.

In childhood she attended Forrest St. Primary School, South Perth & Kent Street Senior High School, Bently. Her interest in helping professions began early and she was a volunteer with St. John's Ambulance for many years. In August 1953 she began her nursing career and graduated in 1956 from Royal Perth Hospital and as a midwife in 1958 at King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women, at Subiaco.

Further transfers saw the Brandreths living in Wagin (one year) and at Quairading for six years. At the latter, a central wheatbelt town, Hazel worked part time as a Double Ceni Nurse and took an interest in the development of children and the founding of a Cub Scout pack and the running of a large Sunday School with the Anglican Church. She was involved with women's discussion groups and modern social issues, a community development programme.

When Rod became ill and required specialist medical care the family moved back to Perth (1972) and lived at Padbury. His health improved and Hazel furthered her interest in nursing, becoming the first metropolitan Public Health Nurse with the Community Health Services from 1972 to 1993. Her nursing career encompassed nursing, management, staff development and a strong interest in complimentary healing. In 1975 she attained a Community Nursing Diploma from the Western Australian Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Arts (Education) in 1991 and has been a Fellow of the College of Nursing since 1981.

Her husband shared her interest in community development, spirituality and healing which has over the years led to the development of the Turret Centre of healing run from their home which continues to this day (1995).

CARLESS, Hazel Myrtle (I-5719)
675 He attended East Adelaide and Norwood High Schools where he displayed considerable sporting ability so came to play League Football for Norwood and District Cricket for East Adelaide. He had a menswear and sporting goods store at Norwood Parade in partnership with Bruce Schulz (also a Norwood footballer) and during the Depression was offered a move to Port Adelaide and a job with the Fire Brigade. Bob married Jean Drew after a long courtship and they purchased land in the sandhills on the foreshore at Largs Bay and built there at Lady Gowrie Drive. Bob had a distinguished sporting career, representing the state in both in cricket and football. He played 222 league football games. His business career included the Heinz Company, Manager for Cottees then General Manager of the Port Adelaide Football Club. He received an O.B.E. for services to sport. He suffered a stroke and died 3 years after aged 75 in 1989 at the Christies Beach Nursing Home. Interred Centennial Park MCLEAN, Allan Robert Charles (I-1490)
676 He attended Norwood High School, learnt Scottish dancing, played the saxophone and won several gold medals. He later played with a dance band. He worked as an electrician at Daniels, then learnt the butchery trade at the Adelaide Meat Stores. MCLEAN, Angas Allan (I-1472)
677 He deserted his wife and child and was never heard again. STARK, Edward Oswald Norman (I-668)
678 He died at his home, Third Avenue Joslin  WHITFIELD, James Gray (I-8419)
679 He died at home at 29 Dunks St, Parkside. MCLEAN, Hugh Milne (Hughie) (I-5561)
680 He died at home at 29 Dunks St, Parkside. MCLEAN, Hugh Milne (Hughie) (I-5561)
681 He died at home at Bagot Ave. Prior to his death, his daughter, Stella nursed him at Bagot Ave. MATTHEWS, George (I-1513)
682 He died in Magill Hospital. WAY, William Charles (Charlie) (I-8586)
683 He had been educated at Strathalbyn and as a young man travelled to New Zealand on a timber boat looking for work, then on to America and was at San Francisco on 19/4/1906 when the great earthquake struck. On his return to South Australia he joined the Minicipal Tramways Trust as a clerk. There was tension between his wife Addie and Sarah his mother, never explained as to the cause.

Addie died of cancer in 23/8/1929 and thereafter Robert (as he was called) and his boys lived a somewhat unsettled life in boarding houses in the St. Peters area, but he brought them up in a disciplined and religious manner. Robert was a quiet and gentlemanly figure, concerning whom his daughter-in-law said "that he was one of the 10 nicest men I ever knew"

He and the boys had identical beautiful copy book handwriting that could not be told apart. Later in life Robert lived with his sister Eva and son Bob, until he moved to a nursing home at Magill where he died on 3/3/1955 aged 74. 
MCLEAN, George Robert (I-1488)
684 He has 3 sons and 3 daughters (including Blanche) COOK, William (I-3136)
685 He might have changed his surname to Bates. LOVEGROVE, Laurence Lewis (I-2844)
686 He might have died 1953 or 1963 MOTT, Thomas Charles (I-6511)
687 He might have died in 1939 or 1979 - check this.
He died on his farm at Leeton. 
MATTHEWS, Jewell (I-9027)
688 He might have died in Penola which is about 50 kms from Mt Gambier. ASHBY, Bertram Vivien (Viv or Trimmer) (I-4705)
689 He returned to Moorna Station, N.S.W. for several years but attended school at Strathalbyn and worked at the Power House followed by his own business at Dawson St. Strathalbyn. He was a moving picture showman who showed films at country towns as well as at Strathalbyn & was often accompanied by his sister Tina. He was a well known identity of the town and surrounding districts. Just before his death (in 1955) he had been appointed to the Electricity Trust of SA.

Marriage: to «b»Dorothy Louise Pavy«/b» (b. at Milang on 7/3/1909).

Death: of Hughie on 26/1/1955 at Adelaide. interred at Stralhalbyn on the 28th

Obituary: in the "Southern Argus" dated 3/2/1955.

"Mr Hughie Keough died at Adelaide last Wednesday after a brief illness. He had undergone an operation at the Adelaide Hospital and was getting on well. but suffered a relapse from which he did not recover. He was born at Wentworth 58 years ago (error, he was born at Strathalbyn). He married Miss Pavy of Milang in 1926 and has followed his profession as an electrician. He leaves a widow & three daughters - Betty (Mrs Dean Hughes of Adelaide), Marlene & Christine."

KEOUGH, Hughie (I-5396)
690 He was 78 years old when he died in 2003 CRITCHLEY, John Vere (I-6267)
691 He was a diabetic and died of diptheria at the age of 9 years. BRADLEY, Peter Graham (I-1653)
692 He was a kindly, loved man. His various occupations were road building, baking, wheat lumper and labourer (until he was quite a good age). He worked at stacks and on ships lumping wheat and in latter years. he, with his nephew "Pud" were a good team. They were clever at dropping bags from the shoulder into the exact right position, without having to use a bag hook to straighten them. They used slides and elevators to build the stacks and to load railway trucks for transporting to ketches tied up at the jetty. They also went out on windjammers anchored at the light (deep water). Walking on bagged wheat all day was very leg tiring as well as hard and heavy on the shoulders.

Jack also worked at the Port Broughton Fibre Works around 1912. He and his family lived on a block to the east of his parents, with about 100 acres (land on both sides of the Pt Pirie road). In his old age he lived in Pt Broughton and worked at the Hotel where he was widely and effectionately known as "Linc". 
HORNBY, Albert John (Jack or Linc) (I-1876)
693 He was born a year after his parents migrated to South Australia.  INGLIS, Francis Turnbull (Frank) (I-13)
694 He was born at 'Meadowbank' in Strathalbyn while his father was at Kanaka Station. INGLIS, James Faulds Henderson (I-18)
695 He was born on the Central Coast in NSW. ALBECK, Ricky Clive (I-8629)
696 He was born Samuel HOW in England, but at the age of 33 he jumped ship at Port Adelaide from the "Ernestine" in 1867 and assumed his mother's maiden name of BEABER. He married Elizabeth WHITE, a passenger on the same ship and they had 4 daughters. Samuel in ill health wrote home to his brother in the U.K. in 1875 that he was living on 140 acres of scrub land at Balaklava, S.A.

Samuel died when the youngest girl was an infant and his widow Elizabeth, remarried Oswald POTTER, and had 2 Potter sons and a daughter. The Potter's farmed at Meadows, S.A. Elizabeth lived on to be 96, dying on 7/7/1934 and was buried at the Little Mitcham Cemetery. 
BEABER, Samuel (I-2292)
697 He was buried with his wife and one son (John Henry) just inside the main gate of the old Church of England Cemetery in Luck Street. FREEMAN, William (I-8976)
698 He was described in a letter of 1946 written by Edwin McLean of Angus Plains as a "dark young man" and referred to him as "Jack". The following information (plus some further research by E.M.S.) was supplied by his grand daughter - Mary Benton of Booborowie, S.A.

MARRIAGE: at St. John's Anglican Church, Adelaide, aged 22, to Susannah Mary Beaber (How) of Balaklava (b. 8/11/1867 at Willaston, S.A.) the eldest daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Beaber (How).

«b»Background of Susannah Mary«/b»: Her father was born Samuel How in England, but at the age of 33 he jumped ship at Port Adelaide from the "Ernestine" in 1867 and assumed his mother's maiden name of Beaber. He married Elizabeth White, a passenger on the same ship and they had 4 daughters. Samuel in ill health wrote home to his brother in the U.K. in 1875 that he was living on 140 acres of scrub land at Balaklava, S.A.

Samuel died when the youngest girl was an infant and his widow Elizabeth, remarried Oswald Potter, and had 2 Potter sons and a daughter. The Potters farmed at Meadows, S.A. Elizabeth lived on to be 96, dying on 7/7/1934 and was buried at the Little Mitcham Cemetery.

J.S.D. and Susannah Mary had an only son, Alen, born in 1892 and do not seem to have remained together very long as young Alen lived with his maternal grandmother, Mrs Potter, at Meadows Now comes the mystery that has so far failed to be untangled, as both Susannah Mary and J.S.D. remarried during the lifetime of each other. Divorce was difficult to obtain last century and quite rare yet there must have been one as Susannah Mary remarried at Holy Trinity rectory, nAdelaide in May 1903, Alfred Morrison, aged 23 or so some years her junior. There were 3 Morrison children, Harold, Cyril and Lionel, half-brothers to Alen McLean.

J.S.D. (Jack) also remarried on 10/12/1908 to Lily Cahill at the residence of Mrs Owen, Bind St. Norwood. They were both residing at Kapunda at the time of the wedding according to the marriage certificate.

Mary Benton of Booborowie S.A. has the marriage certi referred to in her possession.

DEATHS: "Advertiser" notice for J.S.D. McLean, paper of Tuesday 9/11/1926. On the 7th of Nov John Stuart McLean, late of Kapunda, beloved husband of Lily Stuart (note: the Stuart an error) aged 68 years. R.l Pf'. He was actually aged 61. There was a funeral notice saying he was privately interred in the old Catholic section of West Terrace Cemetery on the 8th. The knowledge that he had married a second time came from the records of Frank Sieberl, Funeral Director. These are held by the Genealogical Society now and a copy by his grand-daughter Mary Benton.

The occupation of J.S.D. was given as "drover", his most recent address as the Home For lncurables (now the Julia Farr Centre). He died at the Parkside mental hospital. Birth place - Strathalbyn. There were some details of the coffin. Cause of death "colitis", but there was also a Coroners order, so the death must have been sudden. The number of children: 1 male - 1 female but neither was named. The male was obviously Alen but the daughters name is not known unless it was Alice as the a/c was to be sent to "Miss Alice McLean" when his wife was named Lily. It also said he had "married at 50" but as his age was given incorrectly so may the 50 have been wrong.

DEATH: of the 2nd wife, from the "Advertised dated 10/8/1928:
"McLean, on 9th August at Glenelg, Lilian (Lily) wife of the late John Stuart McLean late of Kapunda and Freeling. R.l.P". She was also buried in the Catholic section at West Terrace.

The "Alice McLean" was care of Mr J. Neville, Railway Hotel, Freeling, when JSD died in 1926. Lily McLean, his wife, had been in partnership with a Thomas Neville from 1921 onwards as licencees of various hotels. The hotels, the "North Kapunda Arms" 1921 - 1923 - the "Black Lion", 19 Richmond Road, Hindmarsh (near Adelaide) - that was a few months of 1923 - Freeling Hotel 1924 - 1925 - also 1926 - 1927, and in each case with Thomas Neville, the "J" was yet another error.

DEATH: of Susannah Mary Morrison - formerly wife of J.S.D. McLean at Adelaide or 2/3/1939 and was buried at Little Mitcham Cemetery. She had lived at Meadows, Balaklava and the Adelaide suburb of Hawthom. In 1958 all three of her Morrison sons and their families were living in the Hawthorn and Mitcham areas. 
MCLEAN, John Stuart Duncan (I-2290)
699 He was educated at Kybybolite and at Ballaral College, Victoria 1943-1946 then farmed at "Battunga Park" Strathfieldsaye Victoria and Nellan properties as do two of his sons now in 1993. His account of his career includes that the farm has been predominately merino sheep and cereal growing and share farming on the Naracoone Plains. In 1976 he ventured into growing specialty wool and received a world record price of $4000 for a ram. Douglas has been a committee member of the Tukidale Sheep Society of Australia since 1983 and President for 3 years, (Section 526 of the original Alfred Bradley property, plus sections 614, 615-554, 555, 556). A well established stud has eventuated.

Further activities of Douglas Bradley: Secretary of the Kybybolite Football Club, Committee member, President. Cricket and Tennis Committees, School Committee Secretary. Kybybolite C.F.S. Secretary and committee for 43 years. President of the Naracoorte Fire Fighting Association for 3 years and executive for 14 years. Kybybolite Hall Secretary 12 years and committee member from 1948. Volunteer driver for St. John's Ambulance for Adelaide trips Local Cub Pack. Session Clerk. St. Andrew's Church, Naracoorte and Board of Management for 28 years. Elder 9 years. Committee member of the Kybybolite Agricultural Bureau and President for 2 years and has been guest speaker at the South East Agricultural Bureau conference. 
BRADLEY, Douglas Hamilton (I-1654)
700 He was listed in the 1841 census - so he died some time after this. MCLUCAIS (MCDOUGALL), Lachlan (I-8782)
701 He was listed in the 1841 census but died some time after that. BLACK, Lachlan (I-8775)
702 He was living in Merbein in 1949 when his mother died. MCLEAN, Allan John Ormiston (I-3227)
703 Helena and Andrew were friends from schooldays. MCINTOSH, Andrew Grant William (I-3002)
704 Helena and Andrew were friends from schooldays. GRANT, Helena (I-3003)
705 Hello everyone - I note that on page 288 in BRB a Ralph Darwin is stated as second spouse Bernice Chaplin I-3159. I do not believe this to be so.

I find in the vital records of BDM in genealogysa.org.au Bernice Doreen Chaplin I-3159 is still stated as the wife of her original husband (a Mr D?Arcy Claude HANCOCK at the time of his death.)

To that end I have not deleted him entirely unless there is an agreeable reason for doing so-until then I have left it for others to decide.

However I have unlinked him, since there are no children to the proposed (page 288 BRB) marriage nor in genealogy.org.au and his life is inexplicably attached to another, with no evidence of him marrying a second time, his passing too is recorded with his (seemingly) one and only wife.

Please action to delete the RALPH DARWIN or advise otherwise. I have added a note on his profile of this email and date.

Await your advice or completed action.


lj2333@hotmil.com EMAIL SENT 25.12.2018 WITH SUBJECT LINE WEBSITE: RALPH DARWIN i-31361 AND family (F-1031)
DARWIN, Ralph (I-3161)
706 Her birth date was either the 9th or the 19th of May 1906. RAGGATT, Agnes Mary (I-7216)
707 Her birth was registered as Rabinia but this was often spelled about 6 different ways. At her marriage it was Robena. At the registration of the birth of her daughter Jeannie, the mother's name was spelled Rheubina. At the birth of her daughters Christine and Grace, the mother's name is spelled Reubina. At the birth of her son Donald, the mother's name was given as Rubena. At Charlie's birth it was Rubina. And with Walter, it was Robina. At Amy's birth it was Robina. And at the birth of George Ross, the mother's name was given as Robena. At her death, her name was spelled Robena.  LESLIE, Robena (I-7793)
708 Her family have her ashes. HUGHES, Gladys May (I-2651)
709 Her father was Thomas Gravestock and she married to a Mr Pearson prior to marrying James McLean. PEARSON, NEE GRAVESTOCK, Mary Ann (Marion) (I-1241)
710 Her name is spelled 'Christeance' in codicil to Donald's will (codicil F on 10th Oct 1855).
The OPR of daughter Anne (born 1820) has the mother as Catherine but we are certain (because the father is Donald MacLean) this is Christina.  
MCPHEE, Christina b1787 (I-2)
711 Her name is spelled Beril on her birth certificate. WARNER, Beryl Salome (I-2989)
712 Her name might be either Mary or May because the BRB (p226) has both names. We should find a birth certificate to check for her correct name. HUGHES, May Stodart (I-2627)
713 Her name might have been spelt Dianna. LOVEGROVE OR BATES, Diana (I-2847)
714 Her OPR has her name as Jeane. MCLEAN, Jane (I-5281)
715 Her OPR seems to record her birth as 6th, but this is difficult to read. Her baptism on 13th Feb 1825 is clear. MCLEAN, Rachel (I-5275)
716 her parent's residence at Belvidere SA Family F-1628
717 Her surname might be Schinckel SCHINCKEL, Eily Magdalene Caroline (I-1645)
718 Her surname might have been Barrien, but this is a guess. UNKNOWN, Matilda (I-9025)
719 Her «b»OBITUARY«/b» in the local paper: "Early on Thursday morning there passed away at Dowerin Hospital, Mrs Janet McCredie Henning. Born at Mt Templeton near Balaklava_ S.A. in 1876, the late Mrs Henning, then Miss Haldane, left her home in 1895, Kalgoorlie. to be married to Mr F. H. Henning, now of Koomberkine. Mrs. Henning has long been a resident of our district where she has won the respect and esteem of a wide circle of friends. She is survived by Mr Henning and a practically grown up family of seven sons and three daughters. To the family and her friends the deepest sympathy is extended. The funeral which took place yesterday was very largely attended." HALDANE, Janet McCredie (I-787)
720 Hine possibly spelt Hyne HINE, Jill (I-3831)
721 His birth certificate records his name as Jamie rather than James. PATERSON, James Edward (I-7922)
722 His daughter's marriage certificate names William as her father. REID, William (I-8974)
723 His first name is sometimes spelt Lauchlan. BLACK, Lachlan (I-8775)
724 His middle name appears on first glance to read'Page'. This has been recorded until in Nov 2018 the actual OPR CLEARLY reads Oag'-attached-as per the OPR of his marriage found by Researcher Lorna McLean Nov 2018. Oag meaning to imply 'the younger' but not necessarily evidence of the father being the reference to the elder as it may have been his grandparents name or middle name using patronymics. Uncertain but many people on FB Group pages also offer this explanation. "Oag=younger" MCPHEE, John Oag-meaning younger (I-7948)
725 His name is sometimes spelt as Garry. RASMUSSEN, Gary David (I-5000)
726 His name is spelled Harrold on his birth certificate according to genealogysa CLARKE, Harrold Osmond (I-5350)
727 His name is spelled Harrold on ww1sa.gravessecret.net CLARKE, Harrold Osmond (I-5350)
728 His name might be spelt Alan. MCLEAN, Allan Christopher Lancelot Duncan (I-2583)
729 His name might have been Steven of Stephen (ref: BRB p98)  LANDER, Richard Livett (I-7851)
730 His name was spelt 'Lauchlan' (actually Laun) on his son's OPR birth record. BLACK, Lachlan (I-8803)
731 His name was written as 'Hugh M' on this birth record. Susan Nicholls looked through records of deaths and marriages of anyone called 'Hugh M McLean' but could not confirm whether it was the correct one. Fortunately on Hugh Milne's marriage details they included the father Robert Tannehill, hence Susan knew the 'M' stands for Milne. This of course meant it was more possible to trace his whereabouts and his children.  MCLEAN, Hugh Milne (Hughie) (I-5561)
732 His sister, Dora, thought that Ron was born at home in Tarragon Street. Note by Don Gordon on 8th May 2018. MCLEAN, Ronald Sinclair Allen (I-1539)
733 Historical document flaw; The priest didnt remember to sign the wedding certificate, then to ensure accuracy they married in a courthouse and it to was not signed. In the end the Clerk of Courts authorised the marriage. But in fact the clerk of courts at the time was Pats father!! Hence ending up having two marriage certificates.
Family F-1888
734 HISTORY: James Stanley Keough was born 25/4/1853. His father, James Keough senior was well known as a first class "whip" and drove the first coach from Adelaide to the south-east of the State and the passengers presented him with a silver mounted whip to mark the occasion. James senior also was the driver of coaches between Adelaide & Strathalbyn. He died early, aged 47 in 1873 and his widow appears in Directories as having a dairy at Strathalbyn for several years and was noted for her cheeses. Their son James Stanley who married Christina McPhee McLean was a stockman and cook at camps and on Murray River paddle steamers. Of the six children born to this marriage four were at Strathalbyn and two were at Wentworth, N.S.W.

FURTHER NOTES of James Stanley Keough & Christina:

James was a cook at Moorna Station on the Anabranch near Wentworth, NSW. Christina travelled back to S.A. (and to Strathalbyn for the births of some of her children) by river boat, hence those registered in S.A. There were 6 in total.

MCLEAN, Christina McFee (I-5344)
735 HISTORY: Some reminiscences of John, of his arrival at Strathalbyn were published in the "Southem Argus" of 17/5/1906 (writing in response to suggestions for a large weir on the River Angas):-

"I wish to state my impressions of 57 years since I left Adelaide in a rickety spring cart for Strathalbyn. I arrived at the top of the hill this side of Rankine's Creek (later Doctors Creek after Dr John Rankine). I was struck by the magnificence of the view of the plains, lakes and belts of timber and scrub that I saw before me, and thought it a veritable "Land of Goshen". On I came, timber before me, timber to right and left of me, until I arrived at about where High Street is now where on the right was a thatched hut, and in front an unpretentious stone building that I found out afterwards was the Scotch Kirk ("church"). We drove down the Peninsular and crossed a dry bed of the Angas as it is now called, to the store and Post Office kept in a room about 6 by 8 feet, the Postmaster living in a room adjoining of smaller dimensions still, built of wattle and daub with a paling roof, in fact with the exception of the Kirk and the Hotel (later to be the "Terminus" and built by Donald Gollan, but the first "hotel" on the site consisted of a thatched roof resting on 4 poles with a tarpaulin drawn around) there was not a stone building in the township.

We went from the store to the hotel, the host of which sent a blackfellow with me to my destination, a two storeyed building, a glimpse of which I had caught sight of before entering the township, (Note by E.M.S.: This was "Glenbarr" built by William Rankine 1842, but at the time the upper story had attic rooms and only c1874 became the present two storeys of today). I do not intend to write the story of my life but one little episode is I think, worth recording.

There was a service held at the Kirk on Sabbath days. but not every Sabbath if I remember rightly. I dressed myself in my best and went to church; it was a surprise to myself and to those in attendance, and I can assure you I was looked at more than the minister. All wondered who l could possibly be; some said one thing, some another, but they all agreed I was "a perfect gentleman".

A title I trust I have not forfeited during my residence among you. My surprise was that I expected to see a lot of well dressed men and women at the service but instead the men wore moleskin trousers and blue shirts with cabbage tree hats, not all, but the greater proportion; the women wore print dresses and sun bonnets, or bonnets of a similar shape. This fact however, did not detract or hide their blooming faces from sight as do the monstrous abortions of the present day (1906).

I forgot to mention my dress - it was a blue frock coat, satin waist-coat, blue cloth trousers, silk tie, white shirt and bell topper hat. It was the first and last time I went to church dressed so elaborateIy". (Although two publications give his age on arrival as 18, his obituary says 20).

An article from "Descriptive Australian and Federal Guide" of 1890 in telling John Cheriton's story gives that soon after his arrival he resumed his former occupation as farmer, at Strathalbyn, where he was employed at ten shillings ($1) per week, and his highest wage being one pound ($2). There is no indication as to where he and Jane lived after their 1849 marriage. In 1851 he left her with a baby daughter and went by water (boat) to the Victorian goldfields according to the article and was absent for 3 months, but went again and in all spent 9 months at the diggings and did well the 2nd time. His name is listed with those who consigned their gold to the mounted trooper escorted wagon from Mt Alexander and Castlemaine under Police Commissioner Alexander Tolmer in March 1852.
By the time of John's return:land for sale was available at Belvidere and Angas Plains and his first purchase was 142 acres at 4 pounds 10 shillings per acre ($9). He increased his land to 2500 acres on the left side of the Milang Road going from Strathalbyn, halfway between Belvidere and Angas Plains. He was a member of the first Bremer District Council of October 1854 and was Chairman for many years. By this time there were 69 gazetted owners in the area. He and Jane built their house on Section 2762 and 4 generations farmed John's selection between 1853 and 1938. The house was at first "Field View Cottage" then became "Field View Lodge".
June 1855: He put to the Bremer Council a memorial that Section 2760 Angas Plains be reserved for a school, church and cemetery.
March 5th 1856: he won first prize for fruit at the agricultural show held at Strathalbyn. (The Rankine Diary).
Oct. 27, 1857: (also the diary) Matthew Rankine, canvassing the district for donations towards the enlarging of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Strathalbyn wrote that John Cheriton was offended by being asked. (Matthew could not have taken into account that John was Anglican).
Aug. 2, 1858: Matthew and John amicably together had full charge of the district ploughing matches.
1861 Lake Plains School was built on the bank of the Bremer on a half acre given by John Cheriton (and opened 1864) for the benefit of the children of that area. (The Angas Plains School land was given by Archie McLean and John Cheriton was one of the first three Trustees with his brother-in-law John McLean).
In 1861 M. Rankine complained that his neighbour, Cheriton, allowed his cattle to break into the Rankine wheat.
10/3/1865 - John went canvassing for the election on behalf of John Dunn and James Rankine. He was taking an interest in public affairs and was appointed a Justice of the Peace that year. In the November at the Milang school annual examinations for the S.A. Council of Education. John Cheriton together with the Rev. C. D. Watt was an examiner, showing that he had been well educated at Exeter, Devonshire.
He was an enthusiastic supporter of the horse tram which opened from Goolwa in 1856 to Port Elliot then in 1869 was begun from Strathalbyn with a grand opening on April 23rd by the then Governor Sir James Fergusson who drove a dray with four grays up from Adelaide. Speeches were made at the "Terminus" Hotel at Strathalbyn followed by 200 persons riding in the tram trucks to Pt Elliot and Victor Harbor and no doubt the Cheritons were foremost on this gala occasion.
1867 John had been appointed an executor of the Will of his mother-in-law Christina McLean with Strathalbyn solicitor James Bonnar (she died 1869). In that year (1869) he was elected to Parliament and represented Mt Barker District until 1872 in the House of Assembly being elected 3 times. His chief object was to obtain a reform to enable farmers and others to purchase land directly from the Government. In this he was successful. He advocated Protection only to Colonial produce and industry. He disapproved of Boards and considered that land should be classified and left open for purchase.
At public meetings, dinners and banquets John seemed invariably to be Chairman and his name in this capacity appeared many times in the "Southern Argus". In this newspaper on 13/8/1874 he thanked the residents of the district for their support for his sale. He had become the town auctioneer and for a time farmed also. He was soon prominent as auctioneer at clearing sales at Belvidere, Angas Plains and Strathalbyn with many advertisements in the "Southern Argus". He apparently left the farm at Belvidere to his only son, another John, when the latter married as soon after he built on Lot 18 at the corner of Murray and Chapel Streets, Strathalbyn and continued this business on into the new century.
On 1/12/1881 Cheriton was chairman of the committee to arrange a banquet to be held on the 20th at the Institute Hall in honour of the passing of the railway Bill. He had been an enthusiastic supporter of the proposal to extend the railway from Adelaide from Mt Barker on to Strathalbyn. He also took the Chair at the banquet (gentlemen only of course). The menu consisted of oyster and mock turtle soup - lamb, turkey pigeon pie, sucking pig, roast chicken, York ham, goose, ox tongue, duckling, roast beef, saddle of mutton, with dressed salad. The sweet courses were - tri wine jelly, strawberry cream, meringues, lemon sponges, French pastries, rhubarb and gooseberry tart, cherries, walnuts, preserved fruits and olives followed by coffee. The wine list included - hock, sherry, champagne, claret, port, Foster's Ale, Guinness Porter, brandy, whisky, and aerated waters. If they did not all suffer bilious attacks next day it was not for a want of trying"!

DEATH: of Jane Cheriton (nee McLean). At her residence Murray Street, Strathalbyn on 10/10/1886 aged 56 years.
OBITUARY: in the "Southern Argus"The late Mrs Cheriton. lt is with very deep regret that we have to announce the death of our highly esteemed townswoman, wife of Mr John Cheriton, J.P. at the comparatively early age of 56. Mrs Cheriton was a very early colonist having arrived in the "Navarino" in 1837 with her father, Mr Donald McLean and his family, she being the youngest daughter. Mr McLean with the late Mr William Rankine who took up the Strathalbyn survey and came to reside here about 1842 (error - 1841) - since which time Mrs Cheriton has lived here, her marriage to Mr Cheriton having taken place some 7 years later in November 1849. The deceased lady was not only the oldest resident here but one of the oldest colonists, one of the fast thinning ranks of those who came prior to 1840. She was always of a quiet and retiring nature but made many friends. and what plenty are unable to do, kept them until her death. She leaves behind her a mourning husband, a son and a daughter besides 6 grandchildren and 4 brothers and 4 sisters. The cause of death was cancer, a disease she had suffered from for several years and for which she underwent a very severe operation about two years ago, obtaining only temporary relief. She died at sunset on Sunday and the funeral took place on the following day when a very large procession of moumers followed her remains to their last earthly resting place, her death being a source of grief to a large circle of friends and relatives. We need scarcely say that deep sympathy is felt for the bereaved ones."
As the house was (and still is) on the corner of Murray and Chapel Streets Strathalbyn SA it is referred to by both. Such as (from Nancy Gemmell's book): In Chapel Street John Cheriton built a house, on leaving the farm at Belvidere, and canted on business as an actioneer. Next to him lived H Bonnar. He continued as Chairman at many functions such as at the farewell banquet in 1890 when the Postmaster left. In the "Southern Argus" dated 20/6/1901 (when John was aged 72 it was announced that he was retiring from auctioneering).
16/8/1906: FOR SALE, at Strathalbyn corner of Murray and Chapel Streets, a most desirable residence, well built stone house, galvanised iron roof, contains ten rooms with cedar gas laid on, large verandah, underground and galvanised iron tanks, stabling for 8 horses, men's and chaff rooms, coach house and other outbuildings, garden with fruit trees and vines. - J. Cheriton.
The next owner was C. D. McFarlane (junior) and after that the Scott family. Where John lived next is not known to E.M.S. Both John and Matthew Rankine died in 1917 and in the "Southern Argus" Jottings column by J.W.E. he wrote 1- "Mr Rankine and Mr Cheriton took a keen interest in this column and many times the former supplied me with information on subjects l wished to write about which happened before the publication of this paper, and as sometimes he was not fully aquainted with the particular matter for he lived away from the town for some years, he would occasionally be a little out in his facts, in which case my other living encyclopedia Mr Cheriton would chuckle and tell him that his memory was failing him. Sometimes vice-versa it would be Mr Cheriton who had given me a slightly incorrect version of a happening, and then it would be Mr Rankine's turn
to laugh. "Silly old man, tell him it must be his memory that wants refreshing."

DEATH: Obituary:"Southern Argus". Mr John Cheriton who died in the Strathlabyn Private Hospital on Wednesday June 20th 1917 was aged 88 years. He was a Colonist of 68 years having arrived in $.A. at the age of 20. He followed farming at Belvidere for many years and for a term represented the old Mt Barker District in the House of Assembly. He first took up land at Belvidere in 1851 and later went to the Victorian goldfields. On his return he farmed and did auctioneering work. He was well known in the selling ring in Strathalbyn and many clearing sales were left in his hands. He left one son Mr John Chenton junior, who is still farming at the old property at Belvidere. For the latter part of his life Mr Cheriton lived in his house on Lot 18 Chapel St."

John was buried with Jane at the Strathalbyn Cemetery (and also a daughter). There is a pink marble cross above the grave. The inscriptions don't agree with burial records or newspaper notices. Jane's death is given as 14/10/1886 instead of the 10th, John's age as 90 when it was 88 and the year of daughter Susannah'$ death as 1903 when it was 1905. 
MCLEAN, Jane (I-5281)
736 HMS 'Hercules'. MCBAIN, Ann (I-5331)
737 Honor Victoria McLean. born 23/1/1909 at Narrabeen NSW.

Married 3 times.

1st marriage: to John Cusack - divorced.

1. also John Cusack b. 1/11/1934 was of Cono, Eurongilly, via Junee N.S.W.
He died aged 42 years on 5/10/1977 leaving a widow, Celsa, and 6 children:
(1) John b. 3/2/1961.
(2) Julia b. 17/4/1962.
(3) Susan b. 26/10/1963.
(4) Richard b. 23/12/1965.
(5) Helen b. 24/2/1970.
(6) Kathrine b. 13/11/1974.

2nd marriage: of Honor to Anthony Gleeson - divorced.

CHILD: a son Michael Anthony.

3rd marriage: to John Clare about 1962 who left her a month later

She died 20/10/1962 aged 53 years. 
MCLEAN, Honor Victoria (I-2611)
738 Horsham Hospital MATTHEWS, John (I-9055)
739 Hugh himself wrote in his own Gaelic bible - "I, Hugh McLean, was born on February 20, 1814". However, it appears he was baptized on January 10, 1814. At least one of these dates is not correct - so it needs to be checked out. Indeed, we need to check on the birth dates of Mary (1813) and Ewen (1814) because their births are too close if they have the same mother. Maybe some confusion arises if baptisms are arranged many months after the actual birth.  MCLEAN, Ewen (Hugh the elder) (I-4)
740 I have the details of said 12 siblings. Source:SA 1836-1885 Encyclopaedia of SA Book 2 M-Z. page785 First child, James Stephen17.12.1882, Minnie Noble5.3.1884, Elsie12.11.1885, Forence Edith2.10.1887, Rebecca19.4.1889, Ethal27.9.1890, Phoebe20.3.?1893?, Richard Allen4.9.1895, Albert Victor2.6.1897, Maggie Elizabeth Maple15.10.1901, Charles Robert16.3.1907, Violet Ellena18.1.1903 SMITH, Charles Robert Taylor (I-7931)
741 Ian, like his father played district and state cricket for South Australia. He was also coach of Denmark National cricket team in 1993 and had previously coached the Scottish County League. He is Development Officer at St. Peters College. MCLEAN, Ian Robert (I-1496)
742 If descendants have details of "Catholic Church unknown" SA use homepage contact envelope Family F-1281
743 If in the records area correcting FLORA FINNIS RAGGATT, please ensure you correct the spelling of FINNNIS TO FINNIS ljm RAGGATT, Flora Finnnis (I-7149)
744 In 1993, E L Warland at Leabrook, SA SUMMERS, John Thomas (I-4090)
745 In a nursing home in North Perth WA
Buried in Pinnaroo Valley Memoria Park Application number PB97 Location ACACIA CRT Plot 2927 WA 
JOHNSTON, Margaret Olive (I-5716)
746 In Brisbane LEE, Susan Hamlyn (I-2375)
747 In Gwen Millhouse biography written in the original BRB it states Gwens birth at 30 Jan 1917 and repeats that date for her marriage to Doug Ashby. However there is evidence attached to her profile stating she was still being educated in 1939. But no findable entry of a wedding. Source Lorna McLean 28.11.2017 Family F-1486
748 In Gwen Millhouse biography written in the original BRB it states Gwens birth at 30 Jan 1917 and repeats that date for her marriage to Doug Ashby. However there is evidence attached to her profile stating she was still being educated in 1939. But no findable entry of a wedding. Source Lorna McLean 28.11.2017 MILLHOUSE, Gwen (I-4543)
749 In Palliative Care in Flinder Medical Centre. Adelaide SA  STOYEL, Stephen Ernest (I-8650)
750 In RYERSON INDEX WEBSITE a location of transcribed newspapers: DEATH WILLIAMSON George Thomas,Father's WILLIAMSON Francis, Mother: Grace nee Raggett RegNo 1985 RegNo11658 WILLIAMSON, Thomas George (I-7185)
751 In the 1841 census, Barbara's age was given as 23 years old - this would indicate that she was born about 1818 but ages given on census forms are often approximations. WILKIE, Barbara (I-8399)
752 In the 1993 telephone book, LH and OT Mayfield are listed at Cakebread Rd, Victor Harbor. WARLAND, Lorna Heyward (I-4085)
753 In the OPR of Donald's birth, the spelling of Rachel's surname is not clear - it could be either Rankin or Ranken.
The clan sometimes spell their name Rankine.  
RANKIN, Rachel b.1744 (I-7997)
754 In the OPR, it is difficult to read the date of the marriage - Scotland's People have transcribed it as 28th Feb 1786. Maybe it is 1st March or 31st March. The important thing is that the year is definitely 1786.
(This note was by Don Gordon on 26th Feb 2019.) 
Family F-2559
755 In WA in later life. MCLEAN, Harriet Louisa (I-3657)
756 INFORMATION SOURCED; Dorothy Forsyth on 23.11.16 in interview with Researcher Lorna McLean.  UNKNOWN, Kerry (I-8162)
757 Inhaling carbonic acid fumes while trying to eradicate fleas in the house. MCLEAN, Alfred John (I-3833)
758 Initially buried corner of Main Road and Banana Plantation West Road. Map ref: Saida. 1/500000, 11581797 (ref: 44A126).
Subsequently buried Beyrouth British War Cemetery - grave No. B.F.9. (ref: 46/A13).
Note: Saida is in Lebanon. Beyrouth is Beirut in Lebanon - 45 kms north of Saida. There is a Bayeux British War Cemetery in France - This sounds very similar to Beyrouth British War Cemetery but maybe the similarity is just coincidental. 
PRICE, John Howell McLean (Jack) (I-4154)
759 Initially only initial of H J and search on familysearch offers full name and year of birth and death-altered. Researcher Lorna McLean 28 Feb 2019 YELLAND, Herbert John (I-5071)
760 Interview with Dorothy Forsyth on 23.11.16 said she was not sure of first name, either Edwin or Edward saying everyone called him TED. Not altered, more Evidence required. Researcher Lorna Mclean WELLMAN, Edric George (I-6917)
761 Intitially interred at Milang on 3rd December 1884. But on 22 March 1922, Donald had her disinerred and reburied at Strathalbyn. SMITH, Mary Frances (I-3221)
762 Inveresk Musselburgh Scotland - according to WikiTree INGLIS, James (I-14)
763 Irene married Leonard March at the Payneham Presbyterian Church. Leonard was a friend of her brother Angus.

They farmed at Snowtown, S.A. a difficult life for a girl used only to the city.

The Depression forced them back to Adelaide in 1933 and where they remained until Len died in 1979.

lrene was gifted in all handcrafts and religion played a strong part in her life - choir involvement and Sunday School teaching. She followed her mother's interest in the Berean Bible Society for over 50 years.
Death«/b»: Irene entered the Elgar Private Nursing Home, Box Hill, Victoria in 1985 following a stroke and died on 18/8/1990 aged 88. 
MCLEAN, Irene (I-1436)
764 Isabel Bundey Rankine, b. 7/3/1914 at Hindmarsh island, S.A.
Married Twice in Africa.
No children.
1st marriage: to Hugh Frazer. Divorced (he remarried and had family).
2nd marriage: to John T. A. Pearce, British District Commissioner at Kenya, Tanganyika and Somaliland, Africa. He retired to Papua New Guinea where he was Director of the then new University at Lae and they retired to Buderim, Queensland.
Death: of Isabel Pearce on 1/3/1983 of Alzheimer's disease aged 68 years. John later
remarried at Buderim. 
RANKINE, Isabel Bundey (I-4189)
765 Isabella was born about 1800, somewhere in Argyllshire -
perhaps in Mull. [research: Search OPRs]
MCLUCAIS (MCDOUGALL), Isabella (I-8776)
766 It is interesting that Ann, Robina's mother, decided to name her first daughter with the same unusual name as her niece (the daughter of Christine & Donald Leslie) who was about 9 years old at that time. Little did Ann know that within 4 years, she would have two Robina's in her household.  JEFFREYS, Robena Ann (I-7819)
767 It is not a certainty that William (by his granddaughter Joan Natalie nee Smith/McLean memories) or various doucements that this was a hypennated surname or in fact TAYLOR was a middle name. Living memories of two granddaugthers state it was always TAYLOR-SMITH at sometime before their mother marrying with a hyphen. Documents vary. My mothers father stated he "dropped" they hyphenated surname [so it seems it did exist?] before he married. Source Lorna McLean from her mother Joan Natalie Smith [note not TAYLOR-SMITH]2017. TAYLOR-SMITH, William Taylor (I-8261)
768 It is not certain that Jane was born on 24th Feb 1802, nor that her parents were William Hamilton and Janet Lockhart - nor that this was in Hamilton (Lanarkshire). This needs to be corroborated or explored further.
Also a few other births have been suggested by other sources (MyHeritage etc) - with a birth year of 1804 - but it is unlikely that she would have been as young as 12 years old when she married James Dawson in 1816:-
* 23rd May 1804 in Stonehouse - parents were William Hamilton & Janet Pollock.
* 18th April 1804 in Falkirk - parents John Hamilton & Margaret Potter.
This note by Don Gordon on 22nd April 2019.

HAMILTON, Jane (Jean) (I-785)
769 It is not certain who (Dorothy HELMAN or Isobel KITCHEN) is the mother of George BORRETT's children :- Annette, Vivienne, Yvonne and Robert.

Robert married Victoria ROBINSON, they divorced and he later married someone else whose name is not known. 
BORRETT, Robert (I-5177)
770 It is not certain who (Dorothy HELMAN or Isobel KITCHEN) is the mother of George BORRETT's children :- Annette, Vivienne, Yvonne and Robert. BORRETT, George Reginald (I-5171)
771 It is not certain who (Dorothy HELMAN or Isobel KITCHEN) is the mother of George BORRETT's children :- Annette, Vivienne, Yvonne and Robert. KITCHEN, Isobel (I-5172)
772 It is not certain who (Dorothy HELMAN or Isobel KITCHEN) is the mother of George BORRETT's children :- Annette, Vivienne, Yvonne and Robert. HELMAN, Dorothy (I-5173)
773 It is not certain who (Dorothy HELMAN or Isobel KITCHEN) is the mother of George BORRETT's children :- Annette, Vivienne, Yvonne and Robert. BORRETT, Annette (I-5174)
774 It is not certain who (Dorothy HELMAN or Isobel KITCHEN) is the mother of George BORRETT's children :- Annette, Vivienne, Yvonne and Robert. BORRETT, Vivienne (I-5175)
775 It is not certain who (Dorothy HELMAN or Isobel KITCHEN) is the mother of George BORRETT's children :- Annette, Vivienne, Yvonne and Robert. BORRETT, Yvonne (I-5176)
776 It is not certain who (Dorothy HELMAN or Isobel KITCHEN) is the mother of George BORRETT's children :- Annette, Vivienne, Yvonne and Robert. BORRETT, Annette (I-5179)
777 It is not certain who (Dorothy HELMAN or Isobel KITCHEN) is the mother of George BORRETT's children :- Annette, Vivienne, Yvonne and Robert. BORRETT, Vivienne (I-5180)
778 It is not certain who (Dorothy HELMAN or Isobel KITCHEN) is the mother of George BORRETT's children :- Annette, Vivienne, Yvonne and Robert. BORRETT, Yvonne (I-5181)
779 It is not known whether or not this McLean is related to others in the family tree of Donald and Christina McLean. MCLEAN, Unknown (I-7342)
780 It is not known whether she is one of 'our' McLeans. MCLEAN, Margaret (I-5334)
781 It is thought that this Mary may have died early because: (A) There is a younger sister with the same name, born in 1818, (B) Early death is indirectly indicated by the quick baptism so soon after she was born, (C) She is not mentioned on the passenger list when her family migrated 24 years later. MCLEAN, Mary b.1813 (I-7950)
782 Ivan Matthew Johnston born 5/4/1909 at Gwalia, W.A.

