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 Christina and Donald McLEAN from Scotland 1837

The Manning Index of SA History SLSA

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  • Title The Manning Index of SA History SLSA 
    Short Title The Manning Index of SA History SLSA 
    Publisher Source of below info: Geoffrey H Manning's "A Colonial Experience" 
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    "DIPTHERIA This disease took the lives of many children in the nineteenth century and during the 1850's, then called 'diphtherite', in 1859, a grieving mother set down the symptoms of this disease which proved fatal to her daughter within 48hours: First , the throat is a little inflamed and can be perceived when they swallow anything. A few hours later a little white spot gathers on either side of the throat, which gradually increases until it chokes up the windpipe...If the white spot gets a good hold it is nearly impossible to save children..."
    Geoffrey H Manning indicated the disease had taken hold in an earlier time in the colony. He includes something of a "cure that had originally appreared in the London Times. "Chlorine gas, administered in doses of from 5-20minims of a saturated solution in an oune of water, with a little syrup added seems to exert a most beneficial influence on the march and progress of the disease...The eternal treatment consists in the applicaiton of sinapisms, vinegar toasts, or spirits of turpentine, by means of a warm flannel." Mr Manning added general comments of a Doctors caution of value of newspaper content. Although the doctor offered advise of fresh air, yet cautioned against cold night chill (paraphrasing).

    An official report of the Central Board of Health offered in 1883 a rate of 145 deaths for every 1000 live births ie total 1627.