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 Christina and Donald McLEAN from Scotland 1837



Female Yes, Date Unknown -

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  • Name Jean MCLEAN  [1, 2
    Born Yes, Date Unknown 
    Gender Female 
    Biography Notes There are mysteries surrounding Jean McLEAN.

    * Jean 1: The BRB (p546) stated that Jessie (nee Roberts) and Hughie Milne McLEAN (son of Robert Tannahill McLean & grandson of Ewen (the younger) McLean) had only two children - Jean and Robert. And Jean was married to Paul COX. However there are no supporting evidence of these claims of ANY BDM for Jean- NOR to the "Paul Cox" NONE.

    * Alan Wilson i-8161 (in2016-email) states that Hughie and Jessie had two children - but they were named Robert William Milne McLEAN and Edith Mavis McLEAN who later married . Alan lived this family memory [FM] because Edith Mavis McLean was his mother. He said that he had never heard of a Jean however he said that he did not have a lot of detailed knowledge about his grandparent's generation.

    * Were there three siblings (Robert, Jean & Edith)? Or was Jean McLean and Edith McLean possibly the same person - although file information indicates this to not be the case because Edith's husband was not Paul Cox. Or maybe Jean is not part of this family at all.

    * Edith Mavis's birth certificate specifies that her mother (Jessie) had one child before Edith Mavis was born in 1925 - and none deceased by that year. So this indicates that by 1925, Jessie had had only two children (Robert and Edith Mavis) so, if Jessie was the mother of Jean, this third child could only have been born after 1925. And we have no evidence that she had this third child apart what was in the BRB.

    * Maybe an error in the BRB arose from either incorrect information provided or there might have been a mistake when writing it up. On the other hand, the names Jean and Paul must have come from somewhere. Maybe she was part of another family? If so, who were her actual parents? Maybe, for some reason, her own parents were unable to care for her for a while and so she came into the care of Jessie and Hughie. If so, how are Jessie and Hughie related to Jean? NOTE OF LORNA MCLEAN RESEARCHER IN FEB2018 absolutely no existence of a jean mclean/sommer/tannahill nor any existence of a paul cox at all.

    * Jean 2: Susan Nicholls' (ID 8186)[in 2016 provided]-family tree does not have Jean as the daughter of Hughie and Jessie.
    However there was another Jean who was the mother of Paul COCKS. This was Jean Magdelene BRADY who was the daughter of Hannah SOMMER. Hannah was the last child of Frederick August Louis SOMMER and Mary Ann WATT/WHITFIELD. Frederick and Mary are on the McLean website (IDs 8167 & 8173) as the parents of Sophie Henrietta SOMMER who married Robert Tannahill McLEAN. Sophie and Robert were the parents of Hugh Milne McLEAN who in turn, with Jessie Priscilla, nee ROBERTS, were the parents of Jean 1 according the the BRB. However Jean BRADY (Jean 2) is not on the McLean website because the relationship is very remote (see below). This Jean Magdelene BRADY was born on 17th Jan 1911 in Adelaide and died on 29th Dec 1967. Her parents were Hannah and Francis BRADY. Hannah Olive May SOMMER was born 27th April 1884 in Callington and died on 25th August 1963 in Prospect. Francis Matthew BRADY was born on 30th May 1886 and died 27th April 1931. Hannah and Francis were married on 3rd April 1909 in the Methodist Church in Morphett St Adelaide. Jean, the daughter of Hannah and Francis, married Jack Hayman COCKS who was born on 3rd April 1908. Jean and Jack had a son Paul John COCKS who was also known as Jonathan Paul COCKS and was born 30th Jan 1931 and died 3rd Jan 1999. We could conclude that Jean 1 is not the same person as Jean 2 because (A) The relationship with Paul was mother-and-son rather than wife-and-husband, and (B) Their names are different Jean MCLEAN and Paul COX Vs Jean Magdalene BRADY and Paul John COCKS, and (C) They were different generations, and (D) the relationship between the two Jeans is not close and thus not likely that they would have been mixed up. Hannah, the mother of Jean 2, was the sister of Sophie who was the grandmother (via Hugh) of Jean 1 - ie different generations. So this is all clear?? Maybe it is just a bit of a coincidence.

    * The mystery remains. 1. We are left doubting that Jean is the daughter of Hugh and Jessie. 2. Or if in fact she is not related. No evidence to date for any aspect to affirm anything. Only Allan Wilson's FM and email of Susan Nicholls.Watch this space. Do not copy to minimise risk of misdirection by human error.  [3, 4
    Person ID I-5564  Christina and Donald McLean | Ewen (Hugh the younger) McLean's descendants
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    Father Hugh Milne MCLEAN,   b. 2 Oct 1893, Broken Hill NSW Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1 Jan 1972, Parkside SA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 78 years) 
    Relationship -1813 
    Mother Jessie Priscilla ROBERTS,   b. 4 Jan 1901, Adelaide SA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 28 Jan 1964, Adelaide SA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 63 years) 
    Relationship -1813 
    Married 26 Mar 1921  Adelaide SA Find all individuals with events at this location  [3, 5
    Residence Parkside SA Find all individuals with events at this location  [3
    For the 1939, 1941 and 1943 electoral rolls Hughie Milne McLean and Jessie McLean were at 29 Victoria Street Parkside, he was a presser and she was listed as home duties 
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    Family Paul COX 
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  • Sources 
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    2. [S-66] FM Alan Wilson - ID 8161.
      Family Memory [FM]-No other evidence provided
      PUBLIC NOTICE: Before using, ANY details from this website ensure YOU further research the accuracy of our information to limit the effect of misdirection by any compounded human error. All communications provided by Alan Wilson are stored under his name in the records of the McLean Committee which may requested via homepage CONTACT US.

    3. [S-61] FM Susan Nicholls, nee Moore - ID 8186 -details required.

    4. [S-66] FM Alan Wilson - ID 8161, Email on 17th Jan 2017.
      PUBLIC NOTICE: Before using, ANY details from this website ensure YOU further research the accuracy of our information to limit the effect of misdirection by any compounded human error.

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      Hugh Milne MCLEAN and Jessie Priscilla ROBERTS
      Marriage Date: 1921, March 26 Marriage Place: Methodist Church Parkside SA Groom Age: 24 Groom Father: Robert Tannerhill MCLEAN Bride Father Name: William ROBERTS
      District: Adelaide SA Book/Page: 286/915