Occupation: Truckdriver.

Residences: Scadden & Collie, W.A. _

Death: on 4/2/1936 at Collie aged 26 years (from a ruptured appendix). interred at the Collie Cemetery.

Marriage: to «b»Ada Douglas«/b» who died in 1989. No details provided. _

History: He had worked on his brother Gordon's farm nearthe town of Scadden, W.A. until the Depression when the farm was lost in the 1930s. Ivan then moved on to Collie where Gordon was to be sent by his after the war, and it was at Collie that he died young. There had been 4 children of the marriage - Arthur, Dorothy, and twins Douglas & Bruce. 
JOHNSTON, Ivan Matthew (I-5769)
783 Jack joined the RAAF and went to New Guinea and the Soloman Islands where he was wounded by a sniper. When he arrived home from war he was in Heidelberg Repat. Hospital to recover from malaria. He served for four years in the 24th Infantry Battalion AIF, VX 144092. DUPUY, Phillip Jack (I-3687)
784 Jade's surname at his birth was LECOUTEUR but he was later known as Jade McLEAN after his mother married Lachlan McLEAN. LECOUTEUR, Jade Allan (I-3853)
785 James Darren Siddons, b. 25/4/1964, Robinvale, Vic.
Sporting History:
Australian Cricket Team Tour of Pakistan 1988
Victorian Shef Shield Team 1984 to 1991
Winning Victorian Shef Shield Team 1990-91 (scored 100 not out)
Captain/coach S. A. Sheffield Shield Cricket Team 1991 to 1994/95
Winner Shef Shield Cricketer of the Year 1992/1993
Victorian U19 Cricket Team 1983 and 1984
Vic and Australian Under 16 Cricket Team 1980
Sunraysia Football League Best and Fairest Award, 1983
Sydney Swans Australian Rules AFL Player 1984.
Married: Detha Rose Noter, b. 9/12/1965, at Robinvale, Vic.
Address: C/- South Australian Cricket Association, Adelaide Oval, Adelaide, S.A. 5000. 
SIDDONS, James (Jamie) Darren (I-3565)
786 Jane aged 7 years when (1830-1886) the family left Scotland to arrive in SA by the "Navarino" on 6/12/1837. She is shown in the S.A. Census of 1841 as aged "under 14" and residing with her parents at Strathalbyn SA.

MARRIAGE: (possibly at Holy Trinity, Adelaide as her husband was English) to John Cheriton (b.1829 at Exeter Devonshire UK). John arrived in S.A. in 1848 by the ship "Spartan" when he was aged 19, so he and Jane were both very young when they married the following year. 
Family F-1718
787 Jane appears to have returned to Strathalbyn for the births of her older children while her husband, Frank remained working at Kanyaka Station from where he moved to Wilson near Hawker, SA and finally to Tarcowie. MCLEAN, Jane Hamilton (I-12)
788 Janet Mary McDonald Aldam bom 9/6/1929, at Kings Park, S.A. (near Adelaide).
Married: Roger Richard Martin (b. 7/9/1929 at West Croydon, S.A.), clerk - farmer - he was also an only child. Marriage at the Church of the Epiphany, Craters, $.A. He farmed the Clyde Aldam properties at Middleton and Currency Creek, S.A. then his own "Glenroystan", Beachport, S.A.
Children ..... 
MARTIN, Roger Richard (I-3922)
789 Janet's mother was Jane Barbour, and father William Elliot Turnbull, FHM FILM NUMBER 6035516 TURNBULL, Janet Barbour (I-15)
790 Janine and Ian have a small property at Clarendon. MCLEAN, Janine Louise (I-1492)
791 Janine, Ian and Sue have all worked for the Ansett Airlines. MCLEAN, Janine Louise (I-1492)
792 Janine, Ian and Sue have all worked for the Ansett Airlines. MCLEAN, Ian Robert (I-1496)
793 Janine, Ian and Sue have all worked for the Ansett Airlines. MCLEAN, Sue Elizabeth (I-1500)
794 Jay was apparently legally adopted by Leanora before Leanora married Dudley. AGPASA, Jay (I-3308)
795 Jean is recorded as being 82 years old when she died in 1935. STEWART, Mary Elizabeth (I-8420)
796 Jean Viola Warland b. 22/9/1903, Victor Harbor.

She died unmarried aged 23 years on 28/7/1927 also of appendicitis at Victor Harbor where she too was buried, like her brother. 
WARLAND, Jean Viola (I-4084)
797 JEFF JEFFREYS McLEAN born 9/8/1869 - registered and recorded in his father's Gaelic Bible.

Born at Meningie - the youngest of the 10 children of Hugh the Elder.

DEATH: of measles at Royal Adelaide Hospital. aged 13 years on 10/10/1882. interred at West Terrace Cemetery.
This completes the Hugh the Elder Section. 
MCLEAN, Jeff Jeffreys (I-2972)
798 Jenny's interests include being a past member of the Nursing Mother's Association of Australia, past secretary of Strathalbyn Friends of the Library, past secretary of the Strathalbyn Kindergarten Committee and a committee member of the Strathalbyn Primary School Council. She is also a member of the Children's Services Network - Strathalbyn and is a SERVAS Australia and International Host.
(1) Georgina Annie Olivia McLean b. 29/12/1984 at Strathalbyn.
(2) Bamaby Donald Mitchell McLean b. 3/2/1986 at Strathalbyn.
(3) Thomas John Angas McLean b. 12/9/1987 at Strathalbyn. 
MITCHELL, Jennifer (I-3864)
799 Jervois is a town in SA on the 'right bank' of the lower Murray River. At the 2006 census, Jervois and the surrounding area had a population of 283. SMITH, John (I-2743)
800 Joachim Heinrich Hoklas FIRST MARRIAGE at 33yoa married ANNA (HELEN) MAGDALENE ELISABETH SCHMAAL aged 25yoa on 24.12.1850 at Klemzig, SA with 6 known children. Born between 31/8/1851 - 21/5/1862 at Adelaide, Nuriootpa and New Mecklenburg SA, Anna Magdalene Elizabeth Schmaalb. 16/2/18525 Wiebendorf, Mecklenburg. Germany d.1/8/1864 aged 39 yoa at New Mecklenburg SA and buried at Schoenborn SA Family F-2788
801 Johann Georg Heinrich Hoklas MARRIED Christiane Lydia Christine MINGE having 9 children.

MyHeritage Family Trees
Bailey (our family3 in Bailey Web Site, managed by Geoff Bailey
Birth: Aug 31 1853 - Adelaide, South Australia.
Death: Aug 31 1911 - New Mecklenburg, South Australia.
Parents: Joachim Heinrich Hoklas, Anna Magdalene Elisabeth Hoklas (born Schmaal)
Wife: Christiane Lydia Christine Hoklas (born Minge)
Children: Johann Heinrich Hoklas, Maria Louise Hoklas, Bertha Ida Hoklas, August Heinrich Hoklas, Gustav Carl Hoklas, Martha Lydia Hoklas, Anna Elisabeth Elizabeth Hoklas, Alma Selma Hoklas, Ottilie Olga Hoklas 
MINGE, Christiane Lydia (I-8566)
802 John
Groom Last Name: HISCOCK
Bride Given Name(s): Sarah Jane
Bride Last Name: COAD
Marriage Date: 1881, November 30
Marriage Place: PM Church Mount Barker
Groom Age: 25
Groom Approx. Birth Year: 1856
Groom Marital Status: S
Groom Father: Charles HISCOCK
Bride Age: 22
Bride Approx. Birth Year: 1859
Bride Marital Status: S
Bride Father Name: Robert COAD
District: Mount Barker
Book/Page: 129/814 
Family F-2778
803 JOHN (ARCHIBALD) McLEAN was born at Lake Plains near Milang on 13/9/1853 - the date in Hugh's bible and also registered.

When the family left Meningie after Hugh died in 1876. Archibald went north to work for a mining company at Wilpena.

DEATH: Accidently killed aged 34 on 18/5/1888.

An inquest was held at Hawker (249 miles north of Adelaide). It stated "Archibald McLean aged 33 (error) who had a wife living at Robsart Street, Parkside, and a mother and sister living at Meriingie (note: Christy was by then at Albert Hill, near Meningie with the Hughes), was crushed to death by a fall of earth while working on a shaft of the Wilpena Propriety Co. Mr Hy Northing cautioned the company to exercise a more close and cautious supervision in the future.".

Nothing is known of the wife or if there were any children, 
MCLEAN, John Archibald b.1853 (I-2486)
804 John and Dianne were both very active committee members of various district associations. BRADLEY, John Douglas (I-1656)
805 John and Dianne were both very active committee members of various district associations. POMERY, Dianne Margaret (I-1657)
806 John and Kathryn were both in tourism management. MCLEAN, Kathryn Pamela (I-1583)
807 John and Kathryn were both in tourism management. PULLMAN, John Scott (I-1584)
808 John died at the Strathalbyn & District Soldiers Memorial Hospital. MCLEAN, John Sherwood (I-3857)
809 John Henry was buried, with both his parents, just inside the main gate of the old Church of England Cemetery in Luck Street. FREEMAN, John Henry (I-8977)
810 John Henry Yelland and Margaret Smith Mann were parents of this Herbert John Yelland- see family search under Jean May Tassie that offers her full pedigree chart including these people. Researcher Lorna McLean 28 Feb 2019 YELLAND, Herbert John (I-5071)
811 John SALE and Patricia SMITH were married in Vancouver, Canada SALE, John (I-148)
812 John taught in Junior High Schools for 2 years, then joined the R.A.A.F. and trained as a pilot, flying helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. He is a qualified flying instructor and is now (1995) Commanding Officer of the Flight Training Squadron at Pearce Air Base, W.A. with the rank of Wing Commander. WOODMAN, John Robert (I-1618)
813 John was killed in a motor accident in the Aldgate-Stirling area on 7/12/1985. MESSING, John Anthony (I-3652)
814 John was named after his brother who had been born 4 years previously but who only lived a few months. INGLIS, John Wilson b. 1839 (I-8461)
815 John was originally a potato grower then later ran a hardware, produce, fuel and rural supplies in Kalangadoo. BREDA, John Franklin (I-163)
816 John's death certificate states that he was 25 years old when he married Jean. Family F-1266
817 John's death certificate states that he was a butcher. SMITH, John Duncan Ernest (I-3663)
818 John's father was a stable foreman in the employ of Thomas Kilmartin. His father was accidentally and John was adopted by Thomas and Mabel. His father's name is not known but John was used the Kilmartin surname after he was adopted. KILMARTIN, John (I-2324)
819 John's step-son MARDELL, Ben (I-1065)
820 Joy Pearl THOMAS was married to Ronald McAllister BENNETT. He died about 1954 and then Joy married Ronald's younger brother, Frank Clifford BENNETT. Joy and Frank subsequently divorced.

Also Frank and his first wife, Joan THOMSON also divorced.

There were no children from either marriage. 
BENNETT, Frank Clifford (I-538)
821 Joy Pearl THOMAS was married to Ronald McAllister BENNETT. He died about 1954 and then Joy married Ronald's younger brother, Frank Clifford BENNETT. Joy and Frank subsequently divorced. THOMAS, Joy Pearl (I-540)
822 Joy Pearl THOMAS was married to Ronald McAllister BENNETT. He died about 1954 and then Joy married Ronald's younger brother, Frank Clifford BENNETT. Joy and Frank subsequently divorced. BENNETT, Ronald McAllister (I-544)
823 Joyleen died at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.  FISCHER, Joyleen Edith (I-3860)
824 Judi Mooney placed a question mark next the first names (Ellen Edith?).  HALDANE, Ellen Edith (I-7865)
825 Judi Mooney was not certain if the name was Mary or May. HALDANE, Mary (I-7867)
826 Kadina is a town located on the Yorke Peninsula SA, approximately 144 kilometres north-northwest of the state capital of Adelaide.Wikipedia...Population:4,470 (2011 census) Location:144 km (89 mi) NNW of Adelaide WAY, William Charles (Charlie) (I-8586)
827 Kadina SA-Kadina is a town on the Yorke Peninsula of the Australian state of South Australia, approximately 144 kilometres north-northwest of the state capital of Adelaide. The largest town of the Peninsula, Kadina is one of the three Copper Triangle towns famous for their shared copper mining history.Wikipedia Family F-2690
828 Kangarilla SA was once called Eyre's Flat. Both places of residence of the Kanaley family, plus McLaren Flat. The nearest birth place was Morphett Vale.  KANALEY, John b.1822 (I-8651)
829 Kaniva and Parkside MCLEAN, Jeannie Winniford (I-3783)
830 Kapunda Congregational Church Family F-2863
831 Karen Margaret Long b. 20/1/1961, Merredin, W.A. Unmarried (1995).
Residence: Darwin, N.T.
History: written by herself.
"Although born in Merredin, Western Australia, I grew up in the Perth suburb of Morley after moving there with my family at the age of 2.
After finishing High School, I studied at Curtin University, completing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy in 1982. I have worked as an occupational therapist in hospitals in Perth as well as England, having travelled through Britain and Europe on a working holiday in 1985.
In 1990, after 5 years of pan time study, I completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Sciences also from Curtin University. Whilst working as an Occupational Therapist, I have been involved with the Occupational Therapy Association and have presented lectures at State and National conferences held in Perth.
In 1988 I decided that owning my own home would be a good idea and started buying a duplex half in Dianella, a northem suburb of Perth. With the help of family and friends I discovered gardening, painting and decorating. After four years living in Dianella I decided to have a look at the top end of Australia and moved to sunny Darwin in August 1992. In Darwin I've enjoyed travelling to Kakadu and Litch parks and have tried my hand at snorkelling and bushwalking. So Darwin is home for the moment, although I'm not sure for how long." 
LONG, Karen Margaret (I-5780)
832 Karen's 2 X great grandmother was Rachel McLean (born 1863)who was Andrew's great grandmother. AITCHISON, Karen Mae (I-1826)
833 Karenne McNamara nee Appelt stated in email 14.03.2018 that Daniel married Marissa Puspasari B07.10.1984 from Surabays Indonesia. They have one son Caleb John McNamara B 02.06.2017 MCNAMARA, Daniel Michael (I-5385)
834 Kate White is not certain that Florence was born in Strathalbyn. NUTT, Florence Annie (I-7983)
835 Katlin Turner had changed her name by deed poll - previously Shawn Turner. TURNER, Katlin (I-3323)
836 Kaye McArdle has this information on record in her WikiTree with allan florence and mary childlren of Hugh and Christine (McVicar) Mclean.  Family F-2532
837 Kaye Schofield advised that the first name was Frances Marion, whereas the BRB had it as just Fanny.  TEAGUE, Frances Marion (Fanny) (I-1353)
838 Keith has a second(or first) wife Lorna according to the headstone on his grave. No dates, no further information. photograph by Lorna McLean(Researcher 1 Apr 2016 Strathalbyn Cemetery) LAMSHED, Keith Ronald (I-8309)
839 Kelly Joy McLean, b. 3/1/1978 at Strathalbyn, S.A. Student.
Kelly is successfully coping with a severe physical disability. She currently studies Yr 12 at Strathalbyn High School. Her interests are academic studies, computers, music and AFL football. (notes written in 1995) 
MCLEAN, Kelly Joy (I-3862)
840 Kenneth Douglas Banning, b. 31/8/1956, Nhill, Vic.

Educated at Kaniva and Yanac Primary Schools, Nhill High School and Glenormiston Agricultural College, graduating in farm management.

A keen sportsman, he has won many trophies and is involved with the Lucindale Lions Club, S.A.

Marriage: to Wanda Pamela Phillips (b. 30/9/1956) at Naracoorte, S.A.

Wanda is a trained nurse, and is at Naracoorte Hospital part time, and is the Lucindale district nurse.

Ken is manager of a large grazing property at Lucindale.

He inherited 480 acres at Nhill from his grandfather Harvey, and the purchase money went towards the Frances. S.A. farm. 
BANNING, Kenneth Douglas (I-3055)
841 Kensington Gardens is a suburb of Adelaide in the City of Burnside. Formerly known as 'Pile's Paddock', after James Pile who was born in Yorkshire in 1800 and arrived in South Australia in 1849. SCHRAPEL, Kirsten Elizabeth (I-6098)
842 Kerryl has Christina with the middle name of McPhee - ie Christina McPhee McLean, whereas page 226 of the BRB has her without any middle name. MCLEAN, Christina (I-2625)
843 Kerryl has Otto born in Meningie SA whereas Tom has him born in Albert Hill SA. HUGHES, Otto William (I-2712)
844 Kerryl has Otto's death in Daw Park SA, whereas Tom Hughes has it as Adelaide. HUGHES, Otto William (I-2712)
845 Kevin James Warner b. 6/2/1934, Nhill, Vic.
Married: at Dimboola, Dorothy Jean Ward (b. Dimboola 28/5/1939).
Except for National Service training he has spent all his life farming. Eventually he sold his farm at Munoa, Vic. and is now, still farming, at Donald, Vic. 
WARNER, Kevin James (I-3069)
846 Keyneton is a locality in South Australia. The town is in the Mid Murray Council local government area, 82 kilometres north-east of the state capital, Adelaide. At the 2011 census, Keyneton and the surrounding area had a population of 534. PURSCHE, Ernst Gottleib (I-8554)
847 Kilmallie is in Argyllshire in Scotland.  MCLEAN, Ewen (Hugh the younger) (I-5330)
848 Kingscote Kangaroo Island SA BELL, Travis Scott (I-4909)
849 Kingston upon Hull, usually abbreviated to Hull, is a city and unitary authority in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England UK CORNTHWAITE, Ian (I-7378)
850 Known as Herbert
BRABANT, James Herbert (I-6384)
851 Lake Plains is a locality in SA about 64 kilometres south of the Adelaide city centre and 27 kilometres northeast of the centre of Goolwa on the west coastline of Lake Alexandrina. Wikipedia Founded:2000 FINDLATER, Dorothy Ethel (I-8285)
852 Lance Ivan Chaplin b. 31/10/1945 at Unley, S.A. 3rd child of Alexander Finniss Chaplin and his wife Marjorie.
Married: Rosalie Joy Haywood (b. 2/11/1949).
Residence: Lake Plains.
Occupation: Potato grower.
History: His parents had taken up a dairy farm in 1937 at Yundi and Lance attended the Yundi Primary School and the Willunga High School. Owing to his interest in agriculture his first potato crops were grown at Yundi in the 1960s. These were irrigated from the Finniss River. In 1963 at the age of 18 he came to the Milang area (his brothers knew the area through shearing there). He leased land owned by the two Misses Findlater, sisters of Lake Plains and commenced growing potatoes. Over the years he has bought numerous land sections at Lake Plains for lucerne and potato growing. Lance is now one of the largest potato growers in South Australia. His wife and son Allan run a small yabby farm as a sideline. Lance spent four and a half years as a councillor at Strathalbyn District Council.
1. Allan John Chaplin b. 18/10/1973.
2. Daniel Leigh Chaplin b. 24/5/1979.
Research: Supplied by Jack McLean, Milang, S.A. - In 1993 Lance Chaplin and family sold a large portion of their property (600 acres) to MILDARA BLASS WINERY. The Chaplins have now bought a large property at Woods Well, 42 kilometres south of Meningie, S.A. 
CHAPLIN, Lance Ivan (I-3192)
853 Langhorne Creek was called Langhorne Bridge at the time that George was born. BORRETT, George (I-5152)
854 LAST RESIDENCE Croydon Range Rd, Qld
FORSYTH, Cameron Victor (I-6905)
855 LAST RESIDENCE In SA Alexander Council Burial Register states his last residence as Stewart Terrace, Naracoorte, SA KEOUGH, David James (I-5526)
856 Laurence was educated at the Strathalbyn School after which he went kangaroo shooting in the Ninety Mile Desert, Coonalpyn. From there he joined the Militia at Fort Largs and did gate duty at Government House, Adelaide.

His next move was to Western Australia where he found work at Arnott's Biscuit Factory. Two daughters were born in Perth.

By 1912 they were back at Adelaide and Laurie joined the Railways as a special constable and at this time they lived at Barnard St. North Adelaide. Their son Angas was born while they resided in there.

In 1914 they built a house at 9 Llandower Avenue, Payneham and the children were able to attend East Adelaide School.

Laurie played the flute and saxaphone and enjoyed listening to classical music, the gramaphone being the source of records in those days. He rode a bicycle to and from his Payneham home to his work at the Adelaide Railway Station.

During W.W.2 he went to and from Melbourne with the troop trains. 
MCLEAN, Laurence Albert Allan (I-1434)
857 lef tschool at first termof 4th year and mum new a friend of a friend and worked in nursing home laying out people 17yoa. at Mt Barker, did nursing trainng hospital called the childrens hospital for 6 mos then to KEMH under sister walsh. at 18 yoa then straight to kellerberrin hospital. anstey was a staff nurse in RPH when dorothy was there. Meredith;angus and glyns dau was from invererarity near kellerberrin?
trained for mid in1947=9 mos just after war and bed prone for 8 days laying in.19th feb 1949 married William Forsythe. straight to farm and immediately started family 25yoa and willie 33yoa. all local community groups rsl red cross cwa women auzillary church parish council  
DEANE, Dorothy Vera (I-6810)
858 Left England on 8th July 1839 on 'Singapore' (302 tons, Capt Hamilton). Reached South Australia on 11th Nov 1839.

His parents, William and Alicia, and 4 brothers commenced the voyage. An epidmic of typhoid took the life of their baby Edward but Alicia gave birth to another baby on 9th Nov, two days before they arrived. They called the new baby, Edward, also - this is 'our' Edward. 
WARLAND, Edward (I-4028)
859 Legal surname is McLEAN but she uses her step-father's surname, NUGENT. NUGENT, Michelle J (I-5687)
860 life and death=lived 4 days
STRINGER, Sydney Broughton (I-2072)
861 life and death=lived 4 days
STRINGER, Sydney Broughton (I-2072)
862 Light Pass SA is a settlement in the Barossa Valley region NNE of Adelaide SA. It was named by Charles Flaxman in honour of William Light. Light Pass is the site of two Lutheran churches and a public primary school. GLEISSERT, Anna Karoline (I-8555)
863 Lindsay was buried in the Polkemmet cemetery half a mile north of the Polkemmet homestead, on private property close to the east bank of the Wimmera River. ln 1966 the cemetery was restored by the Arapiles Historical Society and a plaque erected bearing forty-five names including that of Lindsay MCDONALD, Lindsay William (I-7354)
864 LINK information to be further research for evidence. Provided by Pat Long (nee Loder) in July 2016 to researcher Lorna McLean MUIR, Jemima (I-8108)
865 Little Ryan (6'2") is running the farm now. Having been to Muresk Agricultural College. Plus his wife had also been to Muresk.  FORSYTH, Ryan Liam (I-6821)
866 lived 8 days DAHL, Margaret Ann (I-2075)
867 Lived at 'Waterloo' until Alf's impending marriage in 1904, and then at Chapel St for the rest of her long life - ie from about 28 years old to 81 years old. MCLEAN, Elizabeth Frances (I-2975)
868 Lived at Melrose Farm in SA JANEWAY, Ann Soward (I-4022)
869 Living at Fulham Gardens at the time she married Peter. ALLERT, Patricia (I-2643)
870 Living at Port Pirie before she was married. NORRIS, Jessie Elizabeth (I-1877)
871 Living in a cottage on the family farm in the Euroa area. DEVANNY, David John (I-3037)
872 Living in a mud brick house which they built themselves. DEVANNY, Dawn-Maree (I-3041)
873 Living in Perth at the time of her marriage to Jeffrey MARSHALL, Matilda McMoran (I-5066)
874 Living in Spain before marrying Rowan. LEFARRE, Marie (I-5063)
875 Liza's death certificate states that she was 16 years old when she married John in Jeparit. Family F-1194
876 Lola's husband, Graham advised that Lola was born in either Busselton or Margaret River. DARNELL, Lola Joy (I-5751)
877 Lorna McLean has procured the Death Regisration Certificate for Queenie (Olivia McLean (nee Parker)-(my paternal great grandmother) from Adelaide BDM office in 2016.

Across top reads: Certificate Code No 56. Dated 1955. No. 8 in the District of Mount Barker 4304.

Usual Residence; Angas Plains. SA

DODeath: Strathalbyn 02.08.1955 (in Strathalbyn District Hospital as told to me by my father Benjamin Earnest McLean as he took her there a week before she passed having nursed her for some 6 years)

Certificate States:

She was born in Melbourne Victoria

Age at marriage: 34 yoa with 3 issue (Dad of course, the youngest, Alf Parker McLean, and Jack)

DOBurial=3 Aug 1955 at Strathalbyn Cemetery. 
PARKER, Olivia Mary (I-3844)
878 Lornas search for Rosaville SA in PLACES EDIT CHECK only offers Rosaville as a garden, hotel and general store in Mt Gambier. Until further info offered altering to birth place=Mt Gambier.  ASHBY, Colin James (Dig) (I-4634)
879 Lorraine Marion Warner b. 17/9/1937 at Nhill.
Married: Stanley John Vivian (b. 26/7/1936, Kaniva, Vic.) at Nhill.
Like her mother, Lorraine is very community minded and does agricultural show work and judging. 
WARNER, Lorraine Marion (I-3081)
880 Louise Johnson says Albert was born in 1887 in Paddington NSW who dont provide the full date. Only way is to purchase certificate.  BRABANT, Albert Edward (I-2499)
881 Mabel was buried in the North Brighton Cemetery - with her husband, Thomas David Kilmartin.  POWER, Mabel (I-2322)
882 Maggie was a kind woman, a hard worker and supported her parents well in their old age. HORNBY, Margaret (Maggie) Guinn (I-2230)
883 Marcia Mary Spry b. 27/5/1907 at Wanganui, N.Z.
Occupation: Shopkeeper.
Married 1st: in Adelaide, Hughbert Colgate - d. 9/4/1964.
2nd: in Adelaide, Arthur Rice - d. 22/10/1967.
3rd: in Adelaide, Oscar Grills - d. 24/12/1979.
No children of any marriage.
Marcia died on 26/11/1977. interred at Greenacres, S.A. 
SPRY, Marcia Mary (I-3786)
884 Margaret Olive Johnston born 18/4/1899 at Strathalbyn_ S.A.

Occupation: Dressmaker. Unmarried. _

Death: in 1986 aged 86 years - her burial place is at the Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park, Padbury, 19 kilometres north of Perth.

History: ln her twenties Margaret started a clothing manufactory in partnership with her sister Myrtle under the name of M. 8. M. Johnston and this business is now owned by their nephew Malcolm. She learned oil painting together with her sister Clover & her paintings are now held by family members. She was strongly independent and obtained her driving licence in the 1920s. Her car was a 1926 Whippet and then in 1931 a Pontiac. In partnership with yet another sister, (Ivy) she purchased a house at Inglewood, W.A. & a holiday home at Fumisdale and welcomed family members at any time. The holiday home was open to them all.

She was much involved with the raising of the motherless sons of her brother Gordon (Malcolm 8. Russell). In later years she travelled Australia 8. New Zealand and she was renowned for her weekend drives taking family and friends far a in W.A. She finally retired at the age of 79. 
JOHNSTON, Margaret Olive (I-5716)
885 MARGARET RUTH McLEAN, born 12/7/1852, at Strathalbyn.

Died aged 11 years and 6 months on 18/2/1864 at "Waterloo" Angas Plains.

There was an epidemic of both scarletina and diphtheria that year (the Leslie family lost 4 of 5 children), and although most records give Margaret's death as from diphtheria. the official cause was registered as "scarletina".

She was buried in the Strathalbyn Cemetery on 19/2/1864 in the same grave as a younger brother. 
MCLEAN, Margaret Ruth (I-3219)
886 Margaret Tannahill's only known relative in S.A. was her sister Jemima Tannahill who was much younger and who emigrated in 1865. Her occupation in the ship's manifest was "servant". She married a Mr Muir who was an American and went with him to live at Jacksonville (which state of U.S.A. is now known as there are several towns of the same name). She returned as a childless widow to live at Strathalbyn SA with her great niece Mrs Bertie Blunt b. 1928. She died at hospital at Parkside SA about 1934.

For other information, see the biography of Jemima's older sister's husband, Hugh (the younger), McLean. 
TANNAHILL, Jemima (I-5342)
887 Marilyn and Murray LODER had two boys, Sean and Gavin.
Marilyn and Murray divorced.
Marilyn later married xxx Smith who adopted the two boys. 
COLLARD, Marilyn (I-5812)
888 MARIPOSA ONTARIO CANADA The Township of Mariposa was a municipality located in the southwest corner of the former Victoria County, now the city of Kawartha Lakes, in the Canadian province of Ontario MCLEAN, John (I-8833)
889 Mariposa Twp no such place on google maps. Mariposa Twp Victoria Ontario Canada MCLEAN, Angus (I-8832)
890 Marjorie and Douglas married in the 1950s. Family F-544
891 Marjorie was a descendant of Mrs Stephen Lander nee Mary Dawson - 1840-1937. Mrs Lander was a sister of Catherine Dawson who married Allan McLean, and so there is a double relationship with their children. HARDING, Marjorie Fay (I-1655)
892 Marlene Jean Povey, b. 23/12/1939, at Murrayville, Vic.
Married - 1st: Kevin J Crane, b. 4/5/1933 - divorced. Kevin now deceased.
Two children:
1. Glenda Kathleen Crane, b. 7/8/1960. at Robinvale, Vic, never married, and died on 16/7/1989, at Robinvale,
One child: Daniel Kevin Crane, b. 15/2/1987, at Robinvale.
2. Gavin Crane, b. 18/3/1962, at Pinnaroo, $.A. (changed his sumame to Williams by deed poll) - is not married.
2 children:-
(1) Brett Williams, b. 4/8/1988, at Melbourne, Vic.
(2) Kirsty Elyce Williams, b. 31/8/1991, at Melbourne.
Resides at:- 136 Parfray Road, ROCKDALE, Qld.
2nd marriage:
Marlene Jean Crane (formerly POVEY) to Don Williams, now divorced.
Residence: 21 Murray Terrace, EUSTON, NSW. 2737.
One child:
1. Craig Anthony Williams, b, 27/5/1976, at Melbourne Vic. 
POVEY, Marlene Jean (I-3400)
893 Marriage at PM Parsonage in Redhill. Family F-550
894 marriage BRB p87 (rachel section) para 2 line 3 James Hanham Tucker5856 married Mary Vigar6241 on 1.11.1911 TUCKER, James Hanham (I-5853)
895 MARRIAGE Charles Leslie HALL Bride Jessie May NUTT
Marriage Date: 1918, April 02 at St Pauls Church Orroroo
Groom Age: 25 Groom Approx. Birth Year: 1893 Groom Father: Charles HALL Bride Age: 23 born 1895 Bride Father Name: John Thomas NUTT Ref No: 275/39 
HALL, Charles Leslie (I-1377)
896 Marriage details from My Heritage (Kaye Annette McArdle) Family F-409
897 Marriage Evangelical Lutheran Chapel Caltowie SA: source BDM SA father of groom: (Carl Wilhelm) John Charles William HARTWIG, mother of groom Johanna Eleanor KLIECHE
father of bride: Johann Friedrich Laube 
Family F-171
898 MARRIAGE Frederick Clive Carless (b. 1903, Birmingham, England).
Family F-1866
899 Marriage lasted briefly Family F-1873
900 MARRIAGE Mellodure Church, High St Family F-1224
901 MARRIAGE PLACE: Meadowbank, Res of Allan MacLean Strathalbyn SA (genealogysa.com) Family F-254
902 MARRIAGE St Peters College Chapel Hackney SA Family F-892
903 MARRIAGE: She married in 1877 in St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Strathalbyn, David Taylor Henderson whose brother the Rev. R. J. Faulds Henderson officiated. David was a school teacher at Gumeracha where Christina died at her residence on 11/8/1881 aged 30 years. David died at Sydney on 30/7/1886 aged 46 years. No children.

CHERITON, Christina Agnes (I-5283)
904 Married "Albany Wesleyan" as extracted on 11.4.2014 from publication named "the bicentie4nnial Dictionary of Western Australians pre-1829-1888 Volume III K-Q Complied by Rica Erickson 1988. Family F-570
905 MARRIED 'Springmount', Black Mountain, Guyra, New England, NSW Family F-2159
906 Married and later divorced. Changed name back to Inglis. INGLIS, Pamela Denise (I-91)
907 MARRIED Anglican Church Meningie SA Family F-869
908 MARRIED AT Church of Scotland, Hindley St, Adelaide SA Family F-764
909 MARRIED AT Presbyterian Church Ararat Vic Family F-2326
910 Married at Presbyterian Church in Mt Pleasant, Liverpool on 22nd Oct 1829. The church was damaged during air raids in World War 2 and in recent years renovated to serve as a post office (ref: 'The John Inglis Story, page 1).  Family F-2584
911 Married at residence of Hugh McLean.  Family F-1744
912 Married at St Lukes Whitmore Square, Adelaide SA. Family F-2852
913 MARRIED Baptist Church Stawell Vic Family F-2086
914 MARRIED Catholic Church Castlemaine Vic Family F-2261
915 MARRIED Catholic Church Holland Park Qld Family F-2162
916 MARRIED Catholic Church Kellerberrin WA Family F-2211
917 MARRIED Catholic Church Sale Vic Family F-2307
918 MARRIED Christ Church C of E South Yarra Melbourne Victoria Family F-1694
919 MARRIED Christ Church C of E Strathalbyn SA Family F-1699
920 married Church of Ascension, MacLeod, Vic Family F-1692
921 MARRIED Church of Christ, South Perth, WA Family F-2205
922 MARRIED Church of England Bairnsdale Vic Family F-2053
923 MARRIED Church of England, Euroa, Victoria Family F-994
924 MARRIED Church of England, Shepparton, Victoria Family F-995
925 MARRIED Congregational Church, Victoria Park, WA Family F-2202
926 MARRIED Currie Street Adelaide SA no source provided Family F-1624
927 MARRIED Farmhouse Kaeaea Aria King Country NZ Family F-2597
928 MARRIED Geelong Grammar School Chapel, Geelong, Victoria Family F-996
929 Married her first cousin, Stanley Jeffreys. BORRETT, Annie McLean (I-5226)
930 Married his first cousin, Annie Borrett. JEFFREYS, Stanley Gordon (I-5227)
931 MARRIED Holy Trinity Church Adelaide SA Family F-368
932 MARRIED Holy Trinity Church Adelaide SA Family F-1257
933 MARRIED Holy Trinity Church Adelaide SA Family F-373
934 Married in Allan's home in Collinsfield - a week after Mary's wedding.  Family F-531
935 Married in Yatina Hotel in the Clare District. Family F-410
936 married Methodist Church Euroa Vic Family F-992
937 MARRIED Methodist Church, Carlisle, WA Family F-2208
938 MARRIED Methodist Church, Yarra St, Geelong, Vic Family F-2267
939 Married Methodist Manse Adelaide SA 1913 THOMPSON, Adelaide Annie Barker (I-1489)
940 MARRIED Presbyterian Church Horsham Vic Family F-2116
941 MARRIED Presbyterian Church Horsham Vic Family F-2197
942 MARRIED Presbyterian Church Kalgoorlie WA Family F-2201
943 MARRIED Presbyterian Church, Maylands, Perth,  Family F-1897
944 Married Presbyterian Church, North Perth, WA Family F-2209
945 MARRIED St Andrew's Church East Melbourne Vic MCLEAN, Andrew John (I-5212)
946 MARRIED St Andrew's Church Melbourne Vic STUBBE, Marie Anne (I-5211)
947 Married St Augustine church Unley SA Family F-2562
948 MARRIED St Augustines Church Unley Adelaide SA (Researchers note to followup as the family were notable enough for a stone to be laid in Berthas name-SOURCE is FS-family story...a lived memory of my mother Joan Natalie Mclean (shared with me during 2016). Mum grew up attending weekly this church St Augustines Church Unley with her grandmother and family members.  KANALEY, Bertha May (I-7951)
949 Married St John Church Maitland SA Family F-2848
950 MARRIED St John's Anglican Church, Meningie, SA Family F-873
951 MARRIED St Paul's Church of England Ascot Vale Melbourne Vic Family F-2382
952 MARRIED St Paul's Presbyterian Church, Armidale, NSW Family F-2185
953 MARRIED Trinity Church Adelaide SA Family F-1279
954 Married twice - 1st: to Ruth Darbyshire (1 child) - divorced 30/9/1941.Married 2ndly: Pauline Lamshed (b. 1916, d. 9/8/1979).  WARLAND, Eric Allan (I-4033)
955 Married twice - her first husband was Mr Walker (with whom she had one son), but who was the her second husband? BRABANT, Mary Julie (Mollie) (I-2523)
956 MARRIED WA BDM: 31.12.2018 Researcher Lorna McLean found Stark,Doris E C HUSBAND:Ashman,Frederick W C at Perth Registration:783 YEAR:1935 STARK, Doris Eleanor Christina (I-679)
957 MARRIED Woodside South Perth WA Family F-1358
958 Married. Nothing further known. ABBOTT, Rita (I-3121)
959 Married: Alice Newton (b. 1907 and living 1992, the last of her generation).

MCLEAN, Kindor Lawrence Geoffrey (I-2604)
960 Married: Douglas George Benton (b. 22/4/1932, Pt Pirie) at St. Mark's Catholic Cathedra|,Pt Pirie.

They lived at that town for six years following their marriage. then in 1958 shifted to Gills Farm, Andrews. However, farming did not suit Doug as he was a builder and while doing his apprenticeship at Pt Pirie he had worked on the new St. Mark's Cathedral where they married. From Andrews he set up as a builder and contractor at Booborowie and built many houses in the area as well as the Mt Bryan School and other prominent buildings. His son Greg is in partnership. 
MCLEAN, Mary Honora (I-2302)
961 married; Catholic Church Spalding SA Family F-755
962 married; Holy Trinity Church Adelaide SA Family F-379
963 MARY ANN MCLEAN, born 15/10/1846 at Strathalbyn.

MARRIED: on 3/11/1869 at the Primitive Methodist Church, Angas Plains, to Richard (Dickie) Jones. His father, John Jones, set him up at Bonney Flat on the Milang-Stralhalbyn Road. The small obituary of Sydney Wakefield who died in 1974 states that his own farm at Belvidere, once belonged to his fathers uncle, who went broke in the 1880's and had married a McLean. The Bonney Flat land is now in the ownership of the Cross family.

Mary Ann and Richard then went to Kaniva, Victoria, where his father, John, was later to join them and die there. Mary Ann and "Dickie" were childless. The obituary of her sister, Mrs Sturgeon, of 1930 mentioned that her deceased elder sister, Mrs Richard Jones, had been of Yanipy, in the Kaniva district of Victoria.

DEATHS: Richard (Dickie) Jones died on 22/10/1916, aged 76 years.

Mrs Mary Ann Jones, died on 2/12/1927. aged 81 years.

Both were interred at Kaniva, Victoria. 
MCLEAN, Mary Ann (I-2978)
964 Mary Ann was recorded as being 36 years old when she died in 1885. CLARK, Mary Ann (I-8415)
965 Mary Frances died at Lake Plains aged 29 years, on 30/11/1884. She was initially interred at Milang Cemetery on 3/12/84.
37 years later, Mary's grave in Milang was opened on 9th March 1922 to Mr DH McLean. It was opened on the southern side of lot 129. This was authorized by the Attorney General and opened by curator H Grierson. She was subsequently reburied at Strathabyn on 22nd March.
The story is that those who opened the coffin when doing the work (Donald's curiosity) - found that she looked exactly as on the day of her burial. This was but briefly, as when the air touched her she shivered away to dust - despite this Donald carressed her hair in admiration!
This move was not looked on favorably by a good many people!

SMITH, Mary Frances (I-3221)
966 Mary was born in a tent on the Police paddock. RAGGATT, Mary Elizabeth (I-7144)
967 Mary was recorded as being 68 years old when she died in 1916. POWELL, Mary Jane (I-8410)
968 Matthew was born on either 20/10/1865 OR 1856 OR 3/11/1864. JOHNSTON, Matthew (I-5711)
969 Matthew was born on either 20/10/1865 OR 1856 OR 3/11/1864. Author of this information did not provide source nor dates.

