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NOW AND YOUR FUTURE This project has been re-commenced by a Steering Group of Donald Gordon, Lorna McLean, Heather McGrath and Trevor McLean. Planning into 2017 a committee will be formed in association with the Strathalbyn Branch of National Trust of South Australia-who have kindly released the copyright of the original 1996 BRB-"Donald and Christina McLean and their Descendants". In the meantime, let us know if you want to participate in any way big or small.

Feature Articles

feature 1 Bobo Clown cordial - Penicillin - Ovaltine

Pneumonia at 6 years old....others thought it was funny. What are your parents names? I thought this a trick question at 6yoa. Mum and Dad?.. sick, terrified, and a HUGE ADULT BED.. Penicillin...and Bobo the Clown bottle...laughing faces in the window Read more

feature 2 Rat Plagues of 1950's in the bush-read more

Rats and other wildlife were a challenge to live with or to live around and avoid the tricky parts of living. A Coolgardie safe before kerosene fridges and electricity, an axe instead of a chainsaw, a horse before a car, a childhood in a tent, bush school lessons.

feature 3 4 Generations:Jean,William,Charles,Jeanette MOTT

1987-The “Freney” Reunion; James Freney Park was dedicated by the Archerfield Brisbane City Council. James farmed there in 1850’s. At the reunion Brian and Heather McGrath (nee Arden) found a family link through maternal and paternal relatives! Read more


Find your place on your family tree! How to add information. Either write on the contact us envelope asking for what is on the database about a person OR:-[1] Search for someone who has died - hint-use maiden / surnames. [2] click the descendants TAB located in a left to right row of various tabs under the persons profile name and dates. [3] You will identify yours (and others) whom you know as just initials. Living people are visible only as initials until corrected and written permission is offered. Names, places and dates are critical. If not certain a c.1980 before a date tells the reader its approximately that time or decade. But to offer any events, memories, copies of documents/photos will ENRICH your family social history and integrate your family connections to your past and present.

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Feature Articles