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NOW AND YOUR FUTURE This project has been re-commenced by a Steering Group of Donald Gordon, Lorna McLean, Heather McGrath and Trevor McLean. Planning into 2017 a committee will be formed in association with the Strathalbyn Branch of National Trust of South Australia-who have kindly released the copyright of the original 1996 BRB-"Donald and Christina McLean and their Descendants". In the meantime, let us know if you want to participate in any way big or small-including just as an observer!

Feature Articles

feature 1 Bobo Clown cordial - Penicillin - Ovaltine

Pneumonia at 6 years old....others thought it was funny. What are your parents names? I thought this a trick question at 6yoa. Mum and Dad?.. sick, terrified, and a HUGE ADULT BED.. Penicillin...and Bobo the Clown bottle...laughing faces in the window Read more

feature 2 Rat Plagues of 1950's in the bush-read more

Rats and other wildlife were a challenge to live with or to live around and avoid the tricky parts of living. A Coolgardie safe before kerosene fridges and electricity, an axe instead of a chainsaw, a horse before a car, a childhood in a tent, bush school lessons.

feature 3 4 Generations:Jean,William,Charles,Jeanette MOTT
1987-The “Freney” Reunion; James Freney Park was dedicated by the Archerfield Brisbane City Council. James farmed there in 1850’s. At the reunion Brian and Heather McGrath (nee Arden) found a family link through maternal and paternal relatives! Read more


Find your place on your family tree! Write your family memories of any events, memories, copies of documents/photos will ENRICH your memories of the family social history and integrate your family connections to your past and present.

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Feature Articles

feature5 SOURCES 
Original material was sourced from the publication DONALD AND CHRISTINA MCLEAN & THEIR DESCENDANTS 1995. Often called the big red book (BRB). We can add more stories but need you to tell us of any editing required on the profiles of your family. Let us know and we can send them to you. Use the contact us box. It is important that information is entered with the source of the information. So let us know if its a memory, or a book and page number, author, or document number. You may wish to discuss sending us copies. This make the accuracy so much more valid for others members to feel confidant that we are willing to enter the corrections for you and yours. Just use the contact envelope below.


Are you the centre of the party? Are you the story teller in your family? Let others know of your family traditions, your grandparents mixups and muckups and loving and fighting. Adopted people don't have your good fortune of connected family BACK TO FUEDAL SCOTLAND IN 1200's. Write what needs to be said in the CONTACT ENVELOPE above.

OFFER YOUR OWN FUN, FACTS, OR FAMILY STORY...Why would a 10yoa boy shoot a rifle in the air whilst horseriding; circling a 2,000 acre paddock during the 1920's? Read of an accidental poisoning. Surgery gone wrong! A two years old child looking for a policeman, lost, and wandering the Hay street Mall of Perth at Christmas in 1965-she was found with a (uniformed) bus driver and an ice cream-happily swinging her legs on a swing? 1995 "Big Red Book" was our starting point. We need you to spread the word to correct and update.