BIRTH DATE provided by Pat Long 19/7/2016 to researcher Lorna McLean. Documents pending for evidence of sources

thought to be Bremer for birthplace TBA 
JOHNSTON, Matthew (I-5711)
970 Maureen McClennan has him dying in South Australia (no date or place) whereas Judi Mooney had it on 15th Sept 1949 at the Gosford Hospital. NSW HEATH, Kenneth L'estange Hamilton (I-8033)
971 Maureen McClennan has his name as Kenneth I.strange HEATH whereas Judi Mooney has it as Kenneth L'estrange Hamilton HEATH.  HEATH, Kenneth L'estange Hamilton (I-8033)
972 Maureen McClennan has Mona's death as 6th Nov 1956 whereas Judi Mooney has it as 1959 (no day or month). GEANGE, Mona Madeline (I-8045)
973 Maureen Patricia Hickey D. 9/2/1929 at "Wendourie", Wayville, S.A. She married at Church of Christ Church, C of E. South Yarra, Victoria, Gordon Edwards (b. 3/9/1929, Melbourne). She lived at Camberwell Vic Family F-524
974 Maureen Rhonda Potts b. 23/2/1929 at Langhome Creek.
Married: Noel Martin of Langhorne Creek at Strathalbyn. _ 4 _ _
Occupation: Labourer. Served with the 2nd A.l.F. ~ his no. WX6952 & with the 9th Division, 2nd
28th Battalion.
Residence: Step Road, Langhome Creek. _ _
Maureen Martin on 9/9/1972 aged 43 years at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Lnterred at Langhome Creek.
Noel Martin died at Strathalbyn on 20/12/1977. lnterred at Langhorne Creek.
POTTS, Maureen Rhonda (I-5576)
975 Maurice John Banning, b. 3/3/1961, Nhill, Vic. youngest of Jean and Sybren Banning.
Educated at Yanac State and Nhill High Schools. Like his brothers he is a keen sportsman with badminton and glider flying added, as well as scuba diving. He has worked at Robe, S.A. crayfishing but returned to farming and is now a competent shearer as well as a partner in the family farming.
Residence: Custon near Wolseley, S.A. with an emu farm commenced.
Married: Mona Amdal from Norway (b. 5/5/1970). 
BANNING, Maurice John (I-3064)
976 Mavis (Anne) was Trevor's second wife. ROGERS, Rev Trevor Heath (I-4067)
977 May was a hard worker, friendly, good sense of humour. keen football supporter and fund raiser. It was May, whose memories were recorded at the beginning of Rachel's section. HORNBY, Pretoria (May) (I-2194)
978 May's wedding dress was made from the last white velvet available in wartime Melbourne. Family F-2388
979 Maybe 21st Feb rather than 27th. MCLEAN, Neil Graham (I-1559)
980 Maybe born about 1770 - ie 20 years before giving birth to Angus. BLACK, Christina (I-8806)
981 Maybe born in 1909 because she was said to have been 77 year old when she died in 1986. TUCKER, Edna Annie (I-5159)
982 Maybe he lived until 3 years old?? WELLINGTON, Craig Andrew (I-2799)
983 Maybe he was born in 1882 on the family farm in Strathalbyn - according to his daughter, Dora (see her notes attached t this website).  MCLEAN, Sinclair James (I-1511)
984 Maybe Patterson rather than Prescott (check this). HORNBY, William (Bill) Prescott (I-1676)
985 McLean, Allan - b 1814 - died 6th Sept 1890 at Plympton, SA, late of Strathalbyn, aged 79 years, colonialist for 54 years. The friends of the late Mr Allan McLean are respectfully informed that his remains will be removed from his late residence Marion Road, this day at 3 pm for the West Terrance Cemetery - 3 path 36A 5 - JB Siebert, Undertaker (Express Telegraph 8th Sept 1890, p2 & Evening Journal, 8th Sept 1890, p2) MCLEAN, Allan (I-3)
986 McLucais and McDougall are understood to be interchangable.
Sometimes spelled McClucush or McClusky. 
MCLUCAIS (MCDOUGALL), Archibald (I-8790)
987 Meadow Bank Family F-5
988 Meadowbank INGLIS, Stillborn (I-17)
989 Meadows
BEABER, Susannah Mary (I-2291)
990 Melbourne, Townsville, Perth, Brisbane, Stockdale (Newcastle, NSW) MCINTOSH, Susan Joy (I-2997)
991 Melvyn Harold Warner b. 29/10/1948, Nhill, Vic.
Educated at State and High Schools. Nhill.
Married: at Horsham to Kathryn Mary Hayter (born 22/12/1950 at Rutherglen).
He helped his father at "Belvedere", Winiam on leaving school, but moved to Ballarat with his family in 1976 when his parents retired, and worked as an orderlyat the Ballarat Base Hospital, then became Administrator at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the same at Beaufort and Lismore Hospitals. He is now Administrator at Penny Weight Centre, Ballarat (this cares for people with disabilities) and Regional Administrator of the Wimmera district.
Residence: Ballarat North, Vic. 
WARNER, Melvyn Harold (I-3104)
992 Michael is to undertake an expedition in 2003. He has submitted the following resume:

"ln January, 1995 I received word from my agent in Kathmandu that I had been awarded the exclusive right to retrace the first ascent at Mt Everest on the fiftieth anniversary in 2003. My application was lodged in early 1994. The idea for the expedition came about following the death of my mother, Mrs Valerie McLean, from cancer, in February of that year. It occurred to me that I should do something in her memory that would be of lasting benefit to others suffering from this dreadful disease.

A few years earlier I had travelled through Nepal to the base of Everest. Being an ardent rock climber and bushwalker I hoped to combine my interests with a project of major importance. 1994 was a year of commemorative anniversaries for D-Day and Man on the Moon. That's when I thought of the fiftieth anniversary of the first ascent of Mt Everest. If someone could put together a team to climb the mountain as a commemorative expedition, they could attract world-wide attention. Why not do so and raise money for charity at the same time?

The government of Nepal has a policy that allows only one team per season per route on Everest. Therefore, having won the rights to the route followed by Hillary and Tenzing, I will now set about establishing the Everest Foundation in association with the Victorian Anti-Cancer Council. Team selection and fundraising shall begin sometime afterwards in 1995-6. After paying for the cost of the expedition itself, all remaining funds in 2003 shall be split 50/50 between a research grant for cancer research and a project to fund wildemess preservation in Nepal. No-one from the expedition will be permitted to make any money for themselves.

So far my team consists of three people. My two companions are veteran expeditioners and mountaineers. In the next eight years I plan to add climbers from Australia, New Zealand, Nepal and Great Britain.

There are few occasions that allow us to galvanize public attention on issues as vital as the environment and our own health but it is clear that the two are inextricably linked. In scaling the highest point on Earth we shall be focussing mankind's view upon the fact that we live upon a fragile and beautiful planet; that we must care as much for it as we must care for ourselves.

I am confident that the fiftieth anniversary expedition will capture the imagination of the world. Hopefully, it can raise a substantial sum for two worthy causes at the same time." 
MCLEAN, Michael (I-2553)
993 Michelle's mother, Glenda, might have had the surname of Sandell and/or Kemp - one surname might be her maiden surname and the other from a previous partner. Was this partner the father of Michelle?
Glenda married Phillip Sturtzel who became Michelles's stepfather. 
994 Might have died 10th July 1962 - according to the BRB BORRETT, John (I-5155)
995 Migrated ex Dumferline, Fifeshire, on the 'Fairfield' in 1839 INGLIS, James (I-14)
996 Migrated from England to Melbourne with her parents, Elizabeth and Richard Dixon. They arrived 2nd Nov 1858. Her brother, Rev Mark Dixon had come out earlier. DIXON, Elizabeth (I-3835)
997 Migrated to South Australia on 'Mary Elizabeth' in 1858 HORNBY, William Prescott (senior) (I-1677)
998 Migrated to South Australia on the 'Mary Elizabeth' in 1858.
She gave birth to William Prescott (junior) Hornby on 17th Dec 1858, just 14 days out from England. He was the first of her children. 
HORNBY, Unknown (I-1678)
999 Milang, Rosewonhy College, Wanbi, Minnipa, Straun, Kybybolite & North in S.A. KEOUGH, Barbara (I-5492)
1000 Mile End SA, Daglish WA,Kenmore Qld, Forest Lake Qld MCLEAN, Dora May (I-1515)
1001 Millswood
Stirling in 1993 
EMMETT, Norman Alan (I-3945)
1002 Minlaton is a town in central Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. 2006 census had a population of 773 known as the "Barley capital of the world", due to the rich Barley production in the region. INGLIS, Pamela Denise (I-91)
1003 Mollie Mildred Cheriton was born 1923. Her occupation was "clerk" and she resided with her parents at Wayville. Following their deaths she lived at Somerton Park. She died unmarried in 1986 aged 63 years and was cremated at Centennial Park. CHERITON, Mollie Mildred (I-5327)
1004 Monica's mother, Glenda, might have had the surname of Sandell and/or Kemp - one surname might be her maiden surname and the other from a previous partner. Was this partner the father of Monica?
Glenda married Phillip Sturtzel who became Monica's stepfather. 
1005 Montacute is a small regional area East of the CBD, in the Adelaide Hills SA. Located on Fifth Creek, and the mostly-rural suburb extends from Rostrevor in the west to Lenswood in the east. Family F-890
1006 Mooma Station, NSW (for several years)
North Parade, Strathalbyn 
KEOUGH, Allan Murray (I-5490)
1007 Mother:Johanna Eleanor KLIECHE Father: Carl Wilhelm HARTWIG:SOURCE SAGENEALOGY BDM HARTWIG, Johannes Eduard (I-519)
1008 MOTHER; Honor Victoria McLean. born 23/1/1909 at Narrabeen NSW.

Married 3 times.

1st marriage: to John Cusack - divorced.

1. also John Cusack b. 1/11/1934 was of Cono, Eurongilly, via Junee N.S.W.
He died aged 42 years on 5/10/1977 leaving a widow, Celsa, and 6 children:
(1) John b. 3/2/1961.
(2) Julia b. 17/4/1962.
(3) Susan b. 26/10/1963.
(4) Richard b. 23/12/1965.
(5) Helen b. 24/2/1970.
(6) Kathrine b. 13/11/1974.

2nd marriage: of Honor to Anthony Gleeson - divorced.

CHILD: a son Michael Anthony.

3rd marriage: to John Clare about 1962 who left her a month later

She died 20/10/1962 aged 53 years. 
CUSACK, John (I-2614)
1009 Moved 1952 entered in a map field.Source unknown to me: Lorna McLean 23.05.2016 RAGGATT, Sophia Stephens (I-7138)
1010 Moved to this house in 1920 and lived there for many years. BERNDT, Marie Alwena Elizabeth (I-3841)
1011 Moved to Wallaroo after their wedding. MCLEAN, David (I-5597)
1012 Mt Burr - before marrying David
Melbourne - 1995 
TODD, Katrina (I-4949)
1013 Mt Eliza, Hastings and Frankston SMITH, Kevin Robert (I-3750)
1014 Mum (Joan Natalie (Smith) Mclean third and last daughter of Charles Robert Smith says he was once a Taylor-Smith. She cant remember when he dropped the Taylor part but thinks it was in his married life period. Not certain. She states he was youngest of 13 children.  SMITH, Charles Robert Taylor (I-7931)
1015 Muriel died at about the age of 90 years. MITCHELL, Muriel (I-9035)
1016 Murray George Loder b. 22/10/1947.
Married - 1st: Marilyn Collard (2 children) - divorced.

Married 2nd: Stephanie Sayer (4 children).

His occupation: Spray painter.

Residence: South St. North Dardalup, W.A.

His Children:
(1) Sean Loder b. 18/1/1972 (now Smith).
(2) Gavin Loder b. 11/2/1974 (now Smith).
Above Sean and Gavin were adopted by stepfather named Smith.
(3) Daniel Murray Loder b. 10/5/1982.
(4) Isaac William Loder b. 22/3/1984.
(5) Chantelle Jade Loder b. 13/6/1986.
(6) Melissa Dawn Loder b. 6/2/1989. 
LODER, Murray George (I-5811)
1017 My Heritage website, Researcher Lorna McLean 18.09.2018
Johann Georg Heinrich Hoklas----MyHeritage Family Trees
Bailey (our family3 in Bailey Web Site, managed by Geoff Bailey
Birth: Aug 31 1853 - Adelaide, South Australia.
Death: Aug 31 1911 - New Mecklenburg, South Australia.
Parents: Joachim Heinrich Hoklas, Anna Magdalene Elisabeth Hoklas (born Schmaal)
Wife: Christiane Lydia Christine Hoklas (born Minge)
Children: Johann Heinrich Hoklas, Maria Louise Hoklas, Bertha Ida Hoklas, August Heinrich Hoklas, Gustav Carl Hoklas, Martha Lydia Hoklas, Anna Elisabeth Elizabeth Hoklas, Alma Selma Hoklas, Ottilie Olga Hoklas 
HOKLAS, Johann Georg Heinrich (I-8565)
1018 My Heritage: Gladys May Holdane Australia, Births and Baptisms, 1792-1981 Birth: July 26 1903 Christening: May 24 1908 - St. Paul's Parish, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia Parents:Alan Robert Holdane, Alice Annie Holdane nee Stacey NOTE: google maps cannot locate "St Paul" in South Australia HALDANE, Gladys May (I-1070)
1019 Name from My Heritage (Kaye Annette McArdle) GRAVESTOCK, Thomas (I-5828)
1020 Name obtained from My Heritage (Kaye Annette McArdle) PEARSON, NEE GRAVESTOCK, Mary Ann (Marion) (I-1241)
1021 Nancy Gemmell ('Old Strathalbyn', p14) states Catherine was born in Glasgow in 1823. However, Persia has been confirmed by John Mathews.  DAWSON, Catherine (I-5)
1022 Napier is second name of two sons named Robert McLean. Of course this Robert was given a nickname "Tick". Some of this was not provided in the initial BRB and was advised later. Source Don Gordon. MCLEAN, Robert Napier (I-5566)
1023 Neil Lionel Warner b. 20/12/1951 at Nhill, Vic.
Educated at Nhill State and High Schools. Moved to Melbourne to work at Coles Stores, then at a newsagency at Tullamarine and a bank teller at C.B.A. Melbourne.
Married twice
1st: to Carol Davis. Divorced.
2nd: to Alexandra Zoric whose parents emigrated from Yugoslavia 1950. She was born at Morwell, Vic. on 11/7/1956.
From 1984 to 1988 they had a newsagency at Murray Bridge, S.A. thence to Frankston, Vic. their present (1995) residence. Neil works for Frankston plumbing business, Alexandra at a TAFE College bookshop. 
WARNER, Neil Lionel (I-3108)
1024 Neil probably died young because he was listed as one year old in the 1841 census but was mentioned when the family migrated in 1848.  MCLUCAIS, Neil (I-8788)
1025 Neil's sister, Dora, said that all the siblings, except Neil, were born at home in Tarragon Street. Neil was the only one born at hospital. It is not known whether there was a particular reason why his birth arrangements were different. Note by Don Gordon on 8th May 2018.  MCLEAN, Neil Graham (I-1559)
1026 Newport in Monmouthshire County Wales UK WAY, Eliza (I-8643)
1027 Newport is a cathedral and university city and unitary authority area in south east Wales. It is located on the River Usk close to its confluence with the Severn Estuary, approximately 12 miles northeast of Cardiff.Wikipedia
Area:190 km² Area code:01633 Did you know:Newport is the third-most-populous locality in Wales by population (149,100).
Sources include:wikipedia.org 
WAY, Annie (I-8642)
1028 Newry is in Northern Ireland 34 miles from Belfast and 67 miles from Dublin with a population of 29,946 in 2011. Newry straddles counties Armagh and Down. DONALDSON, John (I-7618)
1029 No children. Both were buried at Centennial Park Adelaide SA KENT, Hilda Amy (I-8725)
1030 No children. Both were buried at Centennial Park Adelaide SA KANALEY, Stephen Ernest b1881 (I-8684)
1031 No date of death has been found for James. WATT, James (I-8398)
1032 no evidence referred to but stated as 'before' Apr 1839 with no explanation-yet DAWSON, Jean (I-7850)
1033 No evidence source provided Family F-2361
1034 No headstone because cremated.  APPELT, Maurice Albert (I-5371)
1035 No sign of her birth registration has been found, but Robena married on October 8th, 1872, stating that she was 21 years old. This would indicate her birth year as approximately 1851.  JEFFREYS, Robena Ann (I-7819)
1036 Noarlunga, Aldinga Beach, Seaford and Port Noarlunga MCRAE, Cecilia May (I-3914)
1037 Noone talked of funerals in those days, it was only when the girls were in their teens they realised that when mum (Glady Irene Smith (nee Stoyel) wore her grey hat and left them home was she attending a funeral.  SMITH, Charles Robert Taylor (I-7931)
1038 Norman Albert PURSCHE burial records state SECTION Religion Protestant 6A, plot 2073. Last residence Kitchener Street Peterborough SA. Right of Internment No02609 Officiating Minister Rev J A Winn. Source Email Marilyn Whittenbury29.9.17 PURSCHE, Private Norman Albert (I-169)
1039 North Parade, Strathalbyn (1963 Electoral Roll)
A cottage in High St, Strathalbyn (later, where he died) 
KEOUGH, Brian Glenwynne (I-5457)
1040 North Rhine River SA is the only entry in Google (2017) however there may have been a residence or settlement with North Rhine SA name back in 1856. TBA-investigated. PURSCHE, Ernst Gottleib (I-8554)
1041 Note BRB indicates birth registration location as Sellicks Hill SA and genealogysa indicates Willunga SA. No change by researcher.  MCRAE, Augusta Vera (I-3943)
1042 Note NEW HAMBURG SA was correct at birth. However later 1917 (Source Google 18.09.2018 Researcher Lorna McLean) states that it was later referred to as Willyaroo SA, and in fact an area just south of Strathalbyn SA COAD, Arthur William (I-2688)
1043 Note NEW HAMBURG SA was correct at birth. However later 1917 (Source Google 18.09.2018 Researcher Lorna McLean) states that it was later referred to as Willyaroo SA, and in fact an area just south of Strathalbyn SA COAD, Sarah Jane (I-8533)
1044 Note: Both bride and groom were widowed.  Family F-1389
1045 Now known by the surname McDONALD. LACKMANN, Lila Olive (I-3398)
1046 Nursing Home BORRETT, Annie McLean (I-5226)
1047 Of note this DOB 21.7.1987 (matching in both genealogySA and nominal roll of WWII) creates a dilemma of being born MUCH LATER than original DOB sourced from somewhere in BRB.
It leaves Christina (wife) as born 20 years earlier firstborn only when he was 7yoa.....mysterious.  
KEOUGH, James b.1856 (I-5347)
1048 Oldesloe near Politz, Duchy of Holstein Germany STEHN, Johann Diedrich (I-8196)
1049 on 27.5.2016 Lorna McLean altered the year of marriage of Margaret McLean to first husband from 1950 to 1850. the dates dont marry up AT ALL otherwise.

IN FACT THE PROFILE OF MARGARET MCLEAN STATES (even with above alteration-guesstimate-change) that her first child ELIZABETH KEATING was born 1848. Not unusual for those days as distances to registry offices are few and far between. At 20miles a day on horse back. Add a buggy, weather and a newly delivered baby to more travel time on a buggy.

05/12/2016 Another website http://www.familyhistorysa.info/colonists.html
states KEATING James, Margaret MCLEAN married 1850-08-08 at Manse, Freeman St, Adelaide SA, aged 25, 23. This is giving them birth dates of James in 1825, and Margaret 1827? Further research necessary to justify altering the BRB team research. 
Family F-1715
1050 On 29th Sept 1973, the wedding ceremony was conducted by Bryan Malcolm Young according to the rites of the Methodist Church at the Methodist Church at Wasleys in South Australia. The witnesses were Trevor Donald McLean and Rhonda Jean Fischer. Family F-1267
1051 On BRB p294) John was referred to as 'Squire of the Plains' (Jottings in Southern Argus, 23rd May 1918).  MCLEAN, John (I-2973)
1052 On death Certificate on VICTORIA BDM states mother as Ellen Lyon. Fathers name William Phillip.  MIRRIELEES, William Ronald (I-7613)
1053 On death certificate. MCLEAN, Soward Herbert (I-4538)
1054 On her son's birth certi Jeannie signed her name as Winnifred Jane Spry nee Andrews. Jeannie did not change her name legally by deed poll. Her mamage certi states her name as Winniford Andrews. MCLEAN, Jeannie Winniford (I-3783)
1055 On his marriage certificate, Melvin's birthplace was given as Kooringa in South Australia. WILSON, Melvin Frederick (I-8156)
1056 On October 12 suddenly, at the residence of her daughter (Mrs Jean Potter) 68 Milner Street Prospect SA. Elsie, beloved widow of Mr Frank Painter, loving mother of Jean and Allan. Aged 67 years. TAYLOR-SMITH, Elsie (I-8345)
1057 On page 156 in Rachel's section it is ambiguous whether Henry's surname was Morris or Hutchison.  HUTCHISON OR MORRIS, Henry William (I-6960)
1058 On property 'Ben Lomond' Glen Innes NSW MOTT, Harold Angus Edmund (I-6505)
1059 on sagenealogy.sa.gov.au it also states Ethel Stringers mother as Emma Jane Reid and Father as William John Stringer. No further details offered so I have not added this. Lorna McLean 14.11.16 STRINGER, Ethel Elizabeth (I-1702)
1060 On the 'China' in 1852. STURGEON, Charles (I-2983)
1061 On the 'China' in 1852. UNKNOWN, Elizabeth (I-2984)
1062 On the west coast. HORNBY, Isabella Winniefred (I-2006)
1063 OPR attached to this profile. STACEY, Sarah Ann (I-8820)
1064 Or 1844. KELLY, Peter (I-664)
1065 Or 1873. STARK, Andrew Edward (I-666)
1066 Or 1891 - check this. MATTHEWS, Reuben George (I-9052)
1067 Or 31st February 1882 NUTT, Horace George Archibald (I-1303)
1068 Or born 1892 at Bringalbert South - check this. MATTHEWS, Stella Vinicombe (I-1512)
1069 Or born 28th December 1911 as per Dawson book in the Goolwa library.  MCLEAN, Eliza Ann b1851 (I-778)
1070 Or born in Boolcunda, SA - per Kaye Schofield email 28th Feb 2019.
TEAGUE, Florence Matilda (I-1304)
1071 Or born in Wilson. INGLIS, Linda (I-567)
1072 Or did she die in 1951 - check this MATTHEWS, Stella Vinicombe (I-1512)
1073 Or Harriot? ARMSTRONG, Harriet (I-9065)
1074 Or McGilchrist GILCHRIST, Margaret (I-9155)
1075 Or Orroroo NUTT, Jessie May (I-1376)
1076 Or spelt Olliver BURTT, Robert Oliver (I-6162)
1077 Or surname of How. BEABER, Susannah Mary (I-2291)
1078 Or was born on 30th March 1887 in Walloway, SA -as per Kaye Schofield email on 28th Feb 2019. NUTT, Joseph Hurtle Mark (I-1352)
1079 Or was he born in July - check this. MATTHEWS, Richard James (I-9043)
1080 Or was her name 'Emma Amelia'? JEWELL, Ellen (I-1514)
1081 Or was this 1859 - check this. MATTHEWS, George (I-1513)
1082 ORIGINAL ENTRY(no evidence provided)Mariposa Twp, Victoria Co, Ontario, Canada MCLEAN, John (I-8833)
1083 ORIGINAL LOCATION(no evidence provided) from Mull website:Oshawa, Durham, Ontario Canada??? Death Location: Oshawa is a city in Ontario, Canada, on the Lake Ontario shoreline. It lies in Southern Ontario, approximately 60 kilometres east of Downtown Toronto
MCLEAN, John (I-8833)
1084 Original settlements; Schoenborn and New Macklenburg from 1852 - 1855, mostly German families. These areas original inhabitants were Ngadjuri Aboriginals. Explored by Colonel William Light in 1837. Family F-2788
1085 Originally called St Annes Hospital (a private Catholic dominant-with the last nuns working there in the 1980's) Today in 2016: still a private hospital and renamed Mercy Hospital around 2005 LONG, Darryl Robert Gary (I-5781)
1086 Osea is known as Yaca Hoffman (Yaca is pronounced Yatha). Mela is Yaca's aunt, but she and Craig are adopting him. BOGITINI, Osea (I-5409)
1087 Oswald Gwynne Stoyel; father: James Stoyel and mother: Amelia Stuart Mathews.

Oswald Gwynne Stoyel m. Bertha May Kanaley in Adelaide SA in 1907 (source GenealogySA.org.au) Source Researcher Lorna McLean 20.7.17 
STOYEL, Oswald Gwynne (I-7952)
1088 Ottilie is the last of nine children listed in notes of fathers and mothers birth evidence  HOKLAS, Olga Ottilie (I-8559)
1089 Ouyen
Beulah, Vic 
MCLEAN, Allan George (I-4301)
1090 P. C. Graney was a World War 2 hero who was killed on active service, but left no offspring. GRANEY, Patrick Charles (I-5234)
1091 Page 274 of the History of Donald & Christina McDonald states that an orbituary for Christina Sturgeon (nee McLean) in a Melbourne newspaper (undated, but probably early November 1930), indicated that Christina's sister, the late Mrs Richard Jones (nee Mary Ann McLean), and Christina's own husband, George Henry Sturgeon, had died two and a half years previously, following a motor car accident. MCLEAN, Mary Ann (I-2978)
1092 Page 274 of the History of Donald & Christina McDonald states that an orbituary for Christina Sturgeon (nee McLean) in a Melbourne newspaper (undated, but probably early November 1930), indicated that Christina's sister, the late Mrs Richard Jones (nee Mary Ann McLean), and Christina's own husband, George Henry Sturgeon, had died two and a half years previously, following a motor car accident. STURGEON, George Harvey (I-2982)
1093 Pamela Jean McLean, b. 16/2/1955 at Strathalbyn.
Occupation: Part-time teacher, netball umpire and coach.
Married: Wayne Wheare b. 11/7/1954.
Occupation: Farmer. He played football for Curramulka, cricket and is a keen sailor.
Residence: Curramulka (PO Box 29), S.A. 5580.
(1) Velia Kate Wheare b. 14/6/1978 at Minlaton S.A.
She went to New Zealand as a Rotary Exchange Student in 1994.
(2) Annette Louise Wheare b. 20/8/1980 at Minlaton S.A. Now has a single son (source 3rd Jan 2018:ljm)
(3) Neil Roger Wheare b. 9/7/1983 at Minlaton SA 
MCLEAN, Pamela Jean# (I-3868)
1094 Pamela's mother's (Jean's) death certificate states that Pamela was born on 10th Feb 1955. MCLEAN, Pamela Jean# (I-3868)
1095 Para Hills, SA - with James
Findon, SA - with Bill 
LAVERY, Ellen Ivy (I-4516)
1096 Parents Henry Wilson and Rachel Reay:SOURCE Ancestry WILSON, Agnes Nancy (I-8458)
1097 Parents listed by Ian Barnes and agree with SAGENEALOGY.com Joseph Phillips FATHER William Phillips and MOTHER Charity Bath.
Year of Birth:1872 child:PHILLIPS,Joseph FATHER:William PHILLIPS MOTHER,Charity BATH in district Daly RegNo.106/255 
PHILLIPS, Joseph (I-3114)
1098 parents lived in Hollyoake WA near Dwellingup. occupation was a shop keeper worked for the state saw mills.

george sydney Loder was an accountant in many different locations around WA

LODER, George Sydney (I-5803)
1099 parents sourced from SA Genealogy birth record of Myra alberta SEAGRIM. Father:Albert William SEAGRIM and mother:Emma May FORDHAM. Currently No further information SEAGRIM, Myra Alberta (I-80)
1100 Passed away at 5yoa thought to be an asthma attack. JOHNSTON, May (I-5768)
1101 Pat Long wrote (18.07.16) details of correction for Victor John Long and he was christened in C of E in Burekup WA LONG, Victor John b.1927 (I-5778)
1102 Patricia Anne Loder b. 18/2/1937 at Perth, W.A.
Married: at Merredin, W.A. «b»Victor John Long«/b» (b. 1927) and removed to Perth in 1963.
Residence: (1995) Morley, Perth, W.A.then to Vivash Perth WA in 2014
History: as written by herself with a composite photo showing all her interests & activities.written in c1995
"l found out in my last year at school, (14yoa) that if you work hard and want something enough, you can usually achieve your goal. I have tried to apply that philosophy to my life. After my marriage in 1958, I left work to raise my four children, returning to study for my certificate in Onglaze Painting.?1981 This enabled me to teach part-time for TAFE, which I did for 15 years. I have won many awards for my china and glass painting and have paintings throughout the world. The highlight of my painting has been the donation of a hand painted dinner set to the Merredin Museum, which depicts my family's many happy years there.
For the past 12 years, I have been support crew to my sons, who are State and Australian White Water Canoeing representatives. My other interests are cake decorating and collecting whiskey jugs, a hobby started by aquisition of a jug owned by my grandfather. Recently I have also taken up stained glass window making, which I have found very rewarding. The highlight or 1993 for me, was entering the Master's Milk Carton Regatta, with my entry MISHA-K9, which I had created in the shape of our dog's head. It was a great day as many family and friends joined in the fun.
Recently I have had the opportunity to travel and my ambition is to travel to as many different places in Australia as I can. I have toured Western Australia and Northern Australia during the c1990'sfairly extensively, and am off to Tasmania soon. As a momento of my travels, I have collected souvenir spoons from each of the towns and am building up quite a collection!
In 1979, I started research about my grandmother, Elizabeth McLean in response to a call for information on early settlers families for the Western Australian Bi-Centennial celebrations. Margaret maggie) first child=malcolm died, moved to Gwalia (shop in both town) and my mother researched in 1985-6 of the Gwalia history. I am a member of the Clan MacLean Assoc. of W.A., and my husband is a member of the Hotham Valley Railway, being the driver of the train trip of this tourist railway." 
LODER, Patricia Anne # (I-5777)
1103 Patricia Long created the memorial HS and named Matthew with a second name Robert. No evidence found. TBA followup with Pat Long Midland WA 20.02.2018 Lorna Mclean JOHNSTON, Matthew (I-5711)
I am seeking the DATE AND PLACE of DEATH of my maternal great grandfather OSWALD GWYN STOYEL. b.8 Nov 1884 Port Adelaide SA, married BERTHA MAY KANALEY on 17 Apr 1907 at St Augustine Church Unley SA (family church location). they had female 1907, female 1909, female 1911, male 1914, male 1916, then divorced in 1 Apr 1919 (divorce reported in Police Gazette-Adelaide) and my mother says he was never heard of again.
to find him I have searched cemetery, migration, military, newspapers, and interstate BDMs plus several FB genealogy groups. It was FB group that pointed out on your website under STOYEL BERTHA MAY comes up with one death. Berthas (my great grandmother, died at Belair SA, RegNo53A/5987 on 11 Aug 1968, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY marital status W, AND Relative 1: Oswald Gwynne Stoyel [DH] etc etc.

Now since the last two lines of information align with our knowledge, but it wont come up on your website with a summary (logged off) or in detail (logged on) at all.

BACKGROUND TO OSWALD GWYNN STOYEL: once an Honours student receiving accolades, became a school teacher, resigned as a school teacher 5 years prior to marriage (of my wealthy great grandmother) and 8 months after wedding first child born. Divorced a very wealthy lady after 5 children and 12 years marriage. Then nothing,
So can you please tell us where he died, what date he died and where is his grave please since your record of BERTHA MAY STOYEL in 1968 (technologically very recent) states twice of his passing viz "she was a widow and the name of her deceased husband [DH]. You have no idea HOW MUCH my ailing mother will go to her rest knowing these details. She is now sick at 85 yoa and often he comes into her discussions.  
STOYEL, Oswald Gwynne (I-7952)
1105 Percy (Boyce) McRae b. 16/8/1889 at Sellicks Hill SA, the 4th child of Allan and Bertha McRae.

Married twice.

1st marriage: to Ella Constance Wemen- Two sons : Lancelot C.1916 and Murray b.UNKNOWN.

2nd marriage: to Rose Osmond - no children

As was seen earlier his main interest was in racing and owning and training race horses. However he became a publican and is recorded as being the licensee of the Henley Hotel SA. Henley in 1924, then "The Central" Port Adelaide 7/12/1926 to 23/4/1927 last known "The Hoyleton Hotel" 2/11/1931 to 3/6/1934. Previous to these he had followed his mother. After her death at Tapleys Hill SA from 1916 to 1923. All Movements lost after 1934. 
MCRAE, Percy Boyce (I-3934)
1106 Percy was 4 years and 10 months old when he died on 28th June 1920 - so he was born about August 1915. HARRISON, Percy Haldane (I-8193)
1107 Percy was baptised on 13th August 1875 at Clapham Holy Trinity, London, England. For this, Judi Mooney refers to the London, England Births & Baptisms 1813-1906 - but no specific evidence source reference was given. HARRISON, Percy Hugh (I-8035)
1108 Peter had two daughter's from an ealier marriage before marrying Christine. Peter and Christine didn't have any children together. But they cared for four girls - two from Christine's first marriage to Frank Aquino, and the two from Peter's previous marriage. HAMER, Peter (I-5798)
1109 Peter was killed in a level crossing accident. LAWRIE, Peter James (I-6319)
1110 Peter Wayne McLean b: 30/7/1959, Wallaroo. S.A.
Peter added his step~father's surname of Nugent to his own as did the younger members.
Occupation: Construction supervisor
Married: Jennifer Kaye Brodie
Residence: Naracoorte_ S.A.
MCLEAN, Peter Wayne (I-5673)
1111 Peter's birthdate cannot be correct (ie must be much earlier than 1966) if he is the father of Micheal (1977) and the other children. NYKIEL, Peter John (I-3804)
1112 Philip's mother is Paula Jones, before she married Robert Morris - ie Philip is Robert's step-son. JONES, Philip (I-5496)
1113 Phillip Jack /Dupuy Birth 17 July 1923 Melbourne, Vic Death
2 Sep 1975 at St. Vincent Hospital, Melbourne, Vic buried Templestowe Vic, PARENTS Father,Robert Justin Dupuy, Mother, Margaret Brittania Rosedew /Smith/
Jack was interested in Golf and shooting. He had his own business "Burnley Body /works" in Burnley until he died. He joined the RAAF and went to New Guinea and the Soloman Islands where he was wounded by a sniper. When he arrived home from war he was in Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital to recover from malaria. He served for four years in the 24th Aust. Infantry Battalion AIF, VX144092. Helen is interested in golf, gardening and knitting. She has been a shop assistant at Adams Cakes and after Jack's death she sold their business and worked as a shop assistant in Myers. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, "Pedigree Resource File," database, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/2:2:3F9Z-BJG : accessed 2017-12-07), entry for Phillip Jack /Dupuy/. 
DUPUY, Phillip Jack (I-3687)
1114 Piles Station, Cuthero CLARK, Mary Ann (I-8415)
1115 Place of retirement. BORRETT, Harry Jeffrey (I-5158)
1116 Plot 309 Division 1
MCLEAN, Mary b. 1818 (I-3902)
1117 Plot 581, div unknown WYLIE, Margaret May (I-5156)
1118 Plot 61 section 1 FORSYTH, David (I-6761)
1119 Plot 80, DIV 1, Strathalbyn Cemetery Parker Road
DAWSON, James (snr) (I-784)
1120 Plot: East Area Rose Bed E58 22 ABBOT, Archibald Dudley (I-1112)
1121 Plot: East Area Rose Bed E58 23 STATED on findagrave.com POOLE, Mary Haldane (I-1111)
1122 Port Germain cemetery WILSON, Agnes Nancy (I-8458)
1123 Possibly born at Belvidere. TASSIE, Janet Jeffreys (I-5018)
1124 Possibly born in Glenelg. TASSIE, Jeffrey Robert (I-5065)
1125 Possibly called Nellie. SMITH, Rena Nellie (I-2765)
1126 Possibly her middle name is spelt Anne MCLEAN, Margaret Ann (I-3660)
1127 Possibly married William (Bill) Vine.
Her name might have been spelt Trudi. 
BRADLEY, Trudy Louise (I-1652)
1128 Possibly named 'Mirian'. PHILLIPS, Marion Haldane (I-1135)
1129 Possibly nicknamed 'Jen'. LINES, Jean Audrey (I-569)
1130 Possibly Peter Hamilton Bradley BRADLEY, Peter Graham (I-1653)
1131 Possibly sometimes spelt 'Derek' ANDREWS, Dereck John (I-657)
1132 Possibly spelt 'Bradey' DOYLE, Brady Alexander (I-1503)
1133 Possibly spelt with a C = Catherine MCLEAN, Katherine Graham (I-1610)
1134 Presbyterian Church Family F-498
1135 Presbyterian Church, Rosedale, Vic Family F-2306
1136 Previously ASHBY, Jillian Heather (I-4689)
1137 Pud worked on the farm, lumped wheat with his uncle Jack for many years on stacks and on ships, and later was a council worker HORNBY, Percival William John (Pud) (I-1701)
1138 Question : Was Gilbert related to 'our' McLeans? MCLEAN, Gilbert Douglas (I-5197)
1139 Question : Did 2 sisters marry 2 brothers? - ie Elsie-Francis and Rose-George? - ie were Francis and George brothers? DAVIS, Rose Amelia (I-4232)
1140 Question : Did 2 sisters marry 2 brothers? - ie Elsie-Francis and Rose-George? - ie were Francis and George brothers? GRAY, George Edwin (I-4233)
1141 Question : Did 2 sisters marry 2 brothers? - ie Elsie-Francis and Rose-George? - ie were Francis and George brothers? DAVIS, Elsie Maud (I-4268)
1142 Question : Did 2 sisters marry 2 brothers? - ie Elsie-Francis and Rose-George? - ie were Francis and George brothers? GRAY, Francis Allen (I-4269)
1143 Question : How is Lionel McLEAN related to 'our' McLeans? MCLEAN, Lionel (I-5680)
1144 Question : With a middle name of McLean, was she related to the McLean by blood as well as by marriage? GEMMELL, Janet McLean (I-5017)
1145 Rachels Genealogy section of BRB on page 89 has the wife of David Levington Dunn as Levinia UNKNOWN. genealogysa.org identify Emily Loretta Brooks.  BROOKS, Emily Loretta (I-6296)
1146 Railway employee who was at various country towns, and by the time of his retirement he was Superintendent of Railways at Adelaide. MCLEAN, Archibald James b.1914 (I-2340)
1147 Rat of Tobruk enlisted 17 May 1940, died 15 Sep 1941 at 22yoa buried at Tobruk War Cemetery LACKMANN, Colin James (I-3397)
1148 Ray was apparently legally adopted by Leanora before Leanora married Dudley. AGPASA, Ray (I-3309)
1149 Raymond and Patricia currently run a successful business as motor body repairers and automotive parts/equipment distributors. They have been in business in Chelsea since 1978. SMITH, Raymond John (I-3721)
1150 Receipt of burial documentation from Cemetery Board of SA with Lorna Mclean 20.7.17.Both in Plot number 7549 Path 50N in North Road Cemetery Adelaide SA
Headstone reads "In loving memory of IRENE JOYA (in fact Joyce; unmarried) SMITH passed away 17 March 1950 Aged 21 loved by all. Also Gladys Irene SMITH-nee Stoyel passed away 19 Jun 1968 aged 58". Source Lorna Mclean 20.7.2017
STOYEL, Gladys Irene (I-8439)
1151 Reginald died in the Gawler Private Hospital. FISCHER, Reginald Edgar (I-8388)
1152 Registered only as Jeff & not as Jeff Jeffreys as was his cousin. Son of Hugh the elder & who died of measles at Adelaide SA at the age of 13 & who has been constantly confused with this Jeff of Hugh the Younger & vice versa.

Jeff was living at Strathalbyn and unmarried in 1896.

"Southern Argus" published 12/11/1896 - (Thursday):

"A Nasty Cut (heading). Mr Jeff McLean, while leading some horses on Thursday morning had a nasty fall from his horse which made an unexpected turn round a corner. Mr McLean fell on his head, some ugly cuts being the result as well as a severe shaking which gave him a great deal of pain for several days."

Jeff seems to have left Strathalbyn about the same time as his brother went to the Kalgoorlie goldfields and himself went to Broken Hill NSW (Researcher later added this note; at WAGS lecture about the beginnings of Broken Hill; the town was "a part of SA" for a long period of history due to its proximity and a railway in the earliest days of settlement of a population varying up and down of 40,000 ppl. Lorna McLean 01/12/2016)

DEATH: according to some of his family - at Broken Hill aged 33 years in 1906.

The following in the "Southern Argus" under General News on 15/1/1885 probably also refers to Jeff McLean when he was aged about 12 Years:-

"An accident to a lad named McLean here yesterday morning. He was riding a horse to water when the animal reared up and fell backward on him, hurting his back. He was at once taken into the Robin Hood Hotel and Dr Young was promptly in attendance. The sufferer was able to walk home in a few hours time." 
MCLEAN, Jeff (I-5709)
1153 Registration 89A/27 MCLEAN, Robert William Milne (I-5563)
1154 Registration not found. HORNBY, Allan William (I-1679)
1155 Registration of birth not found.
Margaret and Donald were first cousins. 
MCLEAN, Margaret Jean (I-2458)
1156 Researcher Lorna McLean found an entry on genealogysa website and the citation will explain the name is in fact Mary. HUGHES, May Stodart (I-2627)
1157 RESIDENCE 14 Wootoona Tce St Georges SA PHILLIPS, Marion Haldane (I-1135)
1158 Residence not known MUNRO, Tony (I-587)
1159 Residence of HP Richardson, Gillowa, River Darling, NSW (ref: Evening Journal, Adelaide on 29th April 1886) Family F-2749
1160 RESIDENCE Oyster Harbour, Frenchmans Bay, Albany WA SMITH, Joan Natalie (I-3874)
1161 Residing in the original Bradley farm house. BRADLEY, Philip Hamilton (I-1660)
1162 Retired in 1976. KELLER, Frank Leslie (I-5536)
1163 Retired in 1981 - due to ill health. MCLEAN, Keith Hugh (I-2538)
1164 Retired to Gawler LINES, Mary Edna (I-596)
Married: Betina Merle Wilson, b. 4/9/1923 at Melbourne. Divorced, no children - died on 11/4/1986. _
2nd Marriage: to Leanora Agpasa, b. 16/11/1952, at Phillipines and has legally adopted the following children:-
(1) Jay Agpasa, b. 18/7/1975, at Phillipines.
(2) Ray Agpasa, b. 15/10/1978, at Phillipines.
Child of the 2nd marriage:-
(3) James Ernest Hopetoun McLean, b. 4/9/1984, at Rosebud, Victoria.
Residence: 275 Jetty Road, ROSEBUD, Vic. 3939. 
MCLEAN, Dudley James (I-3305)
1166 Rev Rolfe was the marriage celebrant at 'Glenkeith' Finnis River SA Family F-1996
1167 Rex's great love is horses and he is an accomplished equestrian. He was married at 10am Saturday 17th so that he could participate in jumping events at Royal Adelaide Show that day.  Family F-1917
1168 Richard John Spry «/b»b. 3/3/1911, Kaniva, Vic.
Occupation: Jack of all trades and farmer
Married 1st: at Kaniva, Vic., Gladys Isabel Rodriguez b. 3/3/1913
Her occupation: Housewife, dressmaker
Married 2nd: Mavis Lillian Twelvtree b. 1916, housewife, dressmaker.
3rd: in Adelaide, Mary Mathews. Jack of all trades.
Residence: Tintinara, S.A.
of Gladys Isabel on 29/11/1971 at Keith, S.A.
of Mavis on 24/8/1976 at Keith Hospital, S.A.
of Richard John of cancer on 27/9/1987.
All interred at Tintinara, S.A.
Children - only two, both from the first marriage with Gladys - Pamela (1937) and Wendy (1944. 
SPRY, Richard John (I-3810)
1169 Rodneys children.
judith ryan liam first boy 32yoa? 1981. ambitious cropping 17,000 acres children chloe; born in march=9yoa aaron george=7yoa. Mum kerry POole Coworanup WA.

second boy kurt reid born july 29yoa gerdener display homes and pravately. lives in perth recently married Catherine "cat" 2016 in september. nursing at ecu trained various locations.

emily elizabeth Forsthye=31 yoa 12 jan. married scott rain (october marriage) livng Darwin NT no children yet.  
MAY, Judith (I-6820)
1170 Rose was a widow with one son, prior to marrying Syd Family F-2146
1171 Ross-shire MCRAE, Duncan (I-3908)
1172 Roy McLean born 26/11/1909 at Wallaroo, S.A.
Occupation : Leading Blasting Furnace Hand at Wallaroo Smelters & also at the Mt Lyell Fertiliser Smelters.
Married: at the Presbyterian Church, Wallaroo, «b»Mary Yeates«/b», daughter of Frederick (Roy) Barr Yeates & his wife Margaret May (nee Thomas).
Residence: Wallaroo.
Mary McLean died at Wallaroo on 3/12/1967. _
Roy McLean died on 28/4/1971 aged 63 years at Wallaroo where both were interred.
MCLEAN, Roy (I-5651)
1173 Royal Adelaide Hospital Adelaide SA MCLEAN, Robert Tannahill (I-5559)
1174 Royal Adelaide Hospital nursed until she passed over. Buried at Strathalbyn Cemetery.  MCLEAN, Lorna Edith (I-3842)
1175 Ruby's nephew, Garry Cooper, visited the Kingston cemetery and noticed that Ruby's grave is unmarked. MCLEAN, Ruby Ann (I-2463)
1176 Rusbridge is 8 miles from Murrayville. O'DONNELL, Joanna Frances (I-3288)
1177 SAGENEALOGY.COM.AU states wedding at District Frome SA. Details on member entry of SAGENEALOGY.COM.AU state wedding at residence of brides mother at Port Augusta SA.  Family F-2689
1178 Sarah Ann McLean aged 63 years on 27/8/1919 at Minyip. Both interred at Minyip.

MCLEAN, George (Henry) (I-4213)
1179 Sarah Jane Richards Father is Thomas Henry Richards Birth regNo227/335 in Genealogy SA BDM RICHARDS, Sarah Jane (I-6150)
1180 SCGH  JOHNSTON, Muriel Heather (I-5801)
1181 Schoenborn Cemetery State Heritage listed burials from 1858 to present day.  Family F-2788
1182 Scotland, births and baptisms, 1564-1950. Born Allan Mclean gender male birth date 26 Sep 1779 birth place kilmallie argyll scotland, father Allan mclean mother Rachel Ranken. FHL Film Number 1041070 MCLEAN, Donald b1779 (I-1)
1183 Scott Whitsed advised that the first name was spelt Berlinda whereas the BRB (p69) has it as Belinda. WHITSED, Berlinda Rose (I-939)
1184 Sean and his brother Gavin were adopted by their stepfather named Smith. LODER, Sean (I-5814)
1185 Second name also given as Henry. NUTT, Rowland Herbert (I-1302)
1186 Sedan is a rural town in South Australia. It is located about 100 kilometres east of Adelaide and about 20 kilometres west of the Murray River. It is located on the dry eastern side of the Mount Lofty Ranges. PURSCHE, Ernst Gottleib (I-8554)
1187 See Agnes's biography CHAPLIN, Thomas (I-3128)
1188 See Ailsa's biography. LAW, Henry Thomas (I-3008)
1189 See Alice's biography STABERNACK, Julius Otto (I-2782)
1190 See Alice's biography. O'DWYER, John Francis (I-2805)
1191 See Alice's biography. BUTT, Leonard (I-3716)
1192 See Beryl's biography. MCINTOSH, Milton Robert (I-2990)
1193 See biography of Harriet McLean, the wife of son Edward. WARLAND, William (I-4029)
1194 See biography of Harriet McLean, the wife of son Edward. EBSHIE, Alicia (I-4030)
1195 See biography of her husband, Bertram. KERR, Betty (Jean) (I-4706)
1196 See biography of her husband, Kenneth. BLACKMORE, Melba (I-4667)
1197 See biography of husband, Colin. KECKWICK, Muriel Ethel (I-4635)
1198 See biography of husband, Hector. HANCOCK, Olive (Heather) (I-4688)
1199 See biography of husband, Murray. EDGE, Margaret (I-4714)
1200 See biography of wife, Eleanor. RANKINE, James Beevor (I-4186)
1201 See Christina's biography. HUGHES, James Henry (I-2626)
1202 See Christina's biography. STURGEON, George Harvey (I-2982)
1203 See daughter Elizabeth's migration details. UNKNOWN, Elizabeth (I-3837)
1204 See Donald's biography. FORD, Ellen Johannah (I-3224)
1205 See Donald's biography. WATSON, Eleanor Frances (I-3370)
1206 See Dudley's biography. AGPASA, Leanora (I-3307)
1207 See Elsie's biography. WILCOCK, Reverend Samuel Christopher (I-3101)
1208 See Ethel's biography. LACKMANN, Clarence Ferninand (I-3396)
1209 See Florence's biography. WELCHMAN, Robert E. (I-3125)
1210 See Harvey's biography. BAILEY, Florence Rebecca (I-3049)
1211 See Harvey's biography. CLARK, Ella (I-3050)
1212 See her husband's biography for details of her death. MARTIN, Emily Ida Mary (I-5290)
1213 See her husband's biography. SMITH, Mary Frances (I-3221)
1214 See his biography for circumstances of his death. ASHBY, Murray John (Eakie) (I-4713)
1215 See his biography. WARLAND, Lonnen Trevor (I-4120)
1216 See his biography. TASSIE, John (I-5138)
1217 See husband Albert's biography. CAKEBREAD, Caroline Lottie (I-4082)
1218 See husband Ben's biography - in Stories in the list on the left hand side of the home page - Reference 1995-Benjamin Ernest McLean & Joan Natalie Smith. SMITH, Joan Natalie (I-3874)
1219 See husband Darryl's biography. FISCHER, Joyleen Edith (I-3860)
1220 See husband Donald's biography. LAIDLAW, Margaret Ann Gollan (I-3962)
1221 See husband John's biography. DIXON, Elizabeth (I-3835)
1222 See husband Laurence's biography. SMITH, Lucy Emily Myra (I-4032)
1223 See husband's biography. UNKNOWN, Margaret (I-3233)
1224 See Iris's biography. MAGINNIS, Donald John McBain (I-3704)
1225 See Jack's biography. NEEDS, Mary Margaret (I-3234)
1226 See Jean's biography. BANNING, Sybren (I-3052)
1227 See John's McLean biography. KELLY, Jean (I-3858)
1228 See JSD'd biography BEABER, Susannah Mary (I-2291)
1229 See Ken's biography. PHILLIPS, Wanda Pamela (I-3056)
1230 See mother Amy's biography. BURDON, Phyllis Amy (I-3929)
1231 See mother Mary's biography. ABERCROMBIE, Mary (I-3907)
1232 See notes on his wife, Janet HENNING, Frederick Harriot (I-788)
1233 See Rachel's biography. HORNBY, William (Bill) Prescott (I-1676)
1234 See Ray's occupation. DOOLAN, Patricia Mary (I-3722)
1235 See Robert's biography. GILL, Ellen Veronicia (I-3720)
1236 See sister Elizabeth's migration details. DIXON, Rev Mark (I-3838)
1237 See the biographies of Benjamin Ernest McLean and Joan Natalie Smith - originally published in 1995. This can be viewed, and downloaded from the Histories section on the left hand list on the home page - reference 1995 - 5082.  MCLEAN, Benjamin Ernest (I-3873)
1238 See the biography of Albert Edward Bundey. BUNDEY, Anna Elizabeth (I-4129)
1239 See the biography of her husband, 'Peter'. PYCROFT, Lexie Nola (I-4834)
1240 See the biography of her husband, Arthur. CHAMBERLAIN, June Elsie (I-4730)
1241 See the biography of her husband, Brian. HARTWIG, Loretta (I-5458)
1242 See the biography of her husband, David. CURNOW, Elizabeth Emma (I-5598)
1243 See the biography of her husband, David. WILES, Lilian (I-5649)
1244 See the biography of her husband, Gordon. LONG, Ruth Weller (I-5733)
1245 See the biography of her husband, Gordon. DOWNING, Agnes May (I-5736)
1246 See the biography of her husband, Gordon. THOMAS, Patricia (I-5737)
1247 See the biography of her husband, Graham. CLARK, Laura Millicent (I-5326)
1248 See the biography of her husband, James. MARTIN, Emily Ida Mary (I-5290)
1249 See the biography of her husband, John. WENZEL, Alice Augusta (I-5157)
1250 See the biography of her husband, John. MCCORD, Mildred Jane (I-5287)
1251 See the biography of her husband, Lindsay. CHANT, Mary Jane (Madie) (I-4903)
1252 See the biography of her husband, Malcolm. TAYLOR, Mary (I-4828)
1253 See the biography of her husband, Malcolm. GASKIN, Irene Esther (I-4829)
1254 See the biography of her husband, Peter. BRODIE, Jennifer Kaye (I-5674)
1255 See the biography of her husband, Robert. SOMMER, Sophie Henrietta (I-5560)
1256 See the biography of her husband, Soward. KRUGER, Maria Elizabeth (I-4484)
1257 See the biography of his brother, Matthew. JOHNSTON, Edward (I-5714)
1258 See the biography of his mother, Ann. MCLEAN, Donald (I-5332)
1259 See the biography of his son, Matthew.profile number 5714....which reads see biography of Mathews wife. Which has little to no new information. No EVIDENCE LOCATION OR DATES=currently ineffective reporting...tba JOHNSTON, John (I-5712)
1260 See the biography of his wife, Ann MCSWEEN, Charles (I-5338)
1261 See the biography of his wife, Betty. HUGHES, Dean Edwin (I-5399)
1262 See the biography of his wife, Christina. HENDERSON, David Taylor (I-5284)
1263 See the biography of his wife, Doris. SMITH, Neville Edward Deane (I-4577)
1264 See the biography of his wife, Elizabeth Ann McLean profile number 5713 JOHNSTON, Matthew (I-5711)
1265 See the biography of his wife, Elizabeth. HOGSFLESH, Unknown (I-5279)
1266 See the biography of his wife, Ellen. LAVERY, Patrick (I-4488)
1267 See the biography of his wife, Esther. TASSIE, John (I-5015)
1268 See the biography of his wife, Henrietta. BORRETT, George (I-5152)
1269 See the biography of his wife, Jemima Tannahill MUIR, Unknown (I-5343)
1270 See the biography of his wife, Joyce. WILLIAMS, David Edward Bevan (I-5656)
1271 See the biography of his wife, Marie. KELLER, Frank Leslie (I-5536)
1272 See the biography of his wife, Mary. ASHBY, James Edward (I-4541)
1273 See the biography of his wife, Maureen. MARTIN, Noel (I-5577)
1274 See the biography of his wife, Melba. POTTS, Frederick Stanley (I-5574)
1275 See the biography of husband, Adrian. CAPON, Susan (I-5547)
1276 See the biography of son Albert Edward Bundey. MAGARY, James (I-4131)
1277 See the biology of husband, Roland. JACKWAY, Erica Dawn (I-4750)
1278 See twin Alfred's biography. MCLEAN, Edwin James b1871 (I-3834)
1279 See twin John's biography. MCRAE, Mary Ann (I-4020)
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1281 See wife Pamela's biography. WHEARE, Wayne (I-3869)
1282 See Yvonne's biography DEVANNY, Bruce Wilfred (I-3031)
1283 SEPARATED Separated about 1915 Family F-2375
1284 Service no 6047 Private 19th Battalion AIF

Chronicle Newspaper 
CHERITON, James (Gordon) (I-5324)
1285 Sharon changed her surname back to JONASSON after her divorce from Gary CONLON. JONASSON, Sharon Gail (I-3492)
1286 Sharyn had two daughters prior to marrying Darren with whom she had one son - Blake. WELK, Sharyn L. (I-5671)
1287 She apparently lived in Sheoak Hills before she married Thomas Chaplin. HAILSTONE, Virtue (I-3135)
1288 She died about 1903.  DUTTON, Lydia (I-9028)
1289 She died about February 1970 - not necessarily on 1st Feb. HUGHES, Maria Jane (I-7909)
1290 She died as a child aged 2 or 3 years old. JEFFREYS, Edith Amy (I-5271)
1291 She is listed in the Scotland 1841 census- so she died some time after this. RHIND/RIND, Susan (I-8783)
1292 She is now (1995) a resident of a nursing home at Narrung, Queensland due to a very bad car crash. MCLEAN, Lorraine Faye (I-2437)
1293 She might have been born in 1891 rather than 1890. Check this. MATTHEWS, Ada Catherine (I-9038)
1294 She speaks 8 languages. KASIM, Zaitum (Toni) Mohamed (I-4622)
1295 She was 23 years and 10 months when she died on 21st Dec 1912. TEAGUE, Frances Marion (Fanny) (I-1353)
1296 She was a patient in Meningie hospital for 3 years prior to her death at 93 years. LOVEGROVE, Mona May (I-2884)
1297 She was adopted by Pamela SPRY
She changed her surname to WARREN. 
JOHNS, Amanda Anne (I-3818)
1298 She was buried with her husband and one son (John Henry) just inside the main gate of the old Church of England Cemetery in Luck Street. STACEY, Sarah Ann (I-8820)
1299 She was listed as 'servant' on the ship's manifest when she migrated in 1865 TANNAHILL, Jemima (I-5342)
1300 She was married and divorced - no details. BORRETT, Suzanne Micheline (I-5170)
1301 She was nicknamed, according to the Smith Family Bible. SEMPLE, Eliza Jane (I-3662)
1302 She was probably born around November 1835 - probably in Kettle, Fife.  WATT, Isabella (I-8400)
1303 Since there were two very similar men of same name, farming, english born, emigrated same year, both had wives of same christian name. One founded and grazed Tusmore SA and the other a grazier and of wealth with a grandson Dr Rogers and lives became diverse after initial comparisions.  ROGERS, William (I-6336)
1304 Sisters;Muriel and Clover married brothers Johnston
Clover was the 8th child of Elizabeth & Matthew Johnston.

History: Slightly shortened from her own account.

Marriage: In 1936 at Perth, to Robert Cecil Loder (b. 1912). Later Clover's sister, Muriel married Robert's brother, George - ie two sister married two brothers.

Residences: as shown in the text, at South Perth and the child, Patricia was born in 1937 when living there & Robert (Bob) joined the Civilian Military Force. In 1941 when son Gary was born Bob commanded the Chinese Labour Company at Woodmans Point WA. He was company commander of the 28th Battalion and went on to New Britain in the Pacific until the war ended in 1945.

During the height of the war the family evacuated to Wagin with her mother Elizabeth, her brother Gordon's two boys and her own children and being a few miles out her sister Margaret lent Clover her 1931 Pontiac, unaware that she had no driving licence. When war conditions improved they left for Perth 220 kilometres south, having saved petrol coupons and had the car serviced. She decided that a licence might be a good idea and so called at the Wagin Police Station. The Officer watched her drive down the street from the station verandah and handed over a licence on her return.

(1942)-Next morning they left at 6 a.m. Elizabeth nursing Gary (11 months) with Patricia (aged 5) and nephew Russell in the back and 9 year old Malcolm beside her. This was in 1942. At Williams, 70 kilometres further, engine trouble began. A local mechanic removed the fan belt and Clover drove on and soon the engine boiled. Every few miles Malcolm filled it and their water supply ran low. They arrived at the Armadale Hotel on the perimeters of Perth WA at midnight on Christmas Eve, and a crowd was there. No help was forthcoming as the landlord believed she only wanted petrol. After closing time and explanations he and another man did look at the engine: asked what fool removed the fan belt, was told of the "help" at Williams, and he bent back the blade of the fan caused at the Wagin servicing. They slept at the side of the road until morning and reached Perth that day.

They lived at Perth and daughter Ray arrived in 1943 and Clover's trip to the hospital was by Margaret's car, but with the owner driving. With the war over Bob returned to the Crown Law Department and was stationed at Merredin for 15 years and there, in 1952, the last child, Christine was born.

At Merredin the family became very involved "with community work. Bob commanded a C.M.F. Unit, was Superintendant of Ambulance and Commissioner of Boy Scouts. For the C.M.F. services Bob was awarded an MBE. Clover took up croquet. They were transferred back to Perth in 1961 where Bob was Clerk of Married Persons Court.

The clothing factory of M. & M. Johnston had trouble a suitable clerk so Clover went to help and remained until Bob retired about 10 years later. They travelled to Europe & Asia, went boating and Bob pursued his interest in carpertry (often on behalf of their children) and Clover enjoyed porcelain painting. 1995 address: Noranda, W.A.

CHILDREN of Clover (nee Johnston) 8. Robert Cecil Loder ...............................: 
JOHNSTON, Clover (I-5775)
1305 Slightly 'retarded'. CLARE, John Colin (I-4808)
1306 Snooks Angas Jeffrey Borrett born 11/9/1920 at Strathalbyn. S.A.
He is known within the family as "Snooks" and was to be the father of 9 children. From "Beriydale" he inherited the well known "Raydon", Langhome Creek.
Married at Milang, S.A., Stella Amy Graney (nee Ross) widow of P. C. Graney, a World War 2 hero who was killed on active service, but left no offspring. Stella was born 12/12/1917 at Milang.
Residence: now (1994) of "Raydon", P.O. Box 142, Langhome Creek 5255.
Children (9)......................................: 
BORRETT, Angas Jeffrey (I-5232)
1307 Soldier's Memorial Hospital, Strathalbyn MCLEAN, Brett John# (I-3861)
1308 Soldier's Memorial Hospital, Strathalbyn MCLEAN, Darryl John# (I-3859)
1309 Some newspaper reports reported Christina as Christiana ABERCROMBIE, Christina (I-3904)
1310 Some of the family notes, which are intertwined in research give Mr Smith the title of "Lord William Bacon-Smith" but he does not show up in Burke's peerage. BACON-SMITH, Lord William (I-3222)
1311 Some of the family notes, which are intertwined in research, give Mr Smith the title of "Lord William Bacon-Smith" but he does not show up in Burke's peerage.

He was born in 1824 and buried in Milang aged 52 years on 9/8/1876, so was deceased by the time of the wedding of his only daugher, Mary to Donald Henry McLean.

It was said too, that Captain John Smith of the "Titanic" which was lost in 1912 was his brother, but even if much younger, it was unlikely that he would still be at sea in 1912. A nephew perhaps, as the story persists! 
BACON-SMITH, Lord William (I-3222)
1312 Some sources (which ones?) have the death as 4th Sept 1869. MCPHEE, Christina b1787 (I-2)
1313 Some times spelled Isabella. GRIEVE, Isobella (I-8406)
1314 Sometimes spelled Isabel. MARTIN, Isobel (I-8404)
1315 Sometimes spelled Niel. MCLUCAIS (MCDOUGALL), Neil b.1837 (I-8815)
1316 Sometimes spelt as Alan KING, Allan Wayne (I-3248)
1317 Sometimes spelt Harvey. HARVY, Cathryn Shirley (I-2481)
1318 Sometimes spelt incorrectly as 'Gorge'. GORDGE, Ronald William (I-1548)
1319 Sometimes spelt incorrectly as 'Gorge'. GORDGE, David William (I-1551)
1320 Sometimes spelt incorrectly as 'Gorge'. GORDGE, Trevor William (I-1547)
1321 Sometimes spelt Lewis (BRB) rather than Louis (Pieterse) MCKENRY, Henry Louis (I-6978)
1322 Sometimes spelt Merion MCLEAN, Jemima Marion (I-3825)
1323 Sonya was born 3 months after her father was killed in an accident. MARTIN, Sonya Marie (I-5240)
1324 Source 20.04.2016 Lorna McLean did a one month research trip to photograph "all" headstones in Alexandrina Region and research McLean relatives.

Benjamin Earnest and wife Mary (Clarke) headstone in Milang Cemetery. SA

Also Mary Clarkes sister, Irene known as "Rene'Reid

Plot 225 Gen division 
PARKER, Benjamin Ernest (I-7929)
1325 Source 28.04.2016 Lorna McLean from Mum(Joan Natalie Mclean nee Smith) photos to later accompany, and knowledge that he was a jeweller in Melbourne until Queenies marriage to my paternal grandfather Edwin James of Maplemore. Reference letter in photograph to work in Strathalbyn until his retirement to Maplemore SA. He lived in "grandma and grandpa's rooms" cared for by Benjamin Earnest McLean until Benjamin Earnest and Mary Parker passed away C1940's. Memories of conversations with her husband Benjamin Earnest McLean married to Mum (Joan Natalie Smith) in February 1952.

Headstone in Milang Cemetery 20.04.2016 Lorna McLean (later to be included in headstones and cemetries) 19.05.2016 
PARKER, Benjamin Ernest (I-7929)
Researcher Lorna Mclean 18.09.2018 Stewart Grace Greta death 7 Jun 1969 Centennial Park SA Col Wall 22, C024 
STEWART, Grace (I-7823)
1327 SOURCE BRB: MARRIED St. Andrew's Presbyterian (now Uniting) Church Strathalbyn to Frederick Stanley (Fred) Potts (b. 11/10/1906 at Langhorne Creek), son of Louis Potts, and a member of the Potts family of the well known SA Bleasdale Winery.
* DEATH: of her husband Fred Potts aged 87 years on 9/8/1994. interred with his wife Langhorne Creek Cemetery SA. 
Family F-1819
1328 Source FS Email 29.9.17 Marilyn Whittenbury "Hertha was buried at Dudley Park SA with her son Murray Allan Pursche who died 10 months later." GERSCHWITZ, Hertha Caecilie (I-8571)
1329 Source John Mathews email to Lorna McLean dated 02.05.2016 MCLEAN, Florence May (I-1165)
1330 Source: Freeman Family in the Macclesfield Jubilee 1840 to 1990 - attached the profile of her daughter Sarah. FISHER, Mary (I-2977)
1331 Source: Freeman Family in the Macclesfield Jubilee 1840 to 1990 - attached the profile of her sister Sarah. STACEY, Mary (I-2974)
1332 Source: Freeman Family in the Macclesfield Jubilee 1840 to 1990 - attached the profile of his daughter Sarah. STACEY, James (I-2976)
1333 Source: Freeman Family in the Macclesfield Jubilee 1840 to 1990 - attached the profile of his parents. FREEMAN, John Henry (I-8977)
1334 Source: Freeman Family in the Macclesfield Jubilee 1840 to 1990 - attached the profile of his sister Sarah. STACEY, Henry (I-8975)
1335 Source: Freeman Family in the Macclesfield Jubilee 1840 to 1990 - attached to the profiles of his parents. FREEMAN, John Henry (I-8977)
1336 Source: Freeman Family in the Macclesfield Jubilee 1840 to 1990 - attached to this profile. FREEMAN, William (I-8976)
1337 Source: Freeman Family in the Macclesfield Jubilee 1840 to 1990 - attached to this profile. FREEMAN, William (I-8976)
1338 Source: Freeman Family in the Macclesfield Jubilee 1840 to 1990 - attached to this profile. Family F-2929
1339 Source: Freeman Family in the Macclesfield Jubilee 1840 to 1990 - attached to this profile. STACEY, Sarah Ann (I-8820)
1340 Source: Freeman Family in the Macclesfield Jubilee 1840 to 1990 - attached to this profile. Family F-2929
1341 Source: Freeman Family in the Macclesfield Jubilee 1840 to 1990 - attached to this profile. STACEY, Sarah Ann (I-8820)
1342 Source: Freeman Family in the Macclesfield Jubilee 1840 to 1990 - attached to this profile. FREEMAN, William (I-8976)
1343 Source: OPR attached to this profile. STACEY, Henry (I-8975)
1344 Source: OPR record attached to this profile. STACEY, Henry (I-8975)
1345 Source: 23 Apr 2019 Lorna McLean-google search= Troubridge Island Lighthouse was a decommissioned lighthouse located on Troubridge Island in Gulf St Vincent, South Australia about 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) southeast by east of Edithburgh in South Australia and about 74 kilometres (46 mi) southwest of Adelaide.
It was commissioned in 1856 as a means to reduce losses caused by the stranding of ships on the Troubridge Shoals.

The list of shipwrecks in November 1838 includes ships sunk, foundered, grounded, or otherwise lost during November 1838.

Adam Abercrombes ship the Parsee sunk on the 20th November 1856 with seven other ships that day. The barque was wrecked on the Troubridge Shoals. She was on a voyage from Hobart, Van Diemen's Land to Adelaide, South Australia.[86][87][88][89]

in total in that November were sunk 379 ships. 11 the day before the Parsee and the following day 19 sunk. the highest in one day was on eight days later on the 28th November with 53 ships sunk. The lighthouse was decommissioned that year.

ABERCROMBIE, Adam (I-3903)
1346 SOURCE: http://www.peterborough.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?c=15264
On Peterborough Cemetery website:PURSCHE, AUDREY EDNA
PURSCHE,AUDREY EDNA-Cemetery,PETERBOROUGH-Section,PROTESTANT, Plot/Grave/Niche2073 Last Residence MT COOLUM NURSING HOME NAMBOR, Age at Death=90,Date of Interment,Thursday, 5July2001,Minister Officiating,DARREN LOVELL-Interred With other Y,Right of Interment No1191--BurialNo3174 
INGLIS, Audrey Edna (I-168)
1347 Source: lorna joan mclean. Reading from family production of Joan Natalie McLean (mum) family of some 80 pages. Reads that Mr Stoyel left home and was never heard from again. No dates no reason. FAMILY BOOK NAMED DESCENDANTS OF JOHN AND SARAH KANALEY No publication date, and no registration of an ISBN number at all. Just hand circulated through the family

Appears to be home typed and the latest generation is mine covering the 1990s with further handwritten notes of births and such up to and including 2016. 
Family F-2562
1348 Source: lorna Mclean...needs to be investigated or DELETED as a possibility that JAMES FORSYTH of the LADY MARY PELHAM 1836 ARRIVING IN NEPEAN BAY OF Kangaroo Island on July 30th, after a 122day voyage.
listed as

"Forsyth, James 20 yoa-crew of lady mary pelhm seaman. applic 0264 embark92"

nothing certain except his age against his family ages little to nothing of proof. 
FORSYTH, James (I-6943)
1349 SOURCE:genealogySA Parents of Ernst Gottleib: 1856 Johann Traugott,PURSCHE and MOTHER:Johanne Eleanore MIEGEL Angaston SA RegNo.9/237 PURSCHE, Ernst Gottleib (I-8554)
1350 SOURCE; Alexandria Burial Register, 28.04.2016 by Lorna McLean at Goolwa. Grave Number 40 Div2 Strathalbyn Cemetery

BELL, James (I-7919)
1351 SOURCED ANCESTRY: 8yoa living at Exeter UK,
Then married:-July 1862 Exeter Uk to REV. James Stoyel (1834-1896).
Child1-James Stuart Stoyel Born Cornwall UK-26Jun 1863-1940
Child2-John Matthews (Jack) Stoyel (1864-1961 in Aust)
Child3-Frank Henry Stoyel (1867-1903)
Child4-Sebelah Stoyel (1867-1868)
Child5-William Gilbert Stoyel (1870-1958)
Child6-Elsie Amelia (Minnie) Stoyel (1873-1917)
Child7-Flora eveline Stoyel (1875-1955)
Child8-Alfred Theodore Murray Stoyel (1877-1899)
Child9-Lottie Mabel Stoyel (1879-1880)

Amelias mother Elizabeth Griffiths died (1864-28 Jul 1966)
Amelias father John Matthews (1813-28 Oct 1866 Devonshire UK)
Sources england Census, Ancestry Family trees, AustraliaBDM, Englands civil Register Birth (and Marriage) Index.

MATTHEWS, Amelia Stuart (I-8487)
1352 SOURCED from mums (Joan Natalie Smith(McLean) memory; Combined memories of maternal and paternal parents during their upbringing during the 1930's - 1950's where both sisters; Joan&Flora Smith were married within six mos of each other. Where it matched a family type production of some 80 pages of links THE JOHN AND SARAH KANALEY DESCENDANTS. No formal printing, no ISBN number nor printers name; just family remembering. Created in the 1990's with some now added hand notes and dates.

Joan Natalie McLean (nee Smith), Flora May Whaley (nee Smith)

p19 GWYNNE STOYEL WALKED OUT AND WAS NEVER HEARD OF AGAIN. no dates are known as it was when the sisters were quite little.
Bertha May Kanaley they always knew as GRANNY inherited a hotel and a house from her mother Agnes Dixon.
Agnes Kanaley (nee Dixon) was known to the sisters as GRANMUM. Granmum willed a house each to all her siblings on her passing. 
STOYEL, Oswald Gwynne (I-7952)
1353 Specific Source unknown-except FS=family stories, family publications, internet. Provided by Marilyn Whittenbury email29.9.17:-Aged 26 Heinrich Johann "Albert" Purshce married Hertha Cecelia Gerschwitz aged 21 years at the Evangelist Church, South Kilkerran, District of Dalhousie, SA having 8 children between 1911-1932 at Maitland and Pt Victoria SA.  Family F-2786
1354 Specific Source unknown:Provided by Marilyn Whittenbury, Zadow's Landing 29.9.17-"PURSCHE [nee Gerschwitz] On April 4th Suddenly at her residence in Prospect SA. Hertha Cecelia Pursche, dearly loved mother of Hilda (Mrs Airey) Norman, Clarence, Murray, Dudley and Glenda. Aged 59years." GERSCHWITZ, Hertha Caecilie (I-8571)
1355 Spelt Alwine on her marriage certificate. BERNDT, Marie Alwena Elizabeth (I-3841)
1356 St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Geelong, Vic Family F-2393
1357 St George's Lutheran Church, Murtoa, Vic Family F-1467
1358 St James in Blakiston WHITFIELD, Robert Thomas (I-8409)
1359 St James in Blakiston WHITFIELD, Ellen (I-8411)
1360 St James in Blakiston WHITFIELD, Henry Alexander (I-8414)
1361 St James in Blakiston WHITFIELD, William (I-8417)
1362 St John Anglican MOTT, Joseph (I-6241)
1363 St John's Anglican Church, Adelaide Family F-750
1364 St Lukes Church Adelaide was church of marriage Family F-2873
1365 St Steven's Church of England Family F-2959
1366 St Woolos Cathedral in Newport County Monmouthshire in Wales Family F-2819
1367 Start St Mt Malcolm WA
JOHNSTON, Myrtle Annie (I-5717)
1368 State (Victoria) netball squad - under 19 yrs and under 21 yrs. LACKMANN, Joanne Louise (I-3546)
1369 State and Australian indoor netball team. LACKMANN, Kelly Deane (I-3545)
1370 State under 12 yrs gym champion. NAS, Michael John Morgan (I-3450)
1371 Stated in Hazel and Bruce Kanaley, family booklet that AGNES DIXON was a stepsister to Jane Ann (or Ann Jane:as records vary greatly with which name is first) Oakley. That is Jane Ann Kanaley of William Kanaley. No evidence to date. 18 Oct 17 Researcher Lorna McLean DIXON, Agnes (I-7932)
1372 Still birth ?? WILLINGHAM, Lindsay Gordon (I-3670)
1373 Still born BUTT, Leonard Smith (I-3717)
1374 Still born. KEOUGH, Nova (I-5475)
1375 Stillbirth? GRANSDEN, Simon Mark (I-1957)
1376 Stillborn POOLE, Joan (I-1105)
1377 Stirling, SA
McLaren Flat, SA - in 1994 
PRICE, Donald Murray McLean (I-4177)
1378 Strathalbyn General Hospital  PARKER, Benjamin Ernest (I-7929)
1379 Strathalbyn General Hospital SA MCLEAN, Lorna Joan # Justice of Peace WA 8398 (I-3883)
1380 Strathalbyn, Murray Bridge, Lameroo. Mount Pleasant and Adelaide. all in S.A.
Retired to Elanora, Queensland 
KEOUGH, Shirley Janet (I-5517)
1381 Subject to evidence as not provided here.  RAGGATT, Thomas (I-7136)
1382 Surname spelt 'Holdane' in some sources.  HALDANE, Gladys May (I-1070)
1383 Surname spelt McQuary on her son's OPR birth record. MCQUARRIE, Christina (I-8824)
1384 Susan Nicholls has Alan's birth date as 28th July 1948, whereas Alan has his own birth date as 23rd July - he would know.  WILSON, Alan Donald # (I-8157)
1385 Susannah's second husband was many years (maybe 23 years) younger than her. BEABER, Susannah Mary (I-2291)
1386 Suzanne (Sue) Mary Martin b. 17/7/1949, Strathalbyn. Unmanied.
Residence: Step Rd, Langhome Creek. _ _
She was aged 23 and her youngest brother was 3 years when_their mother died so she became housekeeper and "mother" to the younger children and still lives at the family home with her bachelor brother Chris.
Occupation: Nurse. 
MARTIN, Suzanne Mary (I-5578)
1387 Sydney was the brother of Amy's aunt Honor's husband, John Cusack. CUSACK, Sydney (I-2513)
1388 Tania's mother is Katherine but her father is not Katherine's husband, Michael. BENIER, Tania (I-5581)
1389 Tania's mother is Katherine but her father is not Katherine's husband, Michael. BENIER, Lisa (I-5582)
1390 TBC...BIRTH DATE PROVIDED FROM BRB, which concurs with website sagenealogy.com.au
However in the latter (website) it states region as DALY though no state nor country. Unable to source on google. Lorna Mclean 
STRINGER, Ethel Elizabeth (I-1702)
1391 Terminal ravages of motor neurone disease. FORSYTH, Victor (I-6773)
1392 The "Glentanner' passenger list has her 27 yrs old in 1855.  STANLEY, Rebecca (I-9128)
1393 The "Miss Jeffreys" who declared the Belvidere Bridge open in 1866 The eldest daughter in those days was always "Miss" without the Christian name.

JEFFREYS, Mary Ann Jane (I-5011)
1394 The 'Thamson', after her maternal grandmother?? is one way of spelling the old Cornish name of Tamsin, a derivative of Thomasina. NORMAN, Margaret Thamson (I-763)
1395 The 1841 census has James' age as 29 years old. WATT, James (I-8398)
1396 The ashes of Mavis and Melvin are interred in the garden of the home of their son (Alan), in Castle Hill. WILSON, Melvin Frederick (I-8156)
1397 The ashes of Mavis and Melvin are interred in the garden of the home of their son (Alan), in Castle Hill. MCLEAN, Edith Mavis (I-8155)
1398 The biography of John, Mary and Elizabeth can be found with through the biography menu at the left side of the home page.
MCLEAN, John (I-2973)
1399 The birth date is not known, but might be around 1908 because Muriel is the first child of Florence and Parker who were married in 1907. JOHNSTON, Muriel (I-2494)
1400 The birth is registered and is also in Hugh's bible. MCLEAN, John Archibald b.1853 (I-2486)
1401 The book, 'From Scotland to Strathalbyn - James snr & Jane nee Hamilton Dawson and their descendants' stated that James jnr was born in Tehran whereas his OPR confirms that he was born in Falkirk. This is also consistent with page 86 of John Mathews' article in 'Calatria - The Journal of the Falkirk Local History Society', Spring 2013, number 29.
This note by Don Gordon on 15th April 2019.

DAWSON, James (Jnr) (I-7842)
1402 The BRB (p298) has James with a middle name of McLean - ie James Alexander McLean GARDEN, however this might be a typo in the compiling the BRB.
On 3rd Jan 2019, Glenda, nee McLean wrote in an email, that James's wife, Janet (Glenda's sister), said that she had never known about McLean being part of his name until the book came out. Her mother would have given the names to go into the book. Glenda concluded that when it was typed up McLean was accidentally put in by mistake and it was surrounded by McLean surname's. She said there are no McLean's in his family group.
GARDEN, James Alexander (I-3298)
1403 The BRB (p47) has her birth as 1830 whereas Paul Foord has it as 10th Nov 1829 in Walton, Somerset, England. BADMAN, Pamela (I-248)
1404 The BRB (p47) has the death as 1911, whereas Paul Foord has it as 11th Oct 1909 in Wilson, SA BADMAN, Pamela (I-248)
1405 The BRB (p518) has "JANE McLEAN - baptised on 16/8/1830 at Kilmallie, Argyllshire. 9th child of Donald and Christina (nee McPhee) McLean". However her OPR has her baptized on 16th May 1830. MCLEAN, Jane (I-5281)
1406 The BRB (p518) has her baptized on 16th Aug 1830 whereas Edwin MacLean had her born 16th May 1830. In fact, her OPR has her born on 18th April 1830 and baptized 16th May 1830. MCLEAN, Jane (I-5281)
1407 The BRB (p532) has the birth year as 1836 in England, however now Patricia LONG (nee Loder) on 19.7.2016 has offered this complete date (15.9.1839 at Paisley Scotland) and location of MARGARET TANNAHILLs birth. To be followed up for documented evidence. Author Lorna McLean 04/12/2016.

TANNAHILL, Margaret (I-5340)
1408 The BRB (p535) has him aged 47 when he died in 1873. This indicates that he was born around 1826. However, the 'Glentanner' passenger list has him 26 yrs old in 1855 - ie born around 1829.
Paul Foord has him born in County Offaly (Ireland). 
KEOUGH, James b.1829 (I-5348)
1409 The BRB (p69) has Belinda (Berlinda) born on 23rd April 1935, however, this must have been a typo. Maybe 1935 was her wedding date. Fiona Harris has provided the correct birthdate - 19th April 1908. And Scott Whitsed confirmed that Berlinda and Claude were siblings.
(This note was by Don Gordon on 27th Feb 2019.)  
WHITSED, Berlinda Rose (I-939)
1410 The BRB (p8) states "As can be seen from this list there are two Ewens but no Hughs yet both are the children of Donald and Christina, (nee McPhee). It would seem that to Donald, the name Ewen and Hugh were the same, as in his Will of 1846 he refers to his son-in-law Ewen McDonald as Hugh McDonald of Finniss."  MCLEAN, Ewen (Hugh the elder) (I-4)
1411 The BRB (p8) states "As can be seen from this list there are two Ewens but no Hughs yet both are the children of Donald and Christina, (nee McPhee). It would seem that to Donald, the name Ewen and Hugh were the same, as in his Will of 1846 he refers to his son-in-law Ewen McDonald as Hugh McDonald of Finniss."  MCLEAN, Ewen (Hugh the younger) (I-5330)
1412 The BRB (p81) has the date of death as 23rd August 1971, whereas Kaye Schofield (email on 28th Feb 2019) has it as 23rd March of the same year.  NUTT, Melton (Gordon) (I-1324)
1413 The BRB gave the middle name as Jane whereas it is actually June. GUMBYS, Carol June# (I-2815)
1414 The BRB gives Jeff's birth as 1832 whereas Kaye McArdle has it as 4th Dec 1821 in Llanelly in Wales. What are her sources? JEFFREYS, Jeffrey (I-5010)
1415 The BRB has Albert and Mary getting married in 1911 whereas Louise Johnson has found a BMD record of their marriage in 1916 in Sydney. Since the BRB relied on word of mouth, altered NSW BDM record. Family F-827
1416 The BRB has Dorothy's birthdate as 25th Jan 1909 whereas John Gladwell has it as 22nd Feb 1907. ARTHUR, Dorothy Isobel (I-1279)
1417 The BRB has Dorothy's death as 10th May 1980 whereas John Gladwell has it as 10th April 1980. ARTHUR, Dorothy Isobel (I-1279)
1418 The BRB has Glenda's surname as Sandell whereas Judy Beyer has it as Kemp. Maybe one of these is her maiden name and other was from a previous marriage. SANDELL OR KEMP, Glenda (I-1608)
1419 The BRB has her birth as 1791 in Kilmallie whereas Edwin McLean's genealogy has her born on 28th April 1787 in Argyll. New evidence: Researcher Lorna McLean cites the OPR for her baptism at Crieff in Argyll on 28th April 1787: evidence in media. FHL Film Number 1041070

MCPHEE, Christina b1787 (I-2)
1420 The BRB has her birthdate as 25th Jan 1909 whereas John Gladwellb has it as 2nd May 1909.  ARTHUR, Gladys (Glad) Marion (I-1285)
1421 The BRB has her death as 1937. DAWSON, Mary (I-1164)
1422 The BRB has her first name as Ernestine (and no surname) whereas Dianne Facey has it as Christiane Ernestine LEHMANN. LEHMANN, Christiane Ernestine (I-4486)
1423 The BRB has him interred at Meningie whereas Skye Mentoc has advised that he was buried in Adelaide. GARDNER, Arthur Henry (I-2652)
1424 The BRB has his first name as Karl, whereas Dianne Facey as it as August Carl.  KRUGER, August Carl (I-4485)
1425 The BRB has his Philip spelt with one 'l' whereas Judy Beyer has it with two 'll's - Phillip. STURTZEL, Phillip Charles (I-1605)
1426 The BRB has Loreen's husband named David whereas Shelby Briones has him as Daniel G. It is accepted that the latter is correct. BRIONES, Daniel G (I-1368)
1427 The BRB has Loreen's son as named David whereas Shelby Briones has him as Daniel M. It is accepted that the latter is correct. BRIONES, Daniel M (I-1369)
1428 The BRB has Lorna's son named Edward ('Teddy') whereas Shelby Briones has him as Theodore ('Teddy'). It is accepted that the latter is correct. SCHWARTZ, Theodore (I-1374)
1429 The BRB has Melba born in Strathalbyn whereas Susan Nicholls has the birth in Warnsnop Ave in Adelaide (this was the residence of her mother's parents). Maybe her mother was living in Strathalbyn but went to the grandparents home for the birth.  MCLEAN, Melba Agnes (I-5573)
1430 The BRB has Paul's birth as 28th Oct 1963 whereas Susan Nicholls has it as 28th Oct 1968. HENNINGSEN, Paul Andrew (I-5591)
1431 The BRB has Sheila born in 1912 whereas Louise Johnson could not find a BMD record of her birth or other information about her and Louise believed that Albert's & Mary's first child was Jessie. Maybe her mother was Mary but father was not Albert Brabant but was raised in the Brabant family.
This needs to be checked out because the BRB indicates that Albert & Mary were married in 1911, whereas Louise has found a record of them being married in 1916 which is 4 years after Sheila was born.
Note by Don Gordon on 12th Jan 2018.
MCLEAN, Sheila Florence (I-2500)
1432 The BRB has Soward's death in Mt Gambier whereas Dianne Facey states that Soward died in Kongorong which is about 20 kilmetres from Mt Gambier. MCLEAN, Charles Soward (I-4483)
1433 The BRB has the birth as 1903 whereas Susan Nicholls has it as 2nd Oct 1893 in Broken Hill. Alan Wilson has the birth certificate number 802 which supports this date and specifies the birth being in Oxide St, Broken Hill. MCLEAN, Hugh Milne (Hughie) (I-5561)
1434 The BRB has the birth date as 1870 (no month or day) whereas Susan Nicholls specifies a particular day and location. SOMMER, Sophie Henrietta (I-5560)
1435 The BRB has the birth date as 22nd Feb 1927 whereas Dianne Facey has it as 22nd Feb 1925. ASHBY, Murray John (Eakie) (I-4713)
1436 The BRB has the birth place as Kongorong whereas Dianne Facey has it as Mt Gambier which is about 25 kilometers away. ASHBY, Doris Jean (Chook or Old Hen) (I-4576)
1437 The BRB has the birth year as 1888.  MCKENRY, John Thomas (I-6977)
1438 The BRB has the birth year as 1889 whereas Dianne Facey has it as 1888. ASHBY, James Edward (I-4541)
1439 The BRB has the birth year as 1966 whereas Judy Beyer has it as 1967. STURTZEL, Craig Stephen Radcliffe (I-1597)
1440 The BRB has the birthdate as 29th May 1898 whereas Dianne Facey has it at the day after, on 30th May. MCLEAN, Malcolm Wallace (I-4827)
1441 The BRB has the birthplace as Minyip whereas Dianne Facey has it taking place in Dunmunkle and registered at Minyip in the St Arnaud Shire. MCLEAN, Angus Charles (I-4536)
1442 The BRB has the birthplace as Minyup whereas Dianne Facey has it as taking place at Dunmunkle and registered in Minyip. MCLEAN, Ellen Elizabeth (I-4487)
1443 The BRB has the date of death as 12th Dec 1905 whereas Judi Mooney has it as 12th Dec 1906.  HALDANE, Thomas (I-782)
1444 The BRB has the death place as Black Swamp whereas Dianne Facey has it as Minyip which is almost 300 kilometers away. MCLEAN, Angus Charles (I-4536)
1445 The BRB has the first names as Jeremy Audeen whereas Judy Beyer has it as Jeremy Deen. STURTZEL, Jeremy Audeen (I-1600)
1446 The BRB has the first names as Ronald Maxwell whereas Judy Beyer has it as Ronald Lance. STURTZEL, Ronald Lance (I-1599)
1447 The BRB has the place of birth as Kongorong whereas Dianne Facey has it as Mt Gambier which is about 25 kilometers away. ASHBY, Harriet Mary (Dimps or Gin) (I-4615)
1448 The BRB has the place of birth as Kongorong whereas Dianne Facey has it as Mt Gambier which is about 25 kilometers away. ASHBY, Kenneth Charles (Chas or Wonky) (I-4666)
1449 The BRB has the place of birth as Kongorong whereas Dianne Facey has it as Mt Gambier which is about 25 kilometers away.  ASHBY, OAM Herbert Hector (Dud or Scrub Bull) (I-4687)
1450 The BRB has the place of birth as Kongorong whereas Dianne Facey has it as Mt Gambier which is about 25 kilometers away. ASHBY, Arthur Maxwell Keith Warley (I-4729)
1451 The BRB has the place of birth as Rosaville (where is this?) whereas Dianne Facey has it as Mt Gambier. ASHBY, Colin James (Dig) (I-4634)
1452 The BRB has the place of birth as Sheep Hills whereas Dianne Facey has it as Dunmunkle (in St Arnaud) which is about 16 kilometers away. MCLEAN, Soward Herbert (I-4538)
1453 The BRB has Tick's birth in Strathalbyn whereas Susan Nicholls has him being born in Norwood. MCLEAN, Robert Napier (I-5566)
1454 The BRB has Tick's death as 1977 whereas Susan Nicholls has it as 1976. MCLEAN, Robert Napier (I-5566)
1455 The BRB has William's birth as 2nd March 1908 whereas John Gladwell has it as 1st April 1908 (according to his birth certificate). GLADWELL, William Charles Spencer (I-1280)
1456 The BRB speculated that Christy might have been born in England, Ireland or Scotland.
Her obituary stated that she was born in Argyllshire and that she was aged 18 yrs when she was married in 1849, or aged 74 when she died in 1907. This indicates that she was born around 1831 or 1833.
However, it is probable that she was born in Iona (which is in Argyllshire) in 1830 according to the Mull Families website. This is consistent with the years and places of birth of her siblings.  
BLACK, Christina (I-2327)
1457 The Curlewis family was originally from Kent, England CURLEWIS, Edgar (I-5020)
1458 The Dawson book at the Goolwa library gives the birthdate as 22nd October 1867. BEABER, Susannah Mary (I-2291)
1459 The Dawson book in the Goolwa library gives the date of death as 20th October 1890. POWER, Thomas (I-2320)
1460 The document "From Scotland to Strathalbyn - James & Jane, nee Hamilton Dawson and their descendants" has 1882 (no day and no month & no place) for the marriage of Albert and Jane, whereas Judi Mooney has it as 27th April 1881 in Lewisham in London.  Family F-1086
1461 The factor is 30 miles from the Euroa farm. DEVANNY, Dawn-Maree (I-3041)
1462 The general belief in the families was that Thomas was drowned in Lake Alexandrina, however, the newspaper notice in the Adelaide "Observer" reports that he died of pneumonia at Sliding Rock on 23/11/1875. LAIDLAW, Thomas (I-3963)
1463 The house was built by Albert's father, Albert (senior) Sturtzel. STURTZEL, Albert (Maxwell) (I-1592)
1464 The hundred of Binnum.
They resided in the original Johnson home. 
BRADLEY, John Douglas (I-1656)
1465 The last of the children still living in 1977. Residing in Wembley. STARK, Clifford Andrew Stirling (I-682)
1466 The marriage certificate of William's daughter, Jessie, specifies that William is Jessie's father.  ROBERTS, William (I-8252)
1467 The McLucais surname is interchangeable with McDougall. MCLUCAIS (MCDOUGALL), Isabella (I-8776)
1468 The Office of the Registrar of BDM South Australia have no location of Annie's birth. MCDONALD, Annie (I-5834)
1469 The only information of him came from a letter of 1977 (from Clifford?) when all but one of his family were deceased. These had been of Perth. STARK, James Angas (I-678)
1470 The original Hornby land. AITCHISON, Allan James (I-1810)
1471 The records of the Alexandrina Council has the burial date as 18th October (ie, date of death) whereas John's death certificate has him cremated on 24th October at the Centennial Park Crematorium.  MCLEAN, John Sherwood (I-3857)
1472 The shark eaten uncle was William Mclntyre, a brother Willies mother; Maryanne McLean nee McIntyre, and not just a few months earlier, but about 6 years before in 1882! MCLEAN, William John Hugh (Willie) (I-2330)
1473 The Smith family bible indicates that his nickname was 'Jack'. SMITH, Robert William John (Jack) (I-3719)
1474 The Smith Family Bible notes that Agnes died in 1868. MCLEAN, Agnes Jane (I-3127)
1475 The Smith Family Bible notes that Beverley was married in 1963. Family F-1219
1476 The Smith Family Bible notes that Elizabeth was born in England. DIXON, Elizabeth (I-3835)
1477 The Smith Family Bible notes that Jeanette was married in 1962. Family F-1217
1478 The Smith Family Bible notes that John was born in Jeparit on 31st January 1884. SMITH, John Duncan Ernest (I-3663)
1479 The Smith Family Bible notes that Kevin was born in 1948. SMITH, Kevin Robert (I-3750)
1480 The Smith Family Bible notes that Leonard was born in England. BUTT, Leonard (I-3716)
1481 The Smith Family Bible notes that Margaret and Robert were married in 1920. Family F-1195
1482 The Smith Family Bible notes that Wendy was married in 1963. Family F-1222
1483 The Smith family bible states that he was born in Hawthorn like all his brothers and sisters. SMITH, Raymond John (I-3721)
1484 The source is MyHeritage - this needs corroboration(Don Gordon Apr 2018)

21 Apr 2019 Researcher Lorna McLean has provided SP OPR evidence of marriage dated 2.7.1920 between Jane Hamilton and John Henderson in parish of HAMILTON 
HAMILTON, William (I-8244)
1485 The source is MyHeritage - this needs corroboration. HAMILTON, William (I-8244)
1486 The surname is sometimes spelled as Rhind, Rhine, Rind & Rynd. RHIND/RIND, Susan (I-8783)
1487 The surnames of McLucais and McDougall are inter-changeable with this family. MCLUCAIS (MCDOUGALL), Lachlan (I-8782)
1488 The Township of Mariposa was a municipality located in the southwest corner of the former Victoria County, now the city of Kawartha Lakes, in the Canadian province of Ontario.Wikipedia

There is no place named Mariposa Twp Victoria Ontario Canada. But there is a 'township' named Mariposa in Victoria, Ontario 
MCLEAN, Angus (I-8857)
1489 The two youngest children of Hugh the Younger & Margaret McLean both died in infancy.

«b»JANE ANN McLEAN«/b» b. 29/1/1877 at Strathalbyn. Registered as "Jeanine".

Died: on 30/12/1878 aged almost two years. She was interred in the family plot at the Strathalbyn Cemetery. 
MCLEAN, Jane Ann (I-5826)
1490 The two youngest children of Hugh the Younger & Margaret McLean both died in infancy.

«b»JEMIMA ADAM TANNAHILL McLEAN «/b»b. 3/8/1876 at Strathalbyn

Died: 6 months of age on 10/3/1879. She was also interred in the family plot at the Strathalbyn Cemetery. 
MCLEAN, Jemima Adam Tannahill (I-5827)
1491 The wedding celebrant was Rev James Farrell. The witnesses were Sarah Douglas and Donald Stewart. Family F-898
1492 The wedding celebrant was Reverend John Anderson. Family F-1909
1493 The wedding of Edith & Melvin was held at St Augustine's Church, Unley on 28th Dec 1946. The witnesses were Mavis Oliver Williams (machinist of Bridgewater) and Hugh Milne McLean (tailors pressor of Parkside). The officiating minister was Frank Weston. Family F-2638
1494 The wedding took place at the residence of Ellen's parents. Family F-499
1495 The wedding was at the 'Deaf & Dumb Church' Family F-1378
1496 The wedding was at the home of Ann's parents in Belvidere. Family F-643
1497 The wedding was at the residence of the father of Mary Ann. in Oakbank. Nowadays, Oakbank is 20 minutes from Callington. Family F-2646
1498 The wedding was definitely in 1858 but might have been on 28th September rather than 4th August. Family F-1049
1499 The wedding was held at the residence of William STEWART at Walkerville. Family F-2751
1500 The year of 1859 is written clearly at the top of Robert's birth certificate but what appears to be 1857, not clearly written, is next to his name. Confusion could have arisen if this baptism was arranged long after his actual birth but I doubt this because of what the certificate has 1857 written under the heading 'When Baptised'. It is most likely that 1857 is correct because his mother Olivia, could not have given birth to him in 1859, just a few months before his brother, Benjamin.
This note was entered by Don Gordon on 24th June 2017.  
PARKER, Robert Henry (I-8507)
1501 Their wedding was at Jewell's home in Narracoorte.  Family F-2947
1502 There are no details of a suburb or town called Solrida in Queensland. Perhaps it is the name of a property. It would be appreciated if someone can throw some light on this mystery.  KEOUGH, Brenton James (I-5459)
1503 There is a mystery that has so far failed to be untangled, as both Susannah Mary and J.S.D. remarried during the lifetime of each other. Divorce was difficult to obtain last century and quite rare yet there must have been one as they both married again. Family F-750
1504 There is some doubt about 1975. BREDA, Giovanni (John) Martino (I-103)
1505 There is some doubts about this date - check this. MATTHEWS, Reuben George (I-9052)
1506 There is some uncertainty about Mark as he is only shown on one chart. MCLEAN, Mark (I-2598)
1507 There is some uncertainty about whether Ann was the mother of 'our' Simon. Catherine is another possibility - she was born in Duthil and Rothie. In the 1851 census, Simon lists Rothie as his region of birth. There is a possibility that Catherine died and then James married a Mary and/or Ann or Maryanne. (This information is from Desiree Leslie-Hughes.)  FRASER, Ann (I-9071)
1508 There is some uncertainty about whether James' spouse was Ann and was the mother of 'our' Simon. Catherine is another possibility - she was born in Duthil and Rothie. In the 1851 census, Simon lists Rothie as his region of birth. There is a possibility that Catherine died and then James married a Mary and/or Ann or Maryanne. (This information is from Desiree Leslie-Hughes.) LESLIE, James (I-9070)
1509 There is some uncertainty about whether the parents of Heather Gwin McLellan are James Laidlaw McLellan and Ellen Kemp. These names are from page 71 of the McDonald history but the position on the page does not clearly show that they are Heather's parents. KEMP, Ellen (I-5885)
1510 There is some uncertainty in how Brian father should be recorded in this family tree. Was Gregory Adams his father and then was his surname changed to McCahon after her mother married Garry McCahon - or was Garry her father? MCCAHON, Brian Christie (I-6937)
1511 There is some uncertainty in how Brian father should be recorded in this family tree. Was Gregory Adams his father and then was his surname changed to McCahon after her mother married Garry McCahon - or was Garry her father? MCCAHON, Brian Christie (I-6937)
1512 There is some uncertainty in how Michelle's father should be recorded in this family tree. Was Gregory Adams her father and then was her surname changed to McCahon after her mother married Garry McCahon - or was Garry her father?
MCCAHON, Michelle Alicia (I-6936)
1513 There is some uncertainty in how Tristan's father should be recorded in this family tree. Was Gregory Adams his father and then was his surname changed to McCahon after her mother married Garry McCahon - or was Garry her father? MCCAHON, Tristan (I-6938)
1514 There may be mixed up with Jeffrey JEFFREYS who might have been was born barely 9 months after their sister Edith. Or Jeffrey and Graham may be the same person with an incorrect birthdate some where.

"Jeffrey Jeffreys" b. 8/1/1889 barely 9 months after Edith Amy
Graham Jeffrey Jeffreys b. 30/4/1893 who married but left no descendants. 
JEFFREYS, Graham Jeffrey (I-5273)
1515 There may be mixed up with Jeffrey JEFFREYS who might have been was born barely 9 months after their sister Edith. Or Jeffrey and Graham may be the same person with an incorrect birthdate some where. JEFFREYS, Graham Jeffrey (I-5273)
1516 There was an epidemic of both scarletina and diphtheria that year and although most records give Margaret's death as from diphtheria. the official cause was registered as "scarletina". MCLEAN, Margaret Ruth (I-3219)
1517 There was some confusion at some stage, when he was known as'John Smith'. (check this)
MATHEWS, Charles Thomas Gaffney (I-1166)
1518 There were 10 Smith children. The order is unsure. MCLEAN, Isabell (I-2721)
1519 They both work their irrigation property to produce small seeds and crops and are involved with local school committees. Phil is vice president of the Small Seeds Committee of the S.A. Farmers Federation. BRADLEY, Philip Hamilton (I-1660)
1520 They had built at Oaklands Park, SA. to give the children a settled home, and that is still the present residence in 1993. MCLEAN, Archibald James b.1914 (I-2340)
1521 This date 1910 is not evidenced. However the SA BDM Registration Office reports his death is clearly 5 years earlier. Perhaps having lived and died, his family continued on? To be further evidenced beyond the BRB. Post note: Seawall was the location of R S Tassie death, that of his sons residence.  TASSIE, Robert Stewart (I-5016)
1522 This is opposite Tick's house which is 5 Melville Lane. MCLEAN, Pauline Ann (I-5568)
1523 This marriage year is a correct guesstimate because it is written on son Robin Lindsay Clarke birth certificate.  Family F-1747
1524 This marriage year is a guesstimate. The following years after Nov 1945 military discharge, and birth of first son in 1947. Harold's sister's Pauline and Margaret both alive at time of writing this. Both agree most likely to be married at Adelaide Registry Office as they recall them announcing. Son Robin confirmed to me on text message on 26 Nov 2018, Adelaide Registry Office. He also confirmed her name is Melva Ann Cornitha by providing me a copy of his birth certificate with her full name on it. His birth certificate advise the year of parents marriage as 1946.Robin advised by text that Bonny was a nickname on text message dated 2 Dec2018. Family F-1747
1525 This name and birth date were on the list which was provided by the family around 1995. BROAD, Alysia Gifford (I-865)
1526 THIS RECORD WAS NOT USED TO ALTER THIS PROFILE. SOURCE http://www.ww2roll.gov.au/Veteran.aspx?serviceId=A&veteranId=359781
KEOUGH, JAMES Service Number:N387865 Date of Birth 11 Aug 1895 Place of Birth CROOKWELL, NSW Date of Enlistment 30 Dec 1941 Locality on Enlistment DARLINGHURST, NSW Place of Enlistment PADDINGTON, NSW Next of Kin MAHER, MARGARET Date of Discharge 26 Oct 1944 Rank Private Posting at Discharge 20 AUSTRALIAN GARRISON BATTALION WW2 Honours and Gallantry None, Prisoner of War No 
KEOUGH, James Stanley b.1897 (I-5422)
1527 This was Gordon's third marriage - for 15 years until her death. THOMAS, Patricia (I-5737)
1528 thought to have passed away at home in Innaloo WA buried at Guildford Cemetery WA LODER, George Sydney (I-5803)
1529 Torrens Park, Adelaide
Port Elliot 
KEOUGH, Marlene Dorothy (I-5405)
"Passing By Tram Birthday News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954) Tuesday 30 November 1943 p 2 Article Illustrated
Abstract: ADELAIDE'S electric tramways system has its thirty-fifth birthday today, for on November 30, 1908, the first trial trip was 562 words Tagged as: Navan SA Digitised article icon
Note 2018-06-12 11:22:43.0

NOTED 1943 Navan SA, between Tarlee and Riverton, which, he said, had 300 settlers in 1868. As Navan was not in the directory, postal guide, or telephone book. I inquired at the Survey Department, and was told that it had been cut up as a private township. but apparently had not thrived. for last year its roads were closed and reverted to broad acres. 
GLUYAS, William (I-8757)
1531 Trinity Church in Adelaide. Family F-2929
1532 Triple-certificated nursing sister, holding various appointments throughout South Australia before retiring as Matron at Port Lincoln Hospital. MCLEAN, Lorna Edith (I-3842)
1533 Triplets. One boy died at birth and the two girls grew up at twins.  JOHNSON, Eileen Agnes (I-7402)
1534 Triplets. One boy died at birth and the two girls grew up at twins.  JOHNSON, Unknown (I-7405)
1535 Triplets. One boy died at birth and the two girls grew up at twins.  JOHNSON, Unknown (I-7406)
1536 TROVE NEWSPAPER WRITE UP TBC Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Thu 18 Jan 1945 Page 35 Out Among The People...GEORGE BALLINGALL DIES I HEAR that Thomas George Williamson Ballingall died at an Eventide Rest Home for Men near Adelaide last week at the age of 81. Well-known Central Australian identity, he spent 54 years at Alice Springs until the military authorities removed him to Oodnadatta a couple of years ago. George Ballingall, as he was best and widely known, was brought to Adelaide three weeks ago and his health. WILLIAMSON, Thomas George (I-7185)
1537 TROVE: The Mount Barker Courier and Onkaparinga and Gumeracha Advertiser (SA : 1880 - 1954) Fri 23 Sep 1927 Page 5 OBITUARY. Ann Sophia Raggatt died at Strathalbyn on Friday, September 16 1927 at the age of 99 years and six months.To have lived under four reigns,to remember the death of William IV, and the crowning of Queen Victoria, were the experiences of the late Mrs. Raggatt could claim. To the last she retained a lively memory of the tolling of the bells for her sovereign William XV, and possibly an even clearer one of the white dress, with white rosettes, which she wore for the celebration of the young Queen's Coronation. She was born at Marshfield Gloucestershire, and after her marriage to Mr. Thomas Raggatt in 1848 came to try her fortune in the young province of South Australia. STEPHENS, Ann Sophia (I-7131)
1538 Tuart Hill - from phone book in 1955
The same street (Morley Drive) but suburb Balcatta - from the family in 1995 
JOHNSTON, Muriel Heather (I-5801)
1539 Twin GREENGRASS, Janice (I-996)
1540 Twin GREENGRASS, Noreen (I-997)
1541 Twin NUTT, Grace (I-1340)
1542 Twin NUTT, Garfield Melville (I-1345)
1543 Twin ASHBY, Mia Elizabeth (I-1715)
1544 Twin ASHBY, Phillipa Grace (I-1716)
1545 Twin BARNES, Kate Josephine (I-1785)
1546 Twin BARNES, Ben Lloyd (I-1786)
1547 Twin HOLLAMBY, Simone Penny (I-2151)
1548 Twin HOLLAMBY, Lauren Jillian (I-2152)
1549 Twin BOWLES, Margaret Eleanor (I-2471)
1550 Twin BOWLES, Shirley Helen (I-2476)
1551 Twin WALKDEN, Susan (I-2588)
1552 Twin WALKDEN, Gai (I-2589)
1553 Twin HUGHES, Robert (I-2683)
1554 Twin HUGHES, Brian (I-2684)
1555 Twin MCLEAN, Janet Margaret (I-3296)
1556 Twin MCLEAN, Robert Douglas (I-3301)
1557 Twin LACKMANN, Audrey Mae (I-3462)
1558 Twin LACKMANN, Wanda June (I-3486)
1559 Twin LACKMANN, Brian Eric (I-3539)
1560 Twin LACKMANN, Yvonne Jean (I-3547)
1561 Twin BANKS, Michelle Anne (I-3649)
1562 Twin BANKS, Angeline Maree (I-3651)
1563 Twin SMITH, Jackson Dean (I-3725)
1564 Twin SMITH, Tyler James (I-3726)
1565 Twin MCLEAN, Alfred John (I-3833)
1566 Twin MCLEAN, Edwin James b1871 (I-3834)
1567 Twin MCRAE, John James (I-4019)
1568 Twin LAWLOR, Emma (I-4201)
1569 Twin LAWLOR, Andrew (I-4202)
1570 Twin SPRINGBETT, Natalie Jane (I-4211)
1571 Twin SPRINGBETT, Andrew David (I-4212)
1572 Twin MCMASTER, Josephine Kirsty (I-4266)
1573 Twin MCMASTER, Gillian Emma (I-4267)
1574 Twin JACKSON, Ashlee Marie (I-4333)
1575 Twin JACKSON, Sarah Louise (I-4334)
1576 Twin BUSH, Roslyn Flora (I-4345)
1577 Twin BUSH, Rodney Malcolm (I-4349)
1578 Twin POLE, Katrina Lee (I-4410)
1579 Twin POLE, Amanda Jane (I-4411)
1580 Twin HARRIS, Lynette Jean (I-4421)
1581 Twin HARRIS, Faye Elizabeth (I-4425)
1582 Twin THOMAS, Michael John (I-4466)
1583 Twin DUNCAN, Lauren Amy (I-4548)
1584 Twin DUNCAN, Abbey Ann (I-4549)
1585 Twin CLARE, Unknown (I-4810)
1586 Twin CLARE, Unknown (I-4811)
1587 Twin IELASI, Nigel James (I-4989)
1588 Twin IELASI, Evan Shane (I-4991)
1589 Twin MASLIN, Richard (I-5024)
1590 Twin MASLIN, Burnham (I-5029)
1591 Twin CURLEWIS, Brian Burnham (I-5040)
1592 Twin CURLEWIS, Margaret Burnham (I-5041)
1593 Twin BORRETT, Emily Jane (I-5260)
1594 Twin CHERITON, Stephen Troy (I-5318)
1595 Twin CHERITON, Katrina Ann (I-5319)
1596 Twin KEOUGH, Clayton McNicol (I-5476)
1597 Twin REED, Emma Nicole (I-5502)
1598 Twin REED, Daniel Jonathon (I-5503)
1599 Twin JOHNSTON, Douglas (I-5773)
1600 Twin JOHNSTON, Bruce (I-5774)
1601 Twin - This was a terrible birth :-
* Albert survived for only about 18 weeks.
* His twin brother was still born.
* Their mother died giving birth. 
CHAPLIN, Albert J. (I-3131)
1602 Twin - This was a terrible birth :-
* This baby boy did not survive
* His twin, Albert, survived for about 18 weeks.
* Their mother died giving birth. 
CHAPLIN, Susan Joyce (I-3130)
1603 Twin died young. MASLIN, Burnham (I-5029)
1604 Twin to Annette SIRES, Beverley Joy (I-585)
1605 Twin with Beverley SIRES, Annette Linda (I-583)
1606 Twin? FARRELL, Thomas Peter (I-2906)
1607 Twin? FARRELL, Edward Douglas (I-2907)
1608 Twin? SMITH, Rebecca May (I-5544)
1609 Twin? SMITH, Anthony James (I-5545)
1610 Twin?? BROWN, Andrea Gaye (I-2831)
1611 Twin?? BROWN, Paula Marie (I-2832)
1612 Twins: 5 & 6 of the McRae marriage but 9 & 10 of the children who included the Abercrombie marriage of 4 children, of Mary McLean.

5. «b»JOHN JAMES McRAE«/b» born 7/9/1860 at Milang, S.A.

Died aged 20 years in 1880. Burial probably at Milang as not at Strathalbyn.

6. «b»MARY ANN McRAE«/b», his twin. born 7/9/1860 at Milang. S.A.

No marriage date found and who is believed to have lived into her 70s and dying in the 1930s.

Unable to trace detail. 
MCRAE, John James (I-4019)
1613 Two sisters married two brothers. JOHNSTON, Muriel Heather (I-5801)
1614 Two wives - first Isabella (died 1867), then Margaret FICKLING. STARK, Alexander (I-660)
1615 Uncle Syds parents were Henry James WHALEY married in 1920 to Lyla Grace WOODWARD in Adelaide SA.
Uncle Syd was cremated and Aunty Flora kept his ashes until she passed away in the bedroom cupboard. His ashes were scattered and a memorial placed in Centennial Park Adelaide SA. He had unknown siblings. Two of certainty were Jean Violet b.1921 d.? and Lexie Gwenneth b1922 d1994. Thought to be two brothers(no evidence/detail). At the time of writing Aunty Flora has no known memorial plaque or ashes spread: Uncle Syd now has his ashes spread and a plaque in Centennial Park SA(no evidence to date). Author:Lorna McLean Niece to Uncle Syd and Aunty Flora on 18.7.17.

WHALEY, Sydney Frank (I-8350)
1616 Unmarked grave WAY, Samuel Joseph (I-8640)
1617 Unmarried STRINGER, Gordon William Joseph (I-2008)
1618 Unmarried MCLEAN, Amy Maude Hillary (I-2573)
1619 Unmarried, resided with his mother and step-father at Blackwood STURTZEL, Jeffrey (I-1609)
1620 Unmarried. Moved to Westem Australia during the gold rush of the 1890s. There is a photocopy of a photograph of him taken in middle age, amongst the McLean collection and also a print of the picture of his grave at Merredin, W.A.

DEATH: at hospital, Merredin on 23/2/1938 aged 69 years.

HISTORY: Frazer, also called John or Jack corresponded with his sister Mrs Keough & her family at Strathalbyn.

A post card from Stanley Keough survives: "Dear Uncle Jack - I received your pretty card and like it very much. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - with love from Stanley." The card is undated but a 12 shows in the faint post mark, indicating 1912.

A West Australian relative has written the following without giving her name:

"John (Frazer) is remembered by his visits to his sister's (Elizabeth Ann Johnston) family. He searched for gold during the gold rush, settling in Merredin district where he worked as a farm hand until his death.

On one of his visits to his family he gave Clover & Heather celluloid dolls. These were then passed down to their own daughters. My parents were transferred to Merredin when I was twelve and I knew that John was buried in the old Merredin cemetery so I enquired at the shire about his grave but as it had no headstone didn't feel that I had found it.

As I worked at the Merredin Hospital before my marriage (as a clerk), l had the opportunity to check the records of both John & my grandmother who had both died there. I was surprised to that they had both died in exactly the same room, some ten years apart. Last year I returned to Merredin and found his unmarked grave and have placed a ceramic tile that I had painted for him."PL

lncidently the Stanley Keough post card is addressed to Mr J. F. McLean, Lance Wood Line, W.A. where he must have been working in 1912. 
MCLEAN, John James Frazer (I-5596)
1621 Unrelated MCLEAN, Alan (I-2577)
1622 Until she married in 1927. KEOUGH, Christina (Tina) (I-5531)
1623 Ura might have been known as Uwe. MOELLER, Ura (I-2858)
1624 Uses the surname TASSIE. JACHIMOWICZ, Nicholas John (I-5143)
1625 Various government departments - teaching, Dept of Health and Australian Army etc MCLEAN, Archibald b.1943 (I-2346)
1626 Various senior appointments. She was headmistress of Black Forest Infant School on her retirement in 1965. MCLEAN, Mona Mildred Agricola (I-3843)
1627 Velia Kate Wheare b. 14/6/1978 at Minlaton, S.A.
She went to New Zealand as a Rotary Exchange Student in 1994. 
WHEARE, Velia Kate (I-3870)
1628 Via Chinichilla TAYLOR, Ronald Eric (I-4276)
1629 Via Hamilton LEHMANN, Christiane Ernestine (I-4486)
1630 WA for many years, then Burra and finally Nurioopta. ALDAM, Allan Belton (I-3918)
1631 Was born on 6/8/1892, believed at his maternal grandmother's (Mrs Potter) farm at Meadows, S.A.

His daughter Mary Benton has a photograph of Alen and his mother and one of J.S.D. and also has the latter's silver Christening mug engraved with his name.

Alen was educated at Meadows, possibly at the Knotts Hill School for which his Aunt Anne's (nee Beaber) husband George Oakley donated the land.

Alen received a small King James Bible from the Knott's Hill Methodist Sunday School in November 1902 and another award on 15/2/1903.

From Meadows he went to Adelaide to drive horse drawn trams but left this to go north, gold mining, then to Port Pirie to work at Forgan's Foundry. His interests when 'young were cricket, football and cycle racing. Port Pirie was to remain his place of residence. He did not marry until the age of 41.

Marriage: at the Catholic Church Spalding, SA. to Margaret Cecilia Browne.
Alen in his 52nd year on 26/7/1945 at Port Pirie.
Margaret Cecilia McLean on 25/8/1985 at Burra, S.A.
Both interred at Pt Pirie. 
MCLEAN, Alen (I-2299)
1632 Was Raeline's surname PHILLIPS before she married Robert PHILLIPS? PHILLIPS, Raeline (I-1140)
1633 Was this 2 sisters marrying 2 brothers? HORNBY, Harold Malcolm (Mally) Basil (I-1762)
1634 Was this 2 sisters marrying 2 brothers? LOVERIDGE, Daphne Irene (I-1763)
1635 Was this 2 sisters marrying 2 brothers? HORNBY, Donald Henry Winton (I-1778)
1636 Was this 2 sisters marrying 2 brothers? LOVERIDGE, Phillis Ronda (I-1779)
1637 Wattle Park
Willunga (1993)
HENNING, Frederick Rudolph (I-791)
1638 Waverley Cemetery NSW BRABANT, Mark James (I-8874)
1639 We need to check on the birth dates of John (1818) and Mary (1818) because their births are too close if they have the same mother. Maybe some confusion arises if baptisms are arranged many months after the actual birth.  MCLEAN, John (I-2973)
1640 We need to check on the birth dates of John (1818) and Mary (1818) because their births are too close if they have the same mother. Maybe some confusion arises if baptisms are arranged many months after the actual birth.  MCLEAN, Mary b. 1818 (I-3902)
1641 Wedding at the Riverton Trinity Church Family F-2866
1642 Wedding date is a guesstimate based on a newspaper clipping dating her as present "in the district 35 years at time of her death" at 75yoa.
Family F-1737
1643 Wedding in St Paul Church.
Information provided by Kaye Schofield who quoted Genealogical SA Marriage Index, Registration Book/Page 251/479.  
Family F-447
1644 WEDDING LOCATION: Caltowie is a town in the Mid North region of SA. It is on the Wilkins Highway and the Crystal Brook-Broken Hill railway line between Gladstone and Jamestown. LAUBE, Ludia Wilhelmiene (I-520)
1645 Wedding Methodist Church Merredin WA Family F-1888
1646 Wesleyan Parsonage at Hutt St, Adelaide. Family F-2551
1647 West Terrace Cemetery Adelaide SA MCLEAN, Eliza Ann b1851 (I-778)
1648 West Terrace Cemetery Adelaide SA WAY, Samuel Joseph (I-8645)
1649 West Terrace Cemetery SA WAY, Melva Lindsay (I-8591)
1650 When they were married, Jean and Fred lived in Hyde Park, then Clarence Park until 1940 when they went to the family home in Payneham.

In 1994, Jean was living with her only daughter, Mrs Pauline Murray, at West Lakes, SA. 
MCLEAN, Jean Laurel (I-1463)
1651 Why has be got a given name of McLean - has he got some prior connection with the McLean family tree??? GARDEN, James Alexander (I-3298)
1652 Wife of John James Raggatt, sourced by Researcher Lorna McLean on 23 Jul 2017 from his headstone in alignment with genealogysa.org.au There are obviously issue as it is title "our dear father and mother..." though not listed. Further research on website to establish issue.  WESTLEY, Maria Mylie (I-8494)
1653 Wilcannia, NSW
Glenden, Q'ld when Steven became a miner. 
MARTIN, Steven Robert (I-4499)
1654 Wilhelmiene Ludia LAUBE parents are Johann Fredrick LAUBE and mother: Wilhelmiene ZUCHT. Source SA BDM register https://www.genealogysa.org.au/index.php?option=com_search&Itemid=32
LAUBE, Ludia Wilhelmiene (I-520)
1655 William
Last Name: GLUYAS
Death Date: 11 Sep 1922
Gender: M
Age: 88y
Approx. Birth Year: 1834
Marital Status: M
Relative 1:
Relative 2:
Residence: Goodwood
Death Place: Prospect
District: Adelaide
Symbol: H
Book/Page: 456/474

genealogysa: is this the correct WILLIAM GLUYAS  
GLUYAS, William (I-8757)
1656 William died at his residence Sunnyside, Glenwills, (which is between Mannum and Murray Bridge) WHITFIELD, William (I-8417)
1657 William is recorded as being aged 77 years when her died in 1904. WIEDEMANN, Wilhelm (I-8408)
1658 William Stewart WOOLFITT Death Date: 18 Aug 1888
Gender: M Age: 5m Born 2 Mar 1888 Marital Status: C
Relative 1: William WOOLFITT (F) Mother: Sarah Jane Williams
Residence: Strathalbyn Death Place: Strathalbyn Book/Page: 173/41 
WOOLFITT, William Stewart (or Stuart) (I-8934)
1659 William was known as Donald. MCLEAN, William Donald (I-6)
1660 With his uncle Robert Keough KEOUGH, Brian Glenwynne (I-5457)
1661 With Maria Nunn. WILLCOCKS, Peter (I-32)
1662 With Murray I'Anson WILLCOCKS, Ann (I-26)
1663 With parents. MCLEAN, John Patrick (I-2318)
1664 With the surname, HALDANE, how is he related to the other Haldanes in the family tree? HALDANE, Craig Carl (I-1019)
1665 Woronora Cemetery Sutherland NSW DAWSON, Eliza Willock (I-783)
1666 Yatina Cemetery - block B 45/46 NUTT, Rowland (I-1244)
1667 Yatina Cemetery - block B 45/46 PLUMMER, Mary (I-1245)
1668 Year not known. AMPT, Elisabeth (I-8205)
1669 «b»1.«tab»Effie (Margaret) McLean«/b» born 31/1/1916 at Beachpon, S.A.
She was an Army sister, worked in the Northern Territory and Adelaide.
Married: Reginald Rattley and they had the Post Of at Barrow Creek. Divorced.
Margaret returned to Adelaide with her children and lived at Fulham Gardens with Archie and Grace. Archie and Grace's son Angus and family also lived with them when they moved from Queensland. Grace went to Darwin for a while to help her son Jim and his children after his wife was electrocuted.
Death: of Margaret aged 42 years of cancer on 27/10/1958 leaving 2 children. interred at Centennial Park Cemetery in the Military Section.
When Margaret passed away, Archie, Grace, John and Elizabeth moved to Port Noarlunga. When Archie died, Grace moved to Glenelg and then to Goolwa to be near son Jim.
Reginald remarried and was at the Farrell Flat Post Office. 
MCLEAN, Effie (I-2401)
1670 «b»3.«tab»Geoffrey Lionel Lackmann«/b», 3rd child and 2nd son of Ethel and Clarence Lackmann (2nd AIF and a Tobruk Rat),
Born 15/11/1921
Married «b»Elsie Isobel Brown«/b» (nee Graham), b. 10/6/1919 died 2/8/1987 at Robinvale, Vic.
Like many of his kinsmen, Geoffrey also served in the forces - in New Guinea and Borneo.
He was a good cricketer and footballer in the Murrayville area, and for many years in charge of the Robinvale Golf Club.
Residence: 9 Carrington Street, ROBINVALE, VIC.
One child. 
LACKMANN, Geoffrey Lionel (I-3421)
1671 «b»AGNES JANE McLEAN«/b» born 20/7/1850, at Strathalbyn, S.A. 3rd child of the 16 children of John McLean and his two marriages.

MARRIED: Thomas Chaplin (bom near Flagstaff Hill, S.A.) on 8/11/1876 at the family residence "Waterloo", Angas Plains S.A. The witnesses were Annie Chaplin, sister of Thomas Chaplin and D.H. McLean. brother of the bride. The original house name of "Waterloo Plains" was at the time still in use for registrations.

DEATH: of Agnes Jane Chaplin following childbirth at the age of 29 years at "Waterloo Plains" on 23/8/1879. It was a terrible birth - twins, with one still birth and the other, Albert, surviving for about 18 weeks..

She was buried at the Strathalbyn Cemetery. A son survived but the twins whose birth took her life did not.

(1) «b»John Herbert (or "Herbit") Thomas Sinclair Chaplin«/b» b. 11/6/1877. See further for descendants.
(2) A still-bom son (unnamed) buried at Strathalbyn 12/8/1879.
(3) «b»Alfred J. Chaplin«/b» buried at Strathalbyn aged four and a half months, December 1879.

SOME HISTORY: According to the S.A. Roman Catholic Archives, Thomas Chaplin was born 23/1/1853 and not in 1848 as the printed record indicates, his parents being Thomas and Mary (nee Coleman) Chaplin.

DEATH: of Thomas 21/8/1940 aged 87 years, buried at the Willunga Cemetery. The descendants from the only surviving child John Herbert Thomas Sinclair ("Sincu|ar" at the registration) Chaplin. He was incorrectly named in the Will of his grandfather John McLean of "Waterloo Plains" as Albert and left 50 pounds ($100) in 1903. "Herbit" as he is recorded married Blanche Clarissa May Cook (b. 1883) in 1903.

The following article appeared in the "Southem Argus", Strathalbyn dated 1l8l1929:-

«i»"Mr Thomas Chaplin of Nangkita, who recently celebrated his 81st birthday was born at Marion, and his home stood near the old Flagstaff Mill. When quite young his parents moved to Morphett Vale, where he received his eariy education, at Miss Daniel's Private School. He remembers the Scotch Church at Morphett Vale being bumt down, also the moving of the old mill, known as Andersons.

He started to eam his own living very young and when only eleven years of age took a team of bullocks with a load of wine from Morphett Vale to Adelaide, down Tapleys Hill. About this time his father went away with a man named Taylor, to work at Mosquito Plains near Naracoorte, and they heard from him several times, then the gold rush broke out and he was supposed to have goneto Melbourne, but they never heard of him again.

The family moved nearer to Adelaide, and he went with other teamsters wheat carting from Undilla to Gawler, their camping place for the bu/locks was where Tarlee township now stands. Later he came back to Watenoo Plains, near Strathalbyn to work for Mr John McLean, arid from therehe went to station hand to Mr Allan McFarlane, at Wellington Lodge.

Mr McFarlane named him 'Young Australian' and with a horse named 'Gan'ie', he was usually sent round the station to run in stock, and being a good horseman and able to use the stockwhip, he had many a good gallop. Later he went up the Murray and crossed over where the bndge now stands, but had to swim the horses aver - the river being too high for the punt. Tom and Will Raggatt, from Strathalbyn, were often with him.

On another occasion he went mustering some store cattle at Doctors Creek with six other young fellows four of whom were named Tom, namely Tom Graham, Tom Raggatt, Tom Ryan, Tom Hamson and Jack Phillips and Bill Cotton. These cattle were very wild, and they had some difficulty in getting them into the sale yards at the Robin Hood Hotel yards. The auctioneer, the late Mr James Close, was in the yard pointing out one particularly bullock to a prospective buyer, the late Mr William Maidment, when someone called to them look out'. Just as a bull charged, the auctioneer quickly threw down his high hat and he and the buyer got out. The others all following straight into High Street one rushed into the chemist shop (then owned by Mr Miller), turned round and charged out. There was some excitement until they were safely yarded.

Somewhere about this time he went to night school, kept by Mr Noye, who helped quite a number of young men to better their education. For several years he worked for the late Mr William Richardson 'Dalveen' and through him went to work for Messrs W and H Dunn, at PekinaExtension between Orroroo and Booleroo Centre. He claims to be the man to use a binder in that district, people coming from many miles to see the machine at work, and was like a show at times. Some farmers could not agree as to the capabilities of both machine and man and they wrote to Mr Richardson for advice, but by the time they received a reply their crops were too ripe to be cut with the binder.

He remembers going to Mannarie Station when the country was opened up, it then took three days to go from Adelaide to Jamestown, and the roads were terrible. On one occasion when he was travelling by coach between Clare and Georgetown, the only lady passenger on board started to cry, and when asked the reason said that she couldn't sit on the seat and hold her baby, so this young man put aside his bashfulness and nursed the baby for the remainder of the rough
journey. There was plenty of shooting to be had on these trips, wild turkeys being very plentiful, and many a shot be had off the old coach.

One shearing season he went with a lot of other young fellows to Fowlers Bay and Point Brown, expecting to make a good cheque. The trip took them over a week and when they had been shearing ten days the musterers came in with word that all the sheep were dead, and no likelihood of boat for three weeks. There was some swearing among the men, and they had several meetings to try and arrange a way of returning to Streaky Bay some throwing away their clothes and packs, intending to tackle the M/iliuipie desert, when news came that a boat was in, then there was a scramble for cast off packs, etc some being so afraid of missing the boat that they wouldn't stay for dinner.

Some years after this he came back to Strathalbyn, and he was working for farmers around Angas Plains and later for Sir Lancelot Stirling. both at the Lodge and Highland Valley, also for Mr John McCullum. 'Angas Bank'. He was for some time Manager for Mr James McCord and still holds references from several of these gentlemen.

His wife was Agnes, the third daughter of the late Mr John McLean, who died some years after the marnage, leaving him with a son, three years old who died in Ade/aide Hospital of pneumonic in in 1917. His second wife, who is still living, was Miss Virtue Hailstone, Sheoak Hills.

Mr Chaplin came to Nangkita over forty years ago and has resided here ever since. For some years he was butchering and dealing, and later took up gardening and daiiying, until recently he had a greengrocers business at Currency Creek and Goolwa. He is still hale and hearty and able even now to do a fair day's work."«/i» Concluding "Southern Argus" report. 
MCLEAN, Agnes Jane (I-3127)
1672 «b»Albert Howard Warland«/b» born 25/9/1873 at Strathalbyn, the 2nd child of Edward and Harriet (nee McLean) Warland.

Marriage: to «b»Caroline Lottie Cakebread«/b» (b. 15/1/1875, Encounter Bay). They had 6 children but all but two died young.

History: Albert (Bert) Warland grew into a tall, broad-shouldered man with strong features and thick black hair and moustache. ln 1900 when the young couple married they first lived in a small cottage still standing adjacent to the later camping grounds in Victoria St. He possessed a deep bass voice and like his father was a popular choice at concerts, his favourite rendition being "Sons of the Sea" together with his wife Caroline, a soprano, with whom he often sang duets. Both were Sunday School teachers at the Congregational Church, Victor Harbor. They later took up residence at the Cakebread homestead on Mill Road, Encounter Bay. Until 1914 Victor Harbor formed part of the Council of Encounter Bay.

Bert was aged 26 when he followed O. B. Huchinson early in 1900 as District Clerk for the Encounter Bay Council, his territory 108,000 acres. At the wedding of 28/9/1900 the fashions were the talk of the town as 8 bridesmaids and the impressive party posed under the Cakebread verandah for photographs.

ln 1897 Bert had gone into partnership with J. Grovenor with 900 acres of virgin land in Back Valley (sections 376E - 377, 369) and in 1901 Bert bought out his partner. When not attending Council duties he cleared land which included fertile swamps and grew high quality vegetables. A small dwelling was erected there and Edward the father, in his retirement, spent much time doing odd jobs. Ben donated land for a school at Back Valley and also for St. Francis Church which opened in 1947. The family retained the property until 1969.

Of the 6 children of Bert and Caroline 4 died young with 3 being lost when each was aged 23 years. Two daughters remained. These tragic events greatly affected the family and Bert became even more involved in town and district affairs. Besides being district clerk he was elected Town Clerk 1914 and Secretary of the New Year's Sports begun in 1870. His efforts saw the opening of the South District Hospital in 1929. Largely through his initiative the Soldiers' Gardens were planted after W.W.1. and the seawall built. The local oval, the Victor Harbor High School and a multitude of civil improvements were due to him including his untiring promotion of tourism. His manner was brusque but his heart was kind and generous. For 51 years he was Clerk of the District Council and he was noted for his horse drawn sulky. In 1923 he was appointed J.P. and M.B.E. awarded in 1943 for outstanding services to the town. Caroline supported him always, though ever sad at the loss of her children and the fact that the two remaining daughters left the district when they married. She was organist at Newland Church opened in 1918 at Encounter Bay.

Bert retired in 1950 (by then widowed) and due to his health was obliged to use crutches. His name is recorded in Warland Avenue, Warland Reserve and a "House" of the local High School. He was one of the most civic minded men of the southern district.

Caroline Lottie Warland died at Adelaide on 26/11/1945 aged 71 years.
Albert (Bert) H. Warland died at his residence on 31/5/1960 in his 87th year. His coffin was carried to the family grave at Victor Harbor by prominent citizens and followed by a host of mourners. On his headstone is engraved: "We|l done thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of the Lord." 
WARLAND, Albert Howard (I-4081)
1673 «b»Alexander Ewen McLean«/b» (registered in error as Alexandrew) bom 19/12/1877 at Kingston, S.A.

Said by his son to have "taken Willie's place" as head of the family (due to their father's failings) but as Alex was about 11 years old, when Willie died he could not have been a very sturdy prop to the mother. The reminiscences already mentioned were written by Douglas, son of Alexander, with an account of the career of Alex with the S.A. Railways which he joined in 1900. He was transferred to Jamestown.

MARRIAGE: to Alice Maude Rosser, b. 24/3/1887, who died at Jamestown, S.A. on 11/4/1934 aged 47 years, and was buried there.

From signalman at Jamestown. Alex was appointed to Mingary on the Broken Hill line about 1917, where the population consisted of about 4 families, all railway people, with goats as a side line. Alex became the "goat King" as he owned the largest herd, due to taking over from a man who left in a hurry. There were caterpillar and locust plagues, which meant the railway lines had to be "sanded" to ensure the train wheels would grip. In 1919 the family moved to Gumbowie between Terowie and Peterborough - the fate of the goats was not revealed. The youngest child was born at Jamestown in 1924, and Alice, his wife, died there in 1934.

Alex retired to the Adelaide suburb of North Croydon (now called Croydon Park), and during World War ll worked at the nearby Simpson's Factory, with his daughter, Joyce, house-keeping for him.

DEATH: Alexander McLean died aged 78 years, on 2/7/1956, and was buried in Centennial Park Cemetery. 
MCLEAN, Alexander Ewen (I-2331)
1674 «b»Alexander James (Jim) McLean«/b» born 8/3/1919 at Beachport S.A. 3rd child of Archie and Grace (nee Jones) McLean.
Married twice : 1st during W.W.2 while sewing with the RAAF in England - to «b»Margaret Blyth«/b» of Forrd, Northumberland at Berwick-on-Tweed, Northumberland. She came to Australia as a war bride.
Death: by accidental electrocution on 28/12/1956. interred at Darwin, N.T. She left 3 children.
2nd Marriage: to «b»Betty Price (b. Hackham) nee Perry«/b» and widow of John Price of Pt Noarlunga, S.A. who had children Robert John and Margaret Ann Price. They married at the Catholic church in Sturt SA.

On return from overseas, Jim had done gold mining then joined the Northern Territory Police Force. Due to war related illness he took early retirement and came south.
He did bar work at Adelaide and moved to Christies Beach.
Death: at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on 5/10/1976 aged 57 (of a brain tumour). Interred at the Military Section Centennial Park.
His wife Betty, now Mrs Russ, having taken the name of her late partner of 12 years, Murray Russ, and resided at Tumby Bay, S.A., is now of Christies Beach, S.A. 
MCLEAN, Alexander James (I-2414)
1675 «b»ALFRED JOHN McLEAN«/b» ) Twin sons of John and Mary McLean,
«b»EDWIN JAMES McLEAN«/b» ) born at "Waterloo" Angas Plains on 16/10/1871.

The twin boys were the 3rd and 4th sons, and 12th and 13th children of this family.

The twins were only 13 months old when their mother died of "milk fever". She had breast fed the twins up to the time she died.

Their father, John McLean, found himself in an invidious position as it seems the older members of the family were not inclined to become responsible for them. It was arranged that Miss Elizabeth Dixon be housekeeper and she and John married in the twin were 2.5 years old.

Ted McLean (Edwin James) in later years was to give full credit to his stepmother for the manner in which she managed affairs on the farm. Elizabeth was a good manager and an economical housewife. Ted used to describe how nothing was wasted, and the children could eat for instance "bread and butter, or bread and jam" but not all three items together. He used to say "if it hadn't been for her, there would have been no farm in the end!"

The twins farmed "Waterloo" Angas Plains in conjunction with their father.

MARRIAGE: ln 1899 Edwin James McLean and Adelaide Rose Hull, of Adelaide, were married in Strathalbyn. Edwin had met his wife through her brothers who had been working in the district.

At this time Edwin had not commenced construction of his subsequent home, "Maplemore" on Section 2075 opposite "Waterloo". As a temporary home he established separate living quarters in the end of the farm barn. The framing of this temporary accommodation can still be seen today!

In the meantime the biggest development ever known in agriculture occurred with the development of the artificial plant manure - superphosphate. This has previously been mentioned.

John McLean died aged 87 years

Subsequently in the execution of John's will, Alfred and Edwin McLean jointly purchased the whole "Waterloo" property, which they continued to farm on shares until 1919.

MARRIAGE: ln the meantime Alfred John McLean in 1904 married Miss Marie Alwena Elizabeth (Else) Berndt, of Adelaide, a friend of Ted's wife. Mrs McLean, Senior, and her daughters. Elizabeth and Florence, moved into Strathalbyn to live and Alf with his bride, occupied the "Waterloo" homestead. Ted and Addie in the meantime having moved to their new home "Maplemore".

Up to this time they had been childless, but by odd circumstance both ladies became pregnant within a few weeks of each other, Else and Alf having a daughter, Mona Mildred Agncola, and Addie and Ted also a daughter, Loma Edith, - Mona born on 23/5/1905 and Lorna on 14/7/1905.

Mona became a teacher in the S.A. Education Department, holding various senior appointments being Headmistress of Black Forest Infant School on her retirement in 1965.

Loma became a triple-certi nursing sister, holding various appointments throughout the State before retiring as Matron, Port Lincoln Hospital. She died on 17/4/1975 at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Mona McLean, aged 90 years, currently resides in good health, at Linden Park. Being the senior living descendant of John and Mary McLean.

DEATH: Alfred John McLean's death occurred suddenly, at the age of 35 years on 6«sup»th«/sup» March, 1907, at "Waterloo" Angas Plains in the following circumstances:- "In the evening he proceeded to disinfect a room in the house by means of a solution of carbolic acid and water to eradicate fleas, using a watering can as he had on previous occasions. On the completion of the work he walked towards the stable trough, to rinse out the can and complained of sickness.

He called out to his wife, "Else, l'm poisoned; get me some salt and water.' She immediately got the emetic, which he swallowed. He tried to take a second dose, but fell to the ground and all possible means were used to restore consciousness. He died within two or three minutes.

A Police inquest was held - Mr Edwin J McLean, twin brother, stated that the deceased was 35 years old and in the best of health. He held a lantem in the room during the disinfecting process. The nozzle fell off the can once or twice, and his brother was careful to hold it with a piece of paper to replace it.

He believed the door of the room that was being fumigated was shut. Dr Curtis was of opinion that death was caused through the deceased inhaling carbolic acid fumes

The jury recorded a verdict - "That death was due to accidental inhalation of poisonous fumes".

Following this fatality, Mrs Else McLean continued to share farm the property, in conjunction with her brother-in-law, Ted McLean, until 1920.

DEATHS: ln 1914, Mrs Addie McLean became ill with a then incurable disease, pernicious anaemia, experiencing a long illness until her death on 25th April, 1918.

This disease these days is virtually unknown, and a patient showing symptoms is speedily prescribed drug treatment now available.

She was buried in the Strathalbyn Cemetery.

2ND MARRIAGE: ln the meantime, Ted McLean remarried in Melbourne on 26/7/1919 to Miss «b»Olivia Mary Parker«/b», who had relatives in the district » an aunt, Mrs Agnes Oldfield, near Milang.

Mrs Olivia McLean was a talented musician, beingan Associate of the London College of Music. She taught music and played at various functions - her most successful pupil locally was Mr (later Senator) Gordon S. Davidson.

In 1920 Mrs Else McLean retired to Norwood. She took up residence at 66 Beulah Rd, Norwood, being most hospitable to the family of her brother-in-law, Ted McLean. She died in Adelaide on 10/3/1943.

Ted and Olivia had three sons - Alfred in 1920, John in 1921 and Ben in 1925.

In 1928 Ted won the Southern Wheat Crop Competition with a crop grown where "Navarino" homestead is now situated. Ted called this paddock the "pine paddock" because it was vegetated mainly with native pines when cleared.

This crop was an excellent and heavy crop, and because of a riding accident just prior to harvest, Ted was unable to reap the crop himself. He engaged Mr Bill Day of Milang to reap the crop with a Case side-engined tractor and header. This was the tractor used on McLean properties.

DEATH: Ted McLean continued farming on "MapIemore" Angas Plains until his death on 23«sup»rd«/sup» August, 1950 at Strathalbyn.

Mrs Olivia McLean stayed with Else McLean and her daughter Mona, prior to the birth of Olivia's youngest son, Benjamin Emest McLean. ln 1942 Else built, with her daughter. Mona a modem home at Linden Park where Mona continues to reside in 1995, aged 90 years.

DEATH: Mrs Olivia McLean died on 2nd August 1955, at Strathalbyn. 
MCLEAN, Alfred John (I-3833)
1676 «b»Alfred Parker McLean«/b», born 5/5/1920 at Strathalbyn, attended Angas Plains School and Strathalbyn High School, joining the S.A. Police Force in 1938. Now Dip. Local Govt. J.P.

Alf entered into police training at the Police Depot, Port Adelaide, and Police Barracks, Thebarton, being sworn in at 21 years and posted to Naracoorte, thence to Mount Gambier, Adelaide, Thebarton Police Station, Kingoonya and Cowell - as well as relieving in many country and suburban stations.

Kingoonya was an interesting experience in opening a new Police Station, about 400 miles from Adelaide, with district extending beyond Coober Pedy.

After marrying Miss Lola Blackman, of Ararat, in 1953, they were transferred to Cowell. ln 1956 he was involved in the single handed arrest of an armed offender, who was threatening to shoot him. He was awarded a Police Commissioners Commendation for "displaying unusual physical courage and exceptional tact when arresting the armed offender".

Later in 1956, Alf resigned from the Police Force on being appointed District Clerk of the District Council of Franklin Harbour, having in 1955 been appointed Secretary of the Cowell District Hospital, Inc. In these appointments he was greatly assisted by his wife, Lola, who was a registered triple-certi nurse.

In 1974 he became Chief Executive Officer of the Glenelg District Community Hospital, lnc., until he retired in 1985.

In 1988 he was invited back to Cowell by the Distnct Council to perform the of opening of the new District Council Chambers, located in the former National Bank Building. In this year he also organized the McLean Reunion, with the unveiling of a plaque at Marteston commemorating the growing of the 1838 wheat crop.

He has been responsible for the preparation of the total manuscript of this publication, with the assistance of his wife, Lola, and local historian, Miss Margaret Stevenson. Margaret had previously completed the history of Dr John Rankine and his brothers who founded Strathalbyn. Owing to the McLean involvement with the Rankines, she became interested in Donald and Christina's history, and has worked painstakingly to prepare this history. She has been of immense help in this enterprise. Mrs Candy Scown, of Strathalbyn, has been the word processor for most of the manuscript. The generous help of Mrs Jill McDonald, author of "History of Ewen and Rachel McDonald and Descendants" (Rachel being a sister of John McLean) is also acknowledged.

Married: Miss Lola Blackman, of Ararat, Vic, born 1/11/1923.

Residence: Alf and Lola now live in retirement at 12 Harriet Street, Strathalbyn.

Being a retired Nursing Sister, Lola now helps the elderly and assists in distributing "Meals on Wheels". 
MCLEAN, Alfred Parker (I-3845)
1677 «b»ALICE MAUDE MARY McLEAN«/b» born 14/6/1864 at "Coewey", Lake Alexandrina. Her name was written in his Gaelic Bible by her father Hugh the Elder as "Alis Moade Mary".

MARRIAGE: c. 1900 to Julius (Otto) Stabemack (b. 1871 at Lobethal, SA). This was changed to Tweedvale during the 1914 - 1918 war due to its German name - later reverted to the original Lobethal. With some other Stabernacks Otto appears in Directories as a worker at the Lobethal Woollen Mills early this century. Glad Gardner recalls going by train on Sunday afternoons with her mother and sisters to visit this great aunt at Lobethal who was by then widowed in the 1920s. Later,
Alice was at Croydon, near Adelaide.

DEATHS: Julius Otto Stabernack aged 52 years on 9/8/1923, at Lobethal. Alice Maude Mary died on 30/3/1940 aged 76 years at hospital, Unley, S.A. When Otto died and her only daughter Reta married and lived at Echuca, Victoria, Alice joined her there. Due to her dislike of Jim Brown, husband of Reta, she returned to South Australia and took a house at Huitle Street, West Croydon near Adelaide up to the time of her death in 1940. Alice and Otto were both interred at the Lobethal Cemetery. Alice was buried 1/4/1940. 
MCLEAN, Alice Maude Mary (I-2781)
1678 «b»Alice Melvina Pearl Smith«/b» b. 9/1/1908, Jepant, Vic.

First marriage : «b»Leonard Butt«/b» born 1907 in England. Died 26/5/1961.

History: "At 14 Melva lived in Mildura. Once they went to Piangal near Swan Hill. They had trotters. (She is still interested in trotting.) They set up a cafe at Meeitine serving 200 meals a day. They went from Ouyen to Piangal, camping overnight. Floods crossed the road. They got all of the women to the other side of the river and a bull charged the trotter. Her father shot the bull (which was a crime as it was not legal to shoot any one else's cattle).

Piangal was a great fishing place and on a direct line to Koolnan, a soldiers settlement, by train. They were given land but it was sandy soil. She can remember a young wife with a little baby who died from dehydration. Her father made a coffin for the baby.

Melva went to Mildura High School by "dray" (six horses pulled a covered dray). She recalled stealing some oranges and being made to walk five miles home as punishment."

One child, who was still born - «b»Leonard Smith Butt«/b» born 3/7/1927 at Auburn - still-born.

2nd Marriage: to «b»Lloyd Thomas«/b» who died in 1983. 
SMITH, Alice Melvina Pearl (I-3715)
1679 «b»Allan (Murray) Keough«/b» b. 1/4/1899 at Strathalbyn, the 4th child of James Stanley & Christina McPhee (nee McLean) Keough.

Married: «b»Myrtle (Pearl) Stevens «/b»(b. 29/6/1901 - of Litttehampton, S.A..

His occupation: Plumber & earlier an electrician.

Residence: North Parade, Strathalbyn, after several years at Mooma Station, N.S.W.

Pearl died on 16/9/1956 aged 55 years. interred at Strathalbyn on the 17th.
Murray died on 14/4/1951 aged 52 years. Also interred at Strathalbyn Cemetery.

Obituary: "Southem Argus" dated Thursday 19/4/1951.

"The death occurred at Strathalbyn on Saturday (14th) of Mr A. M. Keough at the age of 52 years. Mr Keough's health had not been the best for a long time but no-one anticipated his passing. For many years he was employed at the Strathalbyn Corporation Electric Power Station but in recent years he started business on his own account Littlehampton who with two daughters, Barbara & Janet & three sons - Ronald, Graham 8- David survive. His remains were privately laid to rest on Monday when the Rev. A. W. Cooper of '

CHILDREN ...................................: 
KEOUGH, Allan Murray (I-5490)
1680 «b»Allan Belton Aldam«/b» b. at Noarlunga, 19/2/1901
Married twice - divorced twice. No children. Dates not traced, ~
He had lived in W.A. for many years then at Burra, S.A. and at Nuriootpa, S.A.
Allan died at Gawler S.A. approx. 1970. 
ALDAM, Allan Belton (I-3918)
1681 «b»Allan John (Jack) Ormiston McLean«/b», born 5/10/1889 at Bill's Gully, Victoria.

Jack chose land at South Danyo, Victoria, in 1910 and cleared it after buying a large roller. The block was covered in mallee of varying sizes.

There was a period of widespread drought in South Australia around 1914.

Married: «b»Mary Margaret Needs«/b», (born 17/1/1887) daughter of William Needs of Lameroo, SA. the wedding celebrated at the newly built Church of England, Lameroo, S.A.

Residence: ln 1949 when his mother died Jack was of Merbein, Victoria.

Jack died on 1/4/1967, aged 77 years.
Mary Margaret died 30/6/1966 aged 79 years. 
MCLEAN, Allan John Ormiston (I-3227)
1682 «b»Allan McLean«/b» born 24/9/1906 at Wallaroo, S.A.
Died: on 28/3/1908 aged 18 months. interred at Wallaroo. 
MCLEAN, Allan (I-5650)
1683 «b»Allyncyn (Alice) McLean Brown«/b» D. 27/11/1935, Croydon, S.A. g
Married twice: - 1st at Katamatite, Vic. to «b»Alexander Gumbys«/b» (b. 1/4/1936 at Lithuania).
Occupation: Farmer. _
Death; Alexander was killed in a car accident retuming from a shearing job at Numurkah aged 32 years on 3/4/1968, leaving a widow and daughters aged 10, 9, 7, and 5 years. He had been share farming sheep and wheat at Strathmerton, VIC.
2nd marriage of Alice: to widower «b»John Francis (Frank) O'Dwyer«/b» (b. 5/6/1930 at Cobran) who had 3 sons and 3 daughters from his first marriage. They had 4 O'Dwyer children and so raised 14 children between them. The marriage took place at Numurkah.
Residence: of Alice and Frank O'Dwyer, Nurmurkah, Victoria. 
BROWN, Allyncyn (Alice) McLean (I-2803)
1684 «b»Angas Borrett«/b», the youngest child of George and Henrietta (nee Jeffreys) Borrett was born 8/4/1893 at the house of his grandmother Ann Jeffreys (formerly Leslie) nee McLean at Strathalbyn.

"Southern Argus" dated 23/3/1899a : Accident at Langhorne's Creek - which might have proved very serious. It happened last Tuesday morning last. Mr George Borrett of Tolderol was driving with his son about six years old (note: Angas was b. 1893) towards Langhorne's Creek when the harness strap broke and the horse became unmanageable, pulling Mr Borrett out and turning the cart over on the boy. There were a lot of hurdles in the cart and these were thrown on the lad's legs. The side of the cart fell on his face. The little lad received some painful wounds on his face, while Mr Borrett sprained his ankle and will not be able to get about for some time."

In due course he inherited the historic "Raydon", Langhome Creek of his father and grandfather and farmed there for many years.

Married: at the age of 23, Alice Augusta Ada Potts (known as Dolly) who was born 16/9/1895 at Langhome Creek, S.A. being a member of the Potts family of the famous Bleasdale Winery, Langhome Creek. In this year of 1917 Angus built "Berrydale", Langhome Creek, for his bride, and it gas been passed on to first his son and then and at present to his grandson Dudley (known as George)

Angas Borrett at the age of 83 years on 26/1/1977 at Adelaide. He was known within the family as "Jerry".
Alice on 25/3/1971 aged 75 years at Strathalbyn.
They were both interred at Langhome Creek - leaving an only child.

One child - Snooks born 1920 at Strathalbyn. 
BORRETT, Angas (Jerry) (I-5230)
1685 «b»Angus Ewen William McLean«/b» born 21/8/1921, Beachport, S.A. 4th and youngest child of Archie and Grace (nee Jones) McLean.
Married: Myrtle Beatrice Mills (b. 18/8/1920), Unley, S.A.). They worked at Kalaby Station
out from Olary, S.A. and other stations north. He was originally a butcher but took
on station work. About 1946 they went to Nambour, Queensland and returned to
S.A. at Christmas 1956 and stayed with his sister Margaret, Mrs Rattley at Fulham
Gardens. The children call her "Aunty Plum". The Electoral Roll of 1958 shows
them at Unley.
Occupation: Angus was a barman, butcher, taxi driver and opal miner. By 1963 they had parted and Angus was at Charles St. Forestville and still "barman". They divorced.
Death: of Angus aged 59 years at Woomera, S.A. on 17/10/1980
Remarriage: of Myrtle to Ronald F. Ludgate.
Residence; Goolwa, S.A. following a previous home at Clovelly Park, S.A. 
MCLEAN, Angus Ewen William (I-2435)
1686 «b»Annie McLean Borrett«/b» born 29/7/1886, 4th child of George and Henrietta Barrett (nee Jeffreys) » the only daughter.

Born at Langhome Creek.

Married: her 1st. cousin Stanley Gordon Jeffreys (b. 23/11/1885 at Nuriootpa, S.A.) eldest son of Edwin and Wilhelmina (Strother) Jeffreys.


"Christ Church C. of E. Strathalbyn was the scene of a very pretty wedding yesterday afternoon when Miss Annie Borrett, daughter of Mr and Mrs George Borrett of "Raydon", Langhorne Creek, was married to Mr E. Jeffreys (error for Stanley Gordon Jeffreys) - son of Mr and Mrs Edwin Jeffreys late of Strathalbyn, (meaning formerly as was the custom then). The Rev. T. Percy Wood performing the ceremony. The church was prettily decorated for the occasion and the choir attended. The bride was very handsomely gowned in ivory satin with a heavily embroidered overdress of chiffon and wore a beautiful rich lace veil with orange blossom daintily arranged and she carried the customary bouquet.

Her bridesmaid, Miss Shepherd of Adelaide. wore a pink gown and a large black picture hat. Mr Angus Borrett, the bride's brother, acted as groomsman. At the close of the ceremony Mr and Mrs Borrett entertained a party of friends at a reception at the church hall where Messrs. J. Farrant and Co. had laid out a dainty spread, and congratulations and good wishes were freely bestowed on the happy couple who were the recipients of a lovely lot of wedding presents."

So far as can be traced by Directories, Stanley Gordon Jeffreys was a farmer and as there were no descendants more details cannot be ascertained. At the time of this marriage S. G. Jeffreys farmed at Murraytown, S.A. and was also a land and estate agent. In due course he and Annie retired to 43 Oxford Terrace, Unley, near Adelaide, but then called "New Parkside".

By 1934, S. G. Jeffreys appeared in Directories as at 242 Glen Osmond Rd, Fullarton, S.A. as "F3l'l'T'l8l'", but the Oxford Terrace, Unley address appears to have been their last home.

Death: on 11/7/1947 of Stanley Gordon Jeffreys, husband of Annie (nee Borrett) at the age of 63 years (suddenly) at his residence 43 Oxford Terrace. Unley, New Parkside. (Newspaper Notice).

Death: of Annie Jeffreys, his wife and first cousin on 13/4/1970 aged 83 years at a Nursing Home, Walkerville, near Adelaide. Both were interred at the North Road Anglican Cemetery.

Leaving no descendants. 
BORRETT, Annie McLean (I-5226)
1687 «b»ARCHIBALD SINCLAIR McLEAN«/b» born c. 1854 at Strathalbyn, the 5th child.

DIED there aged 6 months (1st ofthe name). Dates not registered. 
MCLEAN, Archibald Sinclair b. 1854 (I-4481)
1688 «b»Arthur Maxwell Keith Ashby«/b» b. 4/8/1934 at Kongorong. S.A Nickname "Warley"

Occupation; Farmer of Kongorong and Queensland.

Married: June Elsie Chamberlain (b. 15/1/1938).

Her occupation: Teacher.

Teaks and Warley were two little horrors as children Many of their horrifying practical jokes on their prospective brothers and sisters in law are not fit for publication but here are a couple. They cut the teat off a dead cow and put it in a pocket (both denied how it got there). Hoping for visitors they went to the table for a meal. Teaks threw it to Warley who threw it back and forth until Warley missed it and it fell in the cream. Neither was game to tell their mother (Mary) because they would have got a hiding. When she came to serve out the cream. out came the cows teat. Warley tells that this was definitely after the depression and he says he got the hiding for not catching it. Another of their favourite pranks was putting the pet lamb in the visitor's bedroom.

The boys were also very accurate shots with a sling-shot and would brag between themselves as to who was the best. One dared the other that they couldn't hit a moving target. A duck walked past with 9 ducklings. The dare was on. The duck was the biggest so she was the target. Sling!! The duck dropped stone dead. Teaks and Warley would never tell who was the culprit and their mother never knew what happened to the mother duck. The 9 ducklings were taken inside and reared in the warm kitchen.

Children ................................... 
ASHBY, Arthur Maxwell Keith Warley (I-4729)
1689 «b»Aubrey Jackson Mclntosh«/b», born 3/8/1923 at Dalby, Q. 2nd child of Beryl (nee Sturgeon) and Milton Mclntosh,
Died: aged 6 months on 9/2/1924 and was buried at Miles, Queensland.
Ailsa Mary Mclntosh, bom 7/1/1925 at Dalby, Q.
Married: Henry Thomas Law, (b. 23/2/1921, Euroa, Vic).
History: Was aged 2 years when her parents retumed to Victoria from Queensland, and was happy to visit her grandparents' farm at Nhill, 4 miles from the town. Euroa came next when Ailsa was 4 years and with her siblings attended the local primary and high schools. During the war years she was at home seeing to the house, on behalf of her sick mother. Her husband Henry Law was engaged in the saw-milling business with his father until 1951. They then moved to Morwell, Victoria (in Gippsland) to begin dairy farming, and continued there for several years. A move to Traralgon, a milk bar and mixed business was conducted, until retirement to Trafalgar East in 1980 which is their present (1995) residence. 
MCINTOSH, Ailsa Mary (I-3007)
1690 «b»Barbara Keough«/b» b. 9/9/1926 at Strathalbyn.
After school days at Strathalbyn she was a law clerk with E. J. Tucker and also a part time dressmaker.
Married: Anthony Morris.
His occupation: Agricultural researcher.
Residences: Milang, Rosewonhy College, Wanbi, Minnipa, Straun, Kybybolite & North in S.A.
Residence: (1994) Glenelg East, S.A.
KEOUGH, Barbara (I-5492)
1691 «b»Betty Lorraine Keough«/b» b. 11/2/1928, Strathalbyn. _
After her education at the Strathalbyn Primaiy & High Schools, Betty worked at the Bells Stores & was an usherette at the local Picture Theatre.
Marriage: to «b»Dean Edwin Hughes«/b» at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church. Dean was b. 29/7/1925. They removed to Adelaide and for a time she worked at the Myer Emporium, Rundle St.
Death: of Betty Hughes at the age of 44 years on 13/4/1975.
Residence: Beaumont, S.A.
Her husband remarried Elizabeth Schuman (b. 13/10/1932).
Betty and Dean had two children - Karen in 1955, Adelaide, and Tracey in 1962, Adelaide. 
KEOUGH, Betty Lorraine (I-5398)
1692 «b»Brian Maxwell McLean«/b» b. 29/7/1932.
Occupation: Shearer.

Two brothers, Brian (17yrs) and Donald (19 yrs) were killed in separate motor cycle accidents just one month apart.

Death: on 23/12/1949 aged 17 years at Hamilton Base Hospital, Victoria.
From the "Border Watch" of 22/12/1949:
"Brian Maxwell McLean aged 17 years 01 Kongorong died in the Hamilton Base Hospital on Tuesday from severe head injuries sustained when his motor cycle failed to negotiate a turn near Dunkeld on Fnday night. The youth was returning to Dunkeld after a run on his machine along the Victoria Valley Road. He failed to take the turn and crashed through a post and rail fence. Three panels of the fence were smashed. He was removed to the Hamilton Hospital by ambulance. McLean had been shearing on the Mount Sturgeon Estate and had returned to Dunkeld on Friday afternoon after completion of his duties. Although not a dangerous road the Victoria Valley Road is classed as one that has to be negotiated with care. A man was killed at the same bend in similar circumstances four years ago. The youth was a son of Mr and Mrs L. D. McLean of Kongorong. He was a student of Mount Gambler High School leaving about three years ago. In recent months he had been shearing. The funeral took place at the Mt Gamblier Cemetery this afternoon." 
MCLEAN, Brian Maxwell (I-4960)
1693 «b»CATHERINE McRAE «/b»born 26/6/1854 at Milang, S.A.

MARRIED: William Morris (at a Catholic Church). Date not found.

CHILDREN: Believed to have had two daughters - these were mentioned in a newspaper report of the presentation of a stained glass window to the Catholic Church of the Good Shepherd, Strathalbyn. Unfortunately these notices have been mislaid. The daughters were not named.

William Morris - no newspaper notice in the "Argus" but his burial at the R.C. Section of the Strathalbyn Cemetery took place on 10/2/1927. He was aged 76 years.
Catherine Morris died on 20/3/1929 aged 75 years and was interred with William in grave no. 84.

OBITUARY: "Argus" of 28/3/1929. (Thursday)
"The death took place last week of the relict of the late Mr William Morris formerly well known of this district and her remains were laid to rest in the Strathalbyn Cemetery on Thursday last. The Rev. Father Fahy officiated at the service." 
MCRAE, Catherine (I-3910)
1694 «b»Charles Buscombe Sturgeon«/b» born 25/2/1881 at Gladstone, S.A.

Named for his grandfather Sturgeon (Charles) and the maiden name of his grandmother Elizabeth Sturgeon (nee Buscombe) both of whom are buried at Strathalbyn. The Wamer family has no knowledge of Charles whatsoever. There is no death recorded in S.A. so he must have been about 2 when the family left Gladstone and died in Victoria. 
STURGEON, Charles Buscombe (I-3123)
1695 «b»CHRISTINA McLEAN«/b», born 28/7/1848, at Strathalbyn.

MARRIED: George Harvey Sturgeon, born 1846, who had arrived in S.A. at the age of 5 years with his parents, Charles and Elizabeth Sturgeon, by the ship "China" in 1852. They farmed at "Sunnyside" Strathalbyn.

They married at "Waterloo" Angas Plains on 17/7/1872 just prior to her 24th birthday. The witnesses were:- Elizabeth Sturgeon, Strathalbyn; Mary Ann Jones, Belvidere; John McLean, Angas Plains and Agnes Jane McLean, Angas Plains. The Rev. Slaney Poole (Church of England) of to an obituary Christina and George farmed at Gladstone, S.A. but left for Victoria in 1883. There were two obituaries which Jill McDonald found for her book, "Ewen and Rachel McDonald and Descendants" published in a Melbourne paper, but undated.

"The death is reported by our Nhill correspondent of Mrs Christina Sturgeon, whose father Mr John McLean, with his brother Allan, assisted their father, Mr Donald McLean, who grew the crop of wheat in South Australia, at Marleston near Adelaide in 1838".

The more extensive account gave that she died at the house of her daughter, Mrs Thomas Warner, "Dow Well" Nhill, aged 82 years on 30/10/1930. She and her husband left Gladstone in SA. for West Wimmera, Victoria, in 1883 and that they were among the settlers at Lawloit, McKenzie Springs, Vic. Further that she was the second daughter of Mr John McLean. And that her family consisted of six children of whom only Mrs Warner survived.

There were 11 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

DEATHS: It then mentioned that her sister the late Mrs Richard Jones, and her own husband, George Henry Sturgeon, had died two and a half years previously, following a motor car accident. Both were buried at Nhill.

The family of six children, comprised 5 children born in South Australia and the last child in Victoria.

(1) Beatrice Mary Sturgeon, born 10/2/1874, at Strathalbyn.
(2) Frances Agnes Sturgeon, bom 1/5/1876, at Gladstone.
(3) Louisa Alberta Sturgeon, born 8/2/1879, at Gladstone.
(4) Charles Buscombe Sturgeon, born 25/2/1881, at Gladstone.
(5) Florence Jessie Sturgeon, born 16/6/1883, at Gladstone.
(6) Albert John Sinclair Sturgeon, born 1890 at Nhill.

Following the marriage of Christina and George Sturgeon, they farmed for a time at Strathalbyn. Their eldest daughter, Beatrice, about 1907 wrote an account of the family which is here abridged.

George Henry Sturgeon was born in Suffolk, England, and besides farming with his father and brother at Strathalbyn, he conducted a carrying business between Adelaide and Strathalbyn before the railway was built. He did the same from Gladstone, S.A. until 1883.

In that year he took up land at Lawloit, Victoria, travelling overland with his wife and family of 4 children, by wagon and dray. On arrival he pegged 30 acres, taking up more land in due course. Beatrice records that they left Gladstone in August, 1883, and that Christina's brother-in-law, Richard Jones. took the whole family with a few possessions in a dray to Lawloit, and on the night they all slept on bags of chaff on the ground in the open with the sky as their roof. They then set to work to build a temporary hut 25 feet long and 15 feet wide, divided with wheat bags for partitions. The sides of the hut were made by placing 2 or 3 sheets of iron horizontally - there was an iron roof.

Beatrice refers back to her fathers early years, saying that not being able to attend school during the day his education took place at night school, which was further helped by books brought out from England. One year at the Strathalbyn farm, 1000 bushells of wheat was reaped, which was considered a big harvest at that time. it was sold for £1,000.0 ($2,000). Flour was £1/5/- a bag.

George Sturgeon was particularly fond of horses, which led him to becoming a teamster. At Gladstone he used 8 to 10 horses, caning merchandise between that town. Laura and Georgetown, prior to the move to Victoria.

That dwelling was near some crab holes for water for domestic use, His next duty was to clear enough land in readiness for crops - no fallowing then, all hands working and helping - mother and children were his only aid, picking up sticks and burning off. When the crop was growing, the parents and children took turns going around the crop, even late at night and then before daybreak, hunting off the trespassing rabbits and kangaroos which were very numerous. Then came the task of cutting posts to fence in the block, and clear a few more acres for cropping.

The work was done by bullocks, and as they had to find their own forage, they were only worked for a few hours a day. When unyoked they would ramble for miles unless minded, and having no fences it came to the lot of the two eldest girls to hunt for them and bring them home. This often meant miles of walking, quite often wading through the Lawloit and Menrvyn swamps, near McKenzie Springs. They helped yoke the cattle, and sometimes drove the team while their father used the plough. Crops were badly affected by rust, and burning off was practised as mentioned above.

When store goods were required four bullocks were yoked to the dray, and the family would set off for Kaniva. Going one day, slaying overnight at Yanipy with the Richard Jones' and returning the next day or two. They made 4 or 5 trips a year. As the rail terminated at Dimboola, wheat was carted there, or to Horsham; or let to contractors with horse teams. The mail coach went from Nhill, through Lawloit to Kaniva, and would bring groceries or meat when ordered.

It was the practice of the Sturgeons to rear pigs, and kill them for pickling. Saturday afternoons were usually spent in the scrub hunting kangaroos and rabbits to cook with the pork. The children took home broombush for sweeping the house.

The wheat sown was called Golden Drop. Incidentally, the pigs were slaughtered when weighing 60 to 100 lbs. Good mutton was rare. When carcases of sheep of squatters were found, the wool was removed and taken home, scoured and used to stuff mattresses. But, George Sturgeon was better off than when he was forced to work at a very early age, with only raw turnips to take for his lunch.

After two or three years it was decided to build a new house. Large wide planks were sawn from gum trees, for door and window frames with mud bricks for the walls. At the same time bullocks were replaced with horses, so stables were built also. During these preparations the father let his adze slip, slicing right through his boot and severing his big toe! By 1907, the only survivor of the Sturgeons who emigrated, besides George himself, was his sister, Mrs Blatchford of Adelaide in her 83rd year, and still caring for her 85 year old husband. George's brother and another sister were deceased.

Four of the Sturgeon children were born in South Australia, and the youngest in Victoria. A Warner family history was published in 1979, dating from 1802 showing that their 5«sup»th«/sup» child (Thomas) married Beatrice Sturgeon. 
MCLEAN, Christina (I-2981)
1696 «b»CHRISTINA McPHIE«/b» (as registered) McLEAN bom 11/7/1849, at Strathalbyn.

MARRIAGE: by special licence at St, Matthew's C. of E. Kensington, S.A. by the Rev. W. W. Ewbank, to Mr «b»James Payne«/b». solicitor of Strathalbyn. youngest surviving son of the late Samuel Payne Esq. of Payrieham House, Payneham, S.A. She was shown as the 2nd daughter of Archibald McLean of Angas Bank, Strathalbyn, and "no cards by request". Notice in the Adelaide "Register".

One child - Samuel born 1871 at Payneham

DEATH: James Payne died aged 28 years of consumption, at the residence of his mother, Payneham House, Payneham on 17/4/1872. Burial at West Terrace Cemetery.

As a widow she became the keeper of a superior Guest House at Semaphore and did very well for herself and only child.

DEATH : Christina died of heart failure at Woolnough Rd, Largs Bay on 20/7/1920 aged 72. Her residence was Newman St Semaphore. Interred West Terrace Cemetery.

The will of Christina Payne (nee McLean) was dated 4/2/1920 and she was then of Newman Street, Semaphore. She left a number of legacies.

To her brother Charles Soward McLean 500 pounds ($1000), of Kongorong, S.A. near Mt Gambier, to her sister Rose Anderson Bundey of Brighton, S.A4 widow, 500 pounds ($1000). To her nephew Henry Bundey, teacher of the deaf and dumb at Brighton, 500 pounds ($1000). To a Payne nephew 100 pounds ($200). To her sister Harriet Cooper Warland wife of Edward Wanand (licensed victualler) the interest on 500 pounds ($1000) and at her death to be divided between the 2 sons of Harriet. A headstone was to be erected and money for the upkeep of her grave put aside.

The residue of Christina's Will was left to six neices. These included three daughters of her brother Charles (Soward) McLean and three daughters of her late brother George Henry McLean. 
MCLEAN, Christina McPhie (I-4122)
1697 «b»Christine Anne Keough«/b» b. 13/11/1943. Strathalbyn, youngest child of Hughie & Dorothy (nee Pavy) Keough.
On leaving school she worked at the local bakery until her marriage. She is a keen gardener and a Committee Member of the Ladies' Division of the Strathalbyn Football Club.
Married: Richard Noel Martin (b. 14/7/1942).
Residence; Ashbourne Road. Strathalbyn.
Three children - Julie in 1967, Lisa in 1970 and Anthony in 1973. 
KEOUGH, Christine Anne (I-5415)
1698 «b»Christine Ivy Loder«/b» b. 24/11/1952, Merredin, W.A.

Married 1st: Frank Aquino - divorced.
(1) Danielle Francesco Aquino b. 30/8/1978.
(2) Katherine Margaret Aquino b. 6/4/1981.

Married 2nd: Peter Hamer who has daughters Janica & Justine Hamer from an earlier marriage.
Peter had two daughter's from an ealier marriage before marrying Christine. Peter and Christine didn't have any children together. But they cared for four girls - two from Christine's first marriage to Frank Aquino, and the two from Peter's previous marriage.

Residence: Tonbridge Way, Morley, W.A. where the 4 girls live with Christine & Peter Hamer. 
LODER, Christine Ivy (I-5796)
1699 «b»Clifford Otto Stabernack«/b» b. 2/4/1901 at Mt Lofty, S.A. (newspaper notice). _

Death: at the age of 18 years (by accident) on 20/9/1919 at Croydon. He had been working as a shop assistant.


On Saturday afternoon, at about 2:30, Clifford Stabernack, about 18 years of age, who resided with Mr D. Manning, of Preston
STABERNACK, Clifford Otto (I-2783)
1700 «b»Clyde Boyce Aldam«/b» b. 6/8/1903, Noarlunga, S.A. _
Married: «b»Clarice Mary McDonald«/b» (b. 16/10/1903) of Noarlunga at the Morphett Vale Baptist Church.
Occupation of Clyde: Farmer and business man.
Deaths: He died 22/9/1977 - aged 74 years. Clarice died aged 89 years at Millicent, S.A. on 20/12/1992. Both cremated at Centennial Park.
Child: Janet in 1929. 
ALDAM, Clyde Boyce (I-3919)
1701 «b»Colin James Lackmann«/b». b. 28/11/1918 at Pinnaroo, S.A. - killed in action with 2nd A.l.F. in Tobruk on 15/9/1941.
Lance/Bombadier Colin James Lackmann was named after his uncle, Colin Donald Sydney McLean, 5th and youngest child of Donald Henry and Ellen McLean, who was killed at Brae, France, while serving with the 1st A.l.F.
Colin was educated the Murrayville State School. He first worked as a slaughterman and delivery man for a local butcher, then went mustering cattle in Queensland and New South Wales.
He then joined the Royal Australian Artillery at Queenscliff, Vic., and enlisted in the 2nd A.l.F. in 1940. He participated in the siege of Tobruk for 5 months, and was killed only days before they were to be withdrawn from the area when Tobruk was handed over to English troops.
Like his namesake, Colin McLean, he was just 22 years and 10 months of age at the time of his death. A "Rat of Tobruk" he was killed on 15/9/1941. 
LACKMANN, Colin James (I-3397)
1702 «b»Darryl John McLean«/b», b. 3/5/1948, at Strathalbyn, S.A.
Occupation: Farmer.
Married: «b»Joyleen Edith Fischer«/b», b. 1949 at Hamley Bridge, SA.
Resides: at "Battunga Park", (PO Box 130) Milang, SA. 5256.
Darryl has a soil conservation approach to farming. He has received a S.A.F.F. Merit Certi for services to agri-politics.
He is a life member of the Milang Football Club, past President of the local School Council and a member of the Angas Bremer Water Resources Council.
Joy places high value on being a successful wife and mother and finds fulfilment in teaching and exhibiting traditional patchwork and quilting.
Two children..... 
MCLEAN, Darryl John# (I-3859)
1703 «b»Donald Henry McLean«/b», b. 18/6/1933 at Murrayville, S.A.
Married: in the Murrayville Catholic Church, Eleanor Frances Watson, b. 17/10/1943 at Murrayville.
Residence: 39 Poole Street, Murrayville, Vic. 3512.
Donald attended Goongee State and Murrayville Consolidated Schools. He left school in 1949 and worked as a grocers assistant for 5 years then became a PMG linesman for 13 years and finally worked for the Vic. Lands Dept for 26 years. This gave a total of 44 years in the work force. He took a voluntary departure package from the Lands Dept in 1993.
Donald played in 6 football premierships with Murrayville in 20 seasons and 2 cricket premierships with Murrayville in 30 seasons. He was president of the Cricket Club for 4 terms, vice president for 16 terms and was made a life member. He played in 5 consecutive tennis premierships for Murrayville South in 6 seasons.
Donald performed National Service in the Army at Puckapunyal in 1952 as an eighteen year old.
He retired from football at age 37 and cricket at age 50. He was also president of the Murrayville Scouts for 2 years.
Eleanor has played tennis for about 40 years winning more premierships and tournaments than she can remember. She became the lady life member of the Murrayville Lawn Tennis Club which has been in existence since 1965-66, and also served for many years on the committee.
Eleanor also played netball for many years and is very active with the Murrayville School Parents Club. Eleanor was educated at Murrayville Consolidated School.
5 children: 
MCLEAN, Donald Henry (I-3369)
1704 «b»DONALD HUGH McRAE«/b» b. 9/8/1858 at "Kintail", Milang » Lake Alexandrina.

MARRIED: «b»Margaret Gollan Laidlaw«/b» (b. 30/3/1863), 2nd daughter of her mother's 2nd marriage to Thomas Laidlaw of Angas Plains. Her mother was formerly Mrs Margaret Fraser (nee Gollan) and there is a very complicated inter-relationship between Gollans, Frasers, Mathesons and the Laidlaw families. They were mainly from lnvernesshire. Margaret Gollan Laidlaw was bom at Belvidere, $.A. where her father Thomas was a blacksmith. The general belief in the families was that Thomas was drowned in Lake Alexandrina, however, the newspaper notice in the Adelaide "Observer" reports that he died of pneumonia at Sliding Rock on 23/11/1875. Margaret was then aged 12 years. (Thomas was 69). Her mother, also Margaret, was buried at Strathalbyn on 30/8/1891. (The 1883 marriage took place at Mt Barker.)

Donald Hugh McRae farmed in the Strathalbyn area but retired to North Adelaide where he died on 22/5/1927 aged 68 years. He was taken by train back to Strathalbyn for burial there on the 25th.

OBITUARY "Southern Argus" of 26/5/1927.

"The death occurred last weekend of Mr Donald H. McRae, an old identity of the Strathalbyn District, born at Milang, but resident most of his life at Strathalbyn, removing to Adelaide a few years ago. He leaves a widow and a grown up family. His remains were brought to Strathalbyn on Monday and laid to rest in the Strathalbyn Cemetery." Div. 2/415.

DEATH: Margaret Gollan McRae, his wife, was buried with him on 3/8/1941, aged 78 years.

Her very brief obituary in the "Southern Argus" merely recorded her death at Adelaide and that she had been buried at Strathalbyn on the previous Saturday. (paper of 6/8/1941)

THEIR CHILDREN (11) ............................... 
MCRAE, Donald Hugh (I-3961)
1705 «b»Doris McLean«/b» (no 2nd name) b. 10/4/1901 at Wallaroo, S.A.
Married: «b»Arthur Roy Kempster«/b» at Wallaroo where they both lived all their lives. Arthur son
of Henry Kempster was b. 15/8/1896 at Wallaroo.
of Arthur at Wallaroo aged 69 years in 1965. _
of Doris Kempster on 1/4/1989 aged 88 years at Wallaroo, S.A. interred there with her husband.
MCLEAN, Doris (I-5602)
1706 «b»Douglas Hopetoun McLean«/b», b. 20/9/1924 at Murrayville (returned 2nd AlF Service)
Married: at Preston. Vic, Valda Dorothy Kenney. b. 1/8/1927, at Burwood, Vic.
Residence: 9 Childe St. Stawell, Vic.
Enlisted in the A.l.F. at the age of 17 years and 4 months. Served in the South West Pacific area from 13/2/1942 to 15/8/1946.
Served with the P.M.G. Department and Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board, Vic. then the last 30 years with the Victorian Public Service as follows:
Dept of Crown Lands and Survey as Inspector of Land Settlement; Inspector of Lands; Land Management Of Retired at Stawell 20/9/1984. 
MCLEAN, Douglas Hopetoun (I-3289)
1707 «b»DUNCAN McRAE Jr«/b» born 29/11/1852 (probably at Strathalbyn at the senior McLean's).

The "Belvidere Hotel" between Strathalbyn and Angas Plains was licenced to D. McRae 1872 - 13/9/1874 and it is not sure whether this refers to his father, also Duncan McRae or to himself, From 14/9/1874 to 1880 the "Wellington lnn" at Wellington West on the Murray River was held by Duncan McRae. Again it cannot be ascertained, but this last would appear to have been the son.

No record of a marriage has been found.

DEATH: on 2/4/1881 at Adelaide, aged 28 years, interred West Terrace Cemetery.

His father, Duncan McRae (senior) died 20 years after Duncan (junior). 
MCRAE, Duncan (I-3909)
1708 «b»ELIZA ANN McLEAN«/b», was the 6th daughter and 8th child of John and Mary McLean, born at "Waterloo" Angas Plains, on 14/8/1861.

She died on 24/3/1864 of diptheria, aged two and half years, and was buried in the Strathalbyn Cemetery. She was the last of three children, who died within 2 months of each other. 
MCLEAN, Eliza Ann b1861 (I-3659)
1709 «b»ELIZA JESSIE McLEAN«/b», was the 8th daughter and 10th child of John and Mary McLean, bom at "Waterloo" Angas Plains, on 5/7/1866 - d. 28/9/1956.

She attended the Angas Plains Public School, and after leaving school, lived at home for some length of time.

It is said that John McLean disowned her in 1887, after the birth of an illegitimate daughter.

Her Genealogical history has been contributed by Pamela Anne Nicholls of 4 Wendt St. Tintinara, S.A.

DEFACTO: «b»Richard Bent«/b». He was the father of Eliza's only child, «b»Jeannie Winniford McLean«/b» b. 12/9/1887 at Angas Plains,

MARRIED: «b»William (Bill) Samuel Andrews«/b» b. 21/1/1890. 
MCLEAN, Eliza Jessie (I-3781)
1710 «b»ELIZABETH FRANCES McLEAN«/b» was born at "Waterloo" Angas Plains, on 3/9/1876, being the daughter of John and Elizabeth Francis McLean-the business end of the two sisters.

She attended the Angas Plains Public School with various other members of the family as the closest school of the time.

She resided as an adult at "Waterloo", but when she was about 28 years old, on Alf's impending marriage in 1904, she moved to 12 Chapel Street, Strathalbyn. This dwelling had previously been the Primitive Methodist Church manse. She lived there for about 53 years. She died unmarried on 8/10/1957, age 81 years, and was buried in the Strathalbyn Cemetery.

See also the notes in the profile of her sister, Florence-known as Flossie and the gentle one.  
MCLEAN, Elizabeth Frances (I-2975)
1711 «b»Ellen Elizabeth McLean«/b» - born 14/12/1881 at Minyip, Vic.

Marriage: at St. James Baptist Church, Beulah. Victoria - with the consent of her father to Patrick Lavery (aged 37) - (Ellen aged 24). The Rev. James Ewart officiated. Of the 2 witnesses only Robert Johnstone's name can be deciphered on the certificate. Patrick Lavery was b. 27/4/1869 at Sandford, Victoria to Hugh Lavery (blacksmith aged 26) and his wife Mary Jane (nee Smith) aged 20. Hugh was from Annagh, Northern Ireland and Mary Jane from Monagham, Ireland. Patrick was
a farmer and Ellen a domestic and both were of Beulah.

Residence: Sheep Hills, Ouyen, Vic., after their marriage. Patrick became a foreman with the Victorian State Rivers Department.

Ellen in her 33rd year on 6/9/1914, leaving 2 children.
Patrick Lavery died aged 74 years on 7/12/1943. As can be seen dates and ages at marriage and death often do not "add up". The birth certificate of Patrick on 1869 (parents married 1868) and his 1906 marriage are an exception and correct. He was 12 years older than Ellen.

On the death of Ellen, Barney (7) and Hugh (4) went to live with their grandparents Soward and Maria McLean who reared the boys along with their own 12. Maria was a wonderful person and a fantastic cook, the oven was full at all times. Patrick Lavery married again and did not have a close association with the boys until they were grown up. Barney went to live with him at Ouyen during the Depression, but Hugh went on to further his studies and became a school teacher

Kongorong was very wet when the boys were small, as very few drains were dug to clear the water. In many places one could row a boat. The two boys rode a horse to school as did many of the students. Grandfather Soward warned the boys that they must not ride the shon cut through the Swamp during Winter because if they fell off it was deep enough to drown them. They were late one night and rather than get a hiding for being late they swam the horse through the
Swamp and water was up to the horse's back. The boys only got the bottoms of their pants wet and thought Grandfather would not notice, but they forgot to rub down the horse. They couldn't sit down for a week..,..

MCLEAN, Ellen Elizabeth (I-4487)
1712 «b»Ellen Lucy Dupuy«/b» b. 7/6/1921 at Swan Hill, Vic.
Married: «b»Stanley Gordon Willingham«/b» (b. 20/5/1922 at Yarraville. Vic.) at St. Columbs
Hawthom, attended by Nell Smith.
His occupation: Polisher.
Residence: Balwyn, Vic.
Death: of Stanley aged 54 years on 8/1/1977 at a hospital in Melbourne. Cremated at Springvale Crematorium.
(1) «b»Lindsay Gordon Willingham«/b» b, 20/1/1953 at Melbourne - d. 20/1/1953 at Hawthom, Vic.
(2) «b»Alisa Jane Willingham«/b» b. 1/11/1960 at Femtree Gully. Married. 
DUPUY, Ellen Lucy (I-3668)
1713 «b»Elsie Louisa Warner«/b» born 10/3/1903 at Lawloit, Vic.

Married: Rev. Samuel (Christopher) Wilcock. He was bom in England and arrived in Australia at the age of 20. No children.

History: After education at Lawloit and Winiam and Melbourne High School, she matriculated to become a teacher for 19 years, at Preston, Stawell, Mt Mercer, Bulwarra, Horsham, Lake Boga, Beaufoit and Warburton. During these years she won prizes for her crochet work at shows including the Royal Melbourne. She married at 40. Christopher was a home missionary and Elsie helped him to become an ordained Methodist minister. Their Victorian Parishes included Beach Forest, Coleraine, Timboon, Mitiamo, Jeparit, Moe, Balaclava, Elsternwick, Brunswick, Ballarat, Murumbeena and Glenhuntly. Both were excellent artists and musical, his baritone voice being particularly good. They travelled overseas extensively and visited his people in the U.K.

Death: of Christopher Wilcock on 23/10/1972 aged 60 years interred at Springvale, Melbourne.

A tribute paid by the Rev. Sir G. Irving Benson (in brief). This was at the funeral service at the Murrumbeena Methodist Church. Christopher was born at Castleford, Yorkshire, a quiet country town dating back to the Roman occupation. As a child he lived at Barton by the Humber River with its Saxon church amongst beech trees. He was an Evangelist in and out of the pulpit. He served at a dozen Victorian churches, Ballarat and Oakleigh, The remainder of the tribute (2 pages) concerned religious matters.

During the three years following, Elsie grew orchids for charity, but ill health forced her to enter nursing homes. She died on 14/11/1989 aged 87 years at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Ballarat. Interred at Springvale, Melbourne. 
WARNER, Elsie (I-3100)
1714 «b»Elspeth Margaret McRae«/b» b. 1892 - registration date not found.

No details but the Genealogical Index gives her death as 1961. 
MCRAE, Elspeth Margaret (I-3971)
1715 «b»Estella Christine McLean«/b» born 9/4/1893 at Beulah, Victoria.

Remained at home to aid her mother, and was about 19 when the family moved to Kongorong_ S.A.

Married: «b»Charles James Talbot «/b»(b. 1/9/1882) farmer of Tantanoola, S.A. and a cousin of James Edward (Ted) Ashby, her sister Maria Mabel's husband. They dairy farmed at Moorak, S.A

Charles James Talbot on 5/11/1954 aged 72 years.
Estella Talbot died aged 84 years, on 16/5/1977. 
MCLEAN, Estella Christine (I-4753)
1716 «b»Ethel May Victoria McLean«/b», 3rd child and 1st daughter of Donald Henry and Ellen Joanna McLEAN,

Born. 22/7/1893, at Kiata, Vic.

Married: at Adelaide, S.A. to Clarence Ferdinand Lackmann, b. 8/10/1891, at Miriam, Vic

Ethel died at Murrayville, Vic. in her 86th year, on 15/5/1979.
Clarence F. Lackmann, died 17/1/1947 at Melbourne, Vic.

Clarence Lackmann served overseas with the 1st A.l.F. and was wounded in action in France. He was again serving with the Garrison Forces in World War ll, and served at Kerang, Murchison, Colac and Broadmeadows. He died while still serving in the Australian Army at the Hreidelberg Hospital, from thrombosis at the age of 56 years, leaving his wife, Ethel, and 11 of their 12 children.

Clarrie worked his farm north of Murrayville prior to entering the A.l.F. and worked many long hours lumping wheat at the Murrayville Railway Station, and rearing sheep also.

He was an outstanding sportsman in the district, winning many trophies for his golfing prowess. He also played cricket and football.

12 children. 
MCLEAN, Ethel May Victoria (I-3229)
1717 «b»Florence Jessie Sturgeon«/b» born at Lawloit, Victoria in 1885. _

The present Warner generation know only that "Aunt Florrie" was a staunch member of the Salvation Army and lived in S.A. No record of any children.

Married: Hotel Keeper «b»Robert E. Welchman«/b» (where and when not traced). He is recorded as holding the licence of the "Gresham" Hotel on the corner of North Terrace and King William St, Adelaide (now demolished and other buildings on the site although well remembered by the present writer E.M.S.). The Hoad record of publicans and licensees at Mortlock Library, Adelaide records - the "Gresham" was run by Robert E. Welchman "and wife" from 1923 to 1927 inclusive and again from 1932 to 4/3/1936.

Deaths: Robert died on 1/10/1936.

The Warners give the death date of Florrie at the age of 44 in 1930; the hotel record shows that she and her husband held the licence of the "Pier Hotel", Largs Bay. Sth Aust. Together with H. T. Lighton from August 1927 to 1929. Only Robert is given 1932 to his 1936 death, so her death 1930 appears to be correct. 
STURGEON, Florence Jessie (I-3124)
1718 «b»Gemmel Tassie«/b» born 21/7/1901 at Perth, W.A. O.A.M.
Occupation: Doctor of Medicine. degrees from the Adelaide University. Practised at Murrayville. Victoria after being House Surgeon at the Royal Adelaide Hospital; 14 years at Murrayville. At Adelaide 1939. Awaiting call up torthe 2nd A.l.F. but the call did not eventuate. Continued practice in S.A.
Married: Dorothy Taplin (b. 17/6/1906).
Residence: (1994) McLaren Vale, S.A.
TASSIE, Dr Gemmel OAM (I-5139)
1719 «b»George Borrett«/b» born 14/11/1883 at "Lake View", Langhorne Creek, where his parents George and
Henrietta apparently farmed before coming into "Raydon". _
Married: (in N.S.W.) Georgina (Ena) Alice Grant (b 25/6/1893 at Heathfield, Sussex,
Death: of George on 20/11/1960 aged 77 years at Chalswood_ N.S.W. Death of "Ena" not
BORRETT, George (Jnr) (I-5164)
1720 «b»George Stephen McLean«/b» b. 15/4/1900 at Beulah_ Victoria, the 11th of the 12 children.
Moved to Kongorong with his parents.
Occupation: Windmill "Fixer". That is the setting up and repairing of windmills.
After the death of his parents he moved in with his sister Myrtle "Girlie" at Mt Gambler. It is said that she "wore the pants". nagged him and called him a silly old fool. George was M.C at local dances when Girlie played the piano.
Death: at Mt Gambler on 22/5/1982 aged 82 years. interred at Mt Gambler Cemetery. 
MCLEAN, George Stephen (I-5004)
1721 «b»Gwenneth Wallace McLean«/b» b. 20/7/1924 at Mt Schank_ S.A
When her mother was so ill Gwen was taken by Walter and Bridget Taylor. Mary's brother and his wife. They were childless and wished to adopt her but Malcolm did not give his permission. WhenGwen fell off the wlndrriill and broke her hip and had to go to Adelaide and the Children's Hospital for treatment. Walter and Bridget went with her. Gwen stayed on with her uncle and aunt and never returned to Mt Gambler although Malcolm always hoped to see her once more before he died.
Gwen attended Adelaide University and during W.W.2 served with the A.W.A.S. (Army). By chance in 1951 her brother Peter and Lexie, his wife encountered Gwen at Hoyts Theatre and after that none of the family saw or heard of her again. She went to live overseas and is believed to be unmarried. 
MCLEAN, Gwenneth Wallace (I-4832)
1722 «b»HARRIET COOPER McLEAN«/b» born November 1847 at Strathalbyn, S.A. She was about 15 when her mother died in 1861 and she probably had to be housekeeper in her place but with Janeway grandparents at Sections 2743 arid 2751 at Angas Plains there was help at hand. Archie was of Angas Bank, Strathalbyn until 1869 but had also "Melrose", Angas Plains, and it is not clear where the family lived.

MARRIAGE: Notice from the "Registed newspaper, Adelaide;-
On 6/1/1870 at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. John Anderson, Mr E. Warland of the Dry Plains to Harriet, eldest daughter of Archibald McLean Esq. late of Strathalbyn. ("late" meaning formerly, so the ceremony would have been at "Melrose".)

HISTORY: of the Warlands appears in "Brief Encounters at Victor Harbor 1802-1982" compiled by Madeline Brunato and also references in "0/d Strathalbyn" by Nancy Gemmell. Some of the main facts are given here. William and Alicia (Ebshie) Warland from Tollard Royal, Wiltshire, with 4 sons left England on 8/7/1839 by the "Singapore", (302 Ions, Capt. Hamilton) and reached S.A. on 11/11/1839. An epidemic of typhoid took the life of their baby Edward but on 9/11/1839, two days before they arrived another son was born and also became Edward, and who at 30 married Hamet McLean. The family went to Yankalilla to the dairy farm of J.B. Hack to work until 1842 when William built the "Wheatsheaf lnn" - now called "Warland Inn" at Echunga. It had 20 rooms and was popular during the gold mining boom in that area. In 1869 Edward who had taken over from his father, farmed briefly in the north, unsuccessfully, moved to Dry Plains beyond Angas Plains where he farmed at the time of his 1870 marriage. After that he was at Strathalbyn where he tried a baking business, became a Councillor and married Harriet. Two sons were born at Strathalbyn. Nancy Gemmell's book gives further details as does the "Southern Argus".

Edward and Harriet commenced a school at Strathalbyn in 1871 at the comer of South and West Terraces in a single brick room away from the house which had a vine covered verandah. In the reminiscences of Maggie (Bell) Richardson who was a pupil at this school, she says that discipline was strict and punishment was administered with either a strap or a doubled up leather rein.

For a time Edward had the "Victoria Hotel" at Albyn Terrace facing the park and River Angas. In those days the Angas Mill was used as an Assembly Room and at concerts there Edward and Harriet were amongst the performers. His song "Tell Me Mary How to Woo Thee" was a great favourite. He was also violinist and played for the barn dances held at farms. The Biographical Index had Edwards occupations as farmer and publican but school teaching is not mentioned.

The Warlands left Strathalbyn in 1877 to take over the Railway Hotel at Port Elliot where Edward, always interested in civic affairs, was one of the founders of the Pt Elliot Institute Hall. The next move was to Victor Harbor where Edward built a two storeyed house on the sea front and named it "Austral House". This became a licensed hotel in 1881. The aborigines at a nearby camp soon discovered that Harriet was very generous with left over food. The "Austral Hotel" became later "Pipirikil Guest House" and remained so until the building was demolished in the 1970s. The 3rd
child and only daughter was born in 1884.

In 1922 following Edward's death. the "Southem Argus" gave some details of Edward's life - "silvery sweet tenor voice - man of rare gifts and diverse character - deeply thoughtful and far-seeing - wonderfully observant - exceptionally musical - pure tenor - host of friends at Strathalbyn before his years at Pt Elliot and Victor Harbor and that when the "Austral Hotel" was built at Victor Harbor the locals regarded it as far too ambitious. There are however no details of
Harriet's life.

DEATHS: Edward Warland died at Victor Harbor aged 83 years on 14/8/1922 and was burried there. His Obituary in the "Southern Argus" of 31/8/1922 repeated some of the above information:-

"Mr Edward Warland of Victor Harbor died on Monday at the age of 83 years. He came to S.A. in 1839 in his first year and lived with his parents at Yankalilla and later with his father who was the licensee of the well-known "Wheatsheaf Hotel" between Mylor and Echunga. Mr Edward Warland engaged in famring at Strathalbyn subsequently and in 1879 went into business at Port Elliot. In 1884 he removed to Victor Harbor where he conducted the "Austral Hotel", but has
lived privately for the last 12 years. He took a deep interest in local affairs and years ago his influence was an important factor in getting the railway extended to Victor Harbor. The deceased has left a widow and 2 sons: Mr A. H. Warland Town Clerk of Victor Harbor - Mr Laurence E. Warland of Port Wakefield and a daughter Miss (Jessica) Warland."

Harriet Warland (nee McLean) died at Victor Harbor aged 94 years on 21/1/1942 having survived her husband by nearly 20 years. Both were interred at Victor Harbor. 
MCLEAN, Harriet Cooper (I-4027)
1723 «b»Hazel Jean McLean«/b» bom 1915 at Beachport, S.A.
Occupation: Nursing Sister.
Marriage: Resided at Apsley, Victoria having married a school teacher, surname Thomas.
Deaths: Hazel was killed in a car accident on 1/2/1949 aged about 33 years, returning home from the Stawell Gift. Her husband took his own life a few weeks later. No children. 
MCLEAN, Hazel Jean (I-2399)
1724 «b»Hazel Olive Chaplin«/b» b. 1906.
Residence: not stated.
Children; a daughter Grace premarriage.
Married: Cyril Stephens.
In 1993 she was a resident of the Merle Martin Nursing Home. Birkenhead, S.A. There were no further children. 
CHAPLIN, Hazel Olive (I-3138)
1725 «b»Henrietta (Minna) McRae«/b» b. 21/2/1886 at Strathalbyn, 3rd child of Allan and Bertha McRae.

Minna gave the history of her parents and she was the one who supported her mother Bertha in
running the Hotel Victoria at Tapleys Hill. At the age of 30 Minna trained as a nurse, then went to

Marriage: To «b»Thomas Grif«/b» at Brisbane, a builder who became bankrupt during the Depression. At the age of 45 Minna went back to nursing to support them. Having married fairly late, there were no children. Thomas had been a widower when they married, but apparently childless.

Death: of Minna aged 94 years on 11/1/1981 just prior to her 95th birthday. 
MCRAE, Henrietta (I-3932)
1726 «b»HENRIETTA DOVER CASTLE JEFFREYS«/b» born 9/9/1859 at Belvidere, 4th and youngest daughter of Jeff Jeffreys and his wife (nee Ann McLean) at "Crickhowall" Belvidere. Said to have derived her middle names from the ship on which her father travelled to Australia. She was not born at sea as she was registered at Adelaide.

MARRIAGE: at her residence, Belvidere to George Borrett (b. 27/9/1850 at the then Langhorne's Bridge (Langhorne Creek now) - son of John and Agnes (nee Donnin) Borrett of "Raydon Farm", Langhorne Creek, the 4th of 13 children). The Rev. James Faulds Henderson of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Strathalbyn: officiated. Newspaper announcement, in "Southern Argus" of 1/4/1880.

"Southern Argus" dated 23/3/1899a

"«b»Accident at Langhorne's Creek«/b» - which might have proved very serious. It happened last Tuesday morning last. Mr George Borrett of Tolderol was driving with his son about six years old (note: Angas was b. 1893) towards Langhorne's Creek when the harness strap broke and the horse became unmanageable, pulling Mr Borrett out and turning the cart over on the boy. There were a lot of hurdles in the cart and these were thrown on the lad's legs. The side of the cart fell on his face. The little lad received some painful wounds on his face, while Mr Borrett sprained his ankle and will not be able to get about for some time."

DEATHS: George Borrett on 12/4/1920 at Adelaide. interred at Strathalbyn.

OBITUARY: "Southern Argus" 15/4/1920. (Died aged 69 years):-

"Mr George Borrett of "Raydon" Langhorne's Creek died at Adelaide on Monday last after a short illness. The deceased gentleman was one of the most popular residents of the district a native of Langhorne's Creek and who from his youth had taken a very keen interest in all affairs as well as those of the surrounding districts, most of the institutions of the whole south owning him as a supporter. He was of genial nature, kindly and sympathetic and of sterling uprightness, his word ever being accepted as his bond and right through the district his death will be deeply deplored.

For his widow (who is the daughter of pioneer residents. the late Mr and Mrs Jeff Jeffreys) and his family, the utmost sympathy is felt. The funeral of the late gentleman took place yesterday, the Rev. T. P. Wood conducting the service at the graveside at the Strathalbyn Cemetery."

Henrietta D. C. Borrett died at Adelaide on 2/7/1931 aged 72 years. Interred with her husband at the Strathalbyn Cemetery. Grave 1/308.

JEFFREYS, Henrietta (I-5151)
1727 «b»Howard Hadden Warland«/b» b. 16/10/1901, Victor Harbor.

He died unmarried at the aged of 23 years of appendicitis on 8/1/1925 at Victor Harbor where he was buried. 
WARLAND, Howard Hadden (I-4083)
1728 «b»Ivan Robert Laidlaw McRae«/b» born 6/11/1903 at Strathalbyn.

Nothing traced. 
MCRAE, Ivan Robert Laidlaw (I-4018)
1729 «b»James McCord (Mac.) Cheriton«/b» b. at "Field View Lodge", Belvidere 23/7/1879.

MARRIED: Emily lda Mary Martin of Milang (b. 1881). Mac. Cheriton continued to farm the family acres at Belvidere and later in life with the aid of his son John (Shirley), until c. 1937. He lost his wire Emily in somewhat sensational circumstances on 9/10/1929 as the "$0uthern Argus" reported the next day.

"Thursday 10/10/1929 - Death of Mrs J. M. Cheriton at the Strathalbyn Show. Tragedy at the Strathalbyn show: Sudden death of a most popular lady resident. A gloom was cast over the crowd gathered at the Strathalbyn Showgrounds yesterday when it became known that Mrs J. Mac. Cheriton, one of the most popular residents of the district, residing at Belvidere, had died with terrible suddenness while standing at the stand where his Excellency the Govemor and Lady Hore-Ruthven were being welcomed at the Show. Mrs Cheriton who was apparently in the best of health and spirits and was chatting to friends, grew faint and almost instantly collapsed, dying at once. Dr Hurst of the Adelaide Hospital was close at hand as well as nurses Mann (2) and noticing the fall went to her assistance just as her husband caught her and laid her on the lawn. Dr Hurst tried to revive her without success and ten minutes later Dr Willing of Strathalbyn examined her and found life to be extinct. The sad event cause a profound shock to those who became aware of the tragedy but those present knew nothing of it for some time, the removal of the deceased lady from the grounds being affected within a few minutes. To her very large circle of friends the shock of her death will be a severe one, and her bereaved widower and family will have most heartfelt sympathy with them in their terrible loss.

Mrs Cheriton's aged father, Mr Martin, late of Milang who resided with her and is in feeble health is feared to be so shocked that it may be fatal to him. When the Governor Sir L. Hore-Ruthven learnt of the tragedy he was much distressed and desired that his expression of deep sympathy should be conveyed to the relatives. The matter was reported to J. W. Elliot JP. (Coroner) who. after enquiries, deemed an inquest unnecessary."

A farewell to Mr James (Mac) Cheriton was held on 14/4/1837 at the Belvidere Memorial Hall when he retired from farming, and was reported in the "Southern Argus '- Farewell to Mr James "Mac" Cheriton was arranged by friends in the locality. A speech was made by Mr Syd Wakefield who said Mr Cheriton had done wonderful work for the Memorial Hall. Mr Cheriton was Secretary for the fortnightly dances held for the previous six years. Mr Vivian spoke on behalf of the Agricultural Bureau of which Mr Cheriton had been a member and ofthe Improvement Society and Primary School of whom representatives spoke. He was presented with a wallet of notes as a mark of appreciation for what he had done for the residents of the district. Mr Cheriton responded suitably and a musical and elocutionary evening followed then supper and dancing."

Sadly, this was the end of farming at the "Field View Lodge", begun in 1851 by me original John Cheriton.

DEATH of Mr James (Mac.) McCord Cheriton: reported in the "Southern Argus" as on 25/5/1938. There was no Obituary or place of death given, only that he was aged 59 years and had died suddenly. He was buried with his wife at Strathalbyn. He had died at Mile End. Adelaide, when living with his son and daughter-in-|aw.

CHILDREN .......................: 
CHERITON, James McCord (Mac) (I-5289)
1730 «b»Jane (Jean) Cheriton«/b» - born 9/6/1881 at "Field View Lodge", Belvidere. Except that she resided in Sydney and died there unmarried (she was living in 1940 when her father died) nothing further has been traced. CHERITON, Jane (Jean) (I-5320)
1731 «b»Janet McCredie Haldane «/b»born 16/2/1876 at Mt Templeton, S.A. She was educated at a private boarding school at North Adelaide, her home at Mt Templeton in the north of the state being still in an area in the process of development, education locally may not have been available. However the 1883 Directory shows her parents at the suburb of Maylands. Janet was then aged 7 so it is doubtful if she was a boarder. She was 12 when her father died and according to her obituary was at Kalgoorle, W.A. in 1895 when aged 19.

Janet married Frederick McCredie Henning who had been born in Morpherville.

Their first son was born at Fremantle WA. in 1897 and their second in 1898 at Coolgardie, WA. A studio photograph of Janet and her husband and sons is dated 1/1/1899 at Brisbane and on March 13th application for land selection had been made by Frederick at Winton and was taken up on a seven year lease but a transfer was made to a Stephen Fairbairn on 19/11/1904.

After this, postal directories show Mrs Henning at Motley, west of Toowoomba while Mr F. Henning was at Kynuna. From 1905 - 1907 his address was Motley and Springside. The two boys were baptised at Hughenden on 15/11/1899 (Presbyterian) and the next three children were born there.

They were unfortunate in striking droughts in Queensland and gave up the attempt to settle there and returned to Western Australia. They were on a farm at Koomberkine in the Dowerin District when the sixth of their children was born in March 1906 and that same year Mr Henning of Koomberkine lent his big new buggy to the research team he conducted to look into the suitability of agriculture in the Cowcowing area. Mr F. Frazer, the secretary of the Progress Association drove the buggy over the thin stumpy "snake" tracks. They remained at Koomberkine.

Janet died aged 54 years at Dowerin - on 19/6/1930. Frederick also died in Dowerin - his 80th year on 5th July 1941. 
HALDANE, Janet McCredie (I-787)
1732 «b»Jean Margaret Norman«/b» b. 27/11/1905 at Albany. W.A. She went from Geraldton to the Adelaide Conservatorium for 3 years and gained her A.M.U.A. - L. Mus. A. and L.A.B. (piano). She married at Perth, Ross Godfree Royal (b. 19/7/1902 at Jamestown, S.A. son of Frank H. B. and Frances Elizabeth Royal).
Residence; 44 Kennaway St. Tusmore, S.A. 5065 
NORMAN, Jean Margaret (I-689)
1733 «b»Jeannie Winniford McLean«/b» b. 12/9/1887 at Angas Plains, S.A. Her birth certi stated that her father was Richard Bent, her mother was Eliza Jessie McLean, single woman. Her Aunt Jemima McLean of Milang, S.A. informed the Birth Registrar of Strathalbyn on 8/11/1887. All information was taken from Birth Certi No. 148.

On her son's birth certi Jeannie signed her name as Winnifred Jane Spry nee Andrews. Jeannie did not change her name legally by deed poll. Her marriage certi states her name as Winniford Andrews.

Marriage: in the Church of Christ, Kaniva, Vic. to «b»John Spry«/b» (b. 1875, Wanganui, N.Z.)

Occupation: Painter, artist, carpenter.

Residences: Kaniva, Vic. and Parkside, S.A.

of John on 29/9/1920 at Parkside, S.A.
of Jeannie Winniford on 25/8/1955 at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, S.A.
Both interred at West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide

CHILDREN ....... 
MCLEAN, Jeannie Winniford (I-3783)
1734 «b»Jeffrey Borrett«/b» born 21/5/1882 at "Lake View", Langhorne Creek - 2nd child of George and Henrietta Borrett.
Unmarried. Inherited "Raydon" from his father. _
Occupation: Farmer all his life at "Raydon", Langhorne Creek, even after his nephew Angas
Jeffrey Borrett moved in. His grandfather had begun "Raydon" This was John Borrett (1822 »
1906). Jeffrey bequeathed it to "Snooks" Angas Jeffrey Borrett. _ _
Death: of Jeffrey Borrett on 31/12/1962 aged 80 years at Strathalbyn. interred with his
parents at Strathalbyn. 
BORRETT, Jeffrey (I-5163)
1735 «b»Jessie Florence Warland«/b» born 31/1/1884 at Victor Harbor when her parents had the 'Austral' Hotel there.


History: Jessica received her education at Adelaide and studied music at the Conservatorium. On returning home she assisted her mother until the hotel was sold. The family then moved into the old Customs House where Jessie taught music. She cared for her parents until their deaths at Stirling House, Victor Harbor.

Jess had a lively wit and was intensely interested in current affairs. She remained alert until she died aged 95 years. She died at the Ross Robenson Home, Victor Harbor on 17/8/1979. At her request she was cremated and her ashes were cast into the sea at the end of the Victor Harbor breakwater.

Obituary: Miss Jessie Florence Warland of Victor Harbor, who passed away on 17/8/1979 in her 96th year was the only daughter of Mr and Mrs Edward Warland and the sister of the late Albert Howard Warland O.B.E.

ln 1874 her father built the Austral Hotel at Victor Harbor and this in later years became Pipiriki House where Miss Warland was bom. Her lather was born on the ship "Singapore" a few days before it arrived in Holdfast Bay in 1839.
Miss Warland was educated at a private school in Adelaide where she studied music She returned to Victor Harbor where she taught music for many years, riding her bicycle to Port Elliot once a week. She also travelled to Yankalilla by coach to her students, spent the night there and rode her bicycle to Victor Harbor the next day. She was keenly interested in town and district affairs and like her brother Mr A. H. Wanand played a prominant pan in making Victor Harbor a widely known holiday resort." 
WARLAND, Jessie Florence (I-4121)
1736 «b»Jessie Maude McLean«/b» b. 25/11/1883 at Minyip, Vic. the 4th of the 8 children of George Henry McLean.
Married: William Davis (b. 15/3/1881). He died c. 1928.
Death: of Jessie Maude Davis on 7/8/1954 aged 70 years at Chinchilla. Q'd, leaving 4 daughters.

History: By «b»Violet Ottasoff«/b» (nee Davis):

Jessie McLean (my mother) married William Davis (my father) in Minyip. Vic and moved to Queensland to join the Davis family (mother and brothers and sisters) who had moved to Queensland earlier and bought a property about 29 kms outside Chinchilla in the Wambo Shire. My 3 sisters, Rose, Elsie and Lucy were born and received part of their education at Wambo and the remainder in Chinchilla.

My family moved into Chinchilla and bought a dairy farm a short distance out of Chinchilla. My father suffered ill health for some time and sadly he died when I was 6 years old. Mother carried on working the farm, selling milk and cream to the townspeople. My sisters were old enough to help in the running of the farm. My mother was a keen gardener and always had lovely flowers blooming all seasons of the year. She also had a wonderful orchard and vegetable garden. I
don't know how she found time to do it all.

Violet's history is continued in her section.

MCLEAN, Jessie Maude (I-4230)
1737 «b»John (3rd) (Jack) Cheriton«/b» - born 1/11/1882 at "Field View Lodge", Belvidere. The Directory of 1922 has: Horticulturist, Berri. River Murray, irrigation area. He married Maude Shultz of Winkle, S.A. on 5/2/1910. There were no children and he died c. 1962. CHERITON, John - the 3rd b1882 (I-5321)
1738 «b»John (Shirley) Martin Cheriton«/b» b. 20/2/1914, early had farmed with his father at Belvidere but later as shown on the Belvidere Roll of Honour at Belvidere Hall as having served in the 2nd, A.l.F., lived at Malvern, near Adelaide, and was a motor parts salesman with the firm Motor Traders. He and his wife were at Port Lincoln for three years and at Northgate Street. Unley Park when he died in 1976.

Marriage: to «b»Ellen Julia Sweetman«/b». (b. 8/1/1914) daughter of William and Eva Sweetman of Victor Harbor, S.A. g _ .

Death: John Shirley died aged 62 on 12/9/1976 at the Repatriation Hospital, Daw Park. His ashes were buried at the Strathalbyn Cemetery on 10/10/1976_in his parents grave.

Residence: Ellen Cheriton resides in 1995 at Lockleys. There were 4 children and descendants as set out in the Cheriton "tree".

Children .................................: 
CHERITON, John Shirley Martin b1914 (I-5291)
1739 «b»John Archibald McRae«/b» born 10/7/1895, Strathalbyn.

Possibly the A. J. McRae on the St. Andrew's memorial plaque as serving in W.W.l.

Nothing further traced 
MCRAE, John Archibald (I-3972)
1740 «b»JOHN JAMES McLEAN«/b» was the 2nd son and 6th child of John and Mary McLean, born at "Waterloo" Angas Plains, Strathalbyn, SA. on 12/11/1855.

He commenced school when the newly built Angas Plains Public School opened in 1861.

He subsequently contracted "Scarletina" and died on 26/1/1864, being the of three children in the one family to die within 2 months of each other.

He was buried in the Strathalbyn Cemetery. 
MCLEAN, John James b. 1856 (I-3656)
1741 «b»John Laurence McLean«/b», b. 18/4/1920 at Murrayville, Vic.

John did not have good health and did not have permanent employment. He enlisted in 1941 and served with the 36th Port Landing Craft Company of the Australian Army Transport Corps.

He saw service in New Guinea and the islands, and for his initiative and leadership, was promoted to the rank of Corporal, a rank which he held until his discharge in March 1946.

Death: He subsequently contracted cancer which caused his death at Warracknabeal on 18/10/1977.

He did not marry. 
MCLEAN, John Laurence (I-3287)
1742 «b»John Tassie«/b» born 7/4/1885 at Glerielg, S.A.

Served in France during W.W.1 with the 43rd Battalion 1st A.l.F. Killed on active service, aged 33 years on 25/4/1918.

No record of marriage. 
TASSIE, John (I-5138)
1743 «b»Joseph (Harvey) Warner«/b», bom 15/6/1895, Lawloit, Vic.

Marriage: To Florence Rebecca Bailey in Melbourne, who died 16/7/1932, 5 days after the birth of her only child, Jean, in Melbourne.

History: Joseph (Harvey) Wamer was educated at Lawloit and at Melbourne High School. He then worked with his brothers on the family farm at Winiam, returning to the family home with his baby daughter, Jean, after the death of his wife. He farmed in partnership with his youngest brother, Leslie.

Marriage: (Second) to Mrs Ella Clark, who was an aunt of his brother Leslie's wife. He built a new house for her. She predeceased him, dying in 1971. He was a keen sportsman, cricket, golf and chess. The story of his wood cutting windmill, published in Nhill in 1968, is included in this history. The last few years of his life was spent in the Nhill Hospital following a severe stroke.

Joseph (Harvey) Warner constructed a wind driven saw bench on his farm at Kinimakatka, six miles south of Nhill. Harvey's saw bench was the subject of an article in the Nhill Free Press on Thursday Oct 3 1968.

This is reproduced in full herein, with the photograph of the Wamer wind saw bench.

Death: Joseph (Harvey) Warner, died at Nhill on 25/1/1975 aged 79 years. 
WARNER, Joseph (Harvey) (I-3048)
1744 «b»Kenneth Charles Ashby «/b»(nickname - "Chas." as a child "Wonky"), born 21/9/1920 at Kongorong.

Occupation: Farmer of Mt Gambler, S.A., now retired.

Married: «b»Melba Blackmore«/b» (b. 5/10/1922).

Chas worked for Livingston's on the Pines before and after his marriage to Melba. He was also expected to help out on the family farm if need be. After his marriage the couple lived with Melba's parents.

He joined the army at Christmas 1941 and was in Australia for three and a half years During this time son Peter and daughter Judy were born. The last six months Chas served in Borneo. First in Brunei and then on Labuan Island. He was on the island when the war ended.

On his return he went back working for Livingston's until they built their own house on a farm bought from Melba's parents. Brian and Mignonne were born after they moved to the Kongorong property

Chas and Melba sold the farm in 1977 and retired to Mount Gambler where Chas spends time with his wood turning hobby in between time travelling to visit their children and grandchildren

ASHBY, Kenneth Charles (Chas or Wonky) (I-4666)
1745 «b»Lachlan Gordon McLean«/b» born 8/5/1889 at Minyip, Vic.

Married: Olive Gore Thorne (b. 14/2/1890, Warracknabeal, Vic.)

History: Lachlan attended Dunmunkle State School. He then worked on the family farm with his father and brothers. Early in 1916 he joined the Army and served in the 4th Machine Gun Squadron in Egypt and Palestine. Both his parents died while he was in the army. After discharge he returned to farming at Boolite and in 1920 married Olive Thorne. Rev. John Tyson conducted the service at the home of Olive's Uncle Fred Burton at Minyip. In 1925 they moved to Culgoa in the Mallee to a farm there. In 1950 he retired to Swan Hill.

Lachlan on 30/10/1969 at Swan Hill, Vic. aged 80.
Olive died at Swan Hill on 29/4/1980 aged 90 years.
Both are buried in the Swan Hill Cemetery.

MCLEAN, Lachlan Gordon (I-4417)
1746 «b»Laurence Edward Warland«/b» born 4/2/1871 at Strathalbyn, S.A. He and his younger brother attended school at Victor Harbor, opened in January 1877 and afterwards aided their father at the "Austral Hotel".

Married: «b»Lucy Emily Myra Smith«/b» (b. 21/10/1885 at Victor Harbor). He had joined the S.A. Railways and so moved to various towns in this state, and as noted in his father's 1922 obituary was then at Pt Wakefield, S.A. His occupation at this time was "engineer" They retired to Victor Harbor having had 3 daughters and one son.

Laurence aged 77 years on 21/10/1948.
Lucy died aged 81 on 22/12/1966.
Both interred at Victor harbor. 
WARLAND, Laurence Edward (I-4031)
1747 «b»Laurence Elliot McLean«/b» b. 28/7/1928.
Married. Marcia Ellen Noble (b. 2/10/1924).
Occupation: Dairy farmer of Edenhope, Victoria (formerly of Kongorong).
Death: Marcia died 22/11/1986 aged 62 years.
Laurie is very interested in the family history being President at our first reunion. He is a keen piper
MCLEAN, Laurence Elliot (I-4920)
1748 «b»Leslie Herbert Warner«/b» - born 16/1/1906 at Lawloit, the youngest child of Beatrice Mary (nee Sturgeon) and Thomas Warner.

He was aged 6 when the family moved to Winiam near Nhill in 1912, so his education was there.

Marriage: at the age of 41 was to Ella Florence Clark (b. 10/5/1908).

History: Leslie and his brother Harvey worked two properties together, growing cereals and farming sheep until Leslie's son Melvyn joined him. The property was sold in 1976 and Leslie moved to Nhill with Ella, in retirement.

Death: of Ella on 19/12/1985 at Nhill.

Leslie is still living (1994) aged 88 and is the only surviving member of the Winiam cricket club (he had also played football for that town). He lives alone at Nhill, caring for himself, at this time of writing. 
WARNER, Leslie Herbert (I-3102)
1749 «b»Lonnen Trevor Warland «/b»b. 5/7/1912, Victor Harbor - the youngest child of Albert H. and Caroline L. Warland. Known as Billie.

He was tragically lost aged 5 years when he fell into a copper of boiling water when his mother was holidaying at Mt Barker and so died on 17/7/1917. lnterred at Victor Harbor. 
WARLAND, Lonnen Trevor (I-4120)
1750 «b»Lorna Heyward Warland«/b» b. 5/6/1905, Victor Harbor.

When she reached the age of 24 safely her father remarked:- "Well you've made it my girl."

Married 3 times.

Her marriages:
1st at Victor Harbor to Kenneth Norman Clarke (b. 1889 - died 27/12/1953) - No children. She and this first husband returned from the north of S.A. to care for her widowed father Albert and managed the Back Valley property called "Pondyong", which remained in the family until 1969.
2nd: to Albert William Cakebread (b. Victor Harbor - d. 25/3/1979).
3rd: to Oscar Tooley Mayfield (b. Yankalilla, S.A. ' d. 25/7/1981 at Norway).

Residence: In 1993 L. H. and O. T. May are in the telephone book as at Cakebread Road. Victor Harbor.

Questions :
What is the relationship between Caroline Lottie Cakebread (wife of Albert Howard Warland) and Albert William Cakebread (husband of Lorna Heyward Warland who was the daughter of Caroline and Albert)?
What were the circumstances of the death of Oscar Tooley Mayfield? - ie did he die in Norway in 1981 or was in still in the phonebook in 1993? 
WARLAND, Lorna Heyward (I-4085)
1751 «b»Malcolm Charles (Peter) McLean«/b» (always called "Peter") McLean b. 26/9/1926, at Mt Schank on the dining room table, at the farm house.
During his mother's illness when the children were fostered out, Peter stayed with grandfather Charles (Seward) McLean and grandmother Maria at Kongorong. The others went to Estelle Talbot and Maggie Taylor. When Mary died and Irene Gaskin, the 2nd housekeeper arrived, she had a daughter and Peter and brother Jeff called her "Miss Mert".
Peter attended Mt Schank, Moorak and Port MacDonnell schools but had to miss high school as there were 120 cows to milk, first by hand then by machine. He had many farming jobs as a roustabout, working for others besides his father. At 16 he was at Renmark fruit picking and then the same at Lenswood in the Adelaide Hills. He did factory work at Adelaide and joined Worth's Circus and travelled in the Eastern states. Back at Mt Schank he worked at the cheese factory, next to Mt Gambler where he stacked timber at Cafplrco. He married Lexie Pycroft in 1950 and the second year rented the second house father Malcolm owned in Doughty St. Peter was able eventually to own it.
He started a trucking business but was compelled after an accident to the vehicle to work on the same for others. Amongst many jobs he worked for Woods and Forests. His last job before retirement on 25/5/1992 was truck driving for the Bill Wells.
Marriage: to Lexie Nola Pycroft (b, 15/4/1928) whom he met at a Glencoe dance.
Children (7): 
MCLEAN, Malcolm Charles (I-4833)
1752 «b»Malcolm Wallace McLean«/b» born 30/5/1898 at Sheep Hills, Victoria.

Occupation: Farmer of Ml Schank, S.A. Retired to Ml Gambier.

Married 1st: Mary Taylor (b. 12/5/1898) - 6 children.

Death: Mary of tuberculosis aged 36 years on 20/7/1934.

Married 2nd: Irene Esther Gaskin (b. 25/6/1904) his housekeeper - 3 daughters

Irene McLean aged 64 years at Mt Gambier.
Malcolm died aged 82 years on 12/10/1980 at Mt Gambier.
All were interred there.

History: Malcolm joined the 1st A.l.F. toward the end of W.W.1 but did not see any action. He was able to get a soldier settlement farm at Mt Schank and farmed sheep and dairy cows and grew oats and potatoes as well as working at clearing drains. He was a quiet. good natured man who liked to tease the children and enjoyed a battle of wits.

Mary's ill health caused the children to be fostered out. During the 1930s Malcolm won gold medals for best and fairest footballer in the district. His housekeeper, then second wife, destroyed all photos and documents to do with his first wife Mary. He was hard working and as well as the farming he did road work with a scoop and a team of horses. He sold the farm in 1948-49 and moved to Mt Gambler where he owned two houses, numbers 33 and 35 Doughty Street, and there Peter, Jeff, Vera and Pat lived with him.

Malcolm was a regular drinker at the "Bellum" Hotel and then took up illegal bookmaking at Gifford's Hotel (now Mt Gambler Hotel) and earned the name of "The Punter's Pal". When aged in his 60s and at Gifford's Hotel the police came in so he hastily hid the betting slips in the toilet cistern and walked home and retrieved them later Once. he had to appear in court and as "a poor old pensioner" was fined $100 to his amusement as he made much more than that and kept his hoard under the mattress. Whenever he needed to talk on the telephone he put his glasses on "to hear better".

He was a councillor at Port MacDonnell and there was a road at Mt Schank named alter him. In old age he suffered from diabetes, gout and arthritis and had one foot and several toes amputated but he never lost his sense of fun' (Robyn Messenger supplied the above short history of Malcolm McLean)

MCLEAN, Malcolm Wallace (I-4827)
1753 «b»Margaret Jane Kelly«/b» born 9/6/1880 at Koolunga, S.A. At the wedding of her half-brother Andrew Stark to May Norman at Albany, W.A. she met May's brother William Norman and married him at Albany. (William James Nomian of Albany was born 4/4/1883, son of Josiah and Thamson (nee Thomas) Norman.) He died 21/9/1962, Perth. Margaret Jane Norman died at Adelaide aged 87 years on 2/8/1967. They had 3 daughters - Jean, May and Margaret (Peggy) all born at Albany, W.A. The Normans subsequently moved from Albany to Geraldton, W.A. A photograph with the daughters was taken of William and Margaret in 1947 at Safety Bay, W.A. Of their 11 grandchildren and many great grandchildren 12 had University degrees (one at Oxford on scholarship) - arts, dentistry, medicine, theology, engineering and music. KELLY, Margaret Jane (I-685)
1754 «b»Margaret Jane Kelly«/b» born 9/6/1880 at Koolunga, S.A. At the wedding of her half-brother Andrew Stark to May Norman at Albany, W.A. she met May's brother William Norman and married him at Albany. (William James Nomian of Albany was born 4/4/1883, son of Josiah and Thamson (nee Thomas) Norman.) He died 21/9/1962, Perth. Margaret Jane Norman died at Adelaide aged 87 years on 2/8/1967. They had 3 daughters - Jean, May and Margaret (Peggy) all born at Albany, W.A. The Normans subsequently moved from Albany to Geraldton, W.A. A photograph with the daughters was taken of William and Margaret in 1947 at Safety Bay, W.A. Of their 11 grandchildren and many great grandchildren 12 had University degrees (one at Oxford on scholarship) - arts, dentistry, medicine, theology, engineering and music. NORMAN, William James (I-686)
1755 «b»MARGARET McLEAN«/b» born 13/4/1864 at Strathalbyn.

DIED: at the age of 5. Burial not recorded.

At this same time, Hugh McLean of the ship "Tomatin" of 1840 & his wife Elizabeth (nee Scott) were staying at "Ardgour Cottage". Strathalbyn, with Hugh the Younger & Margaret. According to a "Register" newspaper of Adelaide a little daughter of Elizabeth & this particular Hugh McLean, died at "Ardgour Cottage" on 23/7/1864. She was named Mary and was aged 2 years & 2 months. This has caused some confusion concerning the deaths of the two infants. The Hugh of the "Tomatin" must certainly have been kin to the Strathalbyn McLeans, but certainly not a third son of Donald & Christina, named Hugh. 
MCLEAN, Margaret (I-5558)
1756 «b»Maria Mabel (Mary) McLean«/b» born 27/10/1891 at Beulah, Victoria.
Her early life was at Beulah and she was familiar with Rainbow, Jeparit and Ouyen. Picnics at Lake Albacutya and knowing the late Prime Minister Robert Menzies were amongst her memories, As the 2nd eldest daughter she was involved in much cleaning and cooking for the family. ln 1912 (she was aged 21) the family moved to Kongorong in the S.E. of South Australia. Here she met and married
Marriage: to «b»James Edward Ashby«/b» (b. 30/11/1889) and at first they lived in the old Ashby house at the foot of Mt Schank (now a tourist attraction and tea rooms).

From Di Facey

"When the family first moved to Kongorong they built two rooms. As the family grew two more and a laundry were added. Once the boys grew older a room was built on at the back for them. At weekends all the boys of the district would camp there and when the door opened in the morning no-one knew how many would come out Hoods and Chants were regulars Maria (Mary) Ashby always had a big breakfast for everyone.

She went away every year (to hospital for the next baby) and Ted's sister Ollie would take over. The kids loved to play in the Swamp and Ollie kept busy running after them to ensure their safety. "Doog" was born at Mt Schank. "Eakie" at home, the remainder at Mt Gambier.

All the boys said you never took a day off from school. If you did, you were half dead. Their mother always kept the castor oil ready and if you saw her coming, you were halfway to school. Not only her own, but Old Schol the schoolmaster would send a sick child to Mrs Ashby. One dose of castor oil and they never returned. She would grab you by the nose with one hand, the spoon in the other and down it would go.

The kids also had to take a laxative called Cent-a-leaves (still available). It smelled like tea with milk and put Viv off milk in his tea for life. Another of Mary's remedies was to burn sulphur on the stove and administer it by mouth. The sulphur drugs came in at the beginning of W.W.2. Herb. said "Sulphur tablets cured anything. As an antibiotic it was the most used drug until penicillin was available"

Maria (Mary) made tasty sheep's head soup in the biggest pot you ever saw and there was always enough for the next day. The Ashbys were better off than most during the Depression. They had their dairy products. rabbits, fish caught by father Ted and the garden. Jean recalls eating carrot tops when greens were scarce. "Warley" remembers rhubarb every day topped up with sago to make it go further. Viv remembers digging potatoes and Chas did the rounds of the rabbit traps every morning that were set around the pumpkins and potatoes and one morning they found him with his toes caught in a trap. Chou moullier was grown for cattle. Rabbiting kept them. sold at 3 pence (3 cents) a pair. Rabbit stews, rabbit pies. and as most of Kongorong, a rabbit diet with pumpkin and potatoes, melon pies and melon jam."

Their two daughters were responsible for minding their younger siblings and daily Harriet had to bake a dripping cake for the boys' tea. The family was well known for its sporting ability and in 1956 there was a cricket team entirely of Ashbys. The 50th wedding anniversary of Maria (Mary) and James Ashby was marked by some verses the family composed concerning the 10 children each of whom had a nickname. These were headed "Best Wishes" from Zeke, Chook, Gin. Dig, Wonky. Dud. Timmer, Eakie, Wylie, and Teaks. No date was appended but it must have been c. 1964.

"May we wish you the best of fifty years,
And say we are sorry if we caused many tears,
We know you remember our mistakes and our games.
but do you remember all our nicknames?
Donald Edward comes first. eldest son of the clan.
he kept his nickname to a grown man.
He started as "Doogy". it sounds rather weak.
now he is Doug, though more often "Old Zeke".
Sit still, here it comes. Hullo Doris Jean.
l bet you wish you could not be seen!
Your nickname "Ann" not bad, but then.
why in the world did you get "Chook" and "Old Hen"?
"Dimps" is a name that belongs to a fairy,
this title belongs to one Harriet Mary,
Covered in grease from toes up to the chin
so they rechristened her with the name of "Gin".
Colin James is a name of which to be proud.
he was never called so. for crying out loud.
At first it was "Digger" and then he was "Dig",
there's no need to grunt, it could have been Pig.
Now we have come to the one we call "Chas",
Namely Kenneth Charles, it's a nice name he has.
it would be nasty to say he was ever a donkey.
but as a child he was always called "Wonky".
Oh! goodness alive, here comes Herbert Hector,
we consider him our great lord protector.
His nickname was "Dud". a name with a pull,
but we remember him best as the old "Scrutrbull".
I'm running in circles, my mind getting dimmer.
has anyone heard of someone called "Trimmer"?
Could it be Bertram Vivian, l feel at a loss.
lam sure I remember another name "Joss".
Hark! listen a while. I hear something creaky,
how silly of me, it is only fat "Eakie".
Meet Murray John, it's his name by the way,
but he's always been "Eakie" and "Eakie" he'll stay
Arthur Maxwell Keith, Mother thought him the lot,
gave him three names like scraping the pot
Ohl what a waste, he might have been Charlie.
the only tag he has got is "Wylie" or "Warley",
l must mention our late brother. Roland Arnold and say.
how we all wish he were with us today.
His nickname was "Teaks". may his soul in peace rest,
but if he were here he would wish you the best.
We have "Doogie" and "Digger", "Ann", "Chock" and "Old Hen".
then "Dimps". "Gin" and "Wonkie". whose real name is Ken.
Here comes "Dud" remember. the old "Scrub~bul|".
and also fat "Eakie" who likes to get lull.
Pitter Patter, it's "Trimmer" who was also named "Joss",
"Teaks", also "Warley" whose three names were a loss
Last but not least. just by a whisker.
remember Dad? how we kids called you Mister
it we don't hold the nickname record. we're near.
I'll wager my lot no one has names so queer,
Theres one more thing and this is a must.
I dare not repeat what the neighbours called usl... . . .
Maria (Mary) Mabel Ashby (nee McLean) in her 90th year on 9/5/1981.
James Edward Ashby aged 77 years on 15/4/1967.
Both interred at Mt Gambier Cemetery
MCLEAN, Maria Mabel (I-4540)
1757 «b»Marie Blunt«/b» b. 21/7/1928 at Strathalbyn.
Married: «b»Frank Leslie Keller«/b» (b. 19/8/1926). No children.
Marie commenced her schooling at Yunta, thence to Caltowie (S.A.) followed by Croydon Primary, Woodville High School and finished at Miss Mann's Business College. ln 1943 the family moved to Angaston where she joined the National Bank & later transferred to Adelaide. After marriage she her husband commenced a Cycle, Toy & Hobby business at Brighton, S.A. where they remained until retirement in 1976. 
BLUNT, Marie (I-5535)
1758 «b»Marlene Dorothy Keough «/b»b. 14/5/1938, Strathalbyn. _
Educated at Strathalbyn, then worked at Eudunda Farmers where she became head of the Ladies &
Children's Wear until her marriage.
Married: to Ronald Desmond Hoffman (b. 12/7/1935).
Residence: Torrens Park, Adelaide until they moved to Port Elliot.
Three children - Craig in 1961 in Adelaide, Peter 1963 in Adelaide and David 1966, Adelaide. 
KEOUGH, Marlene Dorothy (I-5405)
1759 «b»Mary (Maisie) Donaldson Cheriton«/b» born 6/6/1884 at "Field View Lodge", Belvidere. She was living at Paris, France in 1940 and was caught up in the German occupation and was imprisoned for the duration. Afterwards when she returned to Australia she lived at Sydney with her sister Jean for a time and then joined her sister Mildred, Mrs Shoebridge of Horsham, Victoria. The date other death at Horsham is not known. CHERITON, Mary Donaldson McCord (I-5323)
1760 «b»Mary Christina McLean«/b», b. 18/5/1879, at Kingston, S.A.
Married: Edwin H. Head, (b. 1883).
Residence: Kingston, S.A.
Death: of E. H. Head of the Spanish Influenza Epidemic in 1919, aged 36 years at Melbourne. He was buried in Melbourne.
Remarried: William Doyle, residence not traced.
Death: of Mary Christina Doyle, aged 56 years, in 1935. She was taken ill of a sudden stroke in Rundle Street, Adelaide, helped into Kodak Photography Store, and died there shortly afterwards. She was buried in West Terrace Cemetery. 
MCLEAN, Mary Christina (I-2359)
1761 «b»May Johnston«/b» born on 25/5/1907 at Leonora, W.A.

Death: in 1912 at the age of 5 years. interred at Karrakatta Cemetery. 
JOHNSTON, May (I-5768)
1762 «b»Mildred McCord Cheriton«/b» born 1/9/1889 at "Field View Lodge", Belvidere. Married aged 44 years, William Shoebridge of Horsham, Victoria. No children. Died in 1950 (ref : Nancy Gemmel's 'Old Strathalbyn', p194) CHERITON, Mildred McCord (I-5328)
1763 «b»Muriel Lovegrove«/b» born 1/1/1895 at Tatiara Station, Meningie.

Marriage: at Millicent to «b»George Henry Albert Willshire«/b» (b. 1888), son of William Willshire of Cadell, S.A. - storekeeper and Post Office there - and his wife nee Hannah Caroline Joyce. George was a saddler by trade but had a grocery and menswear store at Millicent.

Death: of George 23/1/1946 aged 58 years at Millicent. lnterred at Millicent.

Remarriage: of Muriel to «b»Walter C. D. Hutchesson«/b».

Death: of Muriel on 14/7/1985 aged 90 years. lnterred at Millicent.

History: A foundation student at Adelaide Teacher's College and Primary teacher at Millicent. She sang in the church choir there and George H. Willshire was the choir master. They married at Millicent. He was a saddler by trade and in front of his shop in George St., Millicent, he ran a grocery store. His death and her remarriage as above. Her interests were the Sunday school, the choir, school welfare, Red Cross and C.W.A. - life member of the Millicent Hospital Auxiliary and Croquet Club member. She spent the last 6 years of her life at Hart Court. 
LOVEGROVE, Muriel (I-2848)
1764 «b»Murray John Ashby«/b» b. 22/2/1927 at Kongorong, S.A. Nickname - "Eakie".

Married: Margaret Edge (b. 10/10/1926). V

His occupation: Dairy farmer of Kongorong but moved to Mt Schank shortly before his death.

-He was a noted sportsman and represented the Mt Gambler Cricket Association and earlier the Kongorong Club. and played competitive tennis and darts.

Eakie was always big for his age and even though Viv was older Eakie was bigger and stronger. Viv remembers being the loser in his fights with Eakie. When VIV was at school and Eakie wasn't they would wrestle and Eakie would say "l've got the school boy down".

Eakie was in trouble one day in school so went out and climbed a pine tree. When Old Schol went to get him down Eakie said "You come and get me" and pelted pine cones at him.

One day, his parents went to town and left Herb (aged about B or 9). Eakie and Viv at home. The telephone rang. Herb answered it and said "Nobody home" and hung up The telephone had not been connected very long and everyone was shy of it.

When Eakie left school he went to join up but they wouldn't let him as he was too young and told him he had to work in the factory. Eakie said if he wasn't old enough to join up he wasn't old enough to work in the factory. They said he was big enough and strong enough so that's where he was to go.

Warley remembers asking Eakie to mend his motor bike before going to see Margaret. He didn't have time so Warley hid his rubber boot. When Eakie went to find it to go to work at the factory the next morning there was hell to pay.

Eakie and Chas represented Mt Gambler in Country Cricket in Adelaide one year and while they were playing a man started firing bullets at the players. One of the opposition was killed and one injured Eakie came home and said he was so scared he hit the ground so hard he hid under the grass.

His death notice from the "Border Watch" newspaper of 8/1 1/1966:-

Ashby - on November 4th at Nene Valley, Kongorong (result of accident) Murray John of Mt Schank, loved husband of Margaret Ashby. father of Carol, Deborah and Heather. aged 39 years He was interred at the Mt Gambler Cemetery.

An account of the drowning was also published. Headed "First Day tragedy" and "Searchers still comb beach". Although a number of theories have been expounded, the cause of Fridays crayboat tragedy in heavy seas off the coast between Port MacDonnell and Carpenters Rocks has not been determined. Police and local residents are still combing the shallows at Nene \\/alley for the second member of the crew 17 year old Peter John Black, of Kongorong. The body of the Skipper, Murray John Ashby, 38. of Mt Schank was recovered 2 miles north-west of Nene Valley shortly after 6 p.m. Friday ....... ..

The first news of the boat's non arrival in port was received by Senior Constable C. G. Wilson. it had been due at Port MacDonnell at 2 pm. Mr Blackall of Kongorong sighted an overturned boat in the shallows N.W, of Nene Valley. Mr A. M. K. Ashby, a brother recovered the body. The 27 foot boat, the "Lancier" was split down the centre lying on a reef 300 yards offshore. The motor and rigging were missing and two life jackets were still hanging in the boat. A watch wom
by Mr Ashby had stopped at 2 p.m. SC Wilson is preparing a report of the mishap for the Coroner (Shortened version with the main facts).

Children ..................................: 
ASHBY, Murray John (Eakie) (I-4713)
1765 «b»Norma Ivy McRae«/b» b. 26/5/1894 at Sellicks Hill, S.A. 5th child of Allan and Bertha McRae.

Married: Claude Alfred Victor Richards.

Death: She died 1964 aged 74. No children.

Residences: Widowed by 1958 and at Anzac Highway, Everard Park, S.A. Electoral Roll of 1963, she was at a Unit at Unley, S.A. 
MCRAE, Norma Ivy (I-3941)
1766 «b»Olive May McRae«/b» born c. 1888 -
Nothing traced. 
MCRAE, Olive May (I-3969)
1767 «b»Pauline Shirley Clarke«/b» b. 25/12/1927 at West Croydon, S.A.
Occupation: Sales assistant at Myers, S.A. Rundle St. Department Store, Adelaide.
Married: «b»Bruce Maxwell Nelson«/b» (b. 13/11/1926 at Welland, S.A.).
His occupation: Bruce learnt the plastering trade from his father-in-law and eventually took over his business. Residence West Croydon, S.A.
Two children - Craig born 1951 and Terrence 1955, both born in Adelaide. In due course, Craig took over the plastering business & Terrance became a teacher. 
CLARKE, Pauline Shirley (I-5386)
1768 «b»Percy Oliver Warner«/b» born 19/7/1899 at Lawloit, Vic.

Married: at Nhill, Alice Jean Rogers (b. Dalby, Queensland, 21/8/1911).

Percy was aged 12 when the move to Winiam was made. He had a great love of horses and was the last in the Nhill district to give up a draught horse team. Alice, his wife, was greatly supportive on their farm and was also very active in community affairs. They had four children.

Deaths: Alice Warner died at Nhill on 3/2/1976 aged 64. interred at Nhill.
Percy Warner died 30/8/1980 aged 81. Also interred at Nhill Cemetery. 
WARNER, Percy Oliver (I-3067)
1769 «b»Phillip Jack Dupuy«/b» b. 17/7/1923, Melboume.
Occupation: Panel-beater.
Married: «b»Helen Matilda Jensen«/b» (b. 11/10/1925, Kew, Vic.) daughter of Paul and Ellen Jensen (nee Bateman). They were married at Our Ladies of Victories Camberwell, Vic. by Father Bracken; attended by Phil and Joyce Bateman. Wally Driver and Bill Jensen.
Residence: Glenferrie, Vic.
Death: of Jack aged 52 years on 2/9/1975 at St. Vincent Hospital, Vic. interred at Templestowe, Vic.
Jack joined the RAAF and went to New Guinea and the Soloman Islands where he was wounded by a sniper. When he arrived home from war he was in Heidelberg Repat. Hospital to recover from malaria. He served for four years in the 24th Infantry Battalion AIF, VX 144092.
Jack had his own business "BurnIey Body Works" in Burnley until he died. Helen had been a shop assistant at Adams Cakes and after Jack's death, sold the business and worked as a shop assistant in Myers.
Children .... 
DUPUY, Phillip Jack (I-3687)
1770 «b»Reta Alice Stabernack«/b» b. 6/7/1902 at Mt Lofty, S.A.

Married: James Brown, son of William and Martha Brown. Farmer of Echuca, Vic.

Death: on 4/7/1976 of James Brown aged 73 years. interred at Numurkah, Vic.

Residence: Reta Brown is still living, aged 92, at Numurkah in 1994.

Her first two children were born at Croydon, S.A. where she apparently lived with her mother Alice, but following the mother's 1940 death she returned to her husband at Echuca, and had further family. 
STABERNACK, Reta Alice (I-2784)
1771 «b»Robert William Kent Dupuy«/b» b. 2/6/1922 at Lameroo, S.A.
Occupation: Panel-beater, used car salesman.
Married: «b»Dorothy Marjory Jane McGann«/b» b. 29/6/1922 at Clifton Hill, Vic., daughter of Francis and Dorothy McGann (nee Miller). They were married at St. John's Catholic Church, Clifton Hill, Vic. by Father Ryan.
Divorced sept. 1976.
Her occupation: Telephonist.
Residences: Surrey Hills Vic.
History: Robert was a factory worker before the war, doing pushbike repairs and assembly. He was a dispatch rider during the war (2AlF) sewing in New Guinea. After her marriage Ellen delivered gas and fuel bills for 15 years until she retired. She was also a greengrocers assistant.
DUPUY, Robert William Kent (I-3672)
1772 «b»Roland Arnold Ashby«/b» b. 16/6/1938 - Nickname "Teaks". 10th and youngest child of Maria (Mary) and James Ashby of Pon MacDonriell, $.A.

Married: Erica Dawn Jackway (b. 16/3/1936).

His occupation: Farmer of Kongorong, S.A. _ ,

Death: He died aged 23 years on 21/7/1959 (accidently). lnterred at Mt Gambier.

When Teaks was small he was told to go out and get the duck eggs. He came back in and said "there are no eggs and the ducks are all asleep". The ferret had got out and killed them all See Warley's section for some of Teaks' exploits.

From the "Border Watch" dated 23/7/1959:-

"The funeral took place from Christ Church, Mt Gambler, this afternoon of Mr Roland Arnold Ashby who was killed in tragic circumstances while working on a water tank at the new home he had built for himself and his young wife. Mr Ashby who was 23 was killed about {$.30 on Tuesday afternoon when the concrete water tank collapsed at Kongorong_ The tank contained about 1000 gallons of water. Mr Ashby was in a small room undemeath the tank when a supporting structure gave way. A friend who was working with Mr Ashby. Mr E. G. Jarrad of Benara, was brushed aside by the collapsing structure but Mr Ashby was struck by the tank. Death was instantaneous. Mr Ashby who married Miss Erica Jackway about 4 years ago was the youngest son of Mr and Mrs J. E. Ashby of Port MacDonnell and was a native of the district. He was a keen cricketer and footballer. He and his wife were about to move into a new house which Mr Ashby had been building on his farm. A report of the death was prepared by Mount Gambler police for the Coroner. An inquest was deemed unnecessary

One child, Craig born 1960 - ie born 7 months after his father had died. 
ASHBY, Roland Arnold (Teaks) (I-4749)
1773 «b»ROSE ANN (or ROSE ANDERSON) McLEAN«/b» the 3rd child of Archibald and Ann (nee Janeway) McLean, born November 1850 at Strathalbyn. She was usually referred to as Rose Ann which is on her marriage certificate, but Rose Anderson appears in the Will of her sister Christina Payne. She rs believed to have been living with this sister at Payneham at the time of her marriage in 1874.

MARRIAGE: at St. Bartholomew's C. of E. Norwood as the second wife of «b»Albert Edward Bundey«/b», farmer of East Wellington, S.A.

HISTORY: Concerns Albert more than Rose. He had been born (according to the Biographical Index) at Bashley Manor house, Bashley, Hampshire, England, although the marriage notice of his sister Charlotte says Bashley manor farm. His age in 1874 was 29 making his binhdate o. 1845 but his age at death makes it 1841. Albert's father was living in 1864 at lnchmerry Villa, Exbury, Hampshire. ln that year his sister Anna Elizabeth married William James Magary of Adelaide at Woodside where Albert was then farming. The next year he married her sister-in-law.

The marriage of Albert was published in the Adelaide "Register' dated 14/3/1865 - "on 13/3/1865, at Enfield at the residence of Thomas Magary Esq. uncle of the bride, by the Rev. G. Stone, Albert Edward Bundey, 3rd son of the late James Bundey Esq. of Bashley Manor House, Bashley, to Elizabeth Mary, eldest daughter of the late James Magary, Esq."

Elizabeth Magary (b. 27/10/1838, Lancashire) whose parents were Mary (nee Knott) and James Magary died on 18/3/1866 at the residence of her uncle, Glenelg, soon after the birth of her baby and was buried at the West Terrace Cemetery as was the infant Mary Alberta Bundey born 9/2/1866 - died aged 5 months on 14/7/1866.

Albert appears to have arrived in S.A. from New Zealand on 21/9/1845 by the "Palmyra" although the wording in the Biographical Index could refer to Elizabeth Magary. He continued for a time at the Woodside farm, then sold and began again at East Wellington where he took Rose Ann in 1874.

DEATH: Albert Edward Bundey died at Strathalbyn 21/11/1907 aged 66 and was buried there but the record says "exhumed" at a later date and reburled at West Terrace, City.

OBITUARY: from the "Soulhern Argus" dated 28/11/1907.

"By the death which occurred on Thursday last at the Strathalbyn Private Hospital of Mr A. E. Bundey, the district of Wellington lost one of its oldest settlers and one of its most highly esteemed men. Mr Bundey who was a brother of the ex-Judge Henry Bundey was taken ill some little time ago though no grave fears were felt, but alarming symptoms developed rapidly last week and he was brought hurriedly to Strathalbyn, unfortunately too late for surgical skill to avail, and he gradually grew worse, dying on Thursday last leaving a widow, two sons and two daughters. Mrs Bundey is a daughter of the late Mr Archibald McLean (one of the pioneers of the south) and is a sister of Mrs Edward Wartand, Port Victor. The funeral of the deceased gentleman took place on Saturday at the Strathalbyn Cemetery."

The present writer E.M.S. who completed a Rankine history in 1983 understands that like the Rankines there were problems of profound deafness in the Bundey family (see further), three of the five children being born deaf.

DEATH: of Rose Ann Bundey (nee McLean) at Semaphore, S.A. in her 95th year on 11«sup»th«/sup» Sept. 1945. Interred at the West Terrace Cemetery. She had lived at Brighton during the latter part of her life.

MCLEAN, Rose Ann (or Anderson) (I-4126)
1774 «b»Samuel James Sydney Payne«/b» b. 16/9/1871 at Payneham SA

Died unmarried aged 21 years in 1892 at the Kalgoorlie gold W.A.

Above is not stated as source: assume BRB? Lorna McLean

However the Register for Currency Creek states Samual James sydney passed at 68yoa on 3-3-1943. Source of this note is Lorna McLean from Register for Currency Creek Cemetery on 10.06.2016. 
PAYNE, Samuel James Sydney (I-4125)
1775 «b»Shirley Janet Keough«/b» b. 10/1/1933 at Strathalbyn.
Married: «b»Ronald G. Rohde«/b» (b. 7/3/1928), Stock & Station Manager.
Occupation: Pre-marriage Janet was a tailoress. _ _
Residences: Strathaibyn, Murray Bridge, Lameroo. Mount Pleasant 8- Adelaide. all in S.A.
Retired to Elanora, Queensland. _ _ ,
Jan Rohde was the winner of a gold medal in the Ladies Fours Bowls World Masters competition in Brisbane in 1994.
KEOUGH, Shirley Janet (I-5517)
1776 «b»Soward (Barney) Lavery«/b» b. 3/9/1907, Ouyen, Vic.

Married: Alice Francis Marion Brown, b. 27/2/1896, therefore 9 years senior to Barney.

Residence: Ouyen. Vic.

His occupation: Earth mover. _

It was said of Barney that he never went anywhere if he couldn't take a short cut!

Their only child was born when Alice was aged 40.

Barney aged 58 years on 6/6/1958.
Alice died 14/4/1968 aged 92 years.

LAVERY, Soward (Barney) (I-4489)
1777 «b»SUSANNAH ANN CHERITON«/b» born 8/8/1852 at "Field View Cottage", Belvidere. (Newspaper notice in the Adelaide "Register"). She took a prominent pan in the social activities at Strathalbyn and her name would be recorded as at a tennis party (1886) at "Castlelowe", home of Dr Blue or at a ball at "Watervilla" on 22/11/1894 given by Dr and Mrs Shone when she wore black velvet and lace with pink satin sleeves.

There had been a presentation reported on 5/3/1885:-

"On the afternoon of Friday last a number of ladies, being members of the Presbyterian church of Strathalbyn assembled at the residence of the Hon. James Rankine M.L.C. ("Braemar" afterwards owned by Matthew Rankine), for the purpose of presenting to Miss Cheriton some token of their high esteem and appreciation of her long association and unremitting service as leader of the choir."

This recognition took the form of a handsome gold bracelet set with diamonds and was presented on behalf of the donors by Miss Mary Rankine, who, in a neat address, expressed their kind sentiments towards the accomplished recipient. Miss Cheriton, to whom the movement had come as a complete surprise, while expressing her deep sense of the kindness of her friends, disclaimed any merit for what she had done in connection with the choir for which she had neither expected nor deserved any consideration whatever. lt is needless to say that this view of the matter was unanimously dissented from. The bracelet was then produced and the act of investiture was duly performed. The attendance of the ladies on the occasion, though good, woutd have been better had it not been for the very cold and wet weather which continued unceasingly the whole of the afternoon. Susannah died unmarried aged 53 years on 27/11/1905.

OBITUARY: "Southern Argus" of 30/11/1905 (Thursday)~

"We are sorry to record the death of Miss S. A. Cheriton only daughter of Mr J. Cheriton JP. of the town. She died on Monday moming after an illness extending over 12 months. She suffered from an incurable complaint but the end came more suddenly than was expected. She was 53 years of age and during her lifetime she had actively associated herself with various organisation. A large number of traps followed the hearse to the local cemetery on Tuesday afternoon where the Rev. G. C. Love B.D. conducted her burial service. Much sympathy is felt for the relatives, especially her father, whom she has cared for during quite a number of years with very loving devotion." 
CHERITON, Susannah Ann (I-5285)
1778 «b»Sylvia Mary Warner«/b» the 3rd child of Thomas and Beatrice Warner, bom 29/5/1897 at Lawloit, Victoria.


Remained on the family farms, from Lawloit to Winiam 1912 to "Fairview". later called "Belvedere" perhaps a family memory of the adjoining area to Angas Plains and the McLean farm. She took a large part in the upbringing of her motherless niece Jean Warner (Mrs Banning) from Jean's infancy.

Death: Sylvia Mary Warner died aged 79 years at Nhill on 13/9/1976 and was buried there. 
WARNER, Sylvia Mary (I-3066)
1779 «b»Thelma Ruby Head«/b» b. 13/9/1908 at Kingston S.A.

Married: M. K. (Kenneth) Thyer of Angaston.

Occupation; Farmer.

Retired to: Nuriootpa, S.A. from Eden Valley,

Death: Thelma died at Adelaide Aged 62 years in 1970.

History: Contributed by her daughter. Jill Hadley .

"Thelma Ruby Head was the second of three girls born to Edwin and Mary Christina Head (nee McLean) on September 13, 1909. The first few years in Kingston, South East, were happy and carefree but this did not last. Edwin died in 1919 of the great in epidemic contracted through the kind act of bringing the doctor to the town. Tragedy struck again a few years later when the youngest daughter, Jean, died from a haemorrhage.

Young Thelma was at this time attending Naracoorte High School which was fairly unusual for a young girl who normally would have left school to help her widowed mother provide family support. But Thelma had won a scholarship and so every day travelled the long distance back and forth by train.

1925 saw Thelma boarding at a girls' hostel in Adelaide whilst attending Teachers College. Her older sister, Eileen, was working in Alice Springs and her mother had by this time remarried William Doyle of Kingston.

Thelma's teaching appointment at the tender age of 18 was to a small one teacher school on the West Coast of South Australia. It took her a while to become adjusted to living in cramped conditions with a family in the wattle and daub structure they called home. Going to the outdoor loo was a hazardous adventure with redbacks under the toilet seat and elsewhere. However, Thelma loved the freedom and autonomy of being able to close the school for the local race day or of
being able to take the children on an all day picnic, even though she was required to sign all official correspondence with "l am, Your obedient servant.."

Other teaching appointments included Norton Summit where she lived in the local hotel and became friendly with young Tom Playford and then to Angaston in the Barossa Valley. However, it was the appointment to the small Eden Valley school that was her undoing! There she met the redheaded sportsman and farmer, Ken Thyer. She was attracted by his energy and dashing style and proceeded in due course to marry him. Their five year engagement saw Ken building their home on the property taken over from his parents. Sheep were the main asset on this relatively small but highly productive holding.

As the years went by, three children were born - David, Bruce and Jill. Their mother insisted that they should be well educated and all went on to complete Tertiary courses.

Thelma did not really like life on the land and chose not to work much outside the house. She became very involved in community and school activities and was very well liked and respected. Unfortunately ill health dogged her life and finally she succumbed to heart disease in 1973.

Although this was more than twenty years ago, Thelma is still remembered with great fondness by family and friends for her free thinking spirit. her sense of fun and life, and for her green eyes." 
HEAD, Thelma Ruby (I-2381)
1780 «b»Thomas (Walter) McRae«/b» born c. 1886 at Strathalbyn.
There is a photograph of him dated 1904 as a member of the St. Andrew's Choir in "They Built Strathalbyn" by H. J. Stowe.
Nothing further traced. 
MCRAE, Thomas Walter (I-3968)
1781 «b»William Bruce Mclntosh«/b» born at Dalby, Q. on 13/12/1921.
Married: Audrey Ester Crichton (b. 3/2/1931).
Residence: Euroa, Vic.
When a child his parents farmed at Meandarra, Q. then at Nhill, where he was educated, followed by Castle Creek, 5 miles south of Euroa, then to Euroa High School.

He worked the family farm at Castle Creek until 1984, where he had built a house for himself following the fire of November, 1947.

Bill has been an active member, and Captain of the Gooram Fire Brigade, keen on bowls and a member at Euroa for than 40 years. Master, Secretary, Lodge Delegate and a member of the Masonic Lodge for more than 50 years. His Angus Stud, Border Leicester, Southdown and Ryeland Studs are well known in the area. 
MCINTOSH, William Bruce (I-2991)
1782 «b»Yvonne Dawn Mclntosh«/b», 4th child of Beryl Salome Wamer, b. 30/11/1930, at Euroa, Vic. Married: Bruce Wilfred Devanny, b. 1/6/1917, Euroa, in the Euroa Methodist Church.

HISTORY: (Condensed from a long account)
Yvonne attended school at Castle Creek, until Grade VI then rode her bicycle to Higher Elementary School, at Euroa, until the school bus was introduced. She was keen on sport, developing a love for country life and farming; drafting sheep and helping in the shearing shed. Her mother, Beryl, was often absent caring for sick members of the family. She learned to ride a horse before her years at Benalla High School. She had to board away, and spend weekends at home. it was in 1947, and working at home, when the house was bumt down. Yvonne, searching through the debris and ruins, found her mother's 5 stone diamond "London Bridge" engagement ring, quite unharmed by the intense heat.

The family lived in a bungalow and the shearing shed until March, 1948. They then took up residence at their main block at Euroa, where she became involved with Cubs, Day Kindergarten, Christian Endeavour and even preached at the local Methodist Church. A temporary clerical job with a local solicitor became a permanent one, until her marriage in 1951 to Bruce Devanney, who on his return from World War ll had to spend 9 months in Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital. She lived then at his Euroa farm and did much of the work while he worked at neighbouring properties to help ease the cash flow.

Due to war injuries, Bruce suffered much ill health so Yvonne did a wool classing and sheep management course, and was a worker in shearing sheds when women were seldom seen there. She continued to aid Bruée at their own farm also, as well as bringing up 4 children.

They gradually increased the size of their farm, but sold 1000 acres in 1973, retaining 700 acres to continue taming in a less demanding way, building a new house on this land where they still reside. Yvonne has continued her outside interest (numerous), her hobbies, her gardening, sewing, etc and considers herself greatly blessed. 
MCINTOSH, Yvonne Dawn# (I-3